Sid:  I have on the telephone a Messianic Jew that’s red hot for Jesus anointed psalmist Paul Wilbur. We’ve been playing selections all this week from his latest CD recorded live in Jerusalem called “Lion of Judah.” Paul on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about it’s not an act of man it’s an act of God of restoring to what God refers to as His feasts, His appointed times. What does that mean to you when scripture says that these feasts are God’s appointed times?

Paul:  Well Sid this whole thing you know what people have called for so long the Feasts of Israel, or the Feasts of the Jews and quite frankly I think it’s a cop out. I think people really can read here in the United States. If we’ll simply turn to Leviticus chapter 23 we’ll find out about what God said about these times and about these feasts. He says “These are My appointed feasts.” God say “These are the feasts of the Lord” and he even says that in NIV Sid which we know Jesus used the NIV translation I’m sure.

Sid:  We pray for grace and mercy on King James fans all over the world.

Paul:  (Laughing) But this is so plain Sid, it’s like the proverbial nose in front of our face and we simply fall back into some kind of religious lethargy or the traditions of men that Jesus absolutely hated. So many times in the scriptures He confronted the Pharisees and the Sadducees and He said “Your traditions have made the word of God of no effect!” Sid as we all know, and I love the church, I love the body of Messiah, I am a worshipper of God and yet there is an infection that’s come in. There are traditions of men that…

Sid:  Give me some examples.

Paul:  Well take for instance we just come through the time of Passover. If it’s so difficult for us to see that Easter comes from the Greek word and from the temple of Ishtar of a spring fertility right goddess that had demonic worship in there. Who had temple prostitutes in there and we embrace Easter Sunday as if this was… I mean if people go to church any 2 times a year it’s Christmas and it’s Easter. Christmas we know for a fact that Jesus was not born during this season, and at Easter we know for a fact that the term comes from a pagan goddess of fertility with eggs and bunnies…

Sid:  Why did the good church fathers who loved God substitute God’s feasts for pagan feasts?

Paul:  You know Sid that’s a good question if I get to see them ever I’m going to ask that question. We’re in a time when we’re talking about the refreshing of the body. We’re talking in a time of revelation, we’re talking in a time of when the heavens are being opened to us and things are happening in the earth that the prophets wrote about. Can we simply not read the scriptures and do what God says? Listen to this Sid Yeshua Himself, Jesus said this and this has become my life motto. He said “I only do what I see My Father do.” He said “I only say what I hear My Father say.” Now if we’re saying that we are blood bought, if we’re saying we are purchased by the blood and the broken body and by faith of the Lamb of God and we are joint heirs together with Him wouldn’t this be our statement? Or do we not have ears, or do we not eyes to see? Then let’s pray that God give us eyes that do see and ears that hear so that when we do go up to the mountain we’ll not only hear His word but we will be doers as well.


Sid:  Why in your opinion now? I mean why not a thousand years ago? Why not 1500 years ago there would be a restoration of His feasts, why now?

Paul:  Well Sid I believe we are in the last of the last days. As you read the book of Acts you see that the disciples, the followers of Jesus those that even walked with Him in the flesh on this earth believed that He was returning any day. They knew, and they declared they were in the last days and according to scripture a 1000 years is as a day, and a day as a 1000 years. They were in the last days but we are last moments of that last day. So as a prophetic thing and the grace of God He is removing scales from our eyes. He is giving us discernment and He is revealing His plan and His will and we need to hear. We’ve got Israel standing as a monument of the faithfulness of God no time at any time in history has a nation that has disappeared off the face of the earth come back to be a modern day nation. Never has an ancient language been restored as a modern language. We have faithfulness we know that that happens in the last of the last days because God loves us He is removing the blindness of the ages and He is giving us His good revelation at this hour.

Sid:  You know in the Old Covenant God never approved of mixture. In fact it was totally life threatening if someone were to go to the temple with mixture. What do you think God feels today with the mixture we have in our celebrations?

Paul:  I think Sid any Godly person who would sit down and begin to consider not only our own lives but the direction the things that have been infiltrated and infected our pure worship they would be stricken at their hearts and cry out for God that He would give us as David said “Give me an undivided heart.” Sid if there’s a prayer for a body of believers today it’s that the Lord would give us that undivided heart with regards to Him, with regards to His word, with regards to pure worship in Spirit and in truth. With regard to all of His word His full counsel that we might be His pure holy spotless bride that He is coming for any moment. God help us.

Sid:  Now does God want to dance with you? I mean do you really feel that you’ll be at the wedding supper of the lamb? Well you know at Jewish weddings you do a lot of dancing. Tell me about this song “Dance With Me.”

Paul:  Sid this song came out of an all-night worship service in the mid-west. There’s several houses of worship around the world now that as the teenagers say are 24/7, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week they spend all their time in worship and in intercession expecting the appearing of the Lord. It’s not a flaky thing, it’s not a weird thing, it’s people desiring the closeness and presence of God…

Sid:  I tell you what we’re only going to hear just a little bit of this.

Excerpt – Dance With Me

Sid:  “Dance With Me” from the album “Lion of Judah.”

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