KERRY: Fact is what you see but truth is what He says! Truth is not information. Truth is a Person called The Holy Spirit! Jesus said when He, the Spirit of truth, comes He will guide you into all truth. Alethea, which is the manifested reality that is seen through the eyes of God. So when you see something the way God sees it you’re seeing it in truth. When you see it as it may be in the natural it’s simply a fact.




KERRY: So I told them, I said you’re operating in fact, you’re operating out of hurt but you’re not operating in truth! So well I don’t want to lie. You know he is killing us. And I said well how’s it working for you so far?




KERRY: And they said all right, what do I do? And I said I want you to declare over your son what God says about your son. Do you believe that God said that he’s killing me? No. Do you believe that God says you’re going to wind up in jail? No. And I said that he was created in the image of God, in the imagination of God. He’s not where God imagined him to be. So He’s saying now I want you just to begin to see him the way that I see him. He’s not a wayward son. He’s a son that I’m going to bring into a relationship with me. So they said all right. We’ll try it. It sounds kind of crazy.




KERRY: He comes in the first night and they said you’re a son of the Most High God and that you’re the son that the Lord has given us and we take pleasure in you. He looked at them. Huh?




KERRY: And went off to bed. Next week come in they begin to bless him. They begin to expand their understanding and begin to say over him what they wanted him to become. And they said you’re a son of promise. You’re a son of prosperity. You’re a son that brings great delight and joy to the Father in heaven and to your mother and I. And he went off to bed. Third week he was at the bar getting ready to do all that they do and he said, he looked over at his friend and he said did you say something? His friend said no. He said okay. He said I heard a voice that said are you having fun yet?




KERRY: And he said, looked at his friend, looked over and he said not really. He said then why are you here? And he told his friends I’m leaving and it was early in the evening. And he comes home early and his mother says to him is something wrong? What are you doing here so early? And he says I just wanted to come home. I’m tired of this. And he said by the way what time is church tomorrow?




KERRY: He went to church the next morning, gave his heart to the Lord and he’s become a successful businessman.




KERRY: Because they could begin to see by the Spirit what God intended for him to have instead of reporting how bad that he was at that moment? And so we can call out the good in people when we begin to declare on earth what God has already said! Do you understand that in Psalms 139 that the Bible says that God has written a book about you? It says your DNA is there and He has written about you as well! But there’s four other books that the Bible talks about you other than that one. Malachi 3 says there’s a book of remembrance. All those who feared the Lord that He wrote your name there. There’s a book that records that your tears that you have sown in crying out to the Lord. Psalms records this that they’re bottled up and they’re held there! And then it talks about in Psalms 87 where those who are worshipping the Lord there’s a registry written with their name there.




KERRY: And then we know in the Book of Life, Revelation, says your name’s written in the Book of Life. But in Psalms 139 where it says all of your DNA is written there. In the original it wasn’t talking about naming your chromosomes that are there. It means your essence of your potential! So God was saying that before you were ever born, before you were ever conceived I saw you and I had an imagination about you before the earth was even formed!


AUDIENCE: Wow! Amen!


KERRY: The Bible says that the Lamb of God was slain before the foundation of the world. Before we even ever needed a Messiah God had already made provision for it! Before we ever came into an existence God had already seen our potential! And in that book there is written, it’s like your baby book, you got your baby diary, they said this is who you are! And I just wouldn’t want to stand before God one day and find out that I was living out of the introduction of the book and I never even got to chapter one!

AUDIENCE: Wow! Yeah! Yeah!


KERRY: What He’s saying is here is your potential I am calling out of you the things of the Spirit of God! I am calling out of you destiny! I am calling out of you the unction, the power of the Holy Spirit to do what you cannot do by yourself but you can do it by recognizing I’ve already said it for you!


AUDIENCE: Oh, that’s good!


KERRY: And when someone comes along and blesses you and declares on earth what God has already written about you then there’s an agreement and there’s a sense of faith that says I can step into that and I’m willing to do that from that time on. There’s something awesome about understanding how God wants to bless. Blessing just doesn’t mean I need more stuff, more accumulation. It’s an understanding how that it is prophetic. Because we know what cursing is. Cursing operates in telling us what we can’t and what we shouldn’t and it’s even putting something in a lower position. But when we bless, the Bible says there in 1st Peter, that if we would bless and curse not that we would inherit a blessing. And it says a word in there and he says and you have been called unto this very reason. And the word called there is; kaleo, which means as a parent would decide what they want to name their child based upon the outcome of what they wanted that child to be. So it says you have been called by God, you were named and you were named blessor.




KERRY: Your first calling is to bless! Your first calling is to declare God’s desire for someone else’s life! Have you ever been driving down the road and you just saw a driver and didn’t act like they wanted to and you called them a name?




KERRY:  That happened to me. Thick traffic driving down the road and a young man almost hit me. My wife was with me. And I never use this word. My mother would wash my mouth out. And I said IDIOT!




KERRY: And my wife says looked over at me and says pardon? And I said well he is!




KERRY:  And all of a sudden I heard the Lord say why did you call me an idiot? Oh my God. Lord, you know I didn’t call you an idiot! He said Yeah, he was created in My image. As you’ve done it to the least of them you’ve done it to me.




KERRY: As you blessed him you bless Me but you cursed him. God, I would never do that! And He said Now bless him! And I said Bless you!




KERRY: He said No. I want you to bless him the way that you would want Me to bless you! Well then that is a whole other level then!




KERRY: So I said I declare over you that you have the fullness of the Lord God, that you’ll come into the fullness of God, you’ll come into God’s greatness and His power and His might and you’ll get home safely!




KERRY: I just felt just the sense of the pleasure of the Lord coming through me! And since that time I have many stories about where people begin to bless their own bodies. Instead of standing in the mirror and saying you old hag…




KERRY: Because the Lord said hey, you belong to me! I created you. You need to bless that body. This body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. He resides, He lives here. He’s experiencing who I am and who I’m saying to Him. And so when I bless me I am blessing Him! And you can go down the road and say Lord I bless them to fulfill the purposes of God. I bless them to come into the knowledge of the Son of God and when you do you’ll just feel the pleasure of God of saying now you’ve become an oracle for me and you’re declaring on earth because you’ve seen it! If you can look through the glory everything you see can be filtered through the glory of God how God sees it and everything is transformed at that moment on. I believe there’s some people here today that God is saying to you that you’ve been cursing your own bodies. You don’t even like yourself and if you would turn that around and begin to say that I have been wonderfully and, and fearfully made into the image of God and who He is. I like me!


AUDIENCE: Amen! Yeah! Yeah!


KERRY: Cause if you don’t like you nobody else is going to like you!



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