SID: Well let me ask you this. You said to me that you don’t give the message; Jesus stands right next to you, tells you what to say, and you say it. Did I get that straight?

KEVIN: Yeah, and it’s word-for-word.

SID: Okay. Is He behind you now?

KEVIN: Yes He is.

SID: Let’s go!

KEVIN: [laughs]

SID: [laughs]

KEVIN: Thank You. Thank You Father.

SID: Now [laughing] I have I’m thinking, “What other host would s- let ‘their mail be read’ [laughing] on television?” I must be “meshugah”; that’s a Hebrew word for “crazy.” Go ahead Kevin; I’m sorry. [laughs]

KEVIN: Mm. Jesus says that,, “When I formed you in your mother’s womb, I placed in you a purpose. I have sent you to this place that you’re at right now.” That the Lord has had you carry a torch from one generation to the next; “That you have taken from what I have done on the Earth in one generation, and you have transferred it to the next generation, and you have been faithful to Me.” And Jesus says, “Because you have been faithful to Me, I am about to expand you, and your ministry is about to reach four times that, that it is now”, and that the Lord is bringing people to you to help you with this. That your name is written in Heaven, Sid. And “By the power and authority you speak My words, and you cause the Earth to come into full revelation of Jesus Christ, because you speak the words by the Spirit, you allow people to experience God in a different way, Sid, and that is My heart. You are bringing Me to the world. No good thing will I withhold from you, Sid, because you have not withheld anything from Me. I, the Lord, have called you; I have planned you to be in this place. It is just the beginning; it’s just starting for you; your best days are ahead. Walk with Me, stay close to Me, and you shall see the end of your faith.” Amen.

SID: Amen! Well, you have had, according to my notes, 17 visitations, where either Jesus came to him, or he went to Heaven. Tell me about the time you saw your Angel for the first time.

KEVIN: Well I was surprised because I had could never see I could just sense, you know; and there’s a difference between sensing something. And, a lot of people want to know the difference between the Holy Spirit’s Presence, and an Angel’s presence, and I actually couldn’t tell the difference. But what happened was is one evening in particular, we were praying, and it was my wife, and my pastor’s mother at the time. And while they were praying, I felt a heat so strong, and a, and the light a light so strong, that it was coming through the cracks of my eyes as I was praying. So I opened my eyes, and I looked up, and there was this Angel, standing there, on fire, and He was smiling at me! And I looked at my wife, and I looked at the pastor’s mother, and I said, “What is going on?”; and they didn’t respond. They were praying; they didn’t see it. I looked at him, and I said, “Who are you?” He said, “My name is Aon, and I’m your Angel.” And now, since that night, every time that I go to minister, whether it’s one person or a thousand, he shows up and just stands behind me. And he doesn’t say a word; he just burns with the fire of God, and causes me to operate in what God’s called me to do, in whatever situation that would be.

SID: And you told me he’s here now, and you told me you were burning.

KEVIN: Yeah, I’m burning from behind; he’s standing behind me. And he is he is no different than all the Angels that are sent to each individual, to be with them; angels are sent to each person. Jesus showed me that children He spoke about in the Bible,

“Don’t touch the children because their angels always see the face of their Father in Heaven.” And so, Angels are with children, according to the Scripture; but when you grow up, you don’t lose your Angel; in fact, I think you need them more. And so everybody

SID: Oh I’m sure! [laughs]

KEVIN: everybody has Angels! And ever-

SID: Well what does He want you to do in the next segment coming up?

KEVIN: He wants me to speak to people, and prophesy; he wants me to speak what the Lord is saying to people. He’s here because he knows that what I have to say is important to people to hear; and this is that the supernatural is for everyone; it’s not for a chosen few. I am nothing special; everyone has Angels. Everyone can have the experience of praying, and seeing their prayers answered.

SID: I believe that as people listen to you, that they’re going to hear from Heaven, just as I just did. We’ll be right back for “Something More.”


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