JERAME: And so I go early and so I can avoid the traffic. So I’m in my car worshipping the Lord and I’m praising about 30 minutes in and all of a sudden I get a knock on my window and I look over and I go, and a guy’s there and I roll down my window and the guy says oh, I’m so sorry.

JERAME Nelson, like I didn’t know that you were praying here. I just can’t find the church and when the window rolls down the glory of God goes out the window and knocks him out in the power.


JERAME: He falls in the middle of the road and I’m going, I’m looking, going whoa and a police officer pulls up. Now I’m going uh-oh! [laughs] And now I’m like yelling out the window going get up, man! The police are here!


JERAME: And so the guy gets up and he tries to hold it together and when he gets up he’s like HA! And so I’m thinking in my head okay, this guy thinks we’re crazy. I’m thinking like they’re going to taser him.


JERAME: And, and, and so, so the police officer rolls his window down and goes what are you guys doing? Why is he laid out in the middle of the street? And so I’m trying to think what do I tell him? And the guy goes JESUS!!


JERAME: And you know what? The police officer shocked me. He goes what do you mean Jesus? I said oh, we’re hosting the revival down the street here. The fire and glory outpouring. And I said you know I’m the preacher. I’m getting ready. And he says really? My elbow’s messed up. Can your God heal it?

AUDIENCE: Oh, wow!

JERAME: That’s what he says in the window. And so I just said Yeah. In the name of Jesus be healed! And the guy goes oh my gosh. It’s better! And then I thought we got to get him saved so I said Hey. Get out of your car. And he went [screeching tire sound] and took off!


JERAME: He took off. But you know what? It was a seed that was planted. But you know what I learned that day?

AUDIENCE: Yeah, yeah.

JERAME: Is that my spending time with God was causing something tangible to happen to the fact where someone knocked on my window and got knocked out in the power of God.


JERAME: And not only that I was able to release with a decree over a police officer a miracle into his busted up elbow and he was instantly healed! See this is the realm that Peter was walking in!


JERAME: And it’s available to the Church!


JERAME: But it’s not available, listen there’s no short cut to get to this realm! See we have to begin to value intimacy with God above all things! And we have to begin to understand that just like if you were to go to the beach and you know on vacation how many of you know you don’t go out you know after you’ve been in winter and just go in the sun. Right? Cause you’re going to get burnt! You know what you do? You take some suntan lotion and you rub it all over yourself to prepare yourself for what? An encounter with the sun. Well listen, that’s what the anointing of God does! God wants to anoint you and so let me just ask you this question cause I’m sure that those of you who are watching are probably wondering well how do I position myself to get this anointing? Well listen how many of you know that the Bible says those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength.

They’ll mount up with the wings of eagles and they’ll walk and not faint. They won’t be weary. And so we have to learn how to make time to be with Jesus! We have to learn how to make time to be with God! Now it looks different than everybody, you know with each person cause we’re all wired differently. Some people are seers. Some people are feelers. Some people they hear the voice of God in different ways. For me I go for walks with Jesus every day. I have that luxury and you know so I go for an hour and a half walk with the Lord. I put my music on and I pray in the spirit a lot. And one of the things that I’ve learned is that when I spend time with Him He rubs off on me! And then what I do is so that’s my time of like what I call intercession prayer.

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