JERAME: And I went what? And He said read it again. It says I come not with eloquence of speech or superior wisdom but with a demonstration of the Holy Spirit – and He said Stop! And I went what? He goes you don’t need more power. You need more Holy Spirit!


JERAME: And the Lord began to speak and He said this. He said: What I’m releasing in this season is the presence upon! It’s the presence upon! He said a lot of people have the Holy Spirit within but they haven’t learned how to activate the Presence upon! And so the Presence upon is the anointing. That’s literally what it means when John said: As for you, you know all things because you have an anointing from God. The word anointing means this: charisma. Charisma means what? The personality of God! And so literally what it’s saying is this. It’s that God wants to get you so close to Him that He begins to rub off on you! 

AUDIENCE: Amen! Hallelujah!

JERAME: That His personality begins to rub off in your life.

AUDIENCE: Hallelujah!

JERAME: See so what that means is this. Is if you’re fearful and He rubs off on you He destroys fear and you become bold! What that means is that if you’re sick and He begins to rub Himself off on you that anointing of God comes. He removes, He breaks the yoke! How many of you know that you know Isaiah 10 it tell us it says the anointing oil breaks the yoke. See God is about to set a whole generation free from drugs and alcohol pornography, from demonic things, from witchcraft.


JERAME: And it’s not this seeker-sensitive you know version of Christianity where you barely get your toe in the water and we don’t want to offend anybody. Listen! You know on the day of Pentecost when the glory of God hit and they got filled they were being accused of what? Being drunk at 9 in the morning! One of the things we got to learn if we want to be used by God we got to lose our dignity. We got to lose our, we got to stop trying to dignify the process of God touching His people because here’s the thing. You’re no good to God unless you’re on fire!


JERAME: You’re no good to Him unless you’re on fire! And the Holy Spirit is the one who brings fire!

AUDIENCE: Amen! Yes!

JERAME: And when you begin to get into His presence and you begin to recognize that He’s in you for a purpose because He wants to rub off on you so He can be upon you now that makes spending time with the Holy Spirit way more valuable and it brings the purpose out of why God gave Him to you! He didn’t just give Him to you to comfort you. He gave Him to you so that you would know God more! And not only would you know God more but you’ll be anointed for the purpose that He’s called you to! And how many of you know that we can’t do anything outside of God? I mean you got to understand something. If you can do it out of your own strength, it aren’t God! And I’ll tell you why? Because when it’s God is something that’s impossible to you!


JERAME: See it wouldn’t bring God much glory if you could pull it off yourself. But the things that are impossible God pulls off for you because why? He wants to look good!


JERAME: And I’ll tell you what. I don’t care who you are or what you’re called to. If you’re called to business you can develop a business anointing. If you’re called to music or entertainment or worship God wants to give you creativity. If you’re called to evangelism, you’re called to preach the Gospel, if you’re called to ministry listen, you can do it out of you know the gifting and you can do it out of principles but when the anointing of God starts to flow everybody knows it! I remember I was preparing one night for the outpouring and I usually drive down the street. And I get in my car and I worship and the reason why is we got this demon called traffic in Southern California.

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