Sid:  You can’t help, but be red hot for the Messiah when you hear the teaching of my guest because he had a visitation from the Lord and the Lord told him that he was commissioned by God to teach the supernatural.  And I have to tell you Pastor Maldonado, as I read your books or I listen to your teaching there is number one, it’s simple but number two, there’s an anointing on it so that people really receive it.  And so few people, so few believers have ever dealt with the subjects like, inner healing, emotional healing and they wonder why that they can’t hear God’s voice, they wonder why they still have addictions, they wonder why they are sick.  They wonder why they read the Bible and they say, “I know it’s true, but it’s not working in my life.”  What do you mean when you say inner healing, what does that mean to you?

Guillermo:  Okay, when I say “Inner healing,” we are as humans, we are spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body.  And our spirit, the Holy Spirit came to live inside of us in our soul which is composed by mind, emotion and will and that particular area we need to be renewed.  We need to be transformed, we need to be delivered.  And those areas for example when we talk about inner healing and deliverance, there’s so many areas that the people have for example bitterness, rejection, things that the people suffer, unforgiveness.  Sid you will be amazed by what I am going to tell you, when I had preached on, I got another book called on forgiveness, “The Dangers of Unforgiveness.”  And when I teach on forgiveness 70% of the people at that event and the many places where I’ve been have unforgiveness against someone.  And my question was, that’s inner healing and in other words, they hurt and people say, “Well yeah, and in time we will deal with that hurt.”  No time will not, it’s not a solution, you need to go to the root and sometimes it’s the Spirit that will have to deal with the root of it, once you remove the spirit people will be completely restored in their soul and they emotions.  And this is the question, what percentage?  According to my experiences, more than 24 or 25 years of experience moving in the supernatural.  What has been my experience with sick people?  When I’m talking about sick people I’m talking about sick in their body and sick in their mind and their emotion and their will.  I would say that 80%, 80% of those people are caused directly by a demon.  And 20% of course I would not say that cancer is produced by demon all the time and some sickness but 80% is caused by demons and how do I know?  In my own experience again, when I have removed the demon the spirit the evil spirit, the person has become completely healed in their mind and in their emotions and every time I prayed.  So I have to ask for discernment, what is operating behind this?  Just to give you an idea, I had a big deliverance, a massive deliverance in my church very often, every two months, every three months I do that massive deliverance and the last one I did was of generational curses.  Sid, you will be amazed, I mean thousands of people, Christians, they are coming to my church.  Of course, they are new because most of the ones that have come before have been delivered, they got books, they got things and the material to be delivered to be free.  And the testimonies, people of three generation of alcohol and they said, “My grandfather was alcoholic and then my father, and then you see them now, changed and transformed.  Another person said, a single mom, single Mom in my family, I got that generational curses that my grandmother was a single mom and then my mother and now me.  But when we broke the curse, then two weeks later this woman, three generations of being single mom, did you know that they got married.

Sid:  What about generational curses, I’m thinking about this, of being overweight?  The grandmother was very overweight, the mother was very overweight, and now the child is overweight?

Guillermo:  Well, it’s the same thing again; you will be surprised when ever you see those people and we have prayed for people over weight.  As a matter of fact last Sunday night the Holy Spirit led me to pray and I just; let me give you one very specific example Sid.  This pastor, this pastor, is a pastor okay pastor 240 pounds, 240 pounds.  I went to minister to pastors in West Palm Beach, and I was there and the Lord said, “I want you to pray for overweight.”  And of course, like you said, “Generations of overweight.”  And this pastor 240 pounds released the power of God.  Well, I left I didn’t see anybody losing weight, I just left I didn’t have time.  So he came back three months later, he came to the church; he said I came to testify when you went to this meeting in West Palm Beach.  I said, “What happened?”  He goes, “I weighed 240 pounds,” he said, “And then I went home and I felt the heat in my stomach.”  And this is what he said to me, he said “I was size 48,” listen to this, “Forty-eight and then he said, “After I felt that heat in my stomach I went home I was taking a shower one day.”  I mean he said, “After those three days, in three days actually I was taking a shower one day and then he said, “The moment I said well something happened to my body.”  And then he said, “I had a size 38 pant, pants and then he said, “I tried it on and I fit it, so He fit it to me.”  So he lost 10 sizes in three days.

Sid:  You said, and this was something I haven’t heard people talk about much, “That rejection is one of the biggest areas that once someone gets free of they her God, they get physically healed.  Talk a little bit about the causes of rejection.

Guillermo:  Sid, rejection is this, is always to be outside looking into inside, but I don’t feel that I don’t belong.  It’s the deepest wound that any human being can suffer and rejection, the cause of rejection, there’s so many causes but to explain to the people.  What do you mean by rejection?  And there’s two things, to reaction of people that suffer with rejection.  Number one, they fight, they draw themselves.  In other words, they draw to themselves.  Number two they fight back, no one will do anything to me and they fight back.  And rejection is the deepest wound and you were asking the question, “I have seen rejection?”  Yes I have seen many people suffer rejection always trying to look from outside in the inside trying to say, “Well, I like it but I don’t belong.”  But the solution, Jesus suffered our rejection in order for us to receive our acceptance from the Father.  And that’s the solution, that’s one of the solutions I give in the book of any healing and deliverance.  In other words, I tell the people how to go and appropriate their deliverance of rejection for them to be free.

Sid:  And you know there are people that suffer from this rejection and they don’t realize it, they’re walking around with walls around them causing people to reject them.  And they get the physiological help but it never takes care of that deep wound.  In fact you talk about the various causes of rejection.  There are many people that have been, rejected in the womb, people that have been rejected in their marriage.  Teenagers, oh look the peer pressure they have.  I mean this has to be rampant in society.

Guillermo:  Yes, yes Sid, I believe this is one of the greatest problem right now in this society, rejection.  And again, how do we deal with it?  Is it spiritual?   Is it emotional?  Is it a demon or is it something that we can go to psychologist and physiatry and say “Listen can you give me some therapy about this.”  And again Sid, the battle line is “We need the power of God, we need the power of God.  And let me introduce this into the deliverance and in a healing and into the healing of the whole body.  Let me introduce this, “Every time Jesus preached on the kingdom there were three things that could not stand in the presence of the preaching and the presence of the kingdom.  Sickness, demons and sin, every time Jesus preached on the kingdom.  But what we have today Sid is a motivational kingdom.  What do I mean by that?  Well, we don’t preach kingdom with power, we just talk about the kingdom in words.  But the kingdom is not in words, the kingdom is in power.  So where Jesus brought the kingdom He introduced deliverance.  And you know Sid, how Jesus called deliverance?  Remember that Phoenician woman that came to him?

Sid Roth:  Yes.

Guillermo:  And then He said, “Can you deliver my daughter that suffer from a demon?”  She knew deliverance already, they already knew in those times.  Did you know that what Jesus said, “It’s not right to give the bread, the children’s bread to the dogs.”  What does he mean?  In other words, if you a child of God the bread, deliverance is your bread.  Inner healing is your bread, it belongs to you it is a legal right.  It is not just a gift, we waiting for somebody gifted to pray for us.  No, it is your legal right to receive it.

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