Sid:  Now the thought crossed my mind, we spend at least some more some less a third of our life sleeping.  What if while we are sleeping and we’re in that receptive state we could hear so clearly from God in dreams and get direction for perhaps for disasters that are coming in our life.  For instance I have friends that live in Israel and especially when the suicide bombs were going off and their believers before they would leave their home they would have to hear from God.  What if your dreams you had the ability to understand, but I have to be candied with you I’ve interviewed many people that have taught on understanding dreams and they talk about symbols and one symbol means this and another symbol needs that.  And to be honest with you I’m such a pragmatist that if I don’t know its God I don’t want to speculate but I do want to know if it’s God.  And so I kind of laid a lot of this aside, but then I got a hold of a Course by Mark Virkler.  He’s been a guest several times on Messianic Vision and he has designed and his gift to the Body is teaching.  He has to first learn a principal for himself then he uses it for himself then he teaches it to other people.  And he’s just come out with a three CD set, it’s actually five sessions titled hear God through your dreams plus a workbook that will cause you to be able especially in the times that are coming to know what God has for you.  To be just like my Jewish Believing friends in Israel to know whether they should take a bus or not; to know whether they should even leave their apartment or not.  What a wonderful thing, Mark Virkler, how did you get into understanding dreams and were you just like me?  Where you someone that is so pragmatic that you would have these symbolic dreams, not have a clue what God was saying and so just forget them all unless they happened to be literal?

Mark:  Well, Sid I got into dreams because I met a remarkable individual.  I was up in Toronto teaching…

Sid:  No but even before you met him, what was your attitude towards your own dreams?  Were you like me or did you try to understand them or what did you do?

Mark:   Well, I never took them seriously; I just figured it was all pizza you know because it was all just…

Sid:  Oh, you were like me.

Mark:  Just a dream.

Sid:  Just, I don’t eat pizza anymore but that’s okay I can dream about it, go ahead bad joke.

Mark:  Okay and I just didn’t take them seriously because they weren’t rational, they weren’t logical and for me everything had to be logic and ration and reason.

Sid:  Okay, me to that is my biggest asset and my biggest liability but go ahead.

Mark:   Well, exactly when God anoints our reasoning then He can clean it up.

Sid:  Okay, so how did this door open to you so to speak of understanding dreams?

Mark:  Well, I was doing a seminar up in the Toronto area, my seminar on “How to Hear God’s Voice” got done at 5:00 and I heard that Herman Riffle was in the area doing a seminar on dream interpretation, Christian dream interpretation and I found out where he was, he wasn’t very far away.  I went over for the evening session and got introduced to a statesman in the Body of Christ who had walked with dreams for years and years and was teaching principals for how to hear God speak to you through your dreams.

Sid:  Tell me a bit about this because he intrigues me, this Herman Riffle, he’s in Heaven now but tell me about him.

Mark:  Well, he was a Baptist Pastor and he got interested in dreams so he went and got some training on dreams.  He worked with scriptures and he wrote several books on dreams.  He is now, he was ninety-three when he died a year or two ago.  But the Lord spoke to him through dreams, counseled him through dreams, guided him through dreams and we were so intrigued that we brought the person to our Bible School and him teach us and taped him teaching us on dreams many many years ago.

Sid:  Well it was actually as I understand it he had a dream that changed his destiny, he would have never lived to ninety three if he didn’t have this dream and understand it; tell me about it.

Mark:   Well, he had a lot of dreams, one of the dreams that he shares in his book is he’s walking along the side of mountain on narrow path with his family behind him and all of a sudden the path crumbles beneath him and he and his family go down to destruction.  And he wakes up and journals the body and says, “Lord, what does this dream mean?”  And the Lord said this he said, “Herman this private fantasy life that your engaged in, that you think is so carefully controlled, He said, if you do not get off this path that you’re on it’s going to take you and your family down to destruction.  And so Herman repented, he got off that path, he stayed faithful to his wife, the two of them were married and like I said, he died in 1998, he died at 93 years of age.

Sid:  I have no doubt that he would have died prematurely if he did not have the dream and the understanding.

Mark:  Yeah, wonderful counsel from the Wonderful Counselor correcting him keeping him on the path of life.

Sid:  After you began to study his lifetime of revelations on understanding dreams how long did it take you to start understanding your dreams?

Mark:  Well, I was fortunate to be in a Bible School where I got a group of half a dozen, dozen people around me and we just got together weekly and we began to share our dreams and study dreams in scripture.  And it really speeds up your growth if you can do it with a group and so we spent about six months, we did three months of training and then three more months of just practicum.  Just coming together and working with our dreams as a group interpreting them together and then at the end of that six months we all felt confident that we were able to get God’s message to us through those dreams.

Sid:  Now you yourself had a reoccurring dream.  And first of all if you have a reoccurring dream what does that mean to you?

Mark:   Well, that means you didn’t hear the message the first time the dream talked to you.

Sid:  Oops.  Ha-ha.

Mark:  Same reason your mother repeats herself or you repeat yourself to your children when they didn’t get it the first time.  And so I had reoccurring dream for about fifteen years of my life and that I had had a stroke in the dream and I would walk up paralyzed, feeling I had had a stroke, I felt bloated, my arms and head and face.  And then I had the elders pray for me once for deliverance prayer what came out was an actual demon of fear of stroke and I had picked that up when somewhere about the age of eight to ten years of age.  I was very close to my grandfather, he died very unexpectedly instantaneously of what I perceived to be a stroke.  It wasn’t quite correct, but that was my childhood perception and I was traumatized by that and demons are not gentlemen so they entered, a demon of fear of stroke entered during that trauma.  And I had a fear of having a stroke for years; it showed up as a reoccurring dream in my heart showing that I had a wound in my heart that needed prayer ministry.  Once the elders prayed the deliverance prayer that demon came out with that same manifestation that I had in the dream.  My wife was in the livingroom, she said that it looked like I was having a stroke when my face was bloated, my tongue was bloated, and it came out and it came out and now twenty to twenty-five years and I’ve never had that dream since then.

Sid:  Mark, what is more important to me is not that you got this revelation, not that you get dreams every week and understand, really understand what God is saying every week.  But can I, can my Mishpochah do the same thing?

Mark:  Yes, every single one that’s listening, you can learn to hear God through your dreams, you can learn to receive His wonderful counsel because He says that He counsels us a night.

Sid:  Wait a second you have dreams at least once a week where God speaks to you so clearly.

Mark:  Yes.

Sid:  You’re telling me that everyone can, once a week now.

Mark:  Absolutely, I guarantee it.

Sid:  Okay, you heard that Mishpochah he guarantees it, I got it out of him.

Mark:  I can give them four or five things that they can do during this series and if they do those four or five things I will guarantee that they will have dreams every week from God where the Wonderful Counselor is giving them counsel to improve the quality of their lives.

Sid:  Now you have many many testimonies of people that have taken your course and what’s happened to them.  Tell me about one person.

Mark:   Alright I’m going to tell you about a lady Susan Perniglia, she developed a Christian Dance School out of hearing God’s voice out of both dreams and also journaling about the dream.  Her husband Salvatore was taking courses with us and they got married, he shared the courses with her and she had a triple dream experience where, she was in nursing school, trained to be a nurse and the Lord redirected her through those three dreams.  She didn’t get the message the first time or the second time, so he made it very clear the third time and she changed her course.  So she got out of nursing school and what the Lord told her that she should become a dancer for Him and set up a dance school.  And that’s what the dream said, so she went ahead, set up a dance school as a result of that.  And a testimony she shares back a couple of years ago it’s called a King and a testimony.  She shares back a couple of years ago, it’s called the Kings dancers, it had grown from four students to One hundred Sixty-five students.  She had nine staff teachers who was teaching it and four different locations in the Albany, New York region.  They offered a variety of dances like ballet, tap, Irish Step, Hip Hop, Flag dancing, banner dancing and prophetic drama.  And all of that was it came out of a triple dream experience where God redirected her and said, “No nursing is not what I called you to, I have called you to be a dancer and to train dancers.”  And she said, “It’s been miraculous how the Lord has anointed it, they’ve done dance for both churches and secular situations.”

Sid: You know Mark the thing that’s crossing my mind right now is in these tense economic times that we’re living in; I believe that scripture is true that says “The wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.”  And what would happen if God were go give a dream to those that are listening right now, redirect their path and in bad times they would do terrific.

Mark:  He wants to do that, He’s dying to do that, He died literally on Calvary so that he could restore that kind of relationship and give that kind of counsel to his children day by day, week by week and month by month.

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