JOHN: That movie was AWESOME!  And so I come along and say God is awesome and you go so was my burger and so was the movie. What does awesome mean? Full of awe.  See we use words so loosely today we lose the power of them. The Hebrews they were so careful, so very rarely does a Hebrew elevate to the third degree. Right? So, so  heres Isaiah. He is before the throne of God. It has to be a spiritual vision, he couldnt have been there in his body. And hes there in the spirit, hes groveling on the floor, these massive angels are not singing a song, theyre responding to what they see. Theyre not singing, these seraphim. You know what? Ive been, Ive been, Ive been here for ten trillion years. God, can I go see some other parts in the universe? They dont, they dont want that. They dont want to be anywhere else. Because theres nothing in creation more beautiful than the Creator. And so every moment another facet of His glory is being revealed. And all they can do is cry holy! And theyre cryin Holy so loud the doorposts of that auditorium, that can seat probably a billion people are shaking. And you know what builders told me when I lived in Florida, they said if youre ever stupid enough to hang around when a hurricane comes through, get underneath the door jams of the interior room of the house, its the most stable part of the structure. Their cries of responding to what they see are shaking a building in heaven that seats a million, a billion people.   Do you understand Isaiahs groveling, hes groveling on the ground, Im coming apart at the seams and hes crying out Woe is me because he realized who he was before this holy God. Look, dont get me wrong. Jesus brought us and reconciled us back to the Father. But Hes still God, and in the New Testament Hes still called the consuming fire. Hes still called the just and holy God in the New Testament. So we have to understand Him as Daddy and we have to know Him as King. And when you understand that when we know Him as Daddy, [and] we know Him as King, we leave a very healthy life. Can I pray for you tonight?




JOHN: You say, John, you know what? ,Can I tell you, let me tell you this. How did this all begin with me? I went to a church back in the mid-nineties. They had just had an internationally-known revivalist. He was there for 4 weeks. The community had 60,000 people in it and the church had a 1000 members. They had 1/60th of the community in that church. It was a hoppin church. I went in there and I preached a little bit on the fear of the Lord, much lighter version of what you heard tonight cause I didnt know what I know now. The next night when I got up to speak again the pastor got up and corrected me for 15 minutes. He said, We dont, John is confused, we do not have to fear the Lord because the Bible says perfected love casts out fear, we have the Father, we love Him, we dont have to fear Him. Well he confused the spirit of fear with the fear of the Lord. And Ill never forget I went out the next day and I found a construction site cause I like love prayin outside. And I remember I literally, I, I was terrified, I thought God, I hurt your church, Ive been corrected by a pastor for 15 minutes before I was introduced last night. And I said, Ive hurt Your church, Im so sorry. And I remember crying out to God. And I didnt feel his displeasure, I felt His pleasure. And before that prayer time was over I found myself crying out for the fear of the Lord. And thats how my whole journey began. And so tonight I want to pray with you that the same Holy Spirit of the fear of the Lord will manifest and fill your life. Because you know the Bible says the fear of the Lord is safe. I dont know about you but I want to be safe. Right? Its too, too messed up of a world right now. And Im not scared of the world, believe me Im not scared. When youre safe youre fearless when it comes to the world. Okay? You dont go hide, youre fearless. Youre going to serve who you fear. If you fear God youre not going to fear anything the world has to throw at you. But if you fear men youre going to serve men. I dont know about you but I want to serve God. Amen.




JOHN: So if you say, John, I want fear of the Lord I want you to just, if youre watching by video or if youre in here tonight, just lift up your hands right now. And so Father, we come before You. You are the spirit of wisdom, You are the Spirit of might, You are the spirit of understanding, the spirit of counsel. You are the Spirit of the Lord God, but You are also the Spirit of the fear of the Lord. It is that manifestation we desire tonight, we ask You for tonight. Im asking, Heavenly Father, in Jesus name, that You would baptize every one of us with a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit of the fear of the Lord. May Your Presence manifest, in Jesus name. Theres His presence right there, just lift your hands up. In Jesus name. Theres His presence right there. Father, thank you, for what Youre doing in here right now. Even as people are being filled, their bodies are being healed. Theres chronic pain that is been suffered in someones back and you will not suffer that chronic pain any longer because its like oil that is pouring right down your spine even right now. Others of you are having joint problems, arthritic problems, we curse it now, because the fire of God is literally revitalizing those joints. The presence of the Lord is in this place, somebodys foots being healed. I dont know whats wrong with your foot but your foots being healed right now. I break the power of nightmares, reoccurring nightmares that have plagued you, no theyre not messages from God and they are not condemning messages to you. They are a demonic attack and I break that attack off of your life in the name of Jesus. Now Lord, I thank You for freedom in this room and I thank you for your presence manifesting, In Jesus name, amen. Amen. Can we thank God for what Hes done? Amen, Amen, Amen. God bless you!



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