Sid:  With Jewish people coming to the Lord now with the spiritual scales coming off the eyes of Jewish people we are ready to see the full manifestation of what Jesus has promised us; This is His moment.  And my guest Dr. Renny McLean was talking about something we need to be able to walk into this revelation.  This is a moment in which God is giving us revelation that I believe has never really manifest on planet earth.  But you had a visitation Dr. Renny McLean, you were telling me about it yesterday in which revelation was being handed out, please tell me.

Renny:  Yes, it does.  Well it literally, literally when I had a visitation of heaven I saw the generals of God around the throne and different generals.  People don’t know this and I need to say this because I’m hearing this, there is so much revelation Sid coming to my spirit so you got to forgive me, but you see there are custodians of the realm.  There are custodians of the realm in the true sense of the word and there are people right now who I saw around the throne of God who God was just giving scrolls to.  That’s why there’s certain things, it’s when certain people say it has that weight of glory on it because they are custodians of it.  And I saw God just, and I saw the angels of the Lord just begin to dispense the scrolls.  And I saw that when these generals were beginning to preach it was as if they couldn’t preach because the script had been changed.  And so were not living in the day now of …

Sid: Renny I have to ask our Mishpochah how would you like to go to a service where God changes the message.  Let every service be like that Renny.

Renny: Listen Doc I am believing that because it’s got to happen.  See it’s when the earth is aligned to what the voice of the Father is saying is where things break forth on the earth.  And I’m telling you we are in that time frame where right now where that’s what God is doing.  We’re living in the days of revealed knowledge not common knowledge.  But you know why we are living in revealed knowledge is because Isaiah 60 says that, you know we read the famous scripture “Rise and shine for the light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen, but what people are forgetting is that the Bible says that gross darkness is going to be on the earth.

Sid:   So the only light will be the light shining through believers.

Renny:   There you go, the revelation of the glory and to secret is Sid, is the Bible says the glory the glory has to be revealed.  And the reason why it has to be revealed is because it is not known.  You can’t even study the glory either.  The Bible says that it has to be revealed.

Sid:  I’m reminded as a nine year old you had that visitation and God said that you were going to travel to the nations and teach on the glory.  And this has to be the pinnacle so to speak for you to be releasing this type of revelation right now.  I think I don’t know that the world was ready for it until right now.

Renny:  Well, I’m going to tell you something Sid, I really believe that, but do you know what I also believe?  I believe because of what is about to hit the earth the generation of the earth has never seen it and so there is an openness right now, you know for the desperation of man for people to want something new and something fresh.  And we’re just in that time right now where people are just wanting to know what’s going to happen, what’s going to happen to the earth, what’s God going to do for His people?  Well, I’ve got news to tell you revelation is here and that’s why people have got to get hold of revelation.  That’s why I so, I tell you Brother Sid, I so speak on miracles, signs and wonders.

Sid:  Speaking of miracles signs and wonders you have been several times in heaven to the body parts room.  That intrigues me immensely!  Tell me about a miracle because I want to hear about it about the woman in New York who had her breast recreated.

Renny:  Alright, I’ll share that specific one with you.  We were in a meeting two years ago in Brooklyn, New York and I was there for two – three nights in this church and the glory of the Lord was there each night.  The first night I didn’t minister to the sick, the second night I really didn’t feel it because you are preparing the people for it; your going to upset the atmosphere before it happens.  And so now when the third night came now the people’s praise was in that place, their worship had got to that place.  And so I was ministering and at the end as my custom is or as the Lord leads me when the atmosphere is thick I then speak into t hat atmosphere.

Sid:  Now, just out of curiosity when the atmosphere is thick and you speak into that, do you speak what you hear or you speak what you want to see happen?  There is a difference.

Renny:  You are very prophetic man, because a lot of people would, most people would not understand that.  In the Spirit, if the truth be told it is a combination of the two; because when the atmosphere is that thick you can believe for anything.

Sid:  That’s what I believe.

Renny:  Exactly, then there are times when there is that specific word.

Sid:  Okay, the atmosphere was thick as I might add has been on everyday of this radio broadcast and you spoke into the atmosphere and what happened. 

Renny:  What happened was lots of people got healed, blind eyes opened, deaf ears opened, cancers disappeared, legs grow out and all of that nice stuff, but one of the most prophetic miracle was that there was a lady there who had cancer and you know she was about forty around very early forties and it’s kind of funny telling it because it’s a body part but you know she was in the meeting worshipping the Lord and you know, the word of the Lord just came in my spirit and I would just simply say is this to any sickness that’s there, I would always say die, dissolve, disintegrate in Jesus, oh I felt it right there, Amen.

Sid: Me too.  Ha-ha

Renny:   Amen, Sir I felt it, somebody’s listening to us right now, some body’s getting healed in the Name of Jesus, I see it right now, I see a cancer in a woman’s right breast, I see it going down as we speak in the Name of Jesus.  I see a prostate cancer being healed right now in Jesus Name. 

Sid: Do you know what Renny? I don’t see how any sickness can live in this atmosphere, this glory atmosphere we’re in right now.

Renny:   Amen, amen, amen, it can’t, it can’t live in it.  Just as fish can’t live, oh thank you Holy Spirit, just as fish can’t live in air it can only live in water, hear me sickness can’t live in this it’s not conducive to it.  And I tell you Brother Sid, I feel it right now, (praying in tongues) thank you Jesus, anyway but the story goes on but the woman and I know that some people came up to testify and this woman came down, and I knew nothing about the woman of course.  The woman came down, but she was sharing, you know she had cancer and her breasts were taken you know whatever and then we’re standing there and then all of a sudden you know, something is starting to grow.  Ha-ha, you know I don’t know how else to say it, you know and both of them began to grow back.

Sid:  Tell me something, you had been to the body parts room, how is this connected you’re speaking it, is this actually coming from the body parts room or not necessarily?

Renny:  Oh, oh it’s coming, let me tell you, can I answer that Sid the way of how I see it in the spirit?

Sid:  Yes,

Renny:  One I don’t believe it comes from the body part room.  ….. Can it? Yes.  I really really really do believe that, I really do believe that.  The body part room in the heaven is where I can simply answer is where the DNA of the human body is.  It’s where every part, it’s where everything of your body is that’s in that box.  Everything about you is what I mean, I mean we’ve seen eyeballs, teeth, I mean we’ve seen this; it doesn’t mean that we have heard, it means we have see this. 

Sid:  Tell me about someone that had an eyeball materialize.

Renny:  Okay, that was a young brother in the Lord and his name is Pastor Tony Miller and I’m very much his father in the Lord and so when Tony wanted to start his church he wanted me to come and you know open his church.  Well, normally when I go to a church, if I’m doing one service I don’t normally minister in the supernatural unless it’s a people that’s very familiar with me and understand the way I move in the spirit.  Well enough to say, it was a young church, you know there was only thirty people there, it was a small church, it was just beginning.

Sid:  Right.

Renny:  —-would you please come on over so I came, so I got there.  One of my partners heard I was coming to the church, some way the word always gets out and her name was Pauline and Pauline grew up in our miracle campaigns in London so I’m very much her father in the Lord and she said I heard you was coming to this church, I heard and she said, “I really and truly believe that God is going to do something today.”  And I said, “Well darling, what is it?”  And she had this young man standing with her that’s about twenty – twenty-one years of age.  And she said, “Can you pray for him?”  I said, “Okay what’s the matter with him?”  And he had those Stevie Wonder glasses on so you know that when someone has glasses that thick you know that they are evidently blind or something.  And so now, I said “Well okay, let’s pray to the Lord for him to receive his sight.”  She said, “No Dr. Renny you don’t understand,” then he took off his glasses, there were no eyeballs.  And I said, “Oh, this is a tough one.”  I said, “This is a tough one.”  You got to remember though that there are times in the Spirit you draw from the now, what the Lord put’s in you and there’s times where you really and truly imitate your Father’s faith.  And the fathers of my faith, the father of my faith is T. L. Osborn and Morris Cerrillo, there the two I’ve grew up under.  And I said, “Lord I know that they’ve seen the mass miracles and they’ve seen creative miracles in the mass, but not close up.”  I said, “Lord what am I to do?”  So I said, Morris and T.L. were not my reference point then, and I stood there and God is my eternal witness, I can still feel the glory back to this day.  Brother Sid the Lord said to me to put your hands on his eyes but I said Lord but there are none.  And He said to me there is from where I am.  Now, the Lord said to me do it and this is what they don’t realize Sid, the longer you take to respond, because in the glory of God.

Sid:  Oh, were out of time, did he get his eyes back?

Renny:  Whoa, yes he did.


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