Sid:  My guest Mahesh Chavda, you had an angelic visitation which told you how we can literally have a full dwelling place for God.  How we can literally have the atmosphere of Heaven, the glory of God, tell me again what that angel said to you and what it meant.

Mahesh:  His presence came and it was less than a year ago and he said, “How Big is Your Chair?”  And then the Holy Spirit opened to me the understanding and it put in my heart that God is enthroned on the praises of His people.  So we provide and make a throne for God.  How big in our heart is the praise and the worship?  How much and the more we praise Him and focus on Him in every circumstance the more He’s enthroned and it has to be real in our lives and then the glory is released from the throne the glory comes on the basis of the finished work of Jesus on the cross. 

Sid:  You know and as you were sharing on yesterdays broadcast you started moving in Words of Knowledge and the presence of God is just as strong right now.  One of the things I love about your brand new book that we are making available that’s literally just off the press “The Power of the Cross Epa Center of Glory” is that you talk about the different realms of glory and one of the realms I hear very few Christians talking about and that is the glory on Israel.  Explain what you believe God means by that.

Mahesh:  Well, God is so…Israel is the source of where our salvation comes.  Salvation, Jesus said is of the Jews and so God manifested His Glory and the people of Israel saw it in the wilderness, they saw it over the Ark of the Covenant.  Even the movie, I’m a movie nut and the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” it talks about that presence that was in the ark.  But that is the Lord used Israel to release His glory to the nations and so we owe a debt of gratitude right now, today, I believe as we honor Israel and its prophetic place it’s the place where the Lord is going to come back.  It’s the place where He presented Himself as the Lamb of God and there for our hearts should be touched for brothers in Israel and our brothers and sisters.  Always be the first to defend Israel and bless Israel, so we have a prayer watch that has been going on continuously for about the last sixteen years here in Charlotte; hundreds of watches around the world, called the watch of the Lord.  And our center, our focus is to bless Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem and I believe that there is a glory prosperity that comes on people and on their children as their blessed and pray for the peace of Jerusalem and bless Israel.

Sid:  Well, I believe that you’ve had so many encounters with the Lord and it has to do with blessings the apple of God’s eye, I really believe that.  For instance a few years ago you had a visitation of the Glory of God and your congregation, briefly tell me about that.  

Mahesh:  In ’86 Sid we had an awesome visitation of the Holy Spirit and we began with Bonnie and I feeling like we asked that we should go on a twenty-one day fast and I asked the congregation to go on a fast.  And suddenly we felt convicted that we should all get together for prayer in the early morning and as we do so hundreds started coming and the presence got thicker, thicker around us and there were hours where we didn’t want to say a word.  We would just lie before the Lord and He would walk in our midst.  In fact, brother Derek Prince was with us there at that time for whenever could be there physically, he loved being there; he thought that was the greatest, one of the greatest stations that he had ever experienced.  And then there was one time where all of us, simultaneously saw an open vision of the cross; tall and bloody, glorious and inviting, planted firmly in the center of the sanctuary.  And that, it started transforming people, there were people that I know who were alcoholics that were having difficulty, great alcohol instantly got delivered.  There was a husband who really just into pornography, his wife was very concerned; I remember giving counseling for them and he was instantly delivered and I realized that it’s the power of the cross.  The glory revealed the cross to us and we were able to walk in the deliverance and healing of the cross.

Sid:  This is why this brand new book of yours that’s literally just off the press called “The Power of the Cross Epa Center of Glory,” that’s why this is your emphasis in this book.  And you know, I have found that so few Christians understand the Blood, understand the Cross, understand the Glory, understand the finished work of the Messiah.  How important is that to all the miracles that take place when you speak?

Mahesh:  Absolutely, the cross is where we become conquerors.  The cross is the emblem of glory and victory over all the powers of darkness.  So and that’s where I find the compass points us to Jesus, Jesus Christ and Calvary and the finished work of Jesus; the blood that was shed at the cross.

Sid:  You’re seeing so many miracles; especially I love it when people are healed of stage four cancer.  Tell me about one healing.

Mahesh:  There was the lady named Donna who came, just this is about four years ago or so but to one of our meetings and when she was praying in the middle of this large auditorium.  Lord, you know cancer is not too difficult for you and at that same moment I verbalized her prayer and I said from the podium cancer is not too difficult for the Lord. And now she was in stage four and doctors had said, there’s nothing else we can do, we can provide hospice care but that’s all the answer we have now to her.  She was dying of breast cancer and as she was in the glory it was like she was in the bubble of the glory, the presence of God.  Whatever she was saying I was saying.  And whatever I was saying she would start saying and then in the middle of that I said that there is a lady with cancer of the breast come on up and the Lord instantly healed her; and she is still alive going around different places sharing about how she got healed completely from the breast cancer, terminal cancer.  And I believe Sid, that as we are sharing this the glory vibration I believe that is someone that is listening to our voices here that the Lord is touching that breast cancer, stage four.

Sid:  I want people to hear an excerpt from your brand new soaking CD.  I mean, how would you like that type of glory radiating throughout your home?  And when they read your book this brand new book, The Power of the Cross” the presence of God is over every word in this book but let’s go to an excerpt from this CD.

Praise and worship and thanksgiving are acts of faith, anything else is something other.  Reason is good, but it’s not faith, knowledge of the fact is good, but it’s not faith.  Reason only allows room for a certain amount of praise and thanksgiving, but faith has no borders.  Knowledge only loves you so much, praise maneuver room, but faith has no barriers, no walls let’s worship Him, praise Him, make His Throne Big that His Name the Name of Jesus be mighty in our midst. 

Revelation 15:3-4 “Great and marvelous are your works Lord God Almighty, just and true are your ways, oh King of the saints, who should not fear you oh Lord and glorify your name, for you alone are holy for all nations come and worship before you, for your judgments have been manifested. 

Revelations 19 verse 1 and 5.  Hallelujah, salvation and glory and honor and power to you our God.  Praise you all we your servants and those who fear you both small and great.

Revelations 22:16 You are the root and the offspring of David the Bright and the Morningstar.  When we start praising and thanking and worshiping God He will turn things around.  I believe He’s turning things around right now, turning away anxiety, fear and any spirit of lack as we worship Him.  Our minds are changing, our hearts are changing, our emotions are following our faith.  Everything that looked dark is getting brighter.  My family, your family will be sanctified through our praise and worship and thanksgiving.  Your house is being filled with the glory of Lord.  Choose against fear, don’t let it grab hold of you, fear makes you unreasonable, fear persuades you to do something…

Sid:  How would you like the atmosphere of Heaven to be radiating from you, radiating above you, radiating all over you?

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