PATRICIA: Just that prayer closet with God. And he would go in there and meet with God. Sometimes through worship or reading the word, or just talking or listening. And he would spend that time with the Lord and he said not my wife, not my children, not even the President of the United States would be able to invade that time because I set it apart for God. And he said if you really believe something you will, you will do it, and because I believe God is that important to me I kept that all these years. And he said that it was in that devotion time when I would spend that time with the Lord, he said the Lord would give me inspiring ideas. He would download mandates for me to fulfill. Assignments.

And when those came by revelation he never had to ask me twice because I would just, you know, I would just respond. He said everything I did in my ministry was actually born out of that place of devotion. And he said so when I did… when I would implement those assignments it was so easy because the grace of God was like a current in a river. It just carried me along. It was easy. And I thought “Wow.” So later on he gave us all a desire. He, he said I’m going to pray an impartation for each and every one of you and you can ask me for whatever you want.

You can have an impartation for my, my gift of faith, evangelism, uh, media, uh, miracles. Whatever it is that you want, you just say it when you come before me and I’m going to connect with my faith for that and I’m going to release it to you. He says I believe in the power of impartation. So when I went, went, went before him, you know, we were kneeling down, because he was sitting on a, on a chair, he was elderly. And he says “What do you want?” And I said, I burst into tears and I said “I want the sacred time in the sacred place.” And he says what else do you want? And I said, “Nothing!” Because I thought if I get that I get it all. Right? And he prayed for me and it was like lightnings came into me and I went on the floor. I don’t often get touched like that by the Lord, um, but that day I did. And I knew I received a key. Once of the greatest keys that you can have in your whole life with God is to hold that place with Him sacred. It’s to give Him the first and the best. So I usually like to spend the morning time, you know, uh, with Him giving Him the first and the best of that time. BUT I have found that distractions come to the mind because I’ve got many things on my plate in many different directions.

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