Sid: My guest this week is Nita Johnson I’m speaking to her at her home in Fresno, California she’s a prophetess, she’s the Leader of World for Jesus Ministries.  And she has received dreams and visions from God just as a little child about the last days in America.  And on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking to a really momentous about a very historic event it was a special celebration for the survivors of the ship St. Louis held in Ottawa, Canada. And there were only about 70 that survived of almost 1000 Jews that Hitler was ready to kill the gas ovens and they got on the ship St. Louis and they went to the nations of the world. And the nations of the world said “We don’t want these Jews” and most of them went back and died. And so only a handful of them survived and this was a special celebration, repentance just wanting to share love with the survivors by the Christian Community especially in Canada.  It sounded like it was a wonderful event Nita but during this time that you were speaking in churches up in Canada you had quickened to you a dream that you had many years ago. Tell me about it.

Nita: Actually it wasn’t a dream it was an experience that I had when I was 9 years old I talk about it in the end of my book “Prepare for the Winds of Change” where I was taken up. I was outside playing and suddenly found myself out of the natural and into the spiritual and running up this long corridor into heaven and into the throne room of Messiah being led by a very large and powerful angel. When once I was up in the throne room I saw:

#1 I immediately buried because it was so traumatic to me so I couldn’t cope with it.

The 2nd I had remembered and so all of the years 40 years now I have prayed “Please help me remember what it was that I saw that I buried because of this trauma.”


When I was up in Canada we were dealing with this whole issue of the Jewish people and the holocaust. And so the Lord chose that time to re-reveal to me in a vision what I had seen what I had seen when I was 9 years old. And what I saw up there in the throne room of the Lord was every holocaust that has ever come against the Jewish people since the days of Egypt.  The days of Egypt speaking about what was revealed to us even in the bible the fact that they were making the nations slaves. Well there were brutal beatings and many murders took place during that time the Bible doesn’t really give us a lot of information on.  And then clear up to modern day the holocaust that took place under Hitler, the Russian Pogroms, the Spanish Inquisition, all of the attempts of humanity to destroy the Jewish population I saw one by one. And after I saw all of those holocausts I saw God’s response of the holocaust which was the outpouring of His wrath upon the nations of the world. Not only for the rejection of Messiah but because of their rejection to his prophet the Jewish people down through the centuries that was very very traumatic for me to see even the 2nd time I can’t tell you how traumatic it was it’s very difficult it’s very painful because I didn’t see the words Egyptian holocaust. What I saw was a knowledge that this was the particular holocaust that I was seeing but what I saw was seeing was the beatings, I saw the murders, I saw everything that took place against the Jewish people. I felt their hearts, their fears, their anguish, their cries, and I felt the Father’s heart His pain over what was taking place.

Sid: So why do you believe the Lord quickened that to you of what happened so many years ago as a child?

Nita: I think because one of the things that transpired was the St. Louis Ship is after being rejected by Cuba and Canada, America and Canada.  They kind of moved around in the ocean the total trip was about 40 days Sid and 40 nights.  And I feel that whole time the Lord was looking at the nations of the world and He was judging by our response to that ship the same kind of dynamics under Noah who also floated on the water 40 days and 40 nights. So we are as nations reaping the fruit of the seed we sowed of anti-Semitism and this fruit has come forth in judgment that God has poured out upon the nations.  You mentioned earlier all the things that Cuba has gone through since rejecting the Jews.  It seems that America has gone through things that Canada has gone through. Things that nations throughout the world have incurred against themselves by the hand of the Lord in response to what we did over the Jewish people during that Hitler holocaust.  And so were coming now down to a time where we’re coming into virtually the very consummation of human history.  And the Lord wants us to know, and by the way after having seen this experience the second time I did a diligent search through the scriptures that I found that there are many scriptures that deal with this.  This issue of God seeming to stay silent as the nations of the world came against his people.  And in the last days he would rise up and pour out His wrath upon the nations of the world for their rejection of Israel.  And so it stood up scripturally and we’re coming down right to that time when this is going to begin to occur at a phenomenal rate.  And I feel that the Lord is at least speaking to my heart to warn the nations of the world that we have got to change our heart and repent toward our indifference toward our apathy and even our hatred of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.  And to the degree that we do that He will begin to bless us.  Now Canada having done all that the Lord has asked them to do…

Sid: Excuse me I was just thinking I might buy some stock in Canadian companies after they have repented like they have to the Jews. And from what I understand leaders from all over Canada came together to repent for their attitude toward the Jew and especially that major act of not accepting the Jewish refugees from the St. Louis.

Nita: That’s exactly right and the Lord has promised to pour out not just revival but He has promised to make His presence come upon Canada in an unprecedented way and lift Canada to the forefront of world evangelism.  He’s actually going to raise Canada up above all the nations of the world. He’s been promising the Canadian church this for the last 20 years. The first prophecy ever given was given through Dr. Cho. I gave a prophecy of a similar nature when I was in Canada about 16 years ago.  And now He is taking Canada through the cycle of preparing themselves to be a bride for the Lord.  And one who will lead the nations of the world in this next great move.  And further more will be the nation that God will use to bring about the second coming of the Messiah.

Sid: What about America?

Nita: America is going to find herself not in the lead but subordinate to Canada regardless of what we do at this point. The only thing that we can do at this point is if we could as a church in this nation come to a true deep heartfelt repentance toward Israel and toward the Jewish people and make right or wrong then we will avail ourselves to a much higher level of glory and outpouring. And even push back judgments that God has decreed against America.

Sid: But you know Nita I find such confusion going on right now in God’s people in the church in reference to the Jew in Israel. There’s one large segment of Christians that think that the church has replaced Israel and the church gets the blessings and Israel gets the curses. And then there’s another group of Christians that love Israel so much they think that they are Israel.  It’s getting… I think the devil is really stirring things up.

Nita: He is stirring up a lot of confusion and he’d be a lot less successful if we spent more time in the word. But of course the word doesn’t support any of this stuff.  Any kind of replacement theology the word does not support. And so but what we can do is to bring our hearts back to the Lord, and you know Sid I might also mention this that people that embrace this kind of theology deep in their heart there is an undertone either already existing or an undertone that is implanted of anti-Semitism.

Sid: I was just going to say this I hear pastors that say “Oh I love the Jew in Israel” and then will say anti-Semitic remarks and not even realize it.

Nita: I have as I’ve traveled across America spoken to churches about this for about the last 2 years.  And when I take a hand count of those who feel that the Jewish people have incurred all that they’ve gone through in the last 2000 years because they rejected Messiah because they have put him on a cross they killed our God is this kind of theology.  How many people in a given church believe this? I will get hands raised from 60 to 80% of the congregation will say “Yes I believe that that because the Jews killed Christ they have gone through all that they’ve gone through the last 2000 years.

Sid: Excuse me hold that thought and of course that’s bad theology the Bible says that Jesus laid down His own life for the sins of the whole world. And He died for all as a result of the sins of Jew and Gentile alike.  However we’ll pick up there with Nita.

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