Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for Messiah and my guest Dr. LaDonna Taylor has such a strong anointing in area of any sort of tormenting things, such as suicide, discouragement, fear, mental problems. It kind of reminds me LaDonna of King Saul when David would play the harp he would calm down.  Have you noticed that with your music?

LaDonna:  I have absolutely noticed that with my music, it’s the most amazing thing how the Lord get’s inside the notes and it’s as though the music can bypass unbelief and bypass things and go directly to your spirit.

Sid:  Is that why there are so many miracles that are released when you play your music and speak?

LaDonna:  I believe that, I’ve come to a point in my life that I believe that the Lord can just do anything.  I totally know that when I put the violin under my chin, and I put the bow on the strings and start to play, it’s a true connection to heaven.

Sid:  What happens when a song such as one of the ones we picked out your two best CD’s that we’re making available this week.  What about the song “All Hail the Power of Jesus”, what happens when you release those notes in a congregation?

LaDonna:  An actual atmosphere of victory comes in.  I know some different Hymns and I feel that some music, certain music has assignments.  Certain combinations of notes have assignments and the Hymn “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name” this, this song carries victory with it, it carries breakthrough with it for people especially people with long term issues.

Sid:  Have you seen many miracles released when you play this music?

LaDonna:  I have.

Sid:  Tell me one particular miracle that comes to mind, maybe not from this particular song but from just your music in general.

LaDonna:  Yes, I remember I was in the state of Missouri, a young woman came forward she was deaf in her right ear, and proceeded to tell me that she only had prosthetic bones in her ears because she was born deaf. The doctors were trying to rebuild her ear so she could have some kind of hearing there.  She was totally deaf even with plastic bones there and she… the doctors had not completed what they were going to do.  They were telling her that it was going to be a years and years of a process.  Instantly the Lord opened her ear that morning.

Sid:  Well, I believe that instantly people are going to set free and I believe that this is going to be a platform because of the unique music “All Hail the Power of Jesus.” Watch what happens!  Let’s hear this.

LaDonna:  Worship excerpt of “All Hail the Power of Jesus.”

LaDonna:  All Hail the Power of Jesus Name! How amazing that we have the honor and the privilege to proclaim His power, to proclaim the mighty Name.  When you honor Him and you proclaim that and you hail the power, He’ll come close.  He loves for you to totally focus on Him.  The same power that brought Him from the grave, the word of God tells us works in your body, in the name of the Lord.  I thank you Lord that fibromyalgia disappears right now.  I thank you Lord that the person that’s listening with the third and fourth vertebrae according to your physician, that it’s been fused in the name of Jesus your back is healed in Jesus name!  Now I thank you Lord for that one that’s listening totally lost hope in Jesus name, be healed, be set free, Lord bring peace into that.   Thank you Lord for that, thank you Lord in Jesus name, victory I proclaim all hail the power of Jesus name.

Sid: Boy, I’m just basking in His presence right now.  As your speaking, if I had to push you for the greatest miracle beyond salvation that you have seen in your ministry, describe that.

LaDonna:  That would be probably a young man that came to the altar using a cane, he had a brace on his leg, he said that his bones were like Jell-O, that’s why he had to wear the brace.  And that was result of combat in the most recent war here.  And we were actually playing this music when he came to the altar.  I instructed him to go take the brace off; we felt the strongest presence of the Lord.  I actually felt Jesus standing beside this young man.  He left the congregation, took the brace off and come back without his cane and with no pain in his leg, walking without the cane and without the brace with bones that were supposed to be made of Jell-O.

Sid:  I can imagine what the rest of the congregation was when they saw that.

LaDonna:  Wow, yes.

Sid Roth:  Do you fine that faith is contagious?

LaDonna:  Absolutely, an example of that is that the first two or three people that would come up, you know to have hands on or to just to come up to the altar.  You know the Lord can heal you sitting in your seat or in a congregation, but many times the Lord would have me encourage the people to come forward.  The Lord is healing people while they are listening to us.  Well, I’m telling you that He absolutely is the Healer, but when you see the first two or three miracles, many, many many people start getting up and coming forward to touch God.  Not to touch me, but to touch God.

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