SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Grace Williams. And I can understand why people report when they listen to Grace sing they get so much peace that they don’t have problems with insomnia. Grace, people are getting deliverance from your music. Tell me about the ex-Hindu woman.

[background singing]

GRACE: Yes. We were in a prayer and soaking meeting, and she started feeling like something was kind of strangling her, and ended up seeing a snake wrapped around her neck. And so we laid hands over her and as the music was playing she was completely set free, and realized later that she had come out many curses. And the Lord instantly set her free that night, and she said she felt like a million pounds had been lifted off of her. Praise God.

SID: It reminds me of King Saul. The only time he could have peace was when David played his music. Now lots of people are getting free. Tell me about the ex-Muslim woman.

GRACE: Yes. Same thing. She actually had a powerful visitation and she saw two angels, and was ministered to deeply while the worship was happening, and God healed her heart of some deep, deep wounds that she had experienced as a child, some very traumatic things that she had gone through. And she felt the Father’s love for the first in her life. And I just believe God is pouring that out right out to many of you. Maybe you haven’t had the best upbringing, but Father God wants to embrace you right now. And His love is never ending, never failing. And I pray right now that the Lord would release His amazing abundant love upon you in Jesus’ name.

SID: Now in the song, “Sacred Mountain,” you sing the word “Halleluiah.” Now everyone knows what Halleluiah means. It means the same thing in every language, praise the Lord. But you found it has a deeper meaning.

GRACE: Yes. One of the deeper meanings actually means “permission to enter in.” And I love that because when you say it, I literally see these doors opening up and the Father is giving us an invitation saying, come on in. Come in to that place of worship. Come in and sing praise. Come in to that place where the power is, where the glory is. By simply saying one word, Sid, “Halleluiah,” Sid, you can enter and you don’t have to be a singer. You don’t have to have the best voice. You don’t have to play an instrument because it’s all about your heart and lifting your heart to the Lord and simply saying, “Halleluiah.”

SID: As you were writing “Sacred Mountain,” you had a vision of the Lord. Tell me about that.

GRACE: Yes. And He was so moved. It was like I saw His face and there were tears. Then He began to smile and His countenance said it all, Sid, because there’s a line in that song that says, “No more tears. Beauty for ashes.” That is a great exchange. I’m telling you, if people have had some things that have turned to ashes in their life, God wants to exchange that for His beautify. It was such a wonderful thing to see His face, because there is going to be a day when all pain will cease, and that is going to be as we worship and we sing halleluiah, and we fill the earth with His glory.

SID: I would like you to go to the music set and sing that song right now. And as she sings that, when she says, “Halleluiah,” when she sings, “Halleluiah,” you sing “Halleluiah,” because you have been given permission in the name that is above every name, the name that is above every disease, the name that is above every fear, the name that is above every trauma, the name that is above every word that has been spoken against you, the name of Yeshua. You have permission to enter in “Sacred Mountain” with Grace Williams.

GRACE: [music, singing] Halleluiah, halleluiah, halleluiah. Whoa. [talking] Just sing “halleluiah” in your spirit. [singing] Halleluiah, halleluiah, halleluiah. Whoa. Your sacred mountain breathtaking in beauty is filling the earth with praise. Save our God. Joy of all the earth streaming to the nation. Beauty for ashes. [talking] He bottles every tear that you cry. [singing] Halleluiah, halleluiah, halleluiah. Whoa. You cover the earth in realms of glory. Enthroned on our hearts we cry holy, holy. [talking] Just sing out holy, holy. [singing] Holy, holy, you are, you are, holy, holy Lord. You’re holy, you’re holy, you’re holy, yeah, holy, holy, oh so holy. You are holy Lord. You’re holy…

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