Sid:  I have Steven Brooks here and I’m interviewing him on his brand new book “God’s Nuclear Power.”  And I’ll tell you what when you read this book you will be excited about the little changes that you’re going to make in your life that will allow you to hear God’s voice clearer than you ever had before that will…Steven you have an amazing story of an angel in Germany tell me about that.

Steven:  Well, I was traveling to a church for a wedding rehearsal for my oldest daughter and I was driving, actually riding in the front passenger seat.  The man driving the car was the father of my son-in-law, a big German man; and we’re driving in the national car of Germany which was a wonderful Mercedes Benz.  My daughter, my youngest daughter Abigail was riding in the back of the car.  As we’re going on the way to the church travelling about five miles per hour we came to an intersection where we had the right-of-way and did not have to stop and another lane that was merged in they had a stop sign, they had to stop.  But while we’re driving together going along another car coming from the other direction ran the stop sign and completely blasted right through the stop sign and was coming right as us.  Everybody in the car, the driver, myself, and my daughter we all braced for impact, we knew that there was going to be a crash, there was no way that it could be avoided.  And that car Sid came and just rammed just right into us, but there was no impact.  And the car merged in with our car, I could actually turn to my right and I could see the driver of this car, he looked like somebody who was maybe on drugs or something like that.  And he had, his car had somehow supernaturally merged into our car; there was a hedge of protection and the driver of the other car looked at me, I looked at him, but there was no impact and so we drove ahead.

Sid:  Now were you the only one that saw this?

Steven:  No the driver who was my son-in-laws father saw it, but he could speak any English and I couldn’t speak any German so he was a staunch Lutheran so we couldn’t communicate.

Sid:  Now, I’ve heard of way out things but you’re telling me God supernaturally made both of your cars invisible, so to speak, so that they could crash into each other and not hurt you and not…How about the cars, we’re there any scratches on the cars?

Steven:  Well, we drove straight ahead for about a hundred yards before the next exit and that car separated from us and shot down the other exit.  And we were somehow blended and merged together, and then he just pulled away and it was the most unusual things and it sure was quiet in that car after that even though we couldn’t communicate.  But the next day, my son-in-law he said, “Steven, I talked to my father last night, he says he has never seen anything like that in his life before.”  He said, “He has never seen anything like that in his life before.” He said that, “He was shaking uncontrollably shaking for the next eight hours.”  He said, “Truly the man riding in the car with me must have been a man of God.”

Sid:  How does that tie in with “God’s nuclear power?”

Steven:  It’s a result of walking with the Lord; the enemy can’t touch you, God makes you absolutely invincible.

Sid:  Okay, but I had asked you about the angel story in Germany, tell me the angel story.

Steven:  This was a story when I was fasting and seeking the Lord and after an extended fast my appetite suddenly came back and I actually wanted to keep the fast going a little bit longer, but my appetite came back, and the Lord Jesus came into the room where I was at.  There was also an angel that was there, but the Lord said, “I want you to start eating again.”  And then He shared some things with me about my ministry and also the angel with Him was one of the angels that was from Germany who works with me coming into that nation.  It was very interesting how there’s different angels assigned to different countries, whether it’s Michael, who many people believe is the Chief Prince Angel over Israel and I’ve met different angels in different countries.  One time I was able to meet the angel, the Chief Prince Angel that’s over Singapore.

Sid:  But let me ask you a question; all these things are happening, I know from the Word of God that angels accompany me and accompany everyone that’s listening to me right now, I know this.  And I’ve been privileged to see some angels at strategic times, but this is happening too much to you.  “Can this happen to me?”  I want it, I know they’re there so my question is, “How can I be more aware, how can I see them, how can I feel them more than I do?”

Steven:  I believe anybody can move into a place where there is a heightened sensitivity to the workings and moving of God, to the gifts of the Spirit and also to the angelic realm.  Because the angels can have a greater involvement in our life when we invite them in and have a greater understanding of who they are, what they do and what God’s purpose for their lives are.  We can put them to work much more affectively by understanding the angelic ministry.

Sid:  How about that angel in Miami?

Steven:  I spoke at a wonderful church at Apostle Maldonado’s church in Miami. And as soon as the meeting was over we had to get out of Miami very quickly because a Hurricane was coming into town.  And so we went to the Miami airport, there was complete chaos because thousands and thousands of people were trying to leave the city because the Hurricane.  And so I went straight to the terminal, myself and my daughter we went straight to our gate so that we could get on the plane, but my wife had stopped to get a coffee somewhere.  And so everybody else had already gotten on the plane because they were preloading to try to rush everybody because they’re trying to expedite everything.  And the lady at the gate said, “You’ve got to get on the plane now, I said, “I can’t my wife is not here.”  She said, “I can only wait for two more minutes or they are going to leave.”  I said, “We’re still on time, we’re early.”  She said, “We’ve speeded everything up because we’ve got to get everybody out of here.”  And so right at the last moment my wife walked up and she said, “Okay I’ve got to board the Brooks party now, all four of you, where are you at there is one more person missing, there’s one person not here.”  I said, “No, we’re all here.”  She said, “No, there’s a party of Brooks of four that I see here and you’re all supposed to be here.”  And I said, “No, we’re all here.”  She said, “Well, who’s Steven Brooks?”  I said, “That’s me.”  “Who’s Kelly Brooks?”  “That’s my wife,” “Who’s Abigail Brooks?” “That’s my daughter.”  I said, “We’re all here.”  She said, “No, you’re not there’s somebody called Grace Brooks also that shows is traveling with you.”  Now this lady wouldn’t know this working at the airlines, but the personal angel that God has assigned over my domestic travels is named Grace.  And she somehow had a ligament legal roll call over everybody on that plane that was traveling, there was somebody named Grace Brooks.  But that…

Sid:   You must have been so high in the Spirit when that happened, that is phenomenal!

Steven:  I said, “I looked at her and I said, “Grace is here.”  And she said, “Where?”

Sid:   Ha!

Steven:  I said, “She’s here.”  She said, “I don’t see here, I don’t have time to figure it out, just get on the plane and go.”

Sid:   Steven, I want you to list just rattle off, not necessarily what’s happen in your life, although this has all happened in your life, but five or six things can happen to someone listening to us when they tap into God’s nuclear power through prayer and fasting.

Steven:  The first thing is that your walk with the Lord is going to go through the roof.  You can almost feel like you got born-again again.  You’ll feel like you were dunked in the Spirit, immersed in the Spirit with a fresh infilling again and you’ll fall in love with the Lord in a much fresher way.  It’s like an axe trying to chop at a tree, you’ll edge will be so sharp, you’ll have a strength and anointing.  Isaiah Chapter 40 won’t just be a nice poetic book, you’ll actually feel the strength of God come into your life.  You’ll come off of a fast, everything will seem better in your life, even food will taste better.  Your taste buds will be super heightened like they never have before, even if you do a three or five day fast food will taste so much better.  Everything seems invigorated, refreshed, even the grass can look greener, but your spirit will be so sensitive.  Sometimes Sid, if I come off of a fast for five days I can sit down, I’ll have people sit next to me, and gifts are operating by the Spirit so strong in me I can know exactly…

Sid:   It would fine tune the gifts.

Steven:  Yes, I can tell what people are thinking, I’ll just jump right in on their thoughts, on their conversations that they’re having with themselves.  They’ll say, “How in the world did you know that?”  I said, “I can just hear what you’re thinking.  It’s everything, the gift’s will just explode in your life.

Sid:   Speaking of what hearing what you’re thinking, there’s someone listening to us right now Steven that has had prophesies, a number of them, years ago and they have never come to past.  What advice would you give them?

Steven:  I’d say, now’s your time, and I’d say at the same time don’t just let another year go by, go after these things.  Prophecies can be conditional so, there’s some that can be sovereign, so take it, go take it; don’t let these things to chance, don’t leave it for somebody else to pray this thing through for you.  You jump in there and pray, throw a little fasting in there be aggressive, and you’ll begin to see you’ll be taking these things one by one until you’ve received your whole inheritance.

Sid:   How do you pronounce this in your book you talk about Padre Peel.

Steven:  Padre Peel, he was a wonderful Saint, from Italy and had a very unusual life because he was a man that you could look at and into a certain degree the Lord lifted his appetite.  And although he weighed about 200 pound he would eat such a small amount of food, yet he was so full and how can I say fat in a sense.

Sid:  How do you get fat when you don’t eat anything?

Steven:  Well, that’s what people couldn’t figure out, and he would have scientist’s study him, he would have people come in from Universities saying well he’s eating food when we are not looking.  But he would just say that the strength he has and the empowerment to work eighteen to nineteen hour a day was because he would take communion and the Life of the Lord, the Life of Yeshua would be so imparted into his life.

Sid:  They brought a baby in a suitcase, what happened?

Steven:  The child died on the train trip to the place, the mother put the child in the suitcase, she got there and broke into tears, uncontrollable sobbing and crying.  Padre Peel said, “Stop crying so loud you’re going to wake the child up.”  They open up the suitcase and took the dead child out and child came back to life.

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