Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to do the same things that Jesus did.  And what did he do, there’s a realm that’s available to us and I have Katie Sousa on the phone.  God has raised her up to not only activate that realm in herself, but activate that realm in as many believer’s as possible.  Now Katie, give me an example of Jesus ascending.

Katie:  Okay, remember when Jesus’ was having the discussion with Nicodemus and in that story, he tells Nicodemus he said, “Your having a hard time believing me about earthly things, so you might have a little trouble believing me when I tell you about Heavenly things.”  And then He says this, “No one has ascended up into Heaven, but the one that first descended from Heaven, the Son of man.”  So what’s Jesus saying?  He’s saying, “Look I’m about to tell you something Nicodemus that’s kind of Heavenly and it might be hard for your human mind to grasp it, but it’s the truth.  He said no one has ascended up into Heaven but the one that descended, Me, the son of man.”  Jesus had come down from Heaven he had given up all of His divinity and rights and came down as a human being to Heaven.  But then he’s saying, “No one had ever ascended but the one that had descended.”  So what is he saying?  While he was down here on earth, he also was ascended in Heaven.

Sid:  So, do you believe that it’s possible to be walking as a human like Jesus did, but also have your spirit in such communication with Heaven as if it’s ascended into Heaven so you only do what you see your Heavenly Father doing?

Katie:  Oh yes, I definitely think that we have to have that otherwise we would be totally lost.  See our spirit man is inside of us operating in us and it’s our breath of life, when the spirit permanently leaves us we die.  But because there is no time or distance in the Glory realm past, present and future is all one, there is no separation of time or even distance in the realm of the Glory; that means your spirit man can be operating inside of you and also be operating in Heaven.  And that’s what Jesus was saying too He’s saying, “Look I’m down here as a man, my spirit man is in me, but I’m also ascended up into Heaven and that’s the way I’m able to do the will of the Father, because I’m there in communication with Him.

Sid:  Help us understand a bit more about this by giving an example of the wisdom you obtain by ascending into Heaven as to what’s really gone on on earth that you can’t really see with your natural eyes.

Katie:  Okay, I can remember a situation where I was on tour and whenever I go to a new place there is always stuff going on in the unseen realm that we need to know about.  If we aren’t aware of the things that are happening in the unseen realm; then we’re going to get stopped down, blessing are going to be shut down; things when we try to release healing or provisions there might be a block there that we are unaware of.  So we need to have Heaven’s understanding of what’s going on in the supernatural so that we can then execute certain things to make a breakthrough for people and for ourselves.  So whenever I go into a new area, the first thing I always do is I send and ask God show me what’s going on over this region that I need to deal with so that I can be successful and release healing to people and provisions.  And so I went to this place and the first thing I did the first day, is I did that I said, “God show me what’s going on here.”  And by faith I ascended up into Heaven and He showed me a picture of two witches and they were standing in front of me with their backs to me so they didn’t know I was there, okay.  And one was standing at the east and one was standing at the west.  And I asked the Lord, “What’s going on with them?”  And He said this to me, “They travel together.”  So when I came back down, I went to the hostess who was putting us up in her home, and I said, “Does this mean anything to you?  Two witches that travel together, and she said, “Oh, yeah two of the most powerful witchcraft coven in this whole state are in this area in this region and they don’t stay in one place they travel back and forth east to west.”  And so I knew God was showing me, He was giving me Heavenly wisdom and saying, “This is something that can block you and your success to help people while you are here; you need to deal with it.”  So I said, “What do you want me to do Lord?”  He said, “I want you to elevate above this human realm, above this real of the natural, I want you to ascend up and engage them on their turf,”  so I began to do that.  The first thing I did Sid, was I worshipped so that I could open the Heavens because Jesus in John 3 is talking to Nathaniel and He says this, He says, “Surely you shall see Heaven open and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of man.”  The angels attended Jesus when He was here, whenever He needed supernatural enablement they ascended up in to Heaven to get it and then they brought it back down to Him and released it to Him.  But the thing is that they were able to do that so easily of what Jesus said, “You will see the Heaven’s open up and the angels ascending and descending.”  So I began to worship and use my worship to open up the Heaven so that I would have an easier time ascending up to fight the enemy.  And then when I felt the tangible presence of the glory come, the atmosphere changed; I felt the heaviness of the Kabod; my mind got clear; I felt burning on my face; I knew the Heaven’s had opened and the Glory had arrived; so then I just basically laid down and used my faith, I said Lord, “You showed me those witches, you told me to go up and engage them, I’m believing that right now you are going take me up there.”  And I was up there so fast Sid, I almost jolted out of it, my body jerked up off the ground and I was up there in the spirit and I looked down and I saw the first witch, she was underneath me flying to the west; she didn’t even know that I was there Sid, that’s how cool this is; I was above her.  And all I did was say, “In the Name of Messiah, Jesus fall and she tumbled out of the sky.”  And suddenly I was going the other way, I was going east.”

Sid: I was reminded of the scripture, “You’ll trample satan under your feet.”  You literally were doing that.

Katie:  Exactly and it was so easy I just commanded her to fall too and she fell to the ground.  Now, I want you to think about this.  The people in the area, I was told area I was told later have been trying to fight the powers of those witchcraft coven’s for years and years and they were dethroned and depowered in twenty minutes.

Sid:  Katie, after that experience you had a meeting, what happened at that meeting?

Katie:  Well, we had major breakthroughs and that morning of the meeting I actually saw a large large angel sitting on top of this church that I was going to.

Sid:  It’s nice to have a meeting with an open Heaven rather than witches doing stuff; but let’s put where the rubber meets the road, the average person and they have financial problems; give me an example of fiancés with this ascending.

Katie:  Okay, well my husband had a very successful company, but when the famine hit America it hit all the building trades in our area and his included; so everybody shut down really fast and it left behind a lot of debt for us and a lot of other people and no work.  And so for quite a few months my husband was out of work and we needed to take care of the debt and we needed to get him some work so we could have some income.

Sid:  So a lot of people are relating to you right now, but go ahead.

Katie:  Yes, so what do you do?  Well okay, should we do this or should we start a new company or maybe we should go get a job over here over there, I mean you could reason it out all day long of what you think you should do during the time of famine but Heaven has the perfect answer for you.  Heaven is going to tell you exactly what to do, heaven is going to have the provision for you; so if you know how to ascend into Heaven, you’ve way above the famine, you’re way above the circumstances and you can go get Heaven’s answer for the problem.  And so that’s what I did, I ascended up into Heaven and I said, “Lord, you need to show me what You have for my husband or tell me or tell Him what to do.”  And actually the Lord showed me my husband walking to a safe and he knew the combination and I knew right then the Lord was going to give him and download of information on how to do the next opportunity that he was brought.  And he opened up the safe and he brought out a pillow with a big diamond on it and he brought it out and showed it to me and I brought it down with me and within a week my husband received a call from some people about a brand new job that he had never done before and it was worth a quarter of a million dollars.

Sid:  Now, out of curiosity, when you brought this diamond down with you, did you actually see, did someone else see it or was it just in the Spirit.

Katie:  Okay, it’s in the Spirit and I didn’t actually see myself bring it down, this is the part that really good for the average person that thinks I can’t do this.  I did it purely by faith, purely by faith.  I know that the angels ascended to get stuff and then descend to bring it back down.  I’ve seen scriptures saying that men ascended into Heaven and brought stuff back down, like John bringing the revelation of the Book of Revelation.  And so by my faith all I did was say okay, I saw the diamond when I’m up there; I’m bringing it down now with me by my faith, I don’t see it, I don’t feel it, I don’t you know, if I didn’t have faith I would doubt that it was even happening; but I just knew what the scripture said and I used my faith to grab a hold of it.  And when I came down I just did an act of obedience and a prophetic act I just said, “I release that diamond here.”

Sid:  And how long did it take before the money came forth?

Katie:  Well, it took a week, but the Lord also had me accelerate it when I had worship down here and the glory would hit, He said, “Command that diamond to now manifest in the natural.”

Sid:  Okay, we’re out of time…

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