Sid:  We want everyone that is a real believer to receive the end time anointings, the end time mantles for what is your destiny.  And most people when they hear the word mantle they don’t even know what it means.  Well, that’s why I’m so excited that my guest this week is Steven Brooks, and I’m interviewing him on his brand new book “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, the Release of Mantles to the End-Time Generation.”   And before we went on the air Steven I asked you the question when someone receives say a mantle of healing can they take it beyond the person whose mantle they received or beyond where they start out at.

Steven:  Absolutely Sid and I believe that’s God’s purpose and plan.  We can take what the previous generation is involved in and go further with it.  In other words their ceiling should be the floor that we step over on to.

Sid:  But how do we go further?  What enables us to go beyond them?

Steven:  Well, on of the great things is we don’t have to re-invent the wheel.  And say like with teaching, if a certain minister walked in a certain anointing we can study the subjects that person taught; we can study the teachings that man went forth.  We don’t have to try to relearn that from scratch or try to go through all the life experiences he went through to gather that tremendous wisdom.  We can receive downloads of that by reading the books and having that deposited that within out Spirit and then walking in the knowledge that person had and then going onward and increasing from there.

Sid:  Now you told me about God works with you in some amazing ways in the Spirit.  You wanted to improve your gift of teaching and you actually were translated and taught by several teachers, explain that.

Steven:  Well just different situations Sid where the spirit realm is very interesting realm because it reminds me of the Pacific Ocean.  It’s so big and in many ways it’s vastly unexplored. There can be situations where the Lord can allow a person to be caught up and to receive things.  Not anything of course that contradicts the Bible, not anything that doesn’t line up with the Word, but just things that will help share and bring light and illumination to the written word of God.  And of course we would all base those experiences off the word of God.

Sid:  Share one.

Steven:  Well, I had a situation one time where I was caught up into the Spirit realm and the Lord allowed me to meet William Seymour.  This was the man that many of us are familiar with who was involved in the Azusa Street Revival; and tremendous man really neat individual, big shoulders.  He was a big strong black man, he was dressed immaculate, but it was William Seymour.  This visionary experience that I had that said you need to pray for the children particularly children that suffer with retardation and Down syndrome and things like that.  He said that you need to pray for them expect God to do miracles because the Lord Jesus can heal them also.

Sid:  And after that experience have you prayed for children?

Steven:  I prayed for a lady one time who brought two of her children to a meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico at a conference that was being held.  One of them was almost blind and the other child suffered from not total retardation but definitely there was some.  Her child’s brain was not working right; there was some autism that was there.  And right after I prayed for the child, one of the children that could hardly see could look all the way across the Church that was there, which was a big building, that was like forty yards across.  And could read signs on the other side of the building that were difficult for me to even read.

Sid:  Steven would you start right now praying for children, and then pray for healing in general, and then pray for a transfer of anointing.

Steven:  Yes, “Father right now as there are many parents that have children that have those special needs.”  “Father I pray that you send your angels into those homes and a there would be a touch from heaven. Father that the Lord Jesus is still our Healer there is nothing that He can’t heal. Lord, I pray Father in the name of Jesus that you touch these children, touch their minds, touch their body and make them whole that you might receive much glory through this. Father, we thank you for this, Lord we give you all the praise.”  I want to encourage the parents who deal with these types of things, sometimes there can be quick miracles, but often with this it turns slowly, but the Lord still turns it.  And sometimes it needs to be slow so they can assimilate what’s happening to them.  So stay in faith with God as the Lord is touching him because many times it’s a miracle that you must walk out.  So Father I release that anointing right now into those children, I rebuke down syndrome, I rebuke autism in the name of Jesus I command it to go and get off the children in the name of Jesus and even the adults that suffer from that, I command that to go.  I command all the evil spirits that would try to afflict and torment those individuals to leave in the name of the Lord.  Now Father I thank you for those that desire to receive a fresh anointing to receive a heavenly mantle, Lord in Jesus right now I ask you to release those mantles and anointings that you have intended for the people, let those anointings fall now upon those individuals Lord.  And I thank you I see it coming down now, those that are listening that are wanting to see just raise your hands and say “Yes Lord.”

Sid:  “Yes, Lord.”

Steven:  Hallelujah! Sid I know that there are many people that are listening they are feeling the heat come over their shoulders, that’s where the mantle, that’s where the anointing rests at and they’ll know that something has come upon them.  And I believe even if they can identify exactly it is they’ll know within a few days or a short period of time exactly what has just come to them from the Lord.  Glory.

Sid:  In your book you talk about Sadhu Sundar Singh anointing that was transferred.

Steven:  Yes, Sadhu Sundar Singh well he’s an interesting man, he lived in the early 1900’s, ministered throughout India, Tibet, Nepal, and even came to America and also ministered throughout Great Britain. But he was known as the apostle with the bleeding feet because he would walk so much through those Himalayan Mountains preaching the gospel that he would wear his sandals out but keep on going and his feet would get cut by the rocks but he was unstoppable.  But Sid that man was known for having a very deep walk with the Lord that was way beyond what a person would consider normal.  That deep walk produced a life where even later in his life he said about eight to ten times a month he would have visitations from the Lord, was caught up to heaven many times.  He talked with redeemed Saints and he had such a supernatural walk, he kept one foot in the spirit realm and one foot on the earth at the same time.  But his mantle was also transferred to another minister whose alive today, because Brother Sundar Singh was taken off the earth, I believe he died in 1929, and nobody knows how he died either he just disappeared, it’s very interesting.  But even today there’s a man from India that walks in that anointing, I believe even a double portion because he’s actually carried on this man’s ministry.  His name if Satwho Sundar Silverage.

Sid:   Okay, how does what you’re describing differ from the sin of communicating with the dead?

Steven:  That’s a very important question and Sid I took, I took several pages, multiple pages in my book to slowly go through this because everything we do we need to base it on the word of God and there’s such New Age false teaching that’s out there.  But you know I know one of the most classic stories is the story of King Saul who has one of his men with him and he goes to the witch of Endor. That witch she conjures up the spirit of Samuel the prophet.  And Samuel has already been dead for some time and this is very interesting because when a witch or a medium conjures up a spirit what they are really doing is that they are not really bringing that person up they are bringing up a familiar spirit.  Many people ask me “What is a familiar spirit.”  Well, it’s an evil spirit that’s familiar with somebody that was alive one time on the earth whose now dead or alive with somebody who perhaps whose still alive.   They know things about that person, they can mimic that person’s voice, they can mimic that person’s mannerisms they are familiar spirits, they are familiar with certain people.  But what was amazing Sid in that séance that took place when King Saul with one of the men that went to that witch of Endor is that a familiar spirit did not come up the Prophet Samuel, the Holy Spirit moved in on the séance took over and Samuel himself came up.  And that witch was in for the shock of her life and she knew that she had been tricked, she knew that something had happened and the whole thing was blown and that’s a remarkable experience.  So there can be times. When these things happen when a person alive, a saint today can be caught up by the Spirit of the Lord, carried to heaven or carried into the spiritual realm and allowed to speak to a redeemed saint, but it’s only as the Holy Spirit allows that to happen.  And you know people that move in the occult or move in New Age, Sid, those people can move into the supernatural realm just as easy as you and I drinking a glass of water, but I cannot make those things happen, they are only as the Holy Spirit allows and we cannot force the Holy Spirit.  So when these things happen by the Spirit, they are genuine, they are true; and there’s a lot of things that the Spirit of the Lord is doing that perhaps have been a little bit beyond some peoples’  thinking but we can find back not only in the Old Testament but also in the New Testament.

Sid:  Well, you do an excellent job in teaching the difference.

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