Sid: Now many of you are familiar with my guest she’s been on our broadcast several times before her name is Nita Johnson. She’s the Leader of the World for Jesus Ministries. I’m speaking to her at her home in Fresno, California. As a young child she stated getting very graphic visions and dreams and encounters with the Lord about the last days in America. And for years she would…I mean for years she literally saw the judgments she saw the states that would be devastated as a results of these judgments and for years she went around America blowing the shofar, if you will, warning Christians to start praying  because of these judgments that perhaps they’ll be stopped.  But fairly recently the Lord showed you that all we can do is delay judgment we can’t stop it is that correct?

Nita: That’s correct yes.

Sid: Now a lot of people have problems with that. Are you saying the Lord is saying the judgment is coming it’s just a matter if we pray we’ll have a little more time?

Nita: That’s correct Sid. It goes right back to the Lord speaking to the people of Israel even his date and time He said the cup is full.  And that’s where we stand in America our cup is about full the cup of apathy, the cup of sin, the cup of pride and rebellion it’s just about full and so the Lord is still listening to that cry of the Esther who will come before Him and seek His mercy, even yes for extended time.  But ultimately He has done speaking of judgment from what I have learned for the last almost 100 years warning America to come out of her rebellion and pride and to humble herself before Him. And so with that He’s waited a good long time the next step is up to us in are we going to do what’s He’s asking.

Sid: And you explained to me and we’ll talk about it a little later in the week that there is one major sin issue and when that occurs you can realize there’s nothing to stop the outpouring of God’s judgment. But we’ll talk about that a little later in the broadcast but you just got back from a very exciting meeting in Ottawa, Canada. And it was the survivors from the ship St. Louis and for those that aren’t familiar with the ship St. Louis would you tell us about the background.

Nita: The ship St. Louis was actually sent out from Germany with just shy of 1000 immigrants and most of which were Jewish. And sent to Cuba all of these individuals were supposed to have had visas to allow them to go into Cuba and to live there for a temporary asylum and had in fact purchased these visas when the Cuban government decided to change its mind.

Sid: Now this was at the time at the Holocaust and Hitler and they were fleeing Germany for their lives.

Nita: They really were it was at the very very inception of the Holocaust.  It was after Kristallnacht, which was the night of broken glass, where the Germans went in and virtually shattered windows of shops and synagogues and so on and so forth.  Much damage by our calculations we would have to say probably millions and millions of dollars of damage was done.

Sid: So approximately under a 1000 Jews were on a ship St. Louis and they were trying to get out of the gas ovens.

Nita: With their life.

Sid: And the first country they went to you said was Cuba?

Nita: Was Cuba.

Sid: And what did Cuba do?

Nita: When they were stationed at Havana and Cuba decided that they didn’t want them after all. Then they reach out to America and through a series of events realized that wasn’t going to produce anything. So then they reached out to Canada and Canada stayed with their initial stance which was no more Jews in Canada. And as a result the ship was turned back to Europe and the Jewish relief organization began to seek out other countries that would take these Jews on. But as it turned out to make a long story short 90% of these Jews ended up dying in prison camps. Out of almost 1000 souls there were less than 100 who survived.  And so Canada realizing… the Canadian church now realizing their wrong, God having dealt with leaders in the Canadian church very heavily over this issue decided that they were going to go through a time of repentance which they have done now for the last 3 years; gathering groups of leaders and intercessors together by various means to repent before the Lord for having rejected the Jew at a time of the European Holocaust.  And then the Lord finally said “It’s time to bring the survivors of the St. Louis up to Canada and make a public apology to them.” So that’s what they did on November 5th. It was a very powerful event for 2 reasons #1 the love of Yeshua that was poured out in that entire weekend was so phenomenal that these Jewish people would make comments continually that they had never experienced such love.  The reason that they had never experienced it not only was in because of His divine love that was flowing through these meetings but because of all of the repentance that these believers had gone through their hearts were wide open to the Jewish people. And they very much desired to make restitution make right any wrong by openly demonstrating their love to these people. And so other comments that were made by these Jewish survivors were such things as “If this is the love that a Christian can feel maybe this Jesus Christ isn’t so bad after all.” They were absolutely astounded at the overflowing and abundant love that they were experiencing by Christians who they have known to be nothing but enemies for generations.

Sid: So imagine the bitterness in the heart towards all of these countries that could have saved a 1000 Jewish men, woman and children. Instead they sent them back to the gas ovens and you said this was not the only ship that this happened with.

Nita: Actually there was a second ship that was sent out right behind St. Louis. And in actuality there were people who were on the St. Louis that had family members who were on this second ship. Because they were over scheduled for the St. Louis so the overflow went onto the second ship, and when the captain heard that the St. Louis was not being received he just turned around and went back to Germany and virtually everyone on that ship died.

Sid: What was Hitler’s reaction when the world didn’t care about the Jews?

Nita: Between the Evian Conference that took place about a year prior to that and this event with the ships Hitler saw that as a statement by the world we don’t want to Jews so you do whatever you want to with them. And it was following that that massive massacres occurred to Jewish people began to occur throughout Germany, Poland and then eventually reaching out into Europe. So it was a very very strong statement. If we would have received the St. Louis, or if the Evian Conference would have gone differently than it went I feel very strongly there never would have been a holocaust.

Sid: Now explain Evian Conference was?

Nita: That was a conference that took place back in 1938 where 32 nations of the world, the more powerful nations, came together to decide what to do with this Jewish immigration situation. And all but the Dominion Republic refused to do anything about taking Jews into their country and America was part of that.  America and Canada. Canada stood up actually and said “None is too many the more you do for the Jews the more they want and the more of them there will be so we will take no Jews.” That again was a stance in regards to the St. Louis ship.  And so… but nations all over the world Sid made this same decision and between the two the Evian Conference and the St. Louis Ship that made a strong statement to Hitler that he needed to just quit trying to send the Jewish people out into the world into other countries and just get rid of them. So that’s what he did.

Sid: Nita we’re just about out of time on today’s broadcast but you said a this conference God quickened to you a visions that you had that is very relevant to us today. I’d like to start tomorrow’s broadcast with that….

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