SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Tim Sheets. And I have to tell you something, my guests keep doing this to me, Tim, you provoke to jealousy. January 2020, you had two specific phrases revealed to you, what were they, and explain them briefly?

Holy S,pirit spoke to me and he said, “Tell my people to raise the bar and I will raise the anointing.” Now raising the bar was a word that initially came through in the Olympics. When the high jumpers jump.

SID: Yeah.

TIM: You raise the bar and the highest one wins. In other words, go to another level. Holy Spirit said, “I want you to tell my people, take it to another level.” In other words, press in to the spirit realm and engage with me this year. Pray at levels you haven’t prayed at before, believe me for greater things, and if you will do that, I will pour out the anointing on you at a greater level. And then he spoke these words, “I want you to loose my heir force.” And I knew it was H-E-I-R, the force behind the heirs, which is angels. According to Hebrews one and verse 14, “The angels are ministering spirits sent to minister for the heirs of salvation.” That is you and me, the born again ones, we’re the heirs. Angels are ministering to the heirs at a different level.

And I began to see, this is the year when he’s going to engage the multiple divisions of angel armies and assist the heirs. And he said, “Loose the heir force.” Now how we do that is with the decrees of our mouth.

SID: When did God start talking to you about angel armies?

TIM: I was out by the lake praying, I had prayed all night, one night. And was praying into the second night and he began to talk to me about angel armies. And he said this, “I will now lead another campaign on earth similar to Acts chapter two.” But then he said, “This time I will be bringing far more of the angel armies.”

I sat there afraid to move. I was under such anointing, and shaking. And then he added this phrase, I’ve said it up a thousand times. He said, “The greatest days in church history are not in your past, they’re in your present and in your future. We are entering into the greatest days of church history, the greatest harvest of church history, the greatest miracles that we’ve ever seen in church history.”

SID: You call it the Mega Pentecost.

TIM: It is a Mega Pentecost because the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “We are now entering into the third literal Pentecost.” It is fascinating, the first literal Pentecost goes back to the Exodus after the Passover.

SID: Right.

TIM: You go 50 days at the Exodus to Mount Sinai. So anyway, and Moses gets the 10 commandments, they celebrate the feast there and then Exodus 12. And it’s kind of overlooked, people don’t see it but in Exodus 12 says, “When they went out, all the hosts went with them.” Hosts of AA. And that means angel armies.

SID: Right.

TIM: Or angel warriors. They went too, why did they leave?

SID: They weren’t alone.

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