Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to hear the good news but there are barriers separating you from your destiny, there are barriers separating you from the money that you need to fulfill your destiny.  There are barriers separating you from the healing that God has for your, There are barriers separating you from having unity and love in your families and your churches.  And my guest Hank Kunneman had a visit from the Spirit of God in reference to these barriers and the barrier breakers.  Tell me about that experience Hank Kunneman.

Hank:  Well, as I was seeking the Lord Sid for what I felt like the Lord was saying about you know this new decade that we’ve entered into; the Spirit of the Lord said, “Hank when 2010 happened it’s not just about a year it’s about a decade.  And it’s about a decade of breakthrough that I’m about to bring to my people.”  I said to the Lord, I said “God how can you say that when it seems like the very opposite is taking place.”  And then I remembered that many times the prophets would, you know be announcing something, in other words they would announce you know that God was going to you know, bring something good while the people were weeping or vice versa.  And so I knew even in the midst of like it seems like turmoil in the earth or the economy that God was saying that he wanted to put inside of people a mentality of a breakthrough Spirit.  And the reason that I wrote this book for example is a barrier breaker is really not something were trying to obtain even though we are, a breakthrough, it’s was really something that we possess in our spiritual DNA.  And a barrier breaker is a person that really looks at their problems and no matter what it is that is taking place in their nation, their city, their life they refuse to run from it and they find every way possible to push through until they get breakthrough.

Sid:  Well, were living in a generation where we’ve been taught that immediate gratification, immediate we want everything now; it’s the now generation and there isn’t this stick-to-it-ness that is part of our current cultural DNA.

Hank:  Well, the thing I’ve learned about breakthrough and one of the reasons why the Lord wanted me to write you know this book is to get a breakthrough it’s a process.  And the first breakthrough promise for example when Jesus was promised, the promised Messiah was in Genesis 3:15 and God said listen I’m going to send someone that is going to, you know, crush the head of the devil.  And it was a prophetic seed being promised of the breaker of the breakthrough coming and sometimes what happens when it comes to facing barriers in our lives we expect things like you said right away.  But let me give you example, one of the times when I was praying in my apartment when I was quite young it was early nineties and I was praying asking God for a breakthrough and I kept feeling like the Lord had called me to the nations.  I felt like the Lord had called me to travel all over the world, I was having different visions and different experiences.

Sid:  But nothing was probably happening.

Hank:  Nothing was happening and I was very discouraged Sid and I began to think maybe I really wasn’t called.  And so I was praying this particular day and I was prophesying and I declared I said “God I thank you that you called me to the nations,” and I began to call those nations forward and I was ready to quit because I was so frustrated because there was no meeting that were talking place and you know I was just newly married.  All of a sudden Sid, I’ll never forget it, I stood kind a in a particular place in front of my prayer chair and all of a sudden I began to pray and the moment that I prayed I saw something move on the right side of my shoulder and I thought to myself did I see something move?  And I wasn’t sure and so I began to pray again, I saw it move again and so hesitantly I began to kind a look over to my right side of my right shoulder and I could not believe what I saw.  And I knew that I hadn’t had pizza so I knew that it wasn’t a pizza dream, I looked over to my right side and there standing was an angel and I thought to myself, why in the world would this angel be standing on my right side when my prayers aren’t being answered. It seems like the heaven are brass, God doesn’t seem to be interested in what I am saying.  And so this angel stood by me so I felt the fear of the Lord but I began to kneel now, I thought maybe I just need to kneel you know.  And I knelt down before my chair and as soon as I knelt I couldn’t believe it this angel knelt right next to me.  I began to fold my hands, this angel folded his hands, I began to worship God, I couldn’t believe it this angel began to worship the Lord.  And I thought well, I just need to continue to do this so I just continued to worship and pray and this went on for quite sometime this angel was doing the exact same thing.  Then all of the sudden…

Sid:  And you know I’ve heard of people that are dancing and worshipping God and the audience watching, some of the people there the scales came off of their eyes and they could see angels dancing in the same circle as these Jewish believers doing the dancing the same way that they were dancing.  That’s what it reminds me of.

Hank:  But, you know the greatest thing is that it showed me God’s love and God’s mercy and I’ve always learned something, grace always comes before a breakthrough.  That’s why John the Baptist was born, his name John means grace and he had to be the forerunner for the ultimate breaker or breakthrough, Jesus Christ that’s why he was born first.  And if you remember when grace, John met Jesus when he was coming down to be baptized in the river Jordan, grace and breakthrough met and remember what happened?  The heavens were opened and God began to speak and there was a supernatural intervention.  And so even though I didn’t know it when I was praying that day, God showed me with that angel that God was extending grace, even though I didn’t feel like my prayers are being heard or that God was answering.  But Sid, as soon as I began to pray and to declare and decree the calling of God on my life that angel shot out of my room and it didn’t seem like anything significant happened after that except I was in a particular meeting about two weeks or so later and I was in a fairly large auditorium, Benny Hinn of all people didn’t know him, called my wife and I out from this auditorium and began to prophecy to us the very calling that I’m walking in today and the very thing that I was praying at that time that angel came into my room.

Sid:  Did you have other breakthroughs?

Hank:  Yeah, let me tell you this some of the other things that began to happen actually after that, after Benny Hinn prophesied I was ready to take on the world, I was ready to be, you know the next upcoming whatever.  And God had to take me to a season on humbling where it looked as though things really were not going to work out in my ministry.  I mean, I had to go and work a secular job because there was no meetings that came in and that’s where people miss breakthrough is when it doesn’t look like it’s happening or doesn’t come as fast as they want.  A lot of times people give up.

Sid:  You know if that had been me if I had seen that angel and I saw it after I had proclaimed these things that God put on my heart and the angel just shoots out; I’m saying he’s going to take care of it and then I get a word from Benny Hinn that of everything I’ve always had in my heart to do and then nothing happened.  Oh e-vey!  How did you handle it Hank?

Hank:  I didn’t handle it very good because actually what happened shortly after that I got fired.

Sid:  Oh no!

Hank:  The job that I took, yeah.

Sid:  That’s the opposite of the word you got!  That’s the opposite of that angel shooting out!

Hank:  And that’s usually how breakthrough works cause see the devil, the Bible says in Mark Chapter 4, he comes immediately to steal the seed of the word and a lot of times when God gives you a prophetic word or you have a prophetic promise or you have a prayer that you are praying it’s a seed and the enemy is always coming after that seed to try to disrupt it, to destroy it.  That’s why he went after you know babies in the days of Moses; he went after babies in the days of the Messiah; because he’s always after that seed because it’s connected to a breakthrough promise.  And so yeah the opposite happened for me and one of the worst things when I got fired is, and the reason I got fired is I was working for a particular corporation and they all wanted to go out drinking that night and I wasn’t going to do it.  They also wanted to go to a strip club and I refused to go and the boss got angry wound up firing me for what he called was in subornation, I don’t see what’s insubordate about standing up for morals.  But one of the things that happened Sid, you got to hear this, when they were gone drinking and I stayed back in my hotel room, I prayed over their beds, and I prophesied…

Sid:  You got them.

Hank: Do you know what happened, when they came back that night, not one of them could seep in their beds and they kept coming in my room saying, what did you do to our beds?  You did something and one person actually, I shared the gospel with him, I believe at that moment the spiritual eyes came blinders came off of their eyes and they were open to the gospel.  But, yeah, you know breakthrough is something we have to learn to stay with regardless of the situation that were facing in  I remember years ago I moved into this house that we kind of had an infested, the ground with snakes because the farm that was close by and they were the little guarder snakes.  Now my wife, she said that they were pretty small but I thought they were huge and every time I mowed the lawn I was afraid of these snakes; I hate snakes.  Well, the problem was for two years that I lived there I tolerated these snakes rather than do something about it and that’s another reason why sometimes people don’t experience breakthrough is because they hate the snakes so they don’t like the way things are going but they never rise up to do anything about it because it doesn’t come as fast as they think or maybe like with that angel they don’t think anything is working.  And it is working, but they have to learn how to stay in there to create that breakthrough and the way that you get it is breakthrough is progressive.  Think about Peter for example in scripture…

Sid:  I’ll tell you what just because we are running out of time on today’s show tell me a couple quick breakthroughs that occurred once it occurred.

Hank:  Yeah, let me tell you one of the breakthroughs Sid, yes that took place after this in fact when I was fired I got a call from someone I didn’t really know very well, a business man, and here’s what he said to me, I couldn’t believe it I didn’t know him very well.  He said, “Hank and Brenda, which is my wife he said, I want you to be able to be released to pray, prophecy, here from God and here’s what I’m going to do.  For the next year and more I am going to pay your salary, give you full benefits and all you have to do is get up in the morning, pray, seek the face of God, study all day and travel in the doors that God opens.  And let me tell you this it was very…let me tell you, it was two and a half times the salary that I was making.

Sid:  Now I can see why God spoke to you and said, we are entering into a breakthrough season for the entire body of Messiah and it’s actually this decade is going to be an amazing decade and God showed him the keys so that you will know what’s keeping you from walking into those blessings that God has for you.  How you can overcome fear, and disease and torment and all those setbacks and begin to see yourself as God really sees you.  How to remove the curse of poverty, debt, lack, replace it with provision, favor, peace, long life, protection.


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