Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah.  My guest, Brian Lake is red hot for the Messiah, he’s a young man, but he has several businesses.  One is in the millions and he’s looking at opening other businesses and Brian and his family travel all over the world ministering as families, each member of the family is so gifted of God.  And he’s says the secret to the blessings that he literally being under the shadow of the Messiah, the secret to his uncommon favor is his intimacy with God.  And so many families Brian are coming apart at the seams, people in ministry, people not in ministry, that if you had not pursued intimacy with God do you thing that anyway you would have a million dollar business today?

Brian:  Absolutely not, yeah.  My life would be totally different; I’m fully convinced of that because that relationship, again it goes back to the Bible, what the Bible says.  Even as far as to what it says in Matthew, you know “Seek you first the Kingdom of God” and it says “Seek it first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.”  And that has been my success you know in business, seeking Him first and as I seek Him it’s been my desire over the years to have my own business so that I would have other income streams so that I could go out and do what God has actually called me to do to minister with the gospel and that’s how I could go out to different places and not have to be.  It was important for me not to go to different churches and that maybe has fifty people or maybe a place that has a thousand people and not be influenced by money.  That’s why I don’t take a salary from the ministry, because I never want to be influenced by money I only want to go to be influenced by God.  I want to go to places He tells me to go.

Sid:  Now you told me before we went on the air that God has given you Words of Knowledge for people that are listening right now.  We heard your son flowing in that gift, I think that’s amazing for a young fellow like that to flow in the gift of Words of Knowledge, he told me that he just remembers he’s always flowed in that gift.

Brian:  Yeah, he has and actually I have a few here too.

Sid:  Please, give those Words now.

Brian:  Yeah, I believe there’s people out there right now that actually have their own business that it’s failing right now; they don’t know what to do whether to close it up of shut it down.  But I’m just speaking to those people right now that if they go into that secret place like we were talking about, that God will give them ideas and concepts on how to create that revenue to begin to flow again.  But I’m just to people right now that have those businesses that is not flourishing like what I’m talking about, that it’s not flourishing that they begin to flourish again in the Name of Jesus.  I just speak over those businesses to flourish right now, but the key of the whole goes back to that intimacy, fellowshipping with Him.  Putting Him first and the business will begin to grow and there’s people out there right now that they know that they have a call on their life but they have a business too, just like I did.  And those people are thinking well, “Do I sell my business and go into ministry?”  See, I thought that too, “Do I need to sell my business and go into ministry,” but God sent me the right people to run these businesses.  I don’t even really go to my business just to check in once in a while, I have right people there running it for me.  And so they call me or I’ll step into the office and they’ll give me updates and stuff like that, but it’s the key to get the right people.  And also I believe that there’s people out there right now, there’s somebody out there listening to me right now, you’re about to lose everything that you have, your home, you know your finances…

Sid:  Now, we get letters from many people Brian that are in that situation and they don’t know what to do.

Brian:  Yeah, the first thing that you have to do and for me, I’ve been in situations like that where I didn’t know what to do, you know things were coming against me, but the first place I run is into that secret place and I begin to seek His wisdom.  And that’s one of the things that He spoke to me years ago when you get into situations like that, you know that the Bible says you know to seek His wisdom you know and that the principal thing that if we seek the wisdom of God you know it’s in that wisdom He’ll give us that answer.  We’re so much running into the secret place and saying “God, I need a certain amount of money by a certain time.”  But it doesn’t fix the problem, you know seeking the wisdom will help fix that problem and in that secret place.

Sid:  Do you have any more Words of Knowledge?

Brian:  Yeah, I actually have a few here as far as healing.  There’s somebody actually listening right now that they have a problem with their left leg and there’s been swelling in that knee, in that knee area and you can’t bend it.  The doctors’ say that you may need surgery, but God is healing them right now in the Name of Jesus, I just speak that swelling to go down, be healed right now.  There is somebody, they’ve been having pressure behind the left eye, there’s a pressure, I don’t know if you’ve been diagnosed with anything, but there’s a pressure, it’s actually affecting your sight, God’s healing that right now, the left eye; there’s like an intense pressure behind there all the time.  God’s healing that right now, “The pain go in the Name of Jesus.”  There is somebody with a right ear, you’ve lost hearing in that ear from, I don’t know if it was at your work, or there was a loud noise and it’s damaged your ear drum.  God’s healing that ear right now in the Name of Jesus, “Be healed, open those ears in the Name of Jesus.”

Sid:  Brian I want you to paint a picture of what having intimacy with God is like, why you run to your, to your prayer closet so to speak for intimacy with God; what is it like?

Brian:  You know you said, “Running to that secret place.”  If you know I’ve spent my years fellowshipping with Him and you know I’ve pursued Him you know quite hard, but if I could go back and do it all over again, I run even harder.  Because I want Him more than anything else because we’re on this earth for a short period of time, but we’re all heading to the same place if we choose to accept Him as Lord and Savior into that throne room of God.  So for me that secret place is being in that throne room and the atmosphere of God, the presence of God, feeling His, and it’s not all about feeling either but there is a tangible presence that comes with it, that melts everything else away.  It’s a place of clarity where you can heard His voice and just be in a place of communion with Him, fellowshipping with Him is being at your work place, but Him being there with you.  Or it’s being at school and Him being there with you, it’s taking God, that atmosphere of God, Him with us everywhere we go.  So it’s not just me going into that secret place, it’s that secret place going everywhere I go, just communion with Him all the time and it radically has altered my life, my destiny, who I am and where I’m going.  You know yeah, I’ve messed up you know over the years and made certain decisions and did different things, but you know what I also say “God if I mess up Lord I give You permission to correct me and guide me in the right direction.”  And you know what? He has and there’s been times when I went around the mountain when I should have gone over the mountain, through the mountain, but He’s always been there to catch me if I fall.

Sid:  When you have prayed for people for financial breakthrough have you gotten many testimonies back of people that have had miracles in their life?

Brian:  Financially, yes.  And again I think we’ve mentioned before that we’ve had people with businesses that we’ve actually walked into their business and prayed for their business and days later their business begins to prosper and begin to flourish.

Sid:  Would you pray for people financially you’ve done that, but especially their businesses to flourish right now or ministries.

Brian:  Absolutely.  Lord, I just pray in the Name of Jesus for everybody out there that is in need Father God and the anointing that’s on my life, on my business, on my family Lord.  Lord I release that impartation over the phone Father God, over the radio waves right now for a release of God’s Kingdom to come through their business, come through their ministry in the Name of Jesus I speak it to flourish and prosper in the Name of Jesus right now Father God I release it Father the anointing to Flourish and prosper.  The blessing of God be upon their ministry, their family Lord, their business, everything that they touch Lord prospers in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Sid:   You know I have your book open right now.  It’s called “Romancing the King” a Devine romance between God and man.  And you have such a wonderful keys in this book, but I want to read the first paragraph of the forward by Joe Osteen.  God is unrelenting in pursing us and touching our hearts, but what are we doing that really touches His heart?  “Romancing the King” is not a book for casual inquirers because once you’re read it, then you’re responsible for what it says.  Brian’s book will challenge you out of your old ruts into deeper relationship with the King if you’re willing.  Are you desperate to go much deeper into the heart of the King?  Then this book is for you.

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