Sid: I have on the telephone a prophetess friend of mine I’ve known for many years now her name is Nita Johnson. I’m speaking to her at her home in Fresno, California and she’s the Leader of World for Jesus Ministries. As a young child she received many dreams and visions about the future of America. On yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about the issue that we’ll break America’s back with all the sins we’ve committed there is one that will just loose the judgments of God on this country.  And it’s got to do with the Jew and the nation Israel.  And Nita you said that many times you go to churches and you ask the following question would you repeat that question?

Nita: I ask the people “How many of you believe that everything that has transpired against the Jews in the last 2000 years has occurred because they killed Messiah?”  And hands will go up 60 – 80% of the congregation it’s just an honest mistake they just for some reason whatever the teaching has been they believe that that’s true.  And I share with them the scripture right out of Isaiah it says “Comfort ye my comfort ye my people and tell them that their iniquities have been pardoned.” And I explain to them that Messiah was not killed He gave up His life for all of mankind and if we are going to lay that kind of blame at the feet of the Jewish people then we have to also lay it at the feet of the Gentile.

Sid: Let me read a scripture that summaries what you just saying that’s Acts the 4th chapter the 27th verse tell us who killed the Messiah. It says that “Truly against your holy servant Jesus whom you anointed both Herod he’s the one that did the deed. No and Pontius Pilate oh Herod and Pontius Pilate “No” with the Gentiles and the people of Israel.” So guess what if you get the Jews and Gentiles together Nita you have the whole world that’s who came against the Messiah according to the word of God He died for the sins of the whole world.

Nita: That’s right and so if we say Sid that the Jewish people deserve the holocaust that they’ve gone through for the last 2000 years then we also have to say that so do the Gentiles. Whatever we lay at the feet of Israel we have to lay at the feet of the Gentile or we have to take the yoke off of both and say that they are forgiven. And it’s just a correction in theology that needs to take place in America. But the improper theology is deeply rooted in anti-Semitism whether they hear and understand that or not that is the case. We don’t understand the heart of the Father and the heart of Yeshua who deeply, deeply love his Jewish people and want to redeem them from all of their problems, all of their slavery, from eternal death. And He’s not going to stop until all of that has been accomplished. So not we find America, not just the American church, but America in a fight where we have taken very very strong anti-Semitic stance in the past. We’ve also allowed the Jewish people to live here and to flourish in many ways and so that the Lord has blessed America.  But the blessings would have been so much greater had we not taken the strong anti-Semitic stands at various times in history. Whether we understand this is not the Jewish people are going to be the ones by whom God is going to judge. It will be like a plum line in the nation that is what the Bible tells us. And that is still going to be true as the Lord is awaking Israel and salvation is coming to Jews throughout the world there is going to be another response from the Father.

Sid: Excuse me you’re saying to me that there will be a revival among Jewish people and in Israel is that what you’re saying?

Nita: Sid this revival is going to be so great that people will look and first of all it’s going to shake the entire world. Number 2 people are going to look at what is taking place and what is occurring people will begin to wonder if any Gentiles are getting saved.  Of course they will be but the predominate fisherman is going to be the redeemed Jewish person.

Sid: Now what I’m wondering Anita is unfortunately in this book that I’m offering this week “The Children of God” documents the anti-Semitism in the Protestant Church and the Catholic Church with people like Martin Luther and Calvin and it’s the most amazing thing.  With the anti-Semitism there when God begins to bless the Jewish people especially with salvation and revival breaks out in Israel I’m concerned that there might be a fierce jealousy in the church.

Nita: I think that Messiah address that with the prodigal son.

Sid: Explain that.

Nita: Well that there would be this jealousy the heart of the church we have stayed with you, we have been true to your word, we have been true to You all of these years. And now this son who has gone out and wasted his inheritance and you put a robe of authority upon him, you put the ring of power on his finger. Look at the way Your treating him so much greater glory than what I’ve have known. Me who’s been so faithful to you all of these years that a heart of jealousy will rise up in the Gentile church. And the Lord would like to negate that if He could if there would be a faction of the Gentile church that would say No this Jewish brother is bone of my bone, he’s flesh of my flesh I’m not going to reject him I’m not going to be jealous because of the outpouring of the glory of the shekina it is going to come upon him when he returns.  Because truly the shekina was given to the Jew and it’s going to come through the Jewish nation that is spoken to us in the scripture…

Sid: You know I’m reminded in Roman’s 9 it says “We owe a debt of gratitude to the Jewish people” because of them is the Fathers,” but then it says “of them is the glory.”

Nita: That’s right and so our hearts are one of it should be one of gratitude not of jealousy. But again I think it’s going to be a lack of understanding of the scriptural heart of the Father. He’s going to be rejoicing so it’s going to be as though he’s inviting the whole world to come and rejoice with him over the return of His first born son.  And of all those who rejoice with them He wants it to be that the church will rejoice with them. And part of the rejoicing is going to be the outpouring of His wonderful shekinah that’s going to flood the earth through these Jewish believers. The revelation of the covenant we’re going to enter into a revelation of a covenant that were going to enter into a revelation of a covenant that we have never known before when these Jewish believers come to the Lord because He’s going to give it to them to bless the church with. So everything that we see there in Roman’s 9 is going to come to its highest crescent upon the return of Israel to the Father.

Sid: So the devil is going to rear his ugly head in trying to have replacement theology or God is finished with the Jew, or God replaced Israel with Gentile Christians that have a Jewish heart and all of this other craziness of this replacement theology but there’s something even worse that’s going to be going on that you call it an international holocaust?

Nita: An International Holocaust.  There is going to be one last international holocaust of the Jewish nation. And they’re going to be blamed for financial problems throughout the nations. This thing that is going on in the Middle East when war finally kicks up there’s going to be a devastation that is going to occur among the Arabian nations. Israel is not going to come out on the losing side it will be just the opposite. And so internationally, spurred on I guess because of the oil situation nations are going to reject Israel and on the premise that Israel has been absolutely almost demonic in their attack against the Arabian nations. It’ll be very strong anti-Semitism and as a result there will come forth an anti-Semitic heart that will bring forth an International Holocaust to Jewish people. Just about every nation of the face of the earth is going to be involved in it wherever there is a Jewish community.

Sid: Who’s going to be the only friend on the face of this earth to the Jewish people besides other Jewish people?

Nita: Hopefully the church and that is the heart that the Lord is trying to deal with. He wants to bring us into an understanding of His own love and devotion towards the Jewish people. I believe that’s what the revelation of what I saw when I was 9 years old is all about. Don’t be a part of desecrating these people again that’s not My heart. My heart is for the Jewish people I want to redeem them, I want to save them, I want to spare them from this international outburst. Be as a savior to these people reach your hands out and be My hands extended to this at the time of this international crisis with that I will give blessings.  If the church continues in this anti-Semitic attitude…I talked to one of the survivors when I interviewed him for a book that I’m writing. I’m writing a book about these survivors so that the church can actually see what they went through on a personal level in this Holocaust. And when I finished the interview I asked him I said “If the church…what do you feel would have happened in regards to the Holocaust if the church would have stood up on behalf of the Jewish people at that moment?” And tears came to his eyes and he said “There would have been no holocaust.”

Sid: Hold that thought Nita our time is out.

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