DAVE: All right. So the key to healing from my perspective is what Jesus said. The Son only does what He sees the Father doing. Okay? Jesus operated in His entire ministry by observing what the Father was doing and doing the same thing that the Father was doing. Now how do we do that? Because that’s our model. Our model is not looking in a book, finding a formula and going I’m just gonna follow this formula. I mean the formula is know what the Father is doing. Okay. So the reason it’s important to hear God’s voice, to learn how to see visions, to see in the spirit, to discern demons, to know about emotional healing is because those are the tools that the Father has in our tool box. And if your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Okay. And we need a few more tools in our tool box. Because the Father wants us to operate in a lot of different areas for different conditions and different sicknesses. And it’s not a cookie-cutter little formula. It’s not complicated but we need to be able to hear what the Holy Spirit is telling us about what the Father wants to do through visions, through dreams, discerning of spirits, using our authority, releasing power. Okay? Sometimes I have been surprised. I’ve had people that I’ve prayed with in the ambulance and all I did was put my hand out and silently in my mind I just prayed and I said basically in my mind I release the power of God. I didn’t say anything out loud. I didn’t even touch them to put my hand out. A couple of minutes later I said how do you feel? I’m good. Feels great. It’s awesome. So sometimes healing is just a matter of releasing the power that is in us. The power of the Holy Spirit, He’s in us. We have the Holy Spirit. Okay? The same power that created the universe dwells in you. All you need to do is learn to release the power that is in you. Okay? That’s not, there is a principle that you can learn but if you practice it. Go out to the grocery store. I dare you go to the grocery store next time and you see someone who’s got a sling on their shoulder or they’ve got an immobilizer boot on their foot because they’ve got an injury go up to them and ask them if you can try to get them healed. And either just command it to be healed or release some power and watch what happens. You are going to be amazed. I’m telling you, you will! (laughs) All right. One of the things I want to talk about is faith. I have found that when I started out praying for people to be healed I didn’t have a lot of faith. Okay? Now big thing in the church. People say if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to that mountain. Okay? That’s not what the Bible says. The Bible says if you have faith as a mustard seed you can speak to this mountain and it will be cast into the sea. Now people say “small as.” That’s not what Jesus said. He said faith that acts the way a mustard seed acts. What does a mustard seed do? Well go to the parable of the mustard seed. Jesus said, the parable of the mustard seed, it’s planted. It grows into a tree greater than all the other trees. Okay. A mustard seed grows. Your faith has to grow. You start out with little tiny faith for healing like I did. Okay. You have to practice. You have to persist. You have to keep on laying hands on people because as you’re doing that, your faith is growing. You’re watering it. You’re fertilizing it and your faith is going to grow. And when your faith is grown enough you will lay hands on people who are dead and you will see them raised from the dead. But faith has to grow and you have to be patient and give yourself time in the process of growing and learning you will grow and you will see greater miracles as you persist. All right. Who wants to talk a little bit about travelling in the spirit?




DAVE: All right. I thought so. So the Lord has been talking to a lot of us about travelling in the Spirit. And it can be a creepy subject for some people. I’m just gonna be honest with you because most of us know about the New Agers and we know about astral projection and we know that’s probably taboo and out of bounds and I will tell you right from the start do not mess with astral projection. I’ve read enough testimonies about astral projection to tell you, you don’t want to go there. Having said that, travelling in the Spirit for the believer is a completely different process. It doesn’t look the same. It doesn’t feel the same. We don’t have the same results. It’s a completely different process. Okay? You can do it using your own free will or God can do it sovereignly. Generally speaking when somebody is physically picked up in their body and moved to India and you spend two hours there praying for some guy and you come back to the United States and drop off… sovereign move of God. God picks you up. Takes you someplace. Gives you an assignment and then you come back. That’s usually a sovereign thing of God. But going into the heavens in your spirit is something any of us can do anytime you want. You would be surprised if you look just at the Books of Daniel and Revelation how many times things were going on in heaven that the man of God on earth was physically on earth but his spirit was in heaven witnessing what was going on. One of the key verses that I use for people to access the heavenly realms is in Revelation 4. John said “I saw a door in heaven before me and a voice said come up here.” Right? It’s an invitation from the Lord to come into the heavens. Why? I’m going to show you things that must come to pass. Okay? So if you want to see what the Lord wants to show you realize there’s an open door and there’s an invitation for you to go there. Okay? So the Holy Spirit has been challenging me come into the heavens. I have things I want to show you. There are courtrooms. There are angels. There are all kinds of places. There are libraries. There’s learning institutions. There’s art studios. (laughs) My wife is an artist. She likes… I think she’s going to go to the art rooms in heaven. The Lord has something to say about that. So this is not… it’s a little bit freaky when you start doing it. But I promise you if you focus on Jesus He said “seek the kingdom first and all these things will be added unto you.” If you’re always seeking Jesus and His kingdom the enemy has very little room to mess you up. I will just say that. That’s been my experience. If you take your eyes off of Jesus and you start messing around with others things you can get into some trouble. So I believe travelling in the spirit is a relatively safe thing. I believe that the Lord is teaching us more about it. You’re going to hear of more people having experiences. My CD is gonna be available pretty soon and I’ve got a book. There’s are other materials and resources coming out. If you’re interested in the subject I would suggest get them. Read about it. Pray about it and let the Lord lead you into how He wants you to do it and the purposes why He wants you to do it. Now I would like to have one of my friends share a testimony about travelling in the spirit. Mitzi. You gotta hold the mic up to your mouth.

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