SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I want to read a little to you from our most recent newsletter. “Is it possible that there exists an ancient mystery in which is hidden the secret of America’s future? Is it possible this mystery lies behind everything, from 9/11 to the war in Iraq, to the American housing bubble, and it’s bursting to the crash of Wall Street and the global economy, to the great recession, and much more, even to the President of the United States?” Now there’s a Messianic Jewish rabbi who lives right outside of New York City that went to the grounds of 9/11 after that horrific event occurred. And let me read you a quote by him. “As I was standing at the edge of Ground Zero, I came across the first puzzle piece of an ancient biblical mystery and a prophetic message known as “The Harbinger” that concerns the future of America.” I have Rabbi Jonathan Cahn here. And Jonathan, you use a word, and I want to understand what you mean by it, “harbinger”. What do you mean?

JONATHAN: A harbinger is a sign, an omen, or a foreshadow of something that is yet to come. It can be a harbinger of something good, usually a harbinger of something that you take warning in, a harbinger of judgment in this case. That’s exactly what it is.

SID: And the thing that is so stunning is that point by point, the Holy Spirit revealed to Jonathan that the pattern that happened to Israel is happening to the United States of America. And he found nine harbingers, nine warning signs. Jonathan, how important is this revelation at this moment in history?

JONATHAN: I think it couldn’t be more important because God gives signs to a nation warning it of judgment. And God is calling America. America is in danger by these harbingers. It’s a warning. It’s to save the nation. But it’s a sign that we are in a very dangerous period.

SID: Briefly, tell me what happened to Israel at the time of this prophecy? It’s Isaiah 9:10.

JONATHAN: Yes. That’s going to be the key, Isaiah 9:10 is the key of the harbingers. Ancient Israel was founded by God. It was blessed by God, but it turned away. It rebelled against Him. It drove Him out of its life. And what happened is God sent prophets to them and he called them, warned them. Finally, He did something to shake them up as a wake-up call, and He withdrew their hedge of national protection. He lifted it up. It was temporary, but He lifted it up, that an enemy struck the land and inflicted damage, traumatized the nation. But it was temporary. It was limited. They withdrew and then there was normalcy. It was to wake them up, a wake-up call. But they did not wake up. They chose to keep defying God. Instead of repenting, turning back to God, they became even more defiant and they made a vow, and that vow is Isaiah 9:10. They said this: “The bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with hune stone. The sycamores have been cut down, but we will plant cedars in their place.” And what that meant was we’re not going to be humbled. We’re not going to turn back. We’re going to continue away from God. In fact, we’re going to come back even stronger. We’re going to replace weaker things with stronger things.

SID: It’s like a defiant spirit.

JONATHAN: Exactly. You said it. The commentaries on this always use that same word. They say, “They breathed the spirit of defiance.” Exactly!

SID: Okay. But that was ancient Israel. And warning after warning, I can almost feel God’s heart saying, “I do not want to see you destroyed. You’re my first-born. Please heed the warnings.” But Jonathan, why did you feel that this was a warning, a prototype, if you will, for the United States of America?

JONATHAN: Ancient Israel did not turn and they were destroyed. So now, we have America. America was also founded on God’s Word. It was founded to fulfill His purpose. America has also turned, been turning and turning more and more rapidly away from God and His ways. God in His mercy calls out to a nation, and if it doesn’t respond, the callings get more severe. What happened now is the first harbinger, or the first thing that happened was the breach, was that lifting up of the national security, allowing an enemy to strike the land, a wake-up call.

SID: You’re talking about 9/11.

JONATHAN: Now, yes. That was for ancient Israel. Now, God did it with America. That happened exactly on September 11, 2001. The national defense of America, the hedge was lifted up. He allowed an enemy to strike. Same way, limited scope, limited time, traumatized the nation, a wake-up call. 9/11 was an alarm seeking to save America from the road it’s going on.

SID: Okay. So the progressive judgments were nine harbingers, nine warnings. Let’s talk about one: the Gazette Stone.

JONATHAN: Okay. This is what happened. And you look at the key of Isaiah 9:10. It says, “The bricks have fallen, but we will replace them with hune stone In Hebrew it’s the word “gazette”. Gazette means “cut, quarried, taken out of mountain rock”. It’s a strong thing. They made it into a big rectangular mass of stone. What they were saying is there was a destruction, and it was clay bricks, but we’re going to come back stronger as a nation. So we’re going to take a stronger thing. We’re going build higher and bigger, and better. So what they did is they took these gazette stones. They went to the quarries in the mountains, cut it out, brought it back to the ground of destruction where the bricks had fallen, and there they vowed, “With this, we’re going to rebuild a nation;” a sign of defiance.

SID: Okay. That’s Israel. What about America?

JONATHAN: Well that’s the thing. This is what happened. After 9/11, in New York, they went to the mountains. They quarried out a rock, a 20-ton rectangular block. According to the harbinger, it has to be brought back to the ground of destruction. They bring it to New York City, bring it to Ground Zero; place it on the pavement of Ground Zero. They have a ceremony around the stone. They have leaders there: governor of New York, governor of New Jersey, the mayor. They pronounce vows of defiance over the stone. They say, “This stone of America is going to come back stronger than ever. We’re going to rebuild.” In fact, you said it before, the spirit of defiance. That’s what the commentaries say about this. The governor of New York actually says, “We are the heirs of the spirit of defiance and we lay this stone.”

SID: And he used the word “defiant”?

JONATHAN: Not just defiant. He used the words “spirit of defiance.” We said, “We are the spirit of defiance.” You see this over and over again.

SID: If there was just one parallel between Israel, and what happened to them and their eventual destruction and one parallel with the United States, we might say, so what. But there are nine harbingers with progressive judgments. This may be, no, this is the most important prophetic show you will ever see. We’ll be back right after this word.

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