Sid:  On yesterday’s broadcast I was having such a good conversation with Dean Sikes and we ran out of time.  But Dean, I asked you when we were off the air yesterday about what’s God showing you that He’s up to here in the United States and you told me something fascinating about politics, would you repeat that?

Dean:  Sure, you know one of the things as I have been praying and seeking God in where we are as a nation, He really began to talk to me about there is a true spirit of America and it is the Spirit of God.  America was birth out of liberty and a desire to worship God and He spoke to me and said that there’s been two major political movements that He’s been involved with in the last sixty years.  One was you will recall, Jerry Farwell’s Moral Majority and then Pat Robertson came up with along with the Christian Coalition and He spoke to me and He said that there is now a third entity being formed at the grass roots level and its going to sweep across America. And it will be literally a entity and organization full of people who love God, who want to serve God and who are interested in influencing elections for righteousness.

Sid:  Now, just out of curiosity is this what they call the Tea Party Movement?

Dean:  You know I wondered about that and to be real honest with you I haven’t got the yes it is or no it’s not.  I’m praying through that, but that was the very first thought that came to my heart as well.

Sid:  Okay, now on yesterdays broadcast we found out when you were fifteen years old you were abused; it put a scar on you for some twenty years.  You are already in ministry, you’re successful, but you still have this scar.  You had some good Christian counseling and you…and you know what’s fascinating to me is this guy who abused you when you were fifteen many years later you bumped into him.  Did you realize that you had such anger toward this particular man?

Dean:  You know I did not.  When I walked into this person twenty-two years later literally the Home Depot my life unraveled.  And I learned several, several lessons but maybe one of the most important lessons that I get to share with people, I’m happy to share it today here is, if we don’t deal with our emotions our emotions will deal with us.   And they come out in all facets and mine came out in the form of I was very angry.  Then I was very sad, I would walk through a shopping center or something and I would want to start crying for no reason apparently yet there was a deep reason.  So the anger was there, the resentment was there, the frustration was there.  But then something real neat happened, the love of God came on board.  And when that love hit my heart I was able to forgive, I was able to let go, because the Word says if we don’t forgive we won’t be forgiven.  So I made a choice to forgive and when I did, now I can freely talk about it.  I don’t have anything in my heart if I saw this person today, you know, there would be no anger what so ever.

Sid:  Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to be, but I understand when you share this testimony what you just did, people have an impartation of love that they can forgive.  Tell me one person that heard your testimony and then what happened to them.

Dean:  You know I was speaking up in Seattle, Washington.  Someone had come across the border from Canada to hear our message.  I talked about the power of forgiveness and this man, a big old burley Canadian walked over to me, hugged me and said you’re the only guy who made me cry this weekend.  I said, I didn’t mean to make you cry but what’s up?  He said that thing about forgiveness, I said yeah.  He said I got to go home and forgive somebody, actually two people he said.  I said we’ll tell me about it, and Sid he kind of broke down he said I got to forgive the drunk driver who killed my son and I got to forgive my dead Dad who never taught me anything.  And I sat there with tears and in my eyes and I said man you’re the only guy who made me cry this weekend, but thank God we got meet; and I’m so thankful you got to hear about forgiveness and you embraced it and you’re going to go walk in it.

Sid:  Well, a lot of people hear about forgiveness and a lot of people say, it’s a process and maybe for some it is, but I see it as a decision.  Where’s the truth.

Dean:  Yea, I come on this with you on the whole thing it is a decision; because again choices create circumstances.  I can decide to forgive someone or I can decide to harbor an offense and it’s going to affect me more than it’s ever going to affect anybody else.  Because I promise you, anybody who is listening to us today, if they’ve been hurt by someone the odds of the person who hurt them sitting there right now thinking, boy I sure wish I hadn’t hurt them.  Those odds are pretty slim; we are ones dealing with the hurt, so why not just forgive.  Do what Jesus did, forgive.  Let go and let God. 

Sid:  I’m going to shift you right now to March 2003, living in Australia and how did you manage to get into so much debt?

Dean:  One bad choice at a time.

Sid: Ha-ha

Dean:  I can write you the bestselling book on how to get into debt and it is the little foxes that spoiled the vine.  I was in South Australia, I was ministering down there.  I left on Sunday, got there on Tuesday.  From Wednesday to Sunday I ministered eleven times.  Heavy in the prophetic everywhere I went, had Saturday afternoon off and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said I’m going to show you how to get out of debt and what I’m going to show you is going to change your life. 

Sid:  This not only showed you how to get out of debt it’s not only changed your life, it changed every area of your life when you got this revelation.

Dean:  It did, it truly did. 

Sid:  It’s not just debt; it’s everything the devil throws at you.

Dean:  Well, it’s all based on the truth on why do most people’s prayers not get answered?  And it can be a number of answers, but the number one answer the Lord has shown me was; people that do not get their prayers answered do not get them answered because they do not pray the Word in faith.

Sid:  Well, you were given a scripture that gave you the key, 1st John Chapter 5 verse 14 & 15; tell me what you learned.

 Dean:  Yes, that verse says now, Now this is the confidence that we have in Him that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us and if we know that He hears us we know that we have the petitions of whatever we ask we have the petition from Him.  And I asked God “What in the world is a petition?”  He said, that it’s a legal binding document between you and Me.  It’s My word on the line here and My word won’t return void.  You start praying the Word that I give you, the Rhema Word the word that comes alive in the inside of you based on the circumstances you’re facing and you watch Me change your world because My Word will work.  And I said yes Sir.

Sid:  But one Word in that verse jumped out at you, what was that? 

Dead:  Well, it was petitions and what is this thing called petition?  But you know I can make an argument for you that if you don’t pray the will of God, He doesn’t even hear you.  I mean, read that verse again.  And if we pray His will, we know that He hears us.  So I had to start getting really basic with God on teach me on petitioning You.  And He did and boy has that radically changed everything we do.

Sid:  What happened with that debt situation? 

Dean:  Eighteen months later it was gone.  And it took ten years to get there.  But what did we do?  We continued our tithing, we continued our giving and we spoke spoke this petition that God gave me out.

Sid:  Now, how did you get the petition?  Explain that to me.

Dean:  Well, what I did I had those four hours off and during those four hours I went into the word of God and said God your Words going to have to become alive to me.  You are going to have to show me what this means.  He took me to Roman’s 13:8 to begin with.  Owe no man anything except to love.  For he who loves another has fulfilled the law.  I said alright, I know what that means.  Get out of debt.  That is what it means.  So I began to write the scripture after scripture down on a piece of paper, on a computer.  I would write, this is what the Word says about me being debt free, this is what the Word says about Laurie and I being in agreement.  This is what the Word says about when we give it is going to be given back to us.  And I began to crack this legal document, a petition that anybody can do.  I’m not an attorney I’m just a guy you know that can read.  And I began to write what He showed me; and Sid after four hours I had a two page document; I emailed it to my wife and said here’s the key, I don’t understand all of it yet but I know that this is the key.  And sure enough she and I came into agreement, we continued our tithing, we kept giving.  Well did you give a lot?  We started out giving $5.00 then it went to $50.00 or $500 or whatever but we started.  God gives seed to the sower and we said and I can’t over emphases we spoke that petition out.

Sid:  Okay, eighteen months later you are debt free and then your wife throws you a curb ball.  She says, I want a dream house.  But your credit was atrocious even though you were debt free.  You still, no one wants to give money that accumulated the debt you did in such a short period of time.

Dean:  Right.

Sid:  So what did you do?

Dean:  Well, my first response was, when she said to me I found our house I said, we have a house.  She said no no no I found the house.  And I was on the road and I came home, we drove on to the driveway and when we drove in the Lord said to me, it’s your house.  I walked to the front door and I said, but Lord all the debt, the credit.  He said, “If you finish what you’re saying you will have talked yourself out of what I’m doing my best to give you.  Well, I wrote a petition, I put a for sale by owner sign in the front yard of the home we lived in on a Friday afternoon at 5:30.  Monday, seventy-two hours later we sold the house.  I went to God and I said…

Sid:  Now there’s a few people listening to us right now that would like to understand the power of petition.  You sold your house in how long a period of time?

Dean:  Seventy-two hours it was sold.

Sid:  But what about the dream house?  Your credit stinks.

Dean:  I went to the Lord and said this better be you because I just sold the house.  Well, it is me and you sold nothing.  I sold it.  I said how are we going to get this house Lord?  He said stay in faith on the petition I give you; and I did.  And Sid, there was another couple that was looking at the house that we ended up getting and the Lord said, go tell the people that own the house to go to your web site and watch your video.  And we had spent a lot of money on a video that I didn’t have, but again we went to God.  And the lady called me crying and she said Dean, we love your ministry.  We want you to have this house.  To make a long story short within forty-five days we were in the house that I’m talking to you from right now.

Sid:  But you know if it was just that it would have been wonderful, but you have found a supernatural way of God answering your prayers and you call it “The Power of Petition.”  It’s literally the key to answered prayers and then I love your teaching on “How to Discover Your Destiny.”  And you know you think in terms of oh, teenagers this would be good to give this to but there are seventy year old people that this would be good to give this teaching to.

Dean:  Every single week that I’m on the road and yes, I minister to a lot of teenagers, but yes we do a lot of adult stuff.  And it’s equal if not more the number of adults that come to me and say I wish I had this when I was a teenager.  And I hear the Lord saying right now that there are people in your audience right this instant who want so desperately to believe what we are saying is true, but they’ve said it it didn’t work for me.  And I’m telling you under the inspiration of God, whether it’s selling a house, whether it’s getting out of debt or where it’s… My little boy wouldn’t sleep in his own bed at night.  The Lord took me to Proverbs 3:24 or 24:3.  You will lie down and you will not be afraid and your sleep will be sweet.  I wrote a petition so our son would sleep in his bed every night and not come down stairs into Laurie’s & my room.

Sid:  Alright, our times up but he sleeps in his own bed now.

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