KEITH: Praise the Lord!

SID: Okay. I have totally lost control of this meeting. Can you imagine on a television show losing control. I admit, I plead guilty I lose control. Well Keith Duncan went to Heaven. And since that visitation he is no longer a professional worship leader. May that title rest in peace.

KEITH: Amen.

SID: Now he is a professional guided tour guide of Heaven. He’s a psalmist. Now what does a psalmist do, in your opinion?

KEITH: Several things. First off, a psalmist is responsible for creating an atmosphere. Any time in the Old Testament when a prophet was called forth, he said, “Bring me a minstrel.” Why? Because there is an atmosphere that needs to be established and music is the great vehicle that establishes the atmosphere that releases the prophetic. Hallelujah. So that’s where they first begin with their journey. With the psalmist, is, I’m no longer just a piano player. I’m not just a professional musician or a recording artist. I am a keeper to the sounds of Heaven.

SID: I like that.

KEITH: Therefore, it is my responsibility not to be listening what’s on the top 10 charts and what’s contemporary or cutting edge by classification of our terminology of the day. But my responsibility is to tune my ear to the frequency of Heaven and hear what is being sung around the throne, and then release what’s being sung around the throne here upon the earth. And when we do that there is a shift that takes place because Heaven invades Earth, and dispels darkness. And when we create for Him that resting place and we release that worship that he’s used to around the throne, 24/7, day and night, night and day, holy is the land, and the focus is all about Him, then it releases Him to do everything that we have need of. But we’re not seeking, we’re not coming to the Lord seeking a handout. This is not a welfare program. This is kingdom living. Because when the king is high and lifted up and His strength fills the temple, and His glory invades the space, everything you need.

SID: I have an idea, Keith. This is my idea. I want you to go to the piano. I want you to teach us what you learned in Heaven of how we, what God wants us to be, how God wants us to praise Him, how God wants us to worship Him. Because remember those twirling diamonds. I want you to teach just for a moment and then lead us into the throne zone. What is the throne zone?

KEITH: That throne zone is the dimension in which, if you think about it in the Mosaic Tabernacle. Let’s break it apart like that. In the Moses Tabernacle you had the outer court, the inner court and the holy place. Well if you think about it in terms, let’s break it down. We have the outer courts being praise and celebration and the inner courts being worship. So many times, Sid, we are lucky if we get in the outer courts of praise on Sunday morning because we have so much business to do in the church on Sundays. If we’re fortunate enough to make the journey and if we’ve trained our people enough then we can make that journey into the inner courts of worship. But there’s another dimension that we have access to. When Jesus died on the cross he ripped the veil away from the holy place, giving us access to that dimension. That dimension, I believe, is the throne zone dimension. It’s the place that Lucifer was recorded, he was the cherub who covered that ark, covered the Lord. Well covered it with what? With his worship. Now when he fell I believe that he still operates in the covering position, but in a defensive position to make sure that you don’t get to the throne room of Heaven.

SID: Alright. Okay. No more because I know better. You get to that piano and I want you to be our tour guide to the throne zone of Heaven. Are you ready? Are you ready?

KEITH: So let’s just first join together on a song that we know.

[music, singing]

You are great. You do miracles so great. There is no one else like you. There is no one else like you. You are great. You do miracles so great. There is no one else like you. There is no one else like you.


Okay, you see how those lyrics, those lyrics are not about you and me feeling good and getting my healing, getting my blessing. They’re all about Him. So we’ve done the first step and that’s turn our praise to the heavens. Now the second part is when we just join with the heavens and we hear the angels sing.


You are great. You do miracles so great. There is no one else like you. There is no one else like you. [talking] Sing it with the heavens. [singing] You are great. You do miracles so great. There is no one else like you. There is no one else like you.

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