SID ROTH: You know in my lifetime [music and applause ends] I have never seen such a high miracle anointing than that of Miss Kathryn Kuhlman. And Joan Gieson, you had such a high privilege of working with her, praying with her for the 10 years before she died. And she was healed of an incurable illness. She was dying. She would have been blind and dead and she went to that meeting with an expectation. I don’t know how you had an expectation.


SID: But you did! And she got healed and she couldn’t keep her mouth shut! She had to tell everyone!

JOAN: [laughs]

SID: But I had a friend knowing that we were going to do this show today and he said: “Sid, I have one of the chairs from the church in Pittsburgh from Kuhlman’s ministry.” Can you read that on the back? And camera – let’s get a camera on that if we can. What’s that say?

JOAN: Beautiful. Kuhlman.

SID: Say it with your mic.

JOAN: Kuhlman. K – u- h – l – m – a – n. [laughs]  

SID: So I kind of wanted to – it arrived this morning and I kind of wanted Holy Spirit to have a seat right there next to you.

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: Ohh! [laughs] Isn’t that beautiful!

Audience: [applause]

JOAN: Ohh! Ohh!

SID: So I have to ask you one thing though.

JOAN: Yes. Yes.

SID: Because Miss Kuhlman trusted you to walk up to people and know they were going to be healed and pray for them! Tell me the very first time this happened in her meetings.

JOAN: It was in Chicago Illinois. And I had got on a plane and flew in by myself. And I told Miss Kuhlman I would be there but that really didn’t mean all that much. And Maggie and Ruth were the two beautiful ladies that had served in that ministry forever. And so I sat there through the whole entire service and now the music started to play and I felt in my spirit, felt not a tingling, not a goose-pimply, but His Spirit inside of me said, “Get up now.” No training. Maggie didn’t take me around and say “this what you do.” Ruth didn’t take me around and say what you do. And I sat in that Chicago auditorium in a big hotel He said, “Get up now.” And so I got up and I walked to whom I thought He wanted me to walk to. It was a man and he was sitting right on the edge of the row. And so I stopped and I said to him “Sir. Sir. God has just healed your stomach.” And he didn’t say a word. And I said “Sir. Sir.” And I touched him and he kind of shook me off. I said, “God is healing your stomach!” And he still didn’t answer me. And I said, “Sir, do not grieve the Holy Spirit cause if you do there’s great danger there!” He said “Look, lady! There’s never been anything wrong with my stomach! Absolutely nothing has ever been wrong with my stomach! I’ve never even had my appendix out!” And I said, “Don’t grieve the Holy Spirit!” I didn’t even feel embarrassed. You know normally when you make that big of a mistake you could just fall down and die?

Audience: That’s right.

JOAN: And hope they just kick you under the seat? Well no, I didn’t do that. I just turned around and I walked from him. And as I walked away I heard this. “Huh, huh, huh. Huh, huh, huh, huh.” [crying] And I thought “Oh, no! Now, what is it?” Cause I just messed up with him. What happened? And I turned around and here was the lady sitting next to him. And she’s sobbing so hard that she’s shaking the seat! And I walked back to her and I said “Why are you crying? What’s wrong with you?” She said “You don’t understand. My husband was in the service and a bomb blew up near him and it blew his eardrums out and he’s never heard a word in 40 years!”

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