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BRIAN:  Welcome everybody. I’m Brian Simmons and we want to welcome those that are watching this session. I’m going to be mentoring you today on the supernatural and having your own personal encounter. It’s time for you to see God.




BRIAN:  You know I am just so hungry for Him. When I see in the scriptures that someone had an encounter with God what it does to me is it makes me want to have that too. Doesn’t it to you?




BRIAN:  And God is not a respecter of persons. And what He’s done for one He will do for you. But He responds to hunger. I know this from experience that God responds to desperate hunger. And if you will be desperate and hungry for an encounter this could be the year that you have your own personal visitation. Now in Psalm 42 David makes an amazing statement. He says when am I going to come and stand before God? And I’ve shared this with many, many people. You need to start praying that. When am I going to come and have my encounter with God? And I also tell people this. It’s everything you want and everything you’ll run from at the same time. It is so terrifying and so exhilarating it will mark your life. It will change you forever. And I believe that God is going to open doors for you in the next season of your life to really encounter Him. Do you love him?




BRIAN;  Do you really want Him?




BRIAN:  Do you want to just read about Him and hear other people tell you about Him? Or why don’t we be like Job that says you know I’ve heard about you with the hearing of my ear but now my eyes see You. The Lord is going to give you eyes that see and ears that hear. Let me just pray as we begin. Father, in Jesus’ name I pray for the spirit of revelation, the Spirit of Revelation would open our hearts as we open up the pages of our Bible. Stir us, Lord. Give us faith. Give us faith that we not measure our life and say well I’m not good enough for Jesus to come to me. If that were the case we’d never be saved. But Lord, we pray that You will make us salty and thirsty and hungry for our own encounter with You. I pray it in Jesus’ name. Amen.




BRIAN:  The Holy Spirit wants to give you a fresh baptism. I have a very conservative evangelical background. For me to address you like this today and encourage you to seek God for a visitation is so foreign to what I was 20 years ago. I was a Bible person. I love the Bible. I actually memorized about half of the New Testament. I was completely in love with the Bible. The Trinity to me was God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Bible.




BRIAN:  And it was while we were missionaries in the jungle that I encountered “Ruach ha Kodesh,” the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Holiness. And the miracles and the dreams and my wife is such an amazing prophetess. She dreams 4 and 5 dreams every night. Many times before we go into a meeting or a church or a city the Lord will give us downloads about what He wants to do in that region. And so I’m just convinced that there is more in the supernatural waiting for you. There’s more than you’ve ever experienced. Can we leave our “know it all badge” at the door?



BRIAN:  You know the worst thing that will cripple you in the spirit realm is to say well I’ve already had my encounter. I already know those things. You know what? You don’t know very much. Neither do I. And we don’t want just God in our mind. That’s a very small place for Him to fit. We want God inside of us. We want to carry like Mary. We want to carry like Mary. We want to dispense the divine. We want to be a carrier of the glory and to influence cities and regions because of the Christ in us. Christ in heaven is not the hope of glory. Christ in you. Christ in me. Christ in you this moment is the hope of glory. Say those words: Christ in me.


AUDIENCE:  Christ in me.


BRIAN:  Is my hope of glory.


AUDIENCE:  Is my hope of glory.

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JAMES: Hahaha. Well I was in that meeting in London and all of a sudden I started smelling cotton candy and it was just    floating around the room. And it was so sweet. Anybody here like cotton candy? That’s a nice fragrance, isn’t it? Whooa, it was so good and it’s floating around. I said Lord, what is that? He said that’s the Holy Spirit. Smells like cotton candy. He’s so sweet. Wow! And you know it makes you hungry for Him. Hungry for the Spirit. When you smell that sweet, sweet fragrance you just wanna take that in. I try to breathe it in. (breathing in) Oohh, I’m kinda selfish, I wanted it all. Hahahahaha! But it’s not just for me. I believe that everything that I experience is for you. And I believe that God will let you experience more of it than me. As I share a testimony with you it’s a spirit of prophecy for God to release those things in you. Begin to sense the sweet fragrance of the Holy Spirit. And then suddenly there were fragrances in the room that smelled like, I don’t know if you like these things or not, but like you know when you open the oven and there’s a chocolate cake in there cooking (laughing) and that “shooo” (breathing in) oooh, chocolate! (laughing) You know what I’m talking about? There’s angels that came in the room that smell like that chocolate. I said oh, angel, come over here, come over here. You can sit next to me. And some of them smell like cookies and all kinds of sweet things. You know when we used to sing “There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit in This Place” and I think the writer of the song knew what he was talking about, or she, I’m not sure who wrote it. But there is a sweetness of the spirit that God wants you to experience. A sweet, sweet spirit in this place and the Spirit is bringing to you all of the things that God releases from the kingdom of heaven. Amen? You know the Bible says that the Lord tastes good. Right? Taste and see that the Lord is good. And the word of God tastes sweet on our lips like honey. And I think God wants to activate that sense of taste that we begin to taste more and more of His presence and know God is here! I can taste it! You know in the Seder Meal at Passover at one point you’re told to break off a big piece of matzah. Well when I first started eating matzah I thought this tastes like cardboard. (laughing) Yeah, I had to develop a little bit of a taste for it. But it says in that service that you’re supposed to take this big piece and you’re supposed to savor the flavor of the matzah. And so I started chewing that and I was doing my best to savor the flavor of cardboard. Hahahahaha! (starts imitating chewing) You know I’m working on this big piece of matzah and I’m working on it and all of a sudden it tasted sweet. It was like it changed in my mouth and it became such a sweet, sweet flavor. And I love to do that now. I love to have matzah for communion    and I always take a big chunk of that you know and I start chewing on it and I’m gonna chew on it until it gets sweet because it represents the bread of heaven, it represents the word of God. And those are sweet, sweet things that we need to take into us and savor the flavor. Well I believe God is trying to wake up our spiritual senses that we’ll begin to feel that way about the word of God. You know I love the word of God. I can’t wait when I go to bed at night I’m thinking oh man, first thing in the morning I’m gonna get up and I’m gonna get the Bible open I’m gonna start reading the word of God. And sometimes it’s hard to sleep I’m getting too excited. Too excited because in just a little while I’m gonna be back in the word of God and I’m gonna savor the flavor and let the sweetness of God just fill my whole body. Amen? Well God wants you to also feel the things of the kingdom. And God has so many different kinds of anointing for “feelers.” For you to feel the presence of angels. For you to feel the kind of gifts that He’s releasing. In fact before I came in here I started feeling something. God has given me this place on my body. It’s right here. That when I begin to feel something moving there, some kind of energy there, it means that healing angels have been sent. And they have been sent into this room. And I began to see in the Spirit many, many healing angels. And when I see angels I speak to the angel. I say angel, I release you to minister what Father God sent you to minister. So I wanna say to those angels right now: Healing angels we release you to minister what Father God sent you to minister to the people who are here, to the people who are watching this that God will send these same angels right where you are, right into your room, wherever you may be as you’re listening the healing angels are coming and manifesting to bring a healing anointing from heaven to you. Receive it right now in the mighty name of Yeshua ha Mashiach! Amen and amen. Amen. You know there are some scriptures in the Bible that are just kinda hard to read but they’re important to read. In the Book of Deuteronomy, in, let’s see this is in, chapter 28? (laughing) Moses is giving his farewell address to the people. And he’s been with ‘em all these years. They’re going to the Promised Land but he has to wait for Jesus to come into the Promised Land. So he said you know you have seen with your own eyes the miracles that God did in Egypt with Pharaoh and with all the people. You saw the signs, the wonders, the miracles and on our journey you saw what God did. You’ve seen it with your own eyes He said. And yet God has not given you a heart to perceive, eyes to see, or ears to hear to this very day. And when I read that I thought how sad after all they’d seen. And then I thought “oooh,” what about us? We’ve seen healings, miracles, signs and wonders. Oooh! How wide open is our heart to perceive? How wide open are our eyes to see what God is doing? Are we having our ears open so that we can hear what Father God is saying? You know it’s not just about those people way back then. Their story was included in the Bible as a testimony for you and for me. They were kind of in a way representing human nature and we have a human nature. And God wants us to begin to see and to hear. You know Jesus talked about it a lot. He said you have eyes to see but you don’t see. You have ears to hear but you don’t hear! See it’s a condition that continues on and on but God says it’s time for a change! The prophet Joel said that God shared with him that in the Last Days I will pour out my spirit on all flesh. Now I want you to do a test for me if you would. Would you check and see if you have any flesh? Got any flesh?

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DAVE: All right. So the key to healing from my perspective is what Jesus said. The Son only does what He sees the Father doing. Okay? Jesus operated in His entire ministry by observing what the Father was doing and doing the same thing that the Father was doing. Now how do we do that? Because that’s our model. Our model is not looking in a book, finding a formula and going I’m just gonna follow this formula. I mean the formula is know what the Father is doing. Okay. So the reason it’s important to hear God’s voice, to learn how to see visions, to see in the spirit, to discern demons, to know about emotional healing is because those are the tools that the Father has in our tool box. And if your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Okay. And we need a few more tools in our tool box. Because the Father wants us to operate in a lot of different areas for different conditions and different sicknesses. And it’s not a cookie-cutter little formula. It’s not complicated but we need to be able to hear what the Holy Spirit is telling us about what the Father wants to do through visions, through dreams, discerning of spirits, using our authority, releasing power. Okay? Sometimes I have been surprised. I’ve had people that I’ve prayed with in the ambulance and all I did was put my hand out and silently in my mind I just prayed and I said basically in my mind I release the power of God. I didn’t say anything out loud. I didn’t even touch them to put my hand out. A couple of minutes later I said how do you feel? I’m good. Feels great. It’s awesome. So sometimes healing is just a matter of releasing the power that is in us. The power of the Holy Spirit, He’s in us. We have the Holy Spirit. Okay? The same power that created the universe dwells in you. All you need to do is learn to release the power that is in you. Okay? That’s not, there is a principle that you can learn but if you practice it. Go out to the grocery store. I dare you go to the grocery store next time and you see someone who’s got a sling on their shoulder or they’ve got an immobilizer boot on their foot because they’ve got an injury go up to them and ask them if you can try to get them healed. And either just command it to be healed or release some power and watch what happens. You are going to be amazed. I’m telling you, you will! (laughs) All right. One of the things I want to talk about is faith. I have found that when I started out praying for people to be healed I didn’t have a lot of faith. Okay? Now big thing in the church. People say if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to that mountain. Okay? That’s not what the Bible says. The Bible says if you have faith as a mustard seed you can speak to this mountain and it will be cast into the sea. Now people say “small as.” That’s not what Jesus said. He said faith that acts the way a mustard seed acts. What does a mustard seed do? Well go to the parable of the mustard seed. Jesus said, the parable of the mustard seed, it’s planted. It grows into a tree greater than all the other trees. Okay. A mustard seed grows. Your faith has to grow. You start out with little tiny faith for healing like I did. Okay. You have to practice. You have to persist. You have to keep on laying hands on people because as you’re doing that, your faith is growing. You’re watering it. You’re fertilizing it and your faith is going to grow. And when your faith is grown enough you will lay hands on people who are dead and you will see them raised from the dead. But faith has to grow and you have to be patient and give yourself time in the process of growing and learning you will grow and you will see greater miracles as you persist. All right. Who wants to talk a little bit about travelling in the spirit?




DAVE: All right. I thought so. So the Lord has been talking to a lot of us about travelling in the Spirit. And it can be a creepy subject for some people. I’m just gonna be honest with you because most of us know about the New Agers and we know about astral projection and we know that’s probably taboo and out of bounds and I will tell you right from the start do not mess with astral projection. I’ve read enough testimonies about astral projection to tell you, you don’t want to go there. Having said that, travelling in the Spirit for the believer is a completely different process. It doesn’t look the same. It doesn’t feel the same. We don’t have the same results. It’s a completely different process. Okay? You can do it using your own free will or God can do it sovereignly. Generally speaking when somebody is physically picked up in their body and moved to India and you spend two hours there praying for some guy and you come back to the United States and drop off… sovereign move of God. God picks you up. Takes you someplace. Gives you an assignment and then you come back. That’s usually a sovereign thing of God. But going into the heavens in your spirit is something any of us can do anytime you want. You would be surprised if you look just at the Books of Daniel and Revelation how many times things were going on in heaven that the man of God on earth was physically on earth but his spirit was in heaven witnessing what was going on. One of the key verses that I use for people to access the heavenly realms is in Revelation 4. John said “I saw a door in heaven before me and a voice said come up here.” Right? It’s an invitation from the Lord to come into the heavens. Why? I’m going to show you things that must come to pass. Okay? So if you want to see what the Lord wants to show you realize there’s an open door and there’s an invitation for you to go there. Okay? So the Holy Spirit has been challenging me come into the heavens. I have things I want to show you. There are courtrooms. There are angels. There are all kinds of places. There are libraries. There’s learning institutions. There’s art studios. (laughs) My wife is an artist. She likes… I think she’s going to go to the art rooms in heaven. The Lord has something to say about that. So this is not… it’s a little bit freaky when you start doing it. But I promise you if you focus on Jesus He said “seek the kingdom first and all these things will be added unto you.” If you’re always seeking Jesus and His kingdom the enemy has very little room to mess you up. I will just say that. That’s been my experience. If you take your eyes off of Jesus and you start messing around with others things you can get into some trouble. So I believe travelling in the spirit is a relatively safe thing. I believe that the Lord is teaching us more about it. You’re going to hear of more people having experiences. My CD is gonna be available pretty soon and I’ve got a book. There’s are other materials and resources coming out. If you’re interested in the subject I would suggest get them. Read about it. Pray about it and let the Lord lead you into how He wants you to do it and the purposes why He wants you to do it. Now I would like to have one of my friends share a testimony about travelling in the spirit. Mitzi. You gotta hold the mic up to your mouth.

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LAURA: Okay Steven. So I’m real curious. This is the part where it gets interesting because God wasn’t finished surprising you yet. So you were still at 40 percent lung capacity. You were not healed. You were still infirm. Then you felt led to go to a prayer meeting. What happened?


STEVE: On a Thursday night, we were part of a Vineyard Christian fellowship and I was in the midst of getting sick again, and I decided I’d go to the prayer meeting. My wife interjected, “You ought to be going to the hospital, not the prayer meeting.” Went there and the pastor, Word of knowledge, very specific, called me out of the crowd. I was on my feet. I didn’t get but about halfway to the front of the church. They laid hands on me. Randy Phillips laid hands on me and it was like electricity went through my body and I went back to Heaven for 20 minutes. I had another conversation with the Risen Christ. I went back to the exact same spot I was ten years earlier. The words this time were, “Things will be different from now on.” And I woke up breathing deeply on the floor of the Vineyard Church and I’ve been healthy ever since.


LAURA: So you were fully healed?




LAURA: That’s amazing. So then everything accelerated at that point because you began having really like an increase in these experiences where you would have these bubbles of Heaven would show up around you. And so tell us a little bit about that.


STEVE: I got to the place where I could recognize when Heaven was going to show up. I began to be in a place where I would anticipate. It’s kind of like being a volunteer. I’m available as an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven. Lord, use me however you would want. And so the occasions increased. There was one lady in particular that we did a healing a service and she walked up to Elaine and I, and she was bent over from scoliosis, had been in really horrible pain for 20 years. And when we started praying for her, I was looking down. And we laid hands on her, and my wife is a physical therapist, and that woman literally snapped and crackled, and popped for two minutes. And when were done praying she was pain-free for the first time in 20 years, and I was looking at this beautiful, radiant, auburn hair, green-eyed woman right in the eye, and the bubble of Heaven was there, because inside the bubble of Heaven miracles happen. It’s the way it’s designed. And we should experience more of the Kingdom of Heaven, bubble to bubble to bubble than we do. We’ve just forgotten over 2000 years.


LAURA: What’s amazing to me though is that because of your past and because of you being a person who preferred being invisible you didn’t tell a lot of people about this. Then you have this encounter where you get healed, you go back to Heaven momentarily and Jesus tells you, “Everything is different now. I have a mission for you.” And then you started telling people. What is your mission, what is your mandate?


STEVE: My mandate happened in a very powerful encounter that the Father specifically told me, “I want you to get serious about telling your story.” And so that’s kind of why I wrote the book, “Life After Heaven”. It’s why I do teaching and training. My mission in life is to help people experience the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now because we can and we should.


LAURA: Well how do we bring Heaven to Earth like that? How do we do that?


STEVE: You know, it’s a lot about being available. It’s a lot about volunteering for us and it’s a lot about understanding the methods and the way, and the heart of the Father. And so part of my work and part of what was part of the book is teaching people about being available, teaching people what the look-fors are. Because there are certain telltale signs that you’ll know right away that this is a bubble of Heaven about to occur. Lots of people who have read the book have sent me messages that said, you know, that’s occurred to me before, but I didn’t know what it was.


LAURA: I was just about to say that. I was just about to ask you that. This is fascinating. There’s got to be more people than me who are, so many thoughts racing through my head, they’re watching right now. Can you pray for them? Can you just maybe speak directly to them?


STEVE: Jesus came because he wanted us to have abundance in the way we relate to one another and the way we relate to him. And there’s no better opportunity than to have a bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven expand and ignite around you in order to receive that for you and then for you to be able to an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven for our world and the people around you.


LAURA: Amen. God wants you to experience a bubble of Heaven in your life.

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. For the last ten years of Kathryn Kuhlman’s life, and as far as I’m concerned, she had greater miracles than I’ve ever seen in my entire lifetime, this woman prayed with her, worked with her and she got healed of an incurable disease. And when she got healed, that same miracle anointing that was on Katheryn Kuhlman stuck to her, and I’m going to have her pray that anointing come on you, and miracles are released. Joan Gieson, I felt Kathryn Kuhlman had the highest level miracle ministry I have ever witnessed in my life. You had the high privilege of being with her the last ten years of her life in, let’s say her inner circle. Two of the three women that were part of that are in Heaven now. You were telling me that there were many times that you would hold her hand and the two of you would pray before a service. And one time you told me you almost felt like you were being lifted off the ground. Tell me about that.


JOAN: These are experiences you will never forget because they’re not normal, and literally, when you held that woman’s hand you did feel like you were being lifted. There was such a power, such a simplicity that you walked in that. You walked in it. It wasn’t anything you had to prepare for. You walked in the Spirit of the Living God. And today, that’s as real today as it was then.


SID: Well let me tell you something, on this set, it’s real right now. I believe anything is possible.


JOAN: Absolutely.


SID: Anything is going to happen during this show.


JOAN: Absolutely.


SID: I want to take you back. You’re 27 years old. You have something that should happen to no one.


JOAN: My husband and I had a little boy, and he was beautiful, and he was wonderful, and it was Michael and I in the house. And I stooped over to pick up one of the little toys he dropped, and when I raised up, I couldn’t see. And there was a doctor at the end of our block. At the end of the street there was a doctor’s office and they took me down there. And he said, “I don’t think I can do anything. What I can see is that there are hemorrhages behind both eyes and I want you to go to a…” he was a brain specialist. His name was Edmond Smalleck [sp] in St. Louis. He was considered one of the very best. He looked in the eyes and the optic nerve behind both eyes were swollen into the brain and there were hemorrhages behind both eyes. Now that is the reason I couldn’t see and they said I would never see. They said I would never live.


SID: In fact, you told me you were preparing for death.

JOAN: I already had. I gave my little boy to my sister and I gave all my clothes, because my mom and I were the same size, and I became a young woman in a bed. And now it’s Michael’s first day of school. He’s five and a half years old, time for him to go to school. I was determined to take him to school. So he helped me walk to the bus, got on the bus, went to the school and the teacher put a chair out in the hall. I said, “I’ll sit right here and I’ll wait for him.” So the time went by and she came out, and said, “Joan, Michael doesn’t feel well. You’re going to have to take him home.” I said, “Judy, I can’t. I don’t drive anymore. I came on the bus.” And all of a sudden, there was a lady. I didn’t hear her come up, I didn’t see her, a lady, and she said, “I overheard and I’ll be glad to take you home.” And on the way home this lady kept talking about Jesus, and it became so simple to me. And she said, “I knew these people and I had to lead them to Jesus.” And I said, “You did? Well how did you do that?” And then she was telling me, I was repeating it inside myself, “Dear Jesus, I am a sinner. Forgive me of my sins. The blood of your son covers me. Let me live. Let me be saved.” That day I became a born again child of God, but I was still blind.


SID: And one day you heard a radio program and you heard a voice. What did that voice say?


JOAN: “Hello there. Have you been waiting fah me?” Not far me, “fah me”.


SID: And you just, she just knew that she could get a miracle if she could get to that Kathryn Kuhlman service. And so her husband Frank and her girlfriend Shirley, who had MS, went to this meeting. Now, when you got inside there, what was the first thing you could feel?


JOAN: We didn’t get a front row or a second row. We were in the 56th, as I can remember, row. Fifty-six, that was pretty far in the back. And we sat down, and I closed my eyes, and I started to cry. And Frank said, “Stop crying.” And I kept crying and crying, and crying. And I said, “Frank, I think I can see.” And he said, “No, you can’t. Stop talking. No, you can’t.” I said, “But Frank, I think I can.” And he said, “No, you can’t, you can’t. Honey, don’t get yourself all excited now. We’re just here to listen to a sermon.” And I opened my eyes, Sid, and I could see. I could see the color of the cloth on the pulpit. I could see the marble. I could see the people.


SID: You told me you felt a light on your head. Explain.


JOAN: A light, just like the light over our head, shining bright, but it was a light that came down that went through me. I still feel the light.


SID: You know why? Here’s what I believe. I believe it was at that moment that God selected Joan to be a helper to the Kathryn Kuhlman Ministry and equipped her with amazing gifts of the Spirit. Okay, what happened to your friend with MS?


JOAN: She got healed. She came out of the wheelchair and she walked in front of however many of that church held, and she walked, and she ran, and Miss Kuhlman would go like this: “Well do it again. Do it again.” And Shirley would run and she’d come back.


SID: You told me, last night, that people with MS are going to be physically healed.


JOAN: Absolutely.


SID: Will you pray for them right now.


JOAN: Absolutely. Father God, in the name of Jesus, you have given me the Word, Father. You spoke that to me. I’ve heard that for one and a half days that MS people, right now, there’s someone getting out of your wheelchair. Right now, you’re standing up for the first time in a long time. Don’t be afraid. Just walk. Just walk. Now, that was a man. There’s a woman also, you’re hesitant, honey. You’re hesitant. Don’t second guess it. Just get up. Get up out of your wheelchair and God will help you. There’s many of you and it doesn’t have to be MS. It’s anyone in a wheelchair, anyone with an infliction. The Spirit of God is here. The Spirit of God is on you. Just like us in this studio, he’s touching you. He’s personally, you can feel him. I’ve got goose pimples everywhere. You can feel his touch. You’re not alone in that house. He’s with you. Do something you could not do before. God is real. Don’t be afraid. It’s okay. It’s good. It’s the Holy Spirit alive right next to you, in you and around you. Ask him for anything that you have need of. Yeah.


SID: But you know what?


JOAN: What?


SID: You didn’t tell me what happened to you and Frank when you went up to tell Miss Kuhlman that you were healed. Is Frank convinced you’re healed at this point?


JOAN: Well he’s confused. I mean, he brought me to a healing service and he didn’t want me to go anywhere. I said, “I’m going to go.” He said, “You can’t go. You can’t see. You can’t do this.” And I said, “I can.” He said, “No, you can’t.” And I said, “I believe God just healed me.” So I got up and started walking down, and I heard this little voice say, “Hold on, I’m right behind you.” And it was Frank. And we got down to Miss Kuhlman. And here I am the star of the show, okay, I’m the one that’s healed, and she looks at my husband, and she goes, “Oh, the Glory.” And he goes up, and they get him up, and she goes, “Oh the Glory.” He goes up again.


SID: Okay. Then she finally prayed for you. I mean, you were getting a little jealous, I think.


JOAN: Absolutely, just a little bit. Just a bit. And it took us 18 hours to get back home, and we’re talking about Jesus all night.


SID: So what she did is she started renting buses and filling it with sick people, and bringing these sick people to the Kathryn Kuhlman meeting to get healed. But something happened along the way. Most of the people, many times, were physically healed before they even got to the meeting.


JOAN: Yes.


SID: Tell me about one person that had cancer, a little girl.


JOAN: Oh, a little girl. Oh, that was Fabia [sp]. She must have been about eight years old and she was from Missouri. She was from St. Louis and she got healed, and it was in her leg. They were going to amputate her leg. And it was big, huge, huge, big. Here was this little bitty, frail girl, seven, maybe eight, and this leg, and it was hideous looking, and the odor, you could smell it, and instantly God healed that thing. Instantly God healed that thing. And there’s 56 usually to 60 seats on a bus, and there was probably 56 people on that bus, and they watched it. They saw it. You talk about faith.


SID: I imagine anyone could have been healed of anything.


JOAN: Anything.


SID: But the thing that’s so amazing is it’s on the bus going to the meeting before they even get there.


JOAN: That’s right. Hallelujah.


SID: But then, I mean, you’ve got, we have a Hebrew word, it’s called chutzpah.


JOAN: Chutzpah.


SID: It means nerve. You’ve got chutzpah, lady. Let me tell you what she does. On her own, God starts talking to her. Tell me the first person that was healed in a meeting that you walked up to and how did that happen.


JOAN: The guy is deaf, and of course, I didn’t know that. I didn’t know he was deaf. And I walked up to him and I put my hands on his ears, not his ears, just his head, and I said, “Something is wrong.” And he said it was his stomach that was healed. And he just sat there and all of a sudden he said, “Look, lady, there was never anything wrong with my stomach.” And I said, “Okay, you can grieve God if you want to, but he’s healing you anyway. That stomach is healed.” He said, “Lady, there’s never been anything wrong with me. Never have I had one thing wrong with my stomach.” Now he’s irate. And I said, “All right, I don’t grieve God’s Spirit.” I turned and started to walk away from him, and I hear this [crying sound]. And I thought, oh now what, and I turn back, and here this lady next to him is sobbing, sobbing from her inside. And I said, “What? What?” She said, “That’s my husband and he has not heard a word for 40 years, not a word.” And the lady said, if I would have said, “Your ears are deaf,” okay, “he would have never, ever done anything because he would have thought it was a setup.”


SID: So the whole thing was orchestrated by God.


JOAN: God does it all. He’s orchestrated today. He’s orchestrated our audience listening today. There is nothing impossible with God. He’s right there with you. We’ve prayed that before we even came together today at this table. There is nothing impossible. It doesn’t have to be a ray of light or a thundering sound. His Spirit is gentle and kind, and right there to hear you. And there are people today that are coming out of their chairs. And some of you are not even in this country. It’s difficult to understand English, but God is healing you and you’re working. Get up. Just get up, he’s holding your hands and just walk. And there are people right now that have been given death sentences. Don’t believe it. God is the final answer. God is the true answer. Anything and all things are possible. Nothing is impossible. Just reach out. Just reach out. Reach out and take that healing, and hold them tight.


SID: Let’s go back to Miss Kuhlman. A lot of people don’t know about her compassion. Tell me what you observed.


JOAN: In love with people…where she gave her life. She gave her life.


SID: You would see her weeping over those that were not healed.


JOAN: Her office was right at the end of the street. Her street came in like this and her office was up, I think it was on the sixth floor. And I went up there one day, and I walked in, and there she is. She’s crumpled [over]. And she looked up at me, and she said, “Joan, why didn’t they all get healed?” She strived for an answer to that. Of course, there’s answer.


SID: I heard her say that a day would be coming in which entire hospitals would be cleared out.


JOAN: I believe that. Do you know that’s something I’ve prayed for. God let me in on that. Let me be there when that happens.


SID: We’re coming, I’m going to tell you something, we’re coming to that day. But in the meantime there’s such an awesome presence of God that just as we’re talking you’re going to get healed. Tell me about the time she went, from a meeting, had to get away, so she walked through the kitchen. What happened? How many chefs were there?


JOAN: Oh, the chefs were cooking the food. This is an auditorium. This is not her church. This is an auditorium. And here are the chefs. She’s walking down the aisle and they’re falling on the floor, and there’s hats, and there’s spoons, and it’s going clang, clang. And Frank and Miss Kuhlman are at the elevator, and she turns around and she goes, “Oh my goodness.” It was so precious. Everybody is on the floor. Miss Kuhlman knew that it had nothing to do with her. So she always kept herself humble.


SID: I’m going to ask Joan to pray for an impartation of the miracle anointing and pray for miracles when we come back.

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