SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Steven Brooks. And Steven, when you were in Israel, I was amazed. Tell me about that one woman who was walking towards you. You didn’t touch her. She didn’t touch you. But that nuclear power, it was radiating from you.

STEVEN: Yes. The Lord’s anointing was present to heal and people were surrounding me as that anointing came, and I was praying for people. They were receiving the Lord’s healing and anointing. But there was a lady who was in such pain and she said, later, as she wrote me later she said, “Steven there were so many people around you I couldn’t get close so that you could personally lay hands on me.” But as she got closer and closer she suddenly felt the Lord’s anointing come out, like a wave of glory came out and it went through her body, and she was healed right on the spot. Nobody laid hands on her.

SID: I believe that’s going to happen to you in just a moment. Steven, remember when you were fasting and praying at this big meeting in Pennsylvania. Tell me about the meeting.

STEVEN: Well I went to a certain church in Pennsylvania. The minister, the pastor had promised me on the phone that he had a large church, we’d have a large crowd. And I don’t go just because there’s a lot of people. Whoever is there if the Lord leads me to go, I’ll go. But I showed up for the meeting and I found out there was only eight people in the church. When it got there it was about 10 minutes until seven and there was only eight people. I asked the pastor, I said, “What happened to all your church members?” He said, “Well we had a little falling out recently.” So anyhow, to get past that and the initial discouragement, by the time the meeting started it had swollen to a giant capacity of 15 people. And so it felt like the enemy was speaking to me and taunting me. It said, you spent all that preparation for that meeting, you spent in prayer, you spent time in fasting, and you’ve completely wasted your time. And I told the Lord, I said, “Lord, I’m going to go out there and minister to these 15 people as if there was 15,000. So that night, I ministered, taught a message And then after I was through preaching, they brought a lady up to me so that she might receive prayer. And when this lady stood before me I could see that she was under the influence of an evil spirit. Now they told me she had just received the Lord as her savior, but she was just barely into the new birth experience. She had just become a Christian. And I said, “Let me pray for you.” When I prayed for her I rebuked an evil spirit that was over her life. Instantly, she fell on the floor, and the Lord Jesus filled her mightily with the Holy Spirit. She got up off the floor. She was speaking in tongues, she began to prophesy and she had a great visitation from the Lord. She told me later she actually saw two feet walk up to her that had holes in the feet. This man was wearing a robe and she was mightily filled with the Holy Spirit. The next morning she woke up. Now this lady was in her mid-40s. When she woke up the next morning and walked outside of her house, for the first time in her life she realized that the sky was blue. She thought all of her life that the sky was gray all the time. And so what happened is when the Lord filled her with His spirit all the gray scale came off, and she began to see the way the Lord wanted her to see.

SID: You told me that many Muslims have this, she was Muslim, have this experience.

STEVEN: Yes. Many people from the Arab world, when they have a genuine conversion experience and they receive the Lord as their savior and they are filled with the spirit, all the gray scale comes off and they live life to the fullness the way God intends for them to live.

SID: How sensitive do you become to the spirit world when you fast?

STEVEN: That’s the first thing a person will notice. When they begin to fast and seek the Lord their spiritual senses will become very heightened, very alert, and they are able to pick up on things that formerly could just pass right by. Blessings that formerly could have passed by, you’ll catch those things. Gifts of the spirit that normally would have been on a very low ebb of activity become extremely sharp.

SID: So does it make you more sensitive to see angels?

STEVEN: Yes. It will begin to open up that realm to you. I am convinced, Sid, that anybody can move into that prophetic realm. That doesn’t mean you’re necessarily a prophet. But you can move into that prophetic realm. When you begin to lean into the things of the Lord with prayer and fasting your spiritual eyes will begin to open up. Just like Elisha had the servant, he also began to see into the realm of the spirit just like the prophet could, and he could see the armies, the angelic armies that were surrounding them.

SID: Tell me about the time an angel spoke to you that there was a scoffer in the audience, that really didn’t believe anything you were saying.

STEVEN: I was ministering in the church in southern California and the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray over everybody’s wallet, not personally, but for people to hold up their purses and their wallets that they might receive a financial breakthrough, because I saw the angels of abundant provision coming to the meeting. And so people began to take out their wallets and purses, and hold them up. And after the service I had a person express to me that he thought that was one of the silliest, most foolish things that he’s ever seen in this life before. But he did it anyhow. And so I came back to that church to minister a year later, and that same man was waiting was for me. And he said, “Steven, when you came to that service you have to understand the pressure that I was under.” He said, “I had nine children. I’ve had no job for the last eight or nine months, and I was desperate work, and I was in a tremendous financial bind. And when you asked us to hold our wallets up I thought that was the most foolish thing I’ve ever heard in my life. But I was so desperate I held it up, and I’m glad you did, because the angel of the Lord was in that meeting for cost provision to come.” He said, “That must be true because just a few days after that I got a breakthrough job. I got hired as a longshoreman, and they started my pay at $44 an hour, and they said I could work all the overtime I want. And within a few weeks I was out from underneath the tremendous financial pressure that had plagued me for so long.”

SID: Steven, is there an angel on this set right now?

STEVEN: Yes there is. There is an angel here to help minister in the healing anointing. Now the Lord Jesus is the healer, but the angel comes to help assist with the anointing going out, because it’s going out to the world. It’s going out to so many people.

SID: Okay. When we come back I want you to pray for those that are viewing right now. But it’s almost hard for me to believe. You defy the laws of gravity. You defy the laws of science. There was a car getting ready to crash right into you. I’ll tell you what, we’ll finish that story when you come back. I know you’re going to be back.

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