STEVE: She literally at times had to hire people to come in and watch over me so she could sleep for an hour. And she always wanted to be there when I died. But from all that, and coming out of all that, you can only imagine the horrific process of coming out of it. And I’m still fighting. But I’m in a place right now where I’m back. The anointing’s twice as strong as it was before. My voice is as strong or stronger than it was before. The message is clearer. We’re getting invitations to come into the, go to the mega churches to come and speak truth. But I’m going to close with this. I don’t argue with anybody. I don’t… It really doesn’t make any difference. I don’t use the word I don’t care because I’d care about everybody here. But it really doesn’t make any difference to me what you believe.

Listen up at home. because whatever you believe you’re going to die with that. Okay? You can look in my face and say “I believe in this.” All right? I don’t believe there’s any judgments. All right. All right. You might get 80 years. Then you get to face what you talking about. So it doesn’t matter to me. Theologians. Psssh. It doesn’t matter to me. All the false teachers that are running around the planet. Doesn’t matter to me. I’m being invited to speak on all the top channels all over the place and, and I told one producer, I told one, and you’d know who he was, big time, I told him I said when I come on its going to be very dirty. You know that don’t you? He said, “Yes, sir, I do.” And I said it’s just going to be you, your wife, me and my wife. And I said we’re going to be talking about war. Spiritual death.

The damning of this nation. I said it’s going to be dirty. War is dirty. Death is dirty. Digging for souls that have died in this avalanche is hard work. It’s dirty. So I’m at the place right now guys where nothing matters anymore. You hear me? It just doesn’t matter. Okay? Did you know within a few short years everyone one of us here and everyone listening at home within a few short years you will be standing before Him! Teenagers! A few short years. Grandpa, grandma! A few short years. You will be standing before the King of kings and the Lord of lords. No matter how young you think you are, no matter how young you think you feel, no matter how invincible you feel, few short years it’s all coming down. It’s all coming down and you will stand before him. And we’ll give an account for how you lived. And so I don’t know how long I have. I said to Jesus, “Lord, I’ll make a deal with you.” This was when I was lying in the hospice bed. I’ll make a deal with you. You want me to come home? Nobody on planet earth wants to come home more than I do.


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