Sid:  My guests, I guess red hot is almost an understatement, Wesley and Stacy Campbell.  And I’m interviewing them this week on their book, “Praying the Bible, the Pathway to Spirituality.”  And a lot of people when they hear a show is about prayer they get a little turned off.  They say “That’s for someone else; that’s for someone who has a ministry of intercession.”  But as I was told on the air and off the air by Wesley and Stacy Campbell that if they didn’t understand how to pray the Bible they would not have the supernatural ministry that they have today.  And as a matter of fact they are praying in a manner that spans 2000 years, they’re teaching from the Jewish understanding of prayer that has been lost to the church, but I believe that this is a strategic time; this is an end time mentoring tool… Tell me a bit about the Jewish connection to prayer Wesley.

Wesley:  Well, you know Sid, actually the ancient Jewish patterns spans 3500 years is what I found out and that it really begins with Joshua 1:8.  When Joshua was going to take the children of Israel into the land God tells them that he wants them to mediate on the law, that’s the word of God day and night.  And so that and the direction of course is to God and so that’s really to mediate is out loud recitation, out loud recitation and I call that prayer.  Pray the law, that’s the Bible; direction to God and the frequency, was day and night.  In other words, the people sacrificed as the priest offered sacrifice to God in the fire the people were to offer sacrifice of prayer and praise in the morning and the evening.  And that pattern that was established from Joshua at the beginning of Israel in the land became the pattern that Jesus Himself observed as He was obedient in all the way.

Stacy:  And I want to say this is that Jesus prayed it this way, in fact if you want this kind of prayer is for everybody, it’s not for Ministers or spiritual people.  If you want victory in your life, let’s say you’re struggling with a sin; let’s say you’re being tempted.  When Jesus was tempted of the devil what He would do He would say “It is written, and He would take the prayer of scripture and He would quote scripture back at the devil.  And you see I, like I say I started as a sixteen year old in a completely non-Charismatic environment all by myself and learned how to pray this way and I’ve overcome an eating disorder through praying this way, I’ve overcome generational addictions, this is for anybody who wants to live a life of victory.  All of my supernatural experiences come out of times of prayer and constant consistent daily practice of getting myself before God as the source of all supernatural power, all revelation, all wisdom.  And I want to this is that, if you just want victory in your life, do what Jesus did, pray the Bible out loud to God and resist the devil with it.  Wesley:  Stacy I want just to mention with this our last program you know that word in Joshua 1:8 there’s a major word there and it’s called hagah and it’s a Hebrew word, hagah and that’s the word that we translate the word mediate.  Now strangely I found this in our study for the book is that hagah is translated as a eleven different English words in our Bibles and not just one.  It’s not only mediate, Isaiah says that the lion Hagah’s over His prey.  I think it is Isaiah 34 which mean and it’s translated the lion growls.  It’s called muttering and the word Hagah in Hebrew is out loud speaking or muttering which causes the act of mediation.

Sid:  So how in the world did we ever learn to read our Bible silently?

Wesley:  Well, we do that because we’re a western you know Greek based culture, but the children were oral.  Now think of this, Joshua 1:8 there are 2 million refugees going from Egypt, none of them read; they are oral culture and God commands the entire people to mediate on the Law.  And I always say this; they got two problems, 1. they don’t read; 2. there’s no books.  The Law was a scroll 80 feet long carried by two or three men on the – written on calves skin, on animal skin.  So the Jews began to teach their children to mutter the law, they would recite it.  David said, he says “I mediate on the law day and night, which means David recited the law.  And I say this, if the Jews, when David recited the law and then he began to sing that law back to God through his emotions that’s how he created the Psalms.  The law was the; the Psalms was the law sung through his emotions.

Sid:  Wesley, can you give me an example an actually mediate on a scriptures or prayer a scripture the way you tell us to in your book.

Wesley:  Well, in fact like even the Lord’s Prayer, you know you would just say, “Our Father who is in heaven, Holy is Your name.  God today we say that your name is holy, You are the Mighty One; the Majestic One; Holy is Your Name.  Let Your Kingdom Come, Let Your will be done.  God we’re asking that your Kingdom would come today in the earth right here.  Let Your will be done in my life, in my life in the earth.  God I want to bring Your Kingdom in my life; so the phrase becomes paraphrase expression of your heart.

Sid:  And just out of curiosity when you’re praying the scriptures, how long do you usually do this?

Wesley:  Any time is fine, I ask Dan Jester who is one of the leaders of the Messianic Congregation; I said, “You know it’s called the hour of prayer in Acts 3:1.  I said “Why do they call it the hour of prayer?”  He goes “Hey go figure.”  I actually asked a rabbi that and they said that it would take a Jew about forty minutes to say the prayers like they did in the ancient times, the 18 Benedictions and all.  And so we try to encourage people you know, even thirty minutes where you take a scripture and you begin to walk it and your beginning to pray it and your beginning to recite it over and over, and you’re saying it out loud.  And what happens is very quickly even if you’re not into it, even if you are not in the Spirit of prayer Smith Wig-glesworth said, “I begin in the flesh and I end in the Spirit.”  And so we encourage you know once and twice a day praying thirty minutes or more praying the scripture like this.

Sid:  You know the ancient Jewish method has just been lost for too long and if we ever needed a time to have our prayers get through to heaven and have God answer our prayers it’s now.  And as you and Stacy said, “That everything’s supernatural in your life is rooted in praying the Bible.”  And you’ve listed the scriptures to pray and the categories and actually this is full course that you have taught in over 200 hundred cities worldwide and this is an endtime mentoring tool…  Stacy I promised our people that you would pray for an impartation for prophecy.  Would you do that now?

Stacy:  Okay I would love to do that and like I said, my whole Ephesians 1:17 says this, “Give us the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of God.”  And my whole prophetic understanding always came out of times of prayer.  My top prophetic experiences were at where I was in my hour of prayer.  So I want to say that they’re totally extricable linked.  So Father, I pray God freely we have received and freely we give.  Lord I desire Lord like Moses said, “I wish all God’s people were prophets” and like Paul said, “I wish they all spoke in tongues” but even more God I pray that they would prophesy.  I’m asking you God for the Spirit of Prophecy, the very testimony of Christ Himself, of Jesus Himself.  I’m asking you God that this Spirit of Prophecy would hit your people like it did in the Book of Acts, fill them God so that they prophecy, so that they dream dreams, so that they have visions.  I’m asking you Holy Spirit even now come upon your people, come upon the listeners in their car God, come as they dream tonight, as they go to sleep tonight Lord, let them dream dreams and let them have visions and let their whole life be rocked with the revelation of Jesus Christ.  I pray for this God, that all of your people would walk in supernatural understanding of who You are through the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation that’s grounded in your Word in Jesus name.  Amen.

Sid:  Amen.  And once again explain to me why God said in 2009 that there would be fire.  Do you believe that it would be in the natural like forest fires? Stacy:  Well, you know strangely enough I had this in about September; I just was at a conference and suddenly the Lord said, “Days of fire.”  And the scripture was Luke 12, you know about based on the baptism, “I baptize you with water, but One’s coming that will baptize you.”  In Luke 3, John says “With the Spirit and fire” and you know Jesus had a subsequent baptism,  He said, “I have a baptism to undergo in Luke 12.  In “How I wish it we’re already accomplished.”  And basically the idea was that we are moving into a very very intense time in the Spirit, in the natural, but and it’s going to be a purifying time, a refining time.  But I actually saw literal fires and after that time that was when the Anaheim Hills went on fire, I mean that’s when Gaza, you saw the things of Gaza on fire.  I actually believe it will be played out in natural fires like, I saw bombs, I saw you know and I feel like that there’s…

Sid Roth:  It’s time to pray.  I want to bless you right now.  “The Lord bless you and keep you.  The Lord cause His countenance to shine upon you and be gracious to you.  The Lord grant you His Shalom, His completeness in your spirit, in your soul and in your body…

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