JERAME:  I mean I, I want you to understand something. It doesn’t mean that they’re more spiritual than the one that doesn’t feel. It just means that that sense of touch isn’t open for one and it is for another. But it’s important. Because I don’t believe God just releases manifestations to play games. I believe God does it for a purpose. And you see Jesus, you could see this, this example in the life and ministry of Jesus. Jesus, you know, when, when He was in the earth, He, He was walking with His disciples and He was going pray for a man’s daughter and as He was walking to go pray for this man’s daughter He walked through this crowd of people and, and this woman, right, the woman with the issue of blood. She, she sees Him and she recognizes Him as, as the Savior and as her Lord and she recognizes Him as someone who, who would fulfill an Old Testament prophecy where it said that there would be healing that would come out of his wings, being the tassels of the garment that He wore.

And so she runs up in the midst of this really crowded place and grabs the tassel and when she does the Bible says that as Jesus was walking with His disciples in this crowded place He feels the anointing release. And, and, and so He stops and He says Who’s touching me? And you know what’s amazing about that is everybody thinks He’s crazy. Well when you walk in the supernatural people will think you’re crazy. You just got to get over that. And Jesus, He goes Who touched me? And they said, what do you mean who touched me? Everybody’s touching you! You know they’re walking through a marketplace. If you’ve been to a Third World country and you’ve walked through a marketplace you know what I mean. It can take you 10 minutes to get from this side to the other side of the street. And, but the reality is it’s about fruit, right? So Jesus says Who touched me? and He looks down. There’s this woman shaking and trembling. Now here’s the amazing thing. The Bible says that when she touched Him, she felt in her body that the sickness was gone, that the disease was gone. And you see I want you to understand something. I believe feeling is very important at times with the Lord because it releases faith. And not only does it release faith but it gets our attention. See Jesus was sensitive to the anointing of God. Who wants to be sensitive to the anointing of God?

JERAME:  Because God wants you to be sensitive. And who’s ever felt the presence of God come on them like outside of church? You know you’re, you’re doing whatever. Shopping. You’re at Walmart, or you’re getting a coffee and, you know all of a sudden you get hit by God? Who’s had that experience? See a lot of times what we do as Christians is we focus on ourselves we go, Oh, my Father loves me! But what if God’s going No, no, there’s an encounter in this room right now for you and I’m trying to get your attention. How many of you know that sometimes we’re so about ourselves we miss the point that sometimes God wants to reach others. And, I, you know I remember for about 2 years I begin to get hit with the presence of God outside of church and I would be in a line at, you know, a coffee shop and my wife and I would be standing there and I’d go UUU and she’d be like Do you have to do that so loud?

And I’d just say I can’t help it. It’s happening. And, and I remember I used to just go God loves me. And after about a year of that, you know, DUU, I’d just get hit. And I’d go God what is with this? You know, like people that aren’t saved thought I had Tourette’s. They were like – And, and finally the Lord, one day I get hit. UUU. He goes Jerame, I’m trying to get your attention. Look to the right. And there was a woman that had, you know, an injury on her ankle. He said go pray for her so I went and prayed for her. She got totally healed. And, and it was from that point on I began to realize wait a minute, this manifestation stuff is with purpose.

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