Sid: My guest, Tony Kemp has been sharing all this week and this is a man that walks in extraordinary signs and wonders and he is more than willing, in fact I’ll even say anxious to share how you can walk in those same signs and wonders.  But Tony on yesterday’s broadcast you were telling me in 1989 you had your first encounter with an angel.  It was about 4:00AM and you were taking to Heaven and you went in to the court room of God and you were told there were two primary issues to be concerned about.  It had to do with judgment, but you used an interesting word you said, “When God was talking about judgment He was really talking about measurement. What do you mean by that?”

Tony: Well, the Father was measuring the worship of His Sons and Daughters and He was measuring how positive, how caring, how loving our relationships were with each other.  And let me say this…

Sid: So when He says in the Word, you’ll know my disciples by their love, He means that.

Tony: He means exactly that, because supernatural life in Christ is all about loving God and loving people.  And loving God…

Sid: And that’s what He said, the most important thing was to love God with all your mind, hearts, spirits, soul and to love your neighbor  as yourself and that summarizes the whole law.  So what He was telling you in Heaven we could have just read in the scriptures.

Tony: That’s exactly the truth, that’s exactly the truth because see worship was defined as loving God and right relationships is defined as loving people and here’s the key, whatever we worship is what we become like.  And so when the Lord walked me through the Ten Commandments of Exodus 20 He made it very clear that the first four Commandments had to do with our worship, and it had to do with godly character.  And then He walked me through the next six commandments that have to do with right relationships, so isn’t it interesting that six has to do with the number of man.  And right relationships produces godly community; and so it was real clear that God was after godly Sons and Daughters who could live in a Godly community.  That’s what Heaven is about and that’s what the New Earth is going to be about and so He let me know that that was what was being measured.  And so you know, He wanted me to get this correction, He wanted me to get this direction and to share it with people and in addition to that He began to talk to me about some of the Patriarch and some of the saints.

Sid: He talked to you about Abraham and that interested me.

Tony: Yes, because here’s the question that he asked me.  He said, “What do you think made Abraham great?”  And immediately I thought of the scripture, “Abraham believed God and was accounted to him for righteousness.”

Sid: Now, that’s what I would have thought of too.

Tony: And that’s exactly was my response to God, and He said, “That true,” but He said that was more that He wanted His people to understand.  And then He referred me to Genesis 18 and He referred me to how Abraham would command his children and his household after him to keep God’s ways, to do justice and to do righteousness.  And what He really pointed out to me was that, as God He thought generationally.  He’s the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  And He wanted us to think generationally and so He was very concerned about how we Father and Mother our natural Sons and Daughters, he was very concerned about Grandparents and how they minister to their Grandchildren and He was very concerned that many in ministry were not Fathering and Mothering His people as spiritual Sons and Daughters.  And one of the things that He pointed out that I think is real important for me to mention is that too many ministers were seeking their own success rather than developing the wisdom, character and success of their natural and spiritual Sons and Daughters.

Sid: What you’re describing is a word called “Pride.”

Tony: Yes, yes.

Sid: There is so much pride that their more concerned about their own kingdom than God’s Kingdom.

Tony: Yes.  And the Father was, He was very very concerned and what He wanted us as leaders, as ministers to be was genuine Fathers.  And in other words, I was to Father whatever Sons and Daughters, spiritual Sons and Daughters, natural Sons and Daughters, Spiritual Sons and Daughters that God gave me and that I was to have His heart for them.  Paul said it this way, “He said, I’ll gladly spend and be spent for you and he said the children don’t lay up for the Father’s and the Mother’s no the Father’s and the Mother’s lay up for the children.  And so it was very important for the Father that we identify the natural and the spiritual gifts of our children, natural children and spiritual children.  And that we cultivate and develop those spiritual gifts.  All the while helping these Sons and Daughters come to maturity in Christ so that they can enter their gifts and fulfill the will of the Father.

Sid: Now, how did this experience change your life?

Tony: Oh, it changed everything.  See when I was raised naturally speaking by my Dad I had this view that you know if I put a roof over my kids head, if I provided financially, if I provided discipline I was doing my job.

Sid: That was your role model and that was probably his role model.

Tony: Yes, and so what happened was the Father began to change how I thought.  And I want to say this; a change in a person’s mindset is a move of God.  And so then the Father began to bring up to me about Noah and his wife in Judges 13:  “Noah’s Wife was barren and God gave her a son, Samson but when the Angel appeared to Noah and His wife, this was the question that was asked, “How are we to raise the child that is to be born?”  And the Angel gave the Woman instructions and said these are the things that you must instruct the child to do so that the child can do the will of God.  And what the Father made real clear to me is each natural Son and Daughter we have we are to inquire of the Lord about this child’s calling, this child’s gifting, anointing, ministry, what this child is supposed to do in life to glorify God and to fulfill the will of the Father and what are the child’s natural and spiritual gifts as well as how do we cultivate and develop this child’s character?  And so that when they experience success; you know one of the worst things that can happen is for a person two experience success and they don’t have the character that will keep them where the gift takes them.

Sid: I like to share in the forties, all these Tent Revivalists got started with tremendous gifting, tremendous signs and wonders in these tent meetings and you know the sad thing, because that happened instantly that power and they hadn’t had the chance to develop character most of them fell into sin.

Tony: That’s exactly right and so our job as spiritual Father’s and Mother’s and if I can say this Grandfather’s and Grandmothers is to lay foundations in peoples’ lives.  Because if the foundations are not laid or the foundation’s are destroyed what can the righteous do?  And so as spiritual Father’s and Mother’s we’re to lay foundations in the lives, spiritual foundations in the lives of our Sons and Daughters so that they can maintain the success that God gives them through the Word of the Lord and by walking in the Spirit and knowing Jesus intimately.

Sid: So if I could paraphrase something that you’re saying; what you were measured on and what all of us will be measured on is love.

Tony: That’s exactly right.  That’s exactly right because see if we listen is we the most supernatural thing a person can experience, know and do is to walk in the love of Christ.  Because when you walk in the love of Christ you walk in the character of Christ, the fruit of the Spirit and we you walk in the love of Christ you walk in the gifts…

Sid: Whoa, I’m sorry our time is up…

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