Sid: It is so mandatory and you become normal; that you walk in the miraculous, you talk in the miraculous, you have such intimacy with God.  You experience the Father’s heart and my guest, Chad Dedmon has.  And some of the things that have gone on, for instance I can’t mention the name but in 2005 Chad, you were in the Houston Astrodome, that was right after Hurricane Katrina hit and all the homeless people were in there and you went in with the team and about how many people would you say got healed from your team?

Chad: Over three probably about 3 – 400 people and that’s conservative, I mean we would have healing outbreaks.  We were only there for three days but we would have healing out breaks where people would get out of wheelchairs.  People would actually get healed just walking by, I mean it was amazing.  And this man screamed at me; started screaming, “What did you do?  What did you do?” And he was a few feet away and he got healed completely in his knee.

Sid: You just explained to me about the power of the testimony, what does that tell you about people listening to us that have problems with their knees right now?

Chad: Oh, Jesus is healing people’s knees right now, there is actually going to be electricity, there is going to be a heat in people’s knees and that’s the healing presence of Jesus and so we just release your healing presence right now, touch the knees.  And even somebody with a hip problem is being healed right now; so the Lord has released Your healing presence.

Sid: Now, while you were there at the Houston Astrodome, going about praying for the sick which was normal for you, you saw a famous celebrity that you’ve asked me not to identify but everyone would recognize this person if they saw her and what happened?

Chad: Yeah, I got brought into a green room to announce that we were doing a healing service and so I prayed for the man that was over it and he had metal in his back and the metal completely dissolved, it got completely healed.  And so he said, “Would you do this for others that are in need in the Astrodome and I said, “I would be happy to.”  And so she was there and I had a Word of Knowledge where the Lord spoke to me and said, “Tell her that at five years old her red bicycle was stolen and that I’m giving her back her red bike.”  I thought God, this can’t be you, there is no way I’m going to tell her this, I mean she had body guards and so I yelled about twenty feet away, I said, “Excuse me, the Lord is saying that He’s restoring, he’s giving you back the red bicycle that was stolen from you when you were five years old.”  Well, the bodyguards are rushing me, they grab me and she says, “Wait, what he is saying is true.”  And so she brings me over and so I began to talk to her.  I began to say hey, “The Lord is telling me other things about you, He’s saying that you’ve been propelled into a place of promotion, into a place of influence, but you’re called to be a writer, you’re to write many different books.  You’re going to actually fund orphanages; you are to have a Spirit of Adoption that breaks the orphan spirit to the nation.  And I began to just read her mail, and actually I got some things about her past where she was hurt by the church a great deal when she was nine years old and when she was ten years old and she began to weep.  And so she said that she’s on a spiritual journey and that she is trying to find the one true answer, the one true God.  And I began to minister to her and she said, “Thank you so much,” she gave me her card and we’ve been able to…

Sid: How did you actually get beyond those bodyguards that were surrounding her?

Chad: Supernaturally God giving me insight into her life, I mean this was a word…

Sid: But how did she even hear this if your separated from her.

Chad: I took a bold step and I yelled this to her to where she could hear.

Sid: What did you yell?

Chad: I just yelled, “Excuse me, I know that this doesn’t make sense, but I said, you had a red bicycle at five years old and it was stolen from you and God is saying that He is giving you back a red bicycle.

Sid: I just think that this is so phenomenal do you know that anyone could be reached for the Lord when you have that type of knowledge about their background?

Chad: Exactly, exactly and it will open the door to her heart, she knew that this was true, she knew that…

Sid: And you’re in process of sharing with her but you could have never got, you could have never even talked to this woman if you weren’t bold enough to shout out something that happened when she was a young child.

Chad: Yeah, and I thought to myself this has got to be something that I’m making up, and I just went for it, it was that small still voice and I was just like, “Is this me, is this God.”  And I was just warring with that in myself and I said, “You know what, I’m just going to go for it, I have an opportunity to speak to this lady, and I’m just going to go for it.”

Sid: Now, you walk in what you and your Father calls supernatural favor, what is that and can everyone walk in that?

Chad: Yes, everybody can walk in that, as you grow in favor with God, you’ll grow with favor with man.  And that is the key is that Jesus grew with favor with God and man at the same time.  And as you begin to seek Him, as you begin to seek the Kingdom, all these things will be added to you, Jesus told us.  And so yeah, I’ve had radical things happen to me, meeting Benny Hinn on the side of the street.

Sid: How did you meet him?

Chad: Well, I had just got done surfing, I love to surf and I was driving and I got to a red light, but I didn’t have a shirt on, all I had was my swimming trunks and my hair was a mess and so I really wasn’t ready to go and see someone of influence.  And so I’m driving and I look over and I see this man that he had a diamond ring, and that kind of caught my eye.  And he rolls down his window, he motioned to roll down my window and he says to me, young man who are you; the anointing of God is all over you?  And I’m thinking, oh he’s not going to know who Chad Dedmon is and I say, “Well, I’m one of the Pastors down the road,” and he gets out of his car, walks over to me.  The light turns green and people start honking, and so he hops back into his car, stretches out his hand and then says “I pray that the glory and the anointing never leaves this young man’s life.”  And he turns right and I went straight.

Sid: And I mean, this does not happen to normal people, this only happens to someone that has the favor of God.  And are you saying to me as you draw closer to God, His favor increases.

Chad: Yes, I am saying that, that is one of the key ingredients, I didn’t understand for a long time why I had so much favor, why prophets would prophecy over me, they would call me out of a big crowd.  I didn’t understand you know, I would meet people on the side of the street, I would meet people just randomly in airplanes and in airports and I would just like “Why do I have so much favor?”  And I started unlocking the scriptures and unlocking truths that it is all connected to me being in the secret place seeking His face and that being the number one priority in my life.  And as that happens,…

Sid: Is that more important than even ministry?

Chad: Oh, way more important, it has to flow out of your relationship with Him, intimacy with the Father, that is where ministry comes from, that’s where fruit happens is when you look at Jesus’ life.  Jesus is perfect theology and as you study His life that He would be in the middle of the greatest breakthroughs in the supernatural, the greatest breakthroughs in His ministry and He would say, “Wait a second, I have to go and be with the Father.”

Sid: You know I’m looking at my notes and you have, and it’s a Hebrew word and it’s called Chutzpa and that mean, you have nerve.  You were at a Denny’s Restaurant and you actually stood on a chair and made announcement?

Chad: Yeah, we would be in Denny’s and you know just eating some pancakes and God starts showing up and I got on a chair and I started calling out words of knowledge and I said, “There’s someone here that broke their foot.  And so this lady, way down the way, she broke her foot just a couple days before, she had a big cast and we begin to pray for her.  She started feeling heat like electricity in her foot, and I said, “Can you tighten it up, would it normally be painful if you tightened up your muscles?”  She said, “Oh yeah, it would be really painful,” so she tightened it up and she did have any pain.  I looked at her and said, “Well, let’s take this thing off, what do you think about that?”  And she said, “I’d love to take this thing off and test it out.”  And the cooks came out of the kitchen to watch God show up supernaturally and the cook says I’ve got a hack saw I the back.  And so he goes and grabs his hack saw, starts sawing away at the cast, breaks open the cast and this lady was a dancer.  She began to dance all over Denny’s and she was completely healed.

Sid: Tell me about the grocery store where you actually got on the intercom, but very quickly.

Chad: Yes, I just went into the grocery store to get some donuts, I was walking through the aisle way and I saw this lady that was paying for her groceries, she had a hearing aid and we’re always taught you know, you don’t need Holy Spirit goose bumps necessarily, you don’t have to have a feeling or word of knowledge, but if you see somebody with a cast or hearing aid, it is just open target, it is a green light; go for it.  So I went up to her and I said, “Can I pray for you?”  And she said, “Yes.”   So I had her take out her hearing aid, I prayed for her a simple prayer and the lady, the cash register lady was watching this whole thing take place, she was about twenty years old.  And so I prayed for her and I said “Okay, now repeat after me,” she was 95% deaf for over thirty years and so I removed my hands; I began to back pedal and she’s repeating every word I’m saying.  And then the cash register lady says, “I can’t hear you anymore,” and that’s when this lady in her mid-forties realizes she has better hearing than this twenty year old.

Sid: Tell me about getting on the PA, the intercom, well I approached the cash register lady, she was crying and I said, “This is God, there is no way that I could do this, this supernatural, can I get on the intercom and just release more things that God wants to do supernaturally?”  And so she said, “Sure.”  So I get on the intercom and I say, attention all shoppers, God is in the building and He’s healing, and I started calling out words of knowledge, people started gathering about twenty-five people.  And this lady came in on a motorized cart and she said that she’s going in on a hip replacement surgery, well I pray for her and the lady that just got healed of her ears and she starts praying with me.  And we pray for her together, she moves and get completely healed, she runs, she jumps out of her motorized cart, she starts running around aisle ways screaming Jesus, just healed me.  This man comes to me and says “I have carpel tunnel on both wrists and I play a piano professionally and teach and it’s the way I make my living; I’m in constant pain.” I begin to pray for him, he gets completely healed.  And I have this thought in my head; “Well the Kingdom just showed up, it is probably a good idea to introduce the King.”  And so I tell them, “Hey Jesus died on the cross for these people to get healed, but He also died on the cross for you to have a personal relationship with Him and to be your best friend.”

Sid: Did any of them get saved?

Chad: Oh, all their hands.


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