SID: You know, Andre, you were mentored by someone who’s now in heaven and was a guest on my television show, Jill Austin. And one of the things that she was famous for is she had a passion for people to have encounters with God, experiences with God. And she would just say, “Holy Spirit, come.” And guess what? The Holy Spirit would come. Now you had occasion to see her minister many times. Tell me a few of the manifestations that occurred with her.

ANDRE: Oh wow. There’s so many with Jill. One of the major ones that sticks out in my mind is a young man who was rather rebellious, and came to one of Jill’s meetings. And his friends asked him, “Oh, aren’t you afraid to go to this meeting?” And he goes, “No, I’ve been around Bob Jones, Paul Kane, and nothing ever happens to me.” So when he walked into the room, he said two huge hands grabbed him around the waist, whispered in his ear and said, “I thought you said nothing ever happens to you,” and slams him to the floor. And for three hours he’s wrestling with the angel. And you can literally see this happening because he would try to crawl away and it would pull him back.

SID: Excuse me for a second. Some of you skeptics, did you ever hear about Jacob wrestling with an angel? It’s even in the Bible, but go ahead.

ANDRE: And so it radically changed his life. He became a missionary to Mexico and is in ministry today.

SID: Some of you are saying, “why would God do that?” It radically changed his life. Did you hear that? He’s now in ministry. Andre, Jill Austin prayed over you, and when she prayed her impartation over you, what did she say?

ANDRE: She said that out of all of her spiritual children that I walked the most like her and moved like she did. That’s my heart. I want to see God touch people, and people have radical encounters with God. It’s not enough just to go to church anymore. You know, if we were just going to be in church and sit in the pews, what’s the point. I’d rather go do something different. But if God is going to meet with his people when his manifest presence comes. And you know, I know God’s omnipresent, and he’s everywhere all the time, but the reality is his manifest presence doesn’t come like that all the time. And I’m praying for 2 Chronicles 5 where the glory cloud shows up and the priest can’t stand to minister because God himself begins to move.

SID: So, an atheist comes into one of your meetings.

ANDRE: I used to do a youth camp up in the mountains outside of Seattle. And you know how in youth camps parents send all their kids that they hope God touches, which kind of makes it difficult sometimes because they’re very rebellious.

SID: All the troublemakers.

ANDRE: Yeah. One young man came and he said, “Okay God, if you’re real, have somebody fly tonight.” And so in the meeting, a young man who actually had a halo on because he had just had surgery on his brain, literally picked up…

SID: I mean, I’ve heard of fleeces, I read about Gideon in the Bible, but Gideon didn’t know what a fleece was.

ANDRE: Flew out down the hall, the door swung open. He flew over the parking lot and landed in the snow. So needless to say, the atheist is no longer an atheist.

SID: Again Mr. and Mrs. Skeptic, I have read books of the first believers, and this was not a unique thing. These believers, these early saints, many of them flew. There’s one entire book on this, but forget their experiences. How about the Bible? Do you remember Elijah? Do you remember Enoch? Do you remember Jesus? They all flew. I believe that this may even become common when the glory really hits us.

ANDRE: Yeah, I believe that. I believe we haven’t seen anything yet. We’ve only seen a little bit. It’s kind of like an iceberg. We see the tip at the top, but the major part of the iceberg’s under the water. And I believe the iceberg is coming up, and we’re going to begin to see God move and it’s… because we need it. We need it in the world today. That’s why people are running to psychics and mediums, and that’s what’s common on TV, because they want an encounter with something that’s greater than they are. Well we the church, has the greatest thing on the inside of us. It’s the Holy Spirit. The same Shekinah Glory that rested over the ark of the covenant, now resides on the inside of us, and we just got to let Him out, to let Him out and do what He wants to do because God loves touching people.

SID: You know what I’m reminded of is, you’re telling that. Most people don’t know this, but in Israel, when a young person graduates from the military, they take some time off, and they go to a nearby country, and they go to the gurus and the new age mystics. Why? Because if we will not show them the authentic, they’ll settle for a cheap counterfeit. It’s time the believers show the authentic. It’s time to be normal.

SID: Now, when Andre talks about the Breaker Anointing, people just automatically, the presence of God comes on their problems. They start repenting of sin and they get so hungry for more of God. This God hunger is the key to the glory. Are you hungry?

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