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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Suzy Harbinson. I’m speaking to her at her home in Derry, New Hampshire.  Suzy came from a conservative Jewish background but she was a child prodigy, played for the New Hampshire Philharmonic, Violinist. And the worst thing possible happened to her, she fell, she injured her hand.  Worse than that the doctors said that if she doesn’t get feeling back in 2 years she’ll never get feeling back, well the feeling did not come back. She had no feeling in that hand and therefore she couldn’t play the violin.  She became an angry person, things got progressively worse, she got a divorce from her husband, her house was in foreclosure, she had 2 small children. And a friend of hers… her sister came over and shared the gospel.  Suzy said it really didn’t make a whole lot of sense but to get her off her back she repeated the prayer and it was supernatural. Even though it was to get her off of her back you can’t talk to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the name of the Messiah of Israel Yeshua Jesus the anointed without something happening.  And then something did happen and she went to another meeting and then a friend of hers had a vision from God tell me about that.

Suzy: My friend Karen came over to my house at the time and I was crying because of my situation with my husband leaving and she started to pray for me.  And all I wanted to hear was these good words about “Oh he’ll come back and you know everything’s going to be okay.” Well when Karen was praying for me she stopped and she looked at me and she said “Suzy I had a vision, I had a vision of you standing in God’s throne room and you are playing a violin and He said ‘If you take it out I will restore.’”

Sid: Now wait a second did she know that you even played the violin?

Suzy: She did not know.

Sid: But did she know that you’re hand was useless and medically there was nothing could be done?

Suzy: Yes she did know that that I had injury not so much didn’t get into any detail it never came up in conversation but it was noticeable just the way I held my hand.

Sid: Okay, well tell me what is it she saw in this vision exactly?

Suzy: She saw me standing in God’s throne room and I was playing a violin and He looked at me and said “If you take it out I will restore.” Now only me I would know what he meant by that, and Karen turned to me and my mouth dropped to the floor. And Karen turned to me and she said “Do you play the violin?” And I said “Well, I did about 15 years ago I played the violin and I had put that violin in my closet.” Sid I didn’t touch it, I didn’t look at it it was gone.  And this was a divine appointment the Lord was telling me that if I took it out of my closet He would restore my hand.

Sid: Did you believe that?

Suzy: I had no other explanation at that point yes, I knew that that was the Lord speaking through my friend Karen.  I knew that God was speaking through her.  And I was so surprised, shocked, amazed, I had so many feelings going through me at the time I just had to digest it.  But I did come to believe it I was very excited and I just thought “What could He mean?”  And there was no way that she could have known that she could have known, no way possible that she could have known that I played.

Sid: So Suzy then you went over a friend’s house who was aware of this prophetic word and what happened?

Suzy: So he encouraged me to come over and bring my violin and “Why don’t you come over and play your violin. You know you need to be obedient and listen to God.”  And so I did reluctantly but I did and I brought my violin and a music player a CD player down to the river near his home and I set it up and I started to play my violin. As I was playing I just kept sort of praying saying “God if You’re really there, if You are who You say You are please heal my hand I would love nothing more than to play for You.”  And at that moment while I said that and I kept playing I felt this incredible heat on my hand, it was so hot that it felt like someone took a blow torch…

Sid: Now was it just your hand or whole body?

Suzy: No my hand it just.

Sid: Just the hand that had the injury.

Suzy: The hand that had the injury I had a ball of scar tissue in the palm of my hand and it was just supernatural because I never felt anything like this before; my hand just got all tingly and numb and it hurt.  And I stopped playing and I heard Jerry my friend up at the top of the house say “You’re not done playing yet, keep playing.” And I just couldn’t play it was just tremendous the heat that I felt in my hand.  So then I went back up to his house and I told him what had happened. I didn’t think much more of it afterwards but the next morning when I woke up I started to move my hand around and I felt complete feeling in my left hand.

Sid: What about the scar tissue was it still the same when you looked at it?

Suzy:  The scar tissue had dissolved it was incredible I had this big ball of scar tissue where I could barely close my hand to make a fist. And now I was closing and opening my hand; I had mobility I couldn’t believe it I absolutely couldn’t believe it.

Sid: Wait a second medically the doctor said “There’s no way you’ll never get your feelings back,” right?

Suzy: Correct and what do you think the first thing I did? I ran and grabbed a safety-pin (Laughing)

Sid: Ohhh (laughing).

Suzy: And I took that pin and I started to poke my finger and my thumb and I said “Ouch this hurts.” I could feel it I started crying in joy because I knew that God had healed my hand.

Sid: You know even more important than being able to play the violin again which you can, even more important than getting feelings back in your hand which you have is you were pushed over the edge with Jesus.

Suzy: Absolutely.  I love Jesus. I have grown so close to Him since I have gotten to know Him and it’s not just because of the healing but the healing was… Jesus knew that’s what it was going to take for me individually He knew that I was a show me girl.

Sid:  And also you’re not only a show me girl you’re also Biblical because the Bible says the Jew requires a sign.

Suzy: He gave me a sign (she laughed) one that I will never ever forget.

Sid: Well now you play the violin. When I was with you recently and we did a television show we taped you playing the violin and I want to do a little excerpt from it. But before I even do that I want to set the stage what goes on to people when you play the violin?  What type of an anointing do you have from the Lord?

Suzy: I have been told by people while I’ve been playing there have been a couple that have approached me and said that while I am playing the notes that I play just goes right to their spirit and if they’ve had an emotional problem they weep uncontrollably and that they’ve been healed of neck pain, back pain. I’ve been told recently from a minister that’s a friend of my pastor’s that I had the anointing of healing…

Sid: Okay Suzy Harbinson playing the violin which medical doctors have said “Impossible.” Get ready to receive the healing anointing or your spirit and of your soul and of your body.

Suzy Harbinson playing an excerpt on her violin

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