Sid:  My guest Peggy Joyce Ruth is red hot for the Messiah it’s going to rub off of you this week.  You see too much is forgiven they love much.   And Peggy Joyce went to the total depts of despair.  What happened was in 1962 a nice Christian housewife; she decides to witness to her Buddhist neighbor.  She goes and witnesses to her, but the neighbor began to question her beliefs, some fear came upon her and she opened herself up to spirits of torment and fear and for eight years she literally went through hell on earth.  She had nightmares and physiatric disorders.  It got to the point that she had to have electric shock treatments and through a series of events she went through deliverance.  She had received a miraculous dream from God about Psalm 91 and she didn’t even know those were in Psalm 91, but then she decided to dig Psalm 91.  I wish everyone listening to us Peggy Joyce Ruth would dig into Psalm 91 especially at this moment.

Peggy Joyce:  Psalm 91 absolutely has been the most exciting thing in the world for me for literally thirty-five to forty years.  I have studied it, right at first God just put me aside for about three months and so every single day I would just get up in the morning and I would use every encyclopedia, every concordance, everything I could find and I studied it and I found out that everything that can come against us, anything that can come against us in a bad way in this world God has given us an answer in Psalm 91 and it’s in four categories.  He tells us He’ll deliver us from the terror, He’ll deliver us the pestilence, He’ll deliver us from the arrows and He’ll deliver us from the destruction.  And that covers everything.  It covers what man can do to us, it covers every spiritual assignment that can come against us in an evil way, and it covers every sickness and disease.  It covers every natural disaster.

Sid:  You have a passion for everyone to understand Psalm 91 and then meditate on those promises.

Peggy Joyce:  Yes.

Sid:  But you have an equal passion that people understand, especially what you went through most people don’t go through the horrors that you went through, but everyone goes through mental warfare.  Why is it important for believers to understand the strategies and the enemy and how to get rid of their strategies the minute they attack?

Peggy Joyce:  Well, most people don’t realize that demons are real spirit beings.  And because they don’t have physical bodies and can’t be seen with the natural eye man tends to doubt their existence.  But I tell you what, their real, an evil spirit is a demon without a body and when the Lord gave me that scripture in 2nd Corinthians 10:  3-5, it says though we walk in the flesh we do not war according to flesh in the natural for the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly weapons, we are not talking about guns and torpedoes but they are divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.  This is talking about the destruction of spiritual enemies.  And we destroy these speculations, these lofty things raised up against the knowledge of God.  And we take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.  We’re going to find out that the battle ground of the enemy is in the mind and we need to realize it for the most part, we don’t realize what his weapon is.  You know if we ask somebody what his mighty weapon is they think of it as being sin, temptation, sickness, lack, strife, you know divorce, hurt, you know those are not primary weapons.  Those are the secondary weapons, the things that I just named come as a result of his primary weapon and we’ve got to realize that Satan’s mightiest warfare is a thought.  It is a mental suggestion or an intellectual impression or maybe just a compulsive impulse or maybe a memory recall.  And when we take into account that Satan’s battle ground is the mind it is going to help us remember that his weapon is a thought that penetrates the mind.  And all these others are evil things.  There by products of the mind thought, you know and it comes to us in first person so we just automatically assume that it’s our own thinking.  And the Lord began to really deal with me and show me that about this spiritual warfare.  And he showed me that we can overcome every bit of this spiritual warfare through the promises that he gave us in Psalm 91.

Sid:  You know a lot of believers understand these principals, but most don’t and even the ones that do have to be reminded and I’m just curious, were you a school teacher at one time?

Peggy Joyce:  No.

Sid:  How come you are such a good teacher then?

Peggy Joyce:  Ha ha. 

Sid:  I mean you really do lay it down point by point so anyone can understand.

Peggy Joyce: I think when I wanted to be set free so badly and when God gave it to me then everything in my being wanted to be able to teach it to others.  And you know it just helped me so much when I started realizing that all these first person thoughts, like I must be getting the flu or I feel depressed, or I no longer feel like I’m in love with my mate.  You know all those kinds of first person thoughts, you know if Satan can get us to except his thoughts as our own thinking then his job is basically over.

Sid:  Now, actually you began to learn this when you went to the hospital and visited your mother.

Peggy Joyce:  Yes, I thought that that was interesting, actually it was my grandmother she had been put in the hospital and her pancreas was inflamed.  And the doctors told us we could come and see her that it was not contagious, but before I left the hospital that day I started feeling the same symptoms that she had described and I started feeling them in the area of my pancreas and so I just couldn’t image what had happened and I left the hospital and I would be attacked in the middle of the night.  I’d take long walks and take authority over it and I just couldn’t even image what to do about it and one day the Lord just began to remind me that while I was in the hospital I had had this real subtle thought that I was going to come down with this same disease that my grandmother was fighting.  And it had been so subtle that I hadn’t paid any attention to it.  Well the moment that I realized that that thought was the attack of the enemy and when I started taking authority over that thought and putting it down, instantly all of that pain, everything left my body.  And I tell you what; from then on I realized that is how Satan gets through to his people.  He puts a thought in their mind and once we except that thought, boy I tell you what his battle is over with.  And I’ve seen this over and over and I when people come to me for deliverance or when they come to me for counseling we trace their thoughts back and we trace that thought back and we find that that’s behind most everything.

Sid:  Now, Peggy Joyce my favorite stories because so many military people are reading your book, Psalm 91.  I mean entire units are being supernaturally protected in Iraq.  But, tell me about the person with the little New Testament.

Peggy Joyce:  Yes now, this is one of my favorite stories, I have many many stories of modern day stories of people that I’ve worked with recently, but this was a Pennsylvania Lieutenant who was accidently discovered by the enemy in world war II and he was with his friend and when the enemy came up they shot him in the chest and he went down immediately.  Well his friend grabbed his carbine and shooting back killed the enemy, all of them who are coming and then looked down and this Lieutenant all of a sudden sat up and they couldn’t image how he could be alive when he had been shot in the chest.  Well, what he didn’t realize is that that bullet had hit in a New Testament that he was carrying in his pocket.  And when they looked that bullet had gone through Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus it had gone all the way through and it was stopping in the middle of 91st Psalm and it was pointing just like a finger at verse seven; it said a thousand will fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not approach you.  Well, he found out that his sister at home had been praying Psalm 91 over him and I tell you what, after that he became a true believer.  Well, they past that letter down and it’s been documented many many times.

Sid:  Tell me about the unit in the military in Iraq, 150 soldiers that understood Psalm 91 on what happened to them and how dangerous was it.

Peggy Joyce:  This was a unit where they told them that they expected ninety percent of them to be killed.  And the leader told his group, I believe in Psalms 91 and were going to confess Psalm 91 together every morning.  And so every morning they got up and confessed Psalm 91 together.  Not one single person in that unit was killed, they all came home.  

Sid:  There is a supernatural wall of protection that will go around you as your deeply deeply understand and digest Psalm 91.

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