JAMIE: Love is the key. And here is the key. I believe God wants to release love unlike ever before but love is not just a feeling. God is love and He’s moving unlike we’ve ever seen before. He’s not just in church. He’s in pop culture today. He’s everywhere! And we’re seeing a momentum begin to happen in the spirit and in the natural! And I believe God wants to give you eyes to see what it is that He is up to because if we could grab a hold of this Jesus is moving in your life in ways that maybe you’re not recognizing in the moment. What if I told you that you could see Jesus moving in your life by actually observing natural things around you as signs and wonders that God is actually on the move? You know many people come to me and they’ll approach me and they’ll say you know let’s pray. I want to see a move of God in our nation. I want to see a move of God here. I want to see a move of God there. And they’ll say to me but why is God moving so powerfully and they’ll name a third world nation, they’ll name somewhere else and they’ll say God’s moving so powerfully there. Why isn’t He moving so powerfully here? And I look at them and in my heart, I just get grieved because I know God is moving so powerfully here. The only problem is we’ve been trained not to see it!

AUDIENCE: Yes! Right! Yes.

JAMIE: And if we’ll have eyes to see God wants to give us eyes to see what He’s already been up to because He is on the move! Now here’s what the amazing thing about the prophetic does. The prophetic gives you, eyes to see what He is up to! It gives your eyes to see what He’s already doing! I’ll give you an example. There was this man we were going down to minister in a park and it was a mobile home park and I needed to talk to the landlord of the area and get his permission. I believe in authority. And so I went to him and I said: “look, I need your permission because I want to go door to door and minister supernatural signs, wonders and miracles and I want to see people reach out and touch Jesus!” And he says well what are you going to do? And I go “well, I’ll give you a little taste. How about that?” He says okay. I said you have knee problems in your right knee. He says “yes, I do! How’d you know?” And I said in 1978 the Lord visited you. And he says “what!” He says that was the year the white light came to me!


JAMIE: And I said the white light? He says it was the year the white light showed up and I quit drinking. I quit drugs. I quit smoking. And I didn’t know what it was! I just called it the white light!


JAMIE: From 1978 to that moment he never knew it was Jesus that showed up but he had been delivered from addiction! It was supernatural! But the prophetic there was to reveal what God had already done, what He was already doing. So I want you to open to Mark chapter 8 because we’re going to go through this and I believe at the end of this time you’re going to have eyes to see in the supernatural and it’s not going to be spooky, it’s not going to be weird. It’s going to be naturally supernatural! You’re going to embrace a realm of the supernatural that you’ve never seen before. Or maybe you’ve actually seen it the whole time and just didn’t know that it was what God was doing. You ever have natural signs happen around you and they’re obvious. Maybe it’s numbers. How many of you know that God’s into numbers?


JAMIE: He’s got an entire book called Numbers. He’s into numbers and He likes to speak to us numbers. Sometimes in the middle of the night, we wake up and it’s the same number. 1:11. 1:11. 1:11. What does that mean? What do I do about what I’m seeing? You see these different numbers or 11:11 or 12:12 and you go through your day and all of a sudden this number speaks to you. And you see it everywhere and you have to be careful because is it God or is it just your awareness? Are you focused on it? And here’s the deal. I believe God is speaking more often than we realize and our typical training and the religious spirit tries to diminish what it is that God is doing and minimize His activity. We’ve seen people healed and at the end of their healing they get up to tell a testimony. Maybe they got healed of some terminal illness and a good meaning person stands there listening to her testimony and says well that was good but let’s get her eyes back on Jesus.


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