SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Do you know what sonar is? Sonar, we didn’t have all the time and big ships would actually plow into icebergs. Why would they plow into an iceberg? Because 90 percent of the iceberg was under the water and they couldn’t see it. Sonar, you could see it, but they didn’t have sonar and they’d be destroyed. That’s the same way it is with the invisible world because in this invisible world all around us it’s alive and there is a way to have something better than sonar. You not only can change because it’s an invisible world, it affects your thoughts, it affects your marriage, it affects your health and it’s just radiating signals to you. But there is a way to not only be aware of it, but destroy those evil signals. Do you want to learn? Dawna, explain to me why you say the invisible world is filled with all sorts of activity.


DAWNA: Absolutely. What I find is that we think we are walking around and doing what we think we want to do on our own. But actually we’re getting input from a lot of places. We’re getting input from ourselves, we’re getting input from the Lord and we’re getting input from the demonic realm, and so there’s a spiritual realm talking to us. And as I was coming here I was asking the Lord what’s going on, and the whole think I kept hearing was all of God’s promises are yes and amen. And I felt like if God is speaking that then the enemy is probably telling people he’s forgotten about you. He’s probably telling people oh there’s no hope. You know that promise he told you years ago, it’s not going to come to pass. And I just wanted to speak, I just want to turn off that station right now, and we’re just going to say no to that station and yes to God’s promise.


SID: You know, it came out of your mouth so smoothly. But you know, it’s so true. You’re listening to another station, you think it’s you, but it isn’t. You think that that wife or that husband is just awful, but that isn’t them. You’re getting the wrong transmission. Start doing something about it. Turn the channel. It affects our moods, our tone. Explain.


DAWNA: Right. So whatever it is you think, there’s demons just hanging around you all the time, but actually it’s a relationship between what you believe, what they’re telling you and you acting it out. So if you actually take that station and you say yes to it and you begin acting out, let’s say rage is saying, you need to just hit that person over there and then you take a swing at them. The enemy can walk away because you’ve now released an atmosphere that he doesn’t have to stir up anymore.


SID: And you know, the picture I have as you’re saying that is all this road rage that’s going on where people are killing people. I mean, and these are people that would never think of this type of rage.


DAWNA: Absolutely.


SID: But they’re being egged on with that transmitter.


DAWNA: Absolutely. Egged on.


SID: Okay. What would you say is the first step to having dominion over these voices?


DAWNA: Well you have to actually believe it exists. I mean, you have to. You know, what happened in the church is we had discerners that made messes because it’s like everything was a demon and we were complaining about stuff. And so the church swung past the truth that we’re in a spiritual war all the way over to it’s all good, oh there’s no demonic, no, there’s nothing. And we forget what’s shooting at us. And so when my husband says something that hurts my hurt, I’m usually throwing [back] at him. Oh wait a minute, that probably was him speaking out of what the enemy is telling him to say, because he knows what’s going to hurt my heart.


SID: So it’s like two against one.


DAWNA: It is. But we have the triune nature of God.


SID: Three against two. Sounds good to me. Okay. You say we can literally change atmospheres. Is there a way for us to discern what’s going on in that invisible world from the atmosphere?


DAWNA: Absolutely, but you have to practice. I find that most people already pick up or sense, or discern that they don’t know because they just are acting out of it. So once you start paying attention to how is my normal, what would that look like, then anything that comes out from that is actually helping me to know, oh I’m probably picking up and responding to an atmosphere. But you have to practice. You’ve got to figure it out.


SID: You know, I notice a lot of people on diets, I haven’t gotten this far, by the way, a lot of people on diets they know when they’re full. I don’t know when I’m full. But they know when they’re full and they stop. But it came from practice.


DAWNA: Practice, yes, it has to. You know, I get asked all the time, Dawna, how did you learn so much about this discernment, and I said hindsight. And they’re like, no really, you must have spent all this time. No, hindsight. I learned so much by getting tripped by the enemy that I finally realized, oh you know, trick me once, okay, trick me twice, you don’t trick me a third time. And so it’s hindsight. It’s like, practice this. Find out. Talk to people. What are you sensing? I was on a trip one time and I was so grumpy, and I’m thinking, oh it’s just hormonal. I like to say to women you can’t be hormonal 365 days. Okay, your husbands are going to thank me for that. But I’m grumpy and I can’t change, and I’m like, God, what’s wrong with me. And I think I have the Holy Spirit, but what’s wrong with me. I finally decide I’d better warn my team. So I walk out on my team and I say, “God, I’m so sorry, but I’m just feeling grumpy today. And so if I hurt your heart I’m so sorry. Just know I’m not trying to.” And I look at my team and they’re all kind of grumpy looking, and I’m like, is anybody else grumpy, and they’re like no. I’m like, oh yeah, okay. So I just said okay. So we grabbed hands and we said, you know, we see your irritation. We are not going to partner with you and we send you back, and instantly we were all better.


SID: How about things like health? How does the invisible world affect that?

DAWNA: Well you know, the enemy is always throwing arrows and darts, and he’s just doing all this stuff at us. And if the enemy says to you, you don’t feel good, and then you know, someone coughs next to you, and you’re like, oh, I don’t feel good. I mean, we actually can partner with what he’s saying about the atmosphere.


SID: You know, speaking of that, sometimes I hear, I have a thought and the thought is you’re not going to be able to sleep tonight and I do what you said, no more though. I partner with that thought.


DAWNA: No. It’s so important because the enemy is trying to get you to take the bait. And so actually you say, well the Word of God actually tells me that he gives his beloved rest. And so you know, the thought, whether it’s my thought or the enemy’s thought, it still defies the Word of God. So it’s like, okay, so I hear you, restlessness, or I hear you, whatever, I’m not going to partner with you because I’m the beloved of God, and he gives his beloved rest.


SID: Now you have learned how to discern the atmosphere, and to be candid with you, now that my eyes are open, it’s really not that difficult. But can anyone learn how to discern the atmosphere?


DAWNA: Absolutely, but again, it’s practice, and it’s talking to people. I mean, I would talk to my friends and say, hey, I’m feeling this, what are you feeling? And sometimes I would feel it different than they would feel it. And so it’s like trying to learn what will tell [you] or how do you pick up something. For me, if I’m in a place of the spirit of control it puts me to sleep. I mean, I’ll be just like I’m so tired. My son and I were driving and here we were all excited. He was going to lead worship and we’re going across the state line to this other place, and we both looked at each other and start, oh, we’re gonna fall asleep. And we both looked at each other and, I see your control and I’m not going to partner with you, I’m going to send you back, and instantly we were awake.


SID: You know, that is statement that’s so important. I would like you to look in the camera and say that statement again, and I want you to remember this and use it.


DAWNA: Right. It’s so easy. It’s like, I see you, enemy. I am not going to partner with you and I send you back.


SID: Here’s the truth. Ignorance is not bliss. We’ll be right back.

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