BRUCE: And so that whisper, wouldn’t it be fair to say that that whisper is the thoughts that come to our mind? Right? That still small whisper, that thought, that prompting, that nudge that comes to our mind. So Elijah experiences it, right? And so we experience it. God is Spirit and He speaks to us through our spirits! Sometimes God can speak audibly. You might have got it.

KYLE: And He does!

BRUCE: And I’ve had it. You know there’s different ways.

KYLE: But that would be the exception, you would say?

BRUCE: Not the rule.

KYLE: Okay.

BRUCE: The rule is He’s speaking Spirit to spirit to us! And when we, when we realize that and we begin trying to tune in to listen to that He’s speaking to us so this dialogue versus a monologue. If we’re expecting that it’s going to be this big loud thing a lot of times a prayer will just turn into a monologue and we never hear anything and you know you pray the prayer at night and roll over and go to sleep. 

KYLE: And we petition God and then all of a sudden we’re done with the conversation, and we never –

BRUCE: Roll over and we go to sleep!

KYLE: Right.

BRUCE: Exactly. But it’s supposed to be a dialogue! A two-way stream of communication. A give and take. So a lot of times I’ll use the example of a cell phone. Let’s say you know I pick up the cell phone and I call my best friend and I get them on the phone and I start telling them about my day. Yeah. So you know I got caught in traffic on the way to work today and at work today you know I was really planning. I was hoping to get this great promotion but this person at work got the promotion instead of me! Then I had a flat tire on the way back from work! And then you know my wife was crabby at home. The kids are noisy and she made pizza and I don’t know if I made her mad, you know? 

KYLE: [Laughing]

BRUCE: And all of a sudden you just hang up on your best friend!

KYLE: It sounds like as real conversation!

BRUCE: [Laughs] You hang up and never give the person on the other end ever a chance, an opportunity to talk back!

KYLE: That wouldn’t be a relationship, would it?

BRUCE: That wouldn’t be a relationship! But that’s a lot of times the way we pray! And then we roll over and go to sleep and start snoring and the whole time God is right there going uh, uh. He can’t get a word in edgewise! Wanting to speak. Wanting to give dialogue. So first it’s expecting it! Really thinking that God is going to speak back to us. A dialogue. And then it’s being still. Psalm 46:10. David said, “Be still.” Right? “Be still and know that I am God.” God is speaking through him. And then giving Him actually an opportunity to do that. And you know I’ve had times when I’m praying and I will literally hear the Holy Spirit say to me, “Enough!” Like just –  

KYLE: And now it’s time for you to –

BRUCE: You need to just be quiet and listen now!

KYLE: And just take in.

BRUCE: And you know when He said enough it’s loving but it’s still, it’s serious, like enough! 

KYLE: I love, and I’ve heard it before, that if you rearrange the word “listen” it’s “silent!” It has all the same –

BRUCE: [Laughs] There!

KYLE: And really that’s so much of what it is! I know some people are probably wondering, and I’ve asked this question myself. When we’re hearing from God and thoughts pop into our minds.

BRUCE: Uh-huh.

KYLE: How would you say that we discern what are our thoughts versus what God is saying because, you know, can God sound like us sometimes or we sound like Him?

BRUCE: Sure, absolutely! You know I go back to it’s very simplistic but a cartoon. Everybody’s has seen this cartoon. It’s the cartoon and I don’t care if it’s Daffy Duck or whoever. On one shoulder the little red devil. On the other shoulder the little angel.

KYLE: Yeah.

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