SID: Okay, your dad heard something. What was it?

LADONNA: That night when he saw that Miracle, he said it was like 10,000 voices twirling over his head saying, “You can do that, you can do this. That’s what Jesus did, that’s what the Disciples did. That’s what the Early Church did. You can do that. That’s the answer. You can do that.” That was an absolute transforming experience.

SID: And here’s the exciting thing. What those voices were saying to T.L. Osborn, they’re saying to you right now. They’re saying if T.L. can do it, you can. Because I found out that T.L. didn’t work in exceptional gifting.


SID: He didn’t have the Words of Knowledge of William Branham, he just was a Farmer and LaDonna said. And he would get up there and he would say, because what he did after he heard this, is he started studying the Gospels, the book of Acts. And then he went off to Jamaica, and according to my notes here, 90 Blind people. That was his first meeting after this; 90 Blind people got their sight back. 125 Deaf and Mute people could hear and speak, and I tell you, in fact, I’m so excited about his book because this is according to LaDonna, his classic. His best book that we’re making available to you. It’s called “Biblical Healing.” It’s so simple, it’s so easy. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything that your father put in print that wasn’t simple and easy to understand. And I’m telling you, we’re coming into a time in which God is going to show Himself off. And you need this simple the through training. How many people would you say have read your mother and father’s materials, and then been able to do what they do?

LADONNA: My tens-of-thousands, everywhere I go, all over the world. People will come to me and tell me about reading different books. This one for example “Biblical Healing”, and they said, “I’ve read it, I’ve taught it, it changed my ministry, it changed my life. I go to the market, I pray for people. I go to the hospital, I see Miracles all the time.” So, you’re right, this makes it so simple.

SID: So, LaDonna we’re going to give the book by T.L. Osborn, “Biblical Healing”, we going to take your 3 CD series by LaDonna, “Physical Healing” and we have to include a bonus. Here’s the bonus. We’re going to include a CD of LaDonna’s Mother and Father sharing in detail their evolution to going from seeing a Miracle one in a great while, “Back in 1955 there was a Miracle—.” No, no, no! To making Miracles, thousands, wherever they would go. And when he shares this, he has more Miracles than anything he’s ever done. We’re going to put this in a package for you. All for an investment of $45. Why do I say investment? Because any profits we make, or if you put extra money in, is poured into Jewish ministry. And I have got ‘Good News’ for you! This is the ‘set time to favor Zion’. When we come back I’m going to really have to find out with LaDonna. She was really raised on the platform at meeting watching this as a little child. You might have been playing with dolls or something [music]. She was watching Miracles.

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