Marilyn: Everybody say: “faith” (audience says “faith”) “in the anointing” (audience says “in the anointing”) And so just that wonderful power and presence of the Lord to heal. And you’re going to know specific times, and that’s wonderful. But what if a lot of people get healed and you don’t? They felt the anointing, in some way you didn’t have faith in the anointing or something, and you didn’t get healed. Well is that the only way? No. He wants you well. He wants you whole. Healing is the bread of the children. Are you born again? (audience says “yes”) Wave your hand. Say: “healing is for me.” (audience says “healing is for me”). So I’m going to give you the second way, and this is for all believers. The second way is the laying on of hands. In Mark 16 it tells you that believers should lay hands on the sick and they will recover. So put your hands out. Say: there’s healing (audience says “there’s healing”) and miracles (audience says “and miracles”) in my hands (audience says “in my hands”) Now stand up, I’m going to pray for you. I’m going to pray that you are bold and you go out and pray for the sick. Amen? (audience says “amen”) It isn’t just for a few people, this is for the whole body. Can you imagine how many people could get saved that you know– ugly relatives, mean employers. You know, be bold, press in, and pray for them. [Marilyn prays] Father, I just pray for every believer here. That they will be bold in their faith. They will lay hands on the sick. And I thank you they’re going to be faithful in that place. In Jesus’ name, may many miracles come out of this meeting today because of believers laying hands on the sick in Jesus’ name, amen. (audience says “amen”) Sit down all you healers! (clapping) That is so important. Now the most dramatic miracle I ever saw from the laying on of hands, was not my ministry, it was many years ago before I was teaching the Bible. We went to a meeting, we were in ministry, my husband and I at that time, I was a school teacher. And A.A. Allen was there and so we were personal workers in the meeting. He would invite people to get saved. It was a big meeting, maybe 6-7000 people, and we would go to the back with those people with other workers and pray for people to receive Christ. So one night we went to the back and there was the most pitiful man, he was skin and bones, they had him on a stretcher, and I said to them, the people who brought him, I said “What’s wrong with him?” They said, “Well, he has tuberculosis, its eaten away both of his lungs,  and we’re waiting for Brother Allen to come back and lay hands on him.” So you know we’re praying for people to receive Christ, but I’m watching him. And when Brother Allen came back, he said “prop him up.” They said, “You know he’s dying, he has one week to live.” And he [Brother Allen] prayed so simply, he just said, “In Jesus name, receive new lungs!” And the man fell backward and of course they caught him. And I’m not just the most powerful person in remembering names, but his name was Jean Mullinex and some way that name stuck with me. So maybe 8 years later, I don’t know exactly how many years, I was starting to travel a little and speak and I’m going to a church in Little Rock Arkansas. And I’m looking at the pastor’s name and its Jean Mullinex, but that didn’t ring a bell to me. I thought that’s a familiar name but I don’t know why. So I get there. The pastor and his wife meet me. And we’re on the way to the church and I thought “Jean Mullinex, that’s the man that A.A. Allen laid hands on! But this man doesn’t look like him.” So I told him the incident. He said, “I’m the man.” He’s still living. He’s a retired pastor.


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