You know, we’re told in the Bible that the records, the books in Heaven about us, one of the biggies that is recorded in those books is our unforgiveness. Comment on that.


ROBERT: Yes. I believe that anything, I believe that there’s a record in Heaven about everything. And like for instance, I was having to pray and ask the Lord would any words that were being spoken against me, would those words be removed because I was sensing like there was delay in my life and I felt like it was dealing with words hanging in the atmosphere that had been critical and judgmental toward me. And so as I did that, I suddenly was aware that a book was brought into the courts and examined concerning my behavior and what I had done. And it was revealed in the books that I was innocent of that which I was being accused of, so that those accusations could be silenced and removed so that they would not work against me. So I believe that there’s everything in Heaven is recorded.


SID: But if there is a little bit of truth to the words, you want to repent of it.


ROBERT: We always repent. We always repent and ask for the blood to speak, because the truth is I don’t have to justify myself. In fact, I can’t justify myself. The only thing that justifies me is the blood of Jesus and what he has done for me.


SID: Give me a quick example about unforgiveness.


ROBERT: I was praying for a lady and we were doing a healing service. We had three days of service. The first night she comes she tells me she’s completely deaf in her right ear. And so I pray. I mean, I prayed the best prayer I could pray and nothing happens. The woman is still deaf after several minutes and efforts of praying. And so I finally look at her and just say, “Okay, it’s the first night. Just keep believing. I mean, what do you do during those times? So she goes back. The second night, I don’t see her. The third night, she comes up to me and she says to me, she says, “God spoke to me and said that if I will forgive my parents that he would open my ear.” And I said, “Well have you done that?” And she said, “No, would you help me?” So I led her in a very simple prayer of forgiving her parents. I stuck my finger in her ears, prayed the same prayer I prayed the two nights before and when I did she began to cry out, “Hot oil! Hot oil! There’s hot oil going into my ear!” And her ear that had been closed for years, even decades, was instantly opened because she dealt with the unforgiveness that was in her heart, toward her parents.


SID: Okay, a biggie. What about a husband that has unforgiveness for his wife or a wife that has unforgiveness for her husband, give me an example.


ROBERT: Yes. I mean, those things, any relevant forgiveness, but the Bible says that our prayers are hindered, in First Peter, Chapter 3. It says that if we’re not living in harmony with each other as husband and wife, the scripture says that our prayers are hindered. In other words, they’re not going to be effective. It gives the enemy a legal right to resist those prayers. See, people think will God is mad at me. No, it has nothing to do with God being mad. God is not angry with us. God hasn’t been angry with us since before the cross. See, God is not angry. It is that the enemy has something legal that he’s resisting us with. So if I’ve got bitterness against my wife or she’s got bitterness against me, we have to repent of those things, move them out of the way so that the legal right of the enemy to resist the breakthrough and the healing is stopped.


SID: Give me an example. You were talking earlier about a lady in a wheelchair.


ROBERT: Yes. The lady in the wheelchair that came in on a Wednesday night service when I was leading the Word, that she was rolled down front, and as she was rolled down front I knew she was there to be healed. The Lord said to me, “I’m going to do for her what I did for the man let down through the roof,” whenever they tore the roof off and let the man down. Well I didn’t want to have to go through the process. I thought this could take forever. This could take forever. We can get into all sorts of things. And so I just thought, well I’ll just pray for her. So I prayed for her and I said, “Come on and stand up out of the wheelchair.” And I began to try to help her out of the wheelchair. And she got up that high up out of it, and began to scream in pain. And I realized nothing has happened here. So I let her back down. And I looked at her and I said, “Ma’am,” I said, “Is there anything in your life that you would think God would be displeased with?” That’s all I said. And she said, “Yes there is.” She said, “My husband left me 25 years ago with five children to raise by myself and I’m still mad about it today.” And when she said that, I looked at her, and I said, “What he did was wrong, absolutely. But it is your anger and your bitterness, and your unforgiveness toward him that has you in this wheelchair. And if you will forgive him the healing power of God will touch you.” I led her in a prayer. She forgave her husband with tears streaming down her cheeks. The last time I saw her she was pushing the wheelchair out the back of the church because God had completely healed her, because the legal right connected to unforgiveness was removed.


SID: Robert, you are so strong. You command people not to tolerate sickness. Would you do that now.


ROBERT: Okay. Father, right now in the name of Jesus, I rebuke the spirit that would cause us to tolerate sickness and disease. When you died to set us free and actually your death on the cross declared sickness and disease illegal. It no longer has a legal right to operate against us and I say that we no longer tolerate it or let it operate. We with aggression receive the fullness of everything Jesus died for, in Jesus’s name. Amen.


SID: Take this to Heaven and say a quick prayer.




SID: So Father, even as we just come before you, again into the courts of Heaven, thank you that that is open and accessible. Lord, I thank you right now in regards to unforgiveness or any other legal issue. We ask for the blood to speak for us. Just ask him right now. Just say, Lord, let your blood speak for me. Let your blood speak according to your Word that every right against me, every legal issue against me is now removed and revoked. Lord, I thank you for that. Lord, even as the blood is speaking, I’m reminded of Leviticus 14, that the blood was applied and then the anointing oil was put on top of the blood. I say that the anointing oil now comes and touches that which the blood has cleansed and I say that even as that happens right now, healing flows out of the anointing of God. Sickness and disease is broken because Jesus legally removed it. And any legal right the enemy is seeking to use is now revoked and removed. Thank you for that, Lord, right now, in Jesus’s name. Amen.


SID: And aren’t you glad he said, “It is finished.”

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