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LaDONNA:    But if she had accepted the lie and I have bone cancer. If she owned it, if it became… if the doctor’s report became her reality what do you think would have happened? Now if you were the devil what would you do? Um, huh. Give her bone cancer? Take her life! You know he doesn’t play. He’s a destroyer! We don’t play with him. No. But I’m telling you if we can come to the place that we accept the word of God is our reality everything else out there is a lie we stand in the truth. Well that brings me to discuss with you you’re greatest power. You have a power. And it’s equally great because it’s a power that God will not override. It’s a power that Satan cannot override. And it’s the power of choice. It’s the power of choice. It’s just that simple! Now choice, choice is a good word because we know from the very beginning Adam and Eve were given a choice and they chose wrongly. Right? And the consequences of their wrong choice has infected humanity with such suffering. Now of course there’s solution in Christ but we look around our world and there is still so much suffering. So choice is a good word. We can discuss that. Choice. We teach our children to make choices. Every day we make choices. Consider how many choices you’ve made already today. You chose what time to get up. You chose what to say. You chose what to think about your upcoming day. You chose your clothes you’re wearing. You chose everything. You’ve been making decisions. And involved with that you’ve had relational interaction. You have had emotional surges. Thoughts. All kinds of things because were human. All of these things have been going on and we’ve been making choices all day. And the sooner we learn how to take into captivity every thought and every thing that exalts itself above Christ, the sooner we do that the sooner we begin to live in that freedom, that freedom of choice, that freedom of authority, that freedom of truth, that freedom of health, that freedom of possible. You understand? It all starts right here. We have to make choices. I like the word choice but it’s also in this context synonymous with other words. We could call it decision. Faith is a decision. We decide are we going to believe that or are we going to believe the word of God? Now by default, that is our choice. You understand? The lie side, if we don’t resist, you have to resist that side or it by default that’s where we are. So we have to make an effort, take ourselves by the collar and say c’mon, sister, that’s not where you belong. You have chosen to stand on God’s word. So decision. We have the right. Do you realize that before you accepted Christ you didn’t have the right to do that? But the moment you heard about Christ, the moment you heard the good news of what He did for you, the moment you heard that you could be free and you chose, you made a decision! You can’t be saved without making a decision. You’re not just saved because you’re born into a nice family. Or that you go to church. Or raise your hand when you sing worship songs. That doesn’t save you. No, no, no, no. There’s only one way to be saved and that’s to number one recognize that you need a Savior. Recognize your condition and then recognize the one who is your Savior because He paid the price. He suffered your punishment. He has absolved you of guilt and declared you innocent through His own suffering. Wow indeed! And so you recognize Him and you willfully by a decision, the best and strongest decision of your whole life you say I turn from everything else. Every other philosophy. Every other way of thinking, every other way of living, every other type of faith or religion, I turn from the old and I turn to the new, the real, the freedom side, the Jesus side. Hallelujah! So it’s a decision. It’s a decision!

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