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SID:  We were talking earlier about the kingdom culture and how it affects family. But this is amazing. You had some foster kids that many have dubbed the four-week miracle. Tell me about that.

BILL:  Yeah. We had two boys come to us. Their mother killed herself, I don’t remember how long before we got them. And then the father had him by himself for a season, and then he killed himself. There was a lot of abuse. You can imagine the condition that they were in emotionally and mentally. There was five brothers. We got two of them. And so we brought them into our home. The first meal, they grabbed all the food on the table, pulled it to themselves, because they had had to fight for everything. And so we assured them that, “Listen, there’ll be food here tomorrow. There will always be enough.” And over the next 24 hours or so they just began to sort that out and get healed up. Well, just a simple love and affirmation, care for them, within four weeks, it may have been three, but within four weeks, their counselor, their psychiatrist, whoever was working with them, said they didn’t need to come in anymore. So they had to come in to such a place of unusual peace in a middle of trauma that they didn’t need professional help anymore.

SID:  I have to believe when a family operates in this love and kingdom culture, it permeates the whole home or anyone that comes into the home.

BILL:  Absolutely. Absolutely right.

SID:  I promised you that he had a second life-changing revelation we’ve never shared on this show. And it actually has to do with a revelation from a scripture. Tell me about that.

BILL:  The one encounter was a power encounter. This one was revelatory. And that seems to be the ways that God moves on us often. And some people want the physical touch when God is actually speaking to their heart and mind about perception. I was reading Isaiah 60, verse 1, “Arise, shine. For your light has come. The glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold darkness will cover the earth, deep darkness the people, but his light will appear upon you. His glory will be seen upon you. Kings will come to your light and nations to the brightness of your rising.” I was reading. That’s the first three verses. But I was reading through Isaiah. And you know what it’s like. It’s like when you read something and God just breathes on it, it just seems to leap off the page. Even though I couldn’t have explained it to anyone, I didn’t have the insight to explain, yet I knew that this was life to me. I could feel the breath of God on those verses, “Arise, shine.” So I took that verse. I shared it to our church on Sunday. I said, “I feel like this is a word for us right now,” and the same thing happened to the entire room. I shared it another meeting. Other leaders were there. They said, “God has been saying the same word for us, ‘Arise, shine. For your light has come.'” There’s a posture of responsibility in radiating the presence and glory of God that every believer is supposed to take. And in many ways it is by choice. We stand on purpose. We rise, and we shine. But what he said is we arise and shine because his light has come. Jesus is the light that came into the world, John chapter 1, enlightened every person. There’s not another light coming. So we know that by that context that this is a present day word that the people of God are to rise because the glory of God will be seen upon us. Many people wait to rise, if I can use that place of faith or place of confidence, many people wait to rise until that glory is manifested. He is saying, “You rise, and the glory will be seen.

Audience: [applause, cheers]

BILL:  I will answer your posture with heaven’s invasion. I’ll put my sign of presence upon you if you’ll take your right place.” And then he describes it as being at a time when deep darkness covers the earth. So there’s contrast. There’s difficulty, there’s challenges. But it’s in the midst of the difficulty that the people of God say, “Wait a minute, not on my shift. We’re not going to cower at the face of challenges. Instead we’re going to take our place.” The end result of that is nations come to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising. There has to be something happening with us that would make us the group that people in the world would want to come to. It’s the come of the Gospel, the contrast with the go of the Gospel. I go to a garden to pick fruit. I go a stream to drink water. In the same way, the reality of people reigning in Christ, living victoriously in life, knowing how to manage their relationships or conflicts, their finances, all these things, position us into a place where the glory of God’s purposes, the beauty of his kingdom becomes visible. And that becomes the very thing that draws people into the kingdom.

SID:  But you know, the very first thing that is essential? This is what God’s word says in the original Greek, “This is eternal life, that you might have experiential knowledge of God.” I want you to make sure your sins are washed away and make sure that Jesus is living inside of you and make sure that you rise up to make him Lord. I want you to repeat this prayer after me, out loud. Studio audience, you at home, I want you to repeat this prayer and mean it to the best of your ability out loud. Dear God-

Audience:  Dear God-

SID:  … I’m a sinner-

Audience:  … I’m a sinner-

SID:  … for which I am so sorry.

Audience:  … for which I am so sorry.

SID:  I purposely-

Audience:  I purposely-

SID:  … turn from these sins.

Audience:  … turn from these sins.

SID:  But I need your grace-

Audience:  But I need your grace-

SID:  … to overcome them.

Audience:  … to overcome them.

SID:  And you are more than enough.

Audience:  And you are more than enough.

SID:  I believe-

Audience:  I believe-

SID:  … the blood of Jesus-

Audience:  … the blood of Jesus-

SID:  … has washed away these sins.

Audience:  … has washed away these sins.

SID:  And I am clean-

Audience:  And I am clean-

SID:  … and now that I am clean-

Audience:  … and now that I am clean-

SID:  … I, like King David-

Audience:  … I, like King David-

SID:  … lift holy hands to God.

Audience:  … lift holy hands to God.

SID:  They are holy-

Audience:  They are holy-

SID:  … because they’re under the blood.

Audience:  … because they’re under the blood.

SID:  And I boldly proclaim-

Audience:  And I boldly proclaim-

SID:  … that Jesus-

Audience:  … that Jesus-

SID:  … is my Lord and Savior.

Audience:  … is my Lord and Savior.

SID:  Lord Jesus-

Audience:  Lord Jesus-

SID:  … come inside of me.

Audience:  … come inside of me.

SID:  Take over my life.

Audience:  Take over my life.

SID:  Amen.

Audience:  Amen.

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SID: Now Jamie, most people think of angels perhaps flying, but no one thinks of an angel skiing. Tell me that story.

JAMIE: Okay. I was eight years old and my father who is a daredevil, he was, I’m going to do something crazy, I want to take you down a black diamond run. And these black diamond runs, we’re talking about, you’re falling.

SID: It’s worse than a roller coaster.

JAMIE: It’s worse than a roller coaster. But I had just gotten out of ski school and he says, “I think you’re ready.” And so we’re going down and I’ve got this new coat and it’s just this big, full of down, big, heavy winter coat. And so he says, “Alright, hop on the skis.” So we get down, we’re on the slope and as, about 30 seconds down the slope it’s patches of ice everywhere, and we hit a sheet of ice. I fell back, but when I fell back my skis stayed stuck to the ice. And I was on my back unable to pull myself up. And so while my skis are still on the ice going right down that black diamond, I am picking up miles per hour that my father cannot catch me. And as I’m going faster and faster, all of a sudden out of nowhere, he says, this man, this skier, whoever this is, takes off down the mountain and skis, catches up to me, catches me, props me up, puts me on my two skis upright and then skis off.

SID: He didn’t say anything?

JAMIE: He didn’t say anything. And then my dad who knows what he’s doing on skis, he says, “That is impossible. That cannot be.” And my father says, “That was an angel.” Now you have to understand I had picked up so much speed that the decal on the back of my coat was completely stripped off. When it hit the ice, it picked up maximum speed and burned the back of my jacket, so I had a stripe up the back of my jacket and I wore that thing so, just like it was a badge of honor for the rest of the season.

SID: I could see that. I have some family I’d like to see know the Messiah. How about you, studio audience, do you have family? How about you? Do you have family? I believe, Jamie, you could release a prayer for angels to guide these family members into the right place to get saved.

JAMIE: You know, I was actually preparing for this and I had a vision. And if you’re watching this, I saw angels being released to actually go out and bring those that you’ve been praying for, that you’ve been believing God to touch, to the knowledge of Jesus, to the fullness of his salvation. Father, let it be. Send angels. We declare that you are good. You are the leader, you’re commander of the angel armies. Send those angels right now and let those that need to hear this wonderful Gospel come to Jesus.

SID: Jamie, you had a Heaven touching Earth moment in Brazil.


SID: Tell me about it.

JAMIE: You know, I talk about this in the book, that part of the seer is the secret of imagination, and your imagination is no longer your pretend center as a believer. We have the mind of Christ. And because of that when we think something he says, “Commit your works to the Lord and your thoughts will be established.”

SID: So we don’t have to discount those thoughts like we have been in the past.

JAMIE: No. Take every thought captive, not just the bad ones, but the good ones, too, because there are good thoughts that are God thoughts that are coming to you. And while I was down in Brazil I’m praying for this boy and his foot, there was no bone in his foot to give him the ability to stand on that foot. It was like a flag. He could have waved that thing in the air. And as I prayed, I began to imagine the bone forming in his foot and I began to speak what I was imagining, declaring in the name of Jesus, “Bone form.” Now whether I am seeing it in the spirit, in my imagination, or I’m just believing with my imagination, I think that’s up to God. I don’t know the answer to that. But either way, that bone in that boy’s foot regrew. I could feel it, like it popped under my hand and he stood up with the bone fully formed in his foot in that moment.

SID: When we come back, would you pray a supernatural prayer of activation so that since we all see maybe we have the right glasses so we see clearer?

JAMIE: Absolutely.

SID: Be right back.

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TONY:  You ready? Do you believe God’s going to do it now? Okay. You guys can pray. In the name of Jesus I suspend time. I speak to the metal in his body. I command you to disappear. Lord, let the angel go get the bone to take its place and put it in his body now and I command that bone be physically created in his leg now and I command the pain and the reason for the pain in Jesus’ name go now. Three, two, one. Tell me when all pain’s gone. (waiting)  Just wait there a second. Don’t move ‘til all the pain is gone. And you tell me when it disappears. What’s happening? It’s easing? Tell me when it’s all gone. You ready? I command these screws disappear now. My goodness, there it is. I command the pain and the reason for the pain, Lord, let what is needed take its place. Tell me when all pain’s gone. …hold him up. (waiting)

MAN #3:  It’s gone.

TONY:  All gone?

MAN #3:  It’s gone.

TONY:  Move your neck.


TONY:  What’s happened?

MAN #3:  It’s gone.

TONY:  It’s gone? Show me what you can do with this? That’s as far as you can go? Do you believe God’s going to do something now?

MAN #3:  Yes, sir.

TONY:  What’s happening with you?

MAN #2:  Still easing.

TONY:  What percentage of pain’s gone? What percentage is gone already? On a scale of 10 being the highest, zero being the lowest where you at?

MAN #2:  5.

TONY:  Oh, you’re halfway there. You ready?

MAN #3:  Yes, sir.

TONY:  Hmmm. Does this hurt at all?

MAN #3:  Yes. It’s all connected.

TONY:  Does this hurt now?

MAN #3:  A little.

TONY:  Okay. Just tell me when the pain disappears. In the name of Jesus I call for a rotator cuff to be created in this man’s shoulder now. I command the pain and the reason for the pain go now. Umm. Ummm. First tell me when all pain’s gone.

MAN #3:  It’s gone.

TONY:  You ready to lift it now?

MAN #3:  Yes.

TONY:  Lift it.

AUDIENCE:  Whoooo! Whoooo! (CLAPPING)

TONY:  Do it again. Keep moving. Keep moving it. Keep moving it. Move it around. It’s getting looser. Somebody ought to give God a praise up in here. Somebody.


TONY:  What has happened?

MAN #3:  I can move it.

TONY:  You couldn’t do that before?

MAN #3:  Yes. They told me I had lost 49% of my arm use.

TONY:  When was the last time you were able to do that?

MAN #3:  Ummm, it’s been a while.

TONY:  Some years?

MAN #3:  Yes, it’s been some years.

TONY:  5, 10, 15?

MAN #3:  15 years.

TONY:  Somebody oughta give God a praise!


TONY:  Do it! No pain. And you had pain about 10 years?

MAN #3:  24 hours a day.

TONY:  24 hours a day for the last 10 years?

MAN #3:  Yes, sir.

TONY:  And now it’s all gone?

MAN #3:  Yes, sir.

TONY:  Somebody ought to give God a praise. Where you at? Honest report. Where you at?

MAN #2:  About 75% better.

TONY:  I want you to just stand up here with me, okay. You can go praise Him. Stay with me. Now here this is going to be interesting. I want everybody who stood for supernatural weight loss to stand again. Check yourself. And if you’re either lower, uh, looser up here or down there come up to the front. Everybody that stood up before, check yourself.

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TOM: Why would the Jason’s be telling the Pentagon last year that you have until the end of this year to get ahead of this technology or you face falling, their words, “unrecoverably behind in the race for human enhancement.” Now what are they talking about? Do they know something about Russia? Is this China? And by the way Iran has some of the most sophisticated laboratories doing research into this of anybody in the world. That’s really scary, right? Uh, but what is it that they know we don’t know. They also put out a white paper recently. I didn’t bring the slide for it, called “The $100 Genome:  Implications for the Department of Defense.” And it’s a doozy because in it they talk about genotype and phenotype. And if you remember your basic biology from school, genotype, that’s what you inherit from your parents, right? That’s, that’s your genetic blueprint. That’s what, that’s why you were born a human and not a dog. Because of your genotype. But phenotype that’s how it is expressed externally. It’s how you walk.

It’s how you talk. It’s why you’re bipedal. It’s your characteristics. It’s your instincts. And the Jason’s are saying to the Department of Defense as we begin modifying people at the genotypic level we are going to modify them phenotypically. In other words they’re going to walk different. They’re going to act different. Their characteristics are going to be different. They may become more animalistic. They could be like something out of a demonic nightmare. And they’re saying you’ve got to get ahead of this technology because our enemies, our competitors are developing at a breakneck pace and in the very near future according to them this decade won’t elapse before you will see characters you couldn’t have imagined. The Jason’s are not the only ones urging preparedness for the coming human enhancement revolution. At the School of Law, Birkbeck, the University of London. This is one of the world’s leading CSI schools, crime scene investigation, where if you’re in law enforcement you would go there to get degrees to work in CSI. How many of you know what “CSI” is? Yeah, okay.

Well if you’ve watched any of these, umm, TV shows. You know, crime scene investigators they go into a crime scene, right? They rope it off. They cordon it off. Uh, other officers can’t even get in there unless they’re specially trained. Then they start photographing everything. And then they start measuring in great detail everything that’s there. If there’s forensics information they will, uh, put that into special containers. It could be a drop of blood, it could be a drop of sperm, it could be a hair fiber, it could be a footprint, it could be a tire track. If there’s a body laying there it might even be how the body is laying there. Then they collect all this stuff after measuring it so that they can take it back to the crime lab and recreate it, put it in special containers so there’s no cross-contamination of the forensic material, and then they recreate it in the crime lab. Well anyway so many weeks later they come out of the crime lab and now they are able to say to the field investigators something like we are looking for a Caucasian male between the ages of 25 to 36 years of age, he’s got blonde hair, he’s probably part of a, of an affluent community or this or that or whatever, right? It’s amazing what 200 years of analytical science have taught them how to read crime scene forensics to be able to come up with this information and then that becomes a powerful tool in the hand of field investigators.

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SID: Well I’ll tell you what, David, I love talking to you and interviewing you because the Glory just pours out of you. But there are many people here that perhaps are not familiar with you. Tell me just what is going on supernaturally with you, recently?

DAVID: Recently, we’ve been seeing so many different things, even in the last couple of weeks and months. I’ve been seeing, I was in Kiev, Ukraine, just like a week or so ago, and the Glory of God was so thick that people would come up and say, I didn’t even call it out, like the holes in my teeth are filled, all my tumors are gone. Two people with terminal cancer, they brought them into the back room right after the meeting and some of them were on staff, and they looked like literally they were about to die. Their skin was grey. And the Glory just filled the room. I said, I’m going to get out, just leave her here with her husband. I began to pray and within minutes, demons started coming out of the people and literally spirits of cancer, terminal cancer, and their skin color came back, the pain left. The next morning I asked—

SID: Did you actually see the skin tone change?

DAVID: Oh yes, right in front of me. It was last week, right in front of me in the pastor’s office, I’m like, whoa. And then the next day the husband was my driver to the airport, so he told me that since then she was depressed, she used to be the worship leader of the church, complete shift. No more pain, doesn’t feel the tumors, skin color changed and full of joy, getting heavenly encounters. So even just that, like terminal cancer, that’s a big thing.

SID: David, there are some that need a definition.

DAVID: Sure.

SID: We’re talking about Glory. Let’s not take things for granted. It’s the Glory of God. What does that really mean? What is it?

DAVID: Well basically, I break it down this way. If you were to go to Heaven right now, die and go to Heaven, what would you be experiencing right now? That’s the Glory, the heavenly atmosphere.

SID: The Presence.

DAVID: Presence of God, Shekinah Glory, as if you were dead and went to Heaven, but you’re still alive, living in the Glory. That’s what it is. So you’re walking around as if you’re in Heaven, but you’re on the earth. So it’s more than just a gifting or an anointing, or an ability. It’s like the presence of God’s full Glory all around you and inside you. That’s, it’s Heaven, it’s Heaven on Earth.

SID: Now we know about the Glory and we also know about the Anointing. Would you define the difference between the two.

DAVID: Sure. The Anointing, for years, I had ministered under a heavy anointing, which means you administer, you pray for people, you lay hands, you do all the stuff, and it’s like coming from inside of you. It’s like a battery, you charge it up, you pray and then you release it, and you feel virtue, but you also feel tired sometimes. If you lay hands on a thousand people or deliverance, or healing, you feel a little worn out. It’s like part of your body is invested in it.

SID: And you know when I lay hands on someone, what, I feel as though I can actually feel that presence coming out of me into that person.

DAVID: Exactly. And it’s biblical.

SID: Right

DAVID: And I did that for years, but I would get tired sometimes, like wow. But then when I hit the Glory it wasn’t coming from inside me, I was connecting to the Glory, and the hand of God out of the Glory was touching people directly from the Glory cloud. So as opposed to me getting it through me to the person, I would tell the people, raise your hands, in the audience, and then God would touch them directly. So it was bypassing me and going straight from Heaven to the people.

SID: Well you know what that does? That gives God all the Glory.


SID: And you’re almost like an observer.


SID: You’re having [unintelligible]

DAVID: I’m a spectator.

SID: Yes. Tell me what God has shown you about, because that’s the Glory you’ve operated in, but God is showing you about this greater Glory. What is going to happen when it fully manifests? What do you see happening?

DAVID: What I see is God always takes us from Glory to greater Glory, to greater, just like from faith to faith, Glory to Glory. But those of us who have been in the Glory for years and have been faithful, and what God is telling me is He is about to release yet another dimension. And I was like, “But Lord, how much more is this going to get.” And he said it’s going to be so great that all the past moves of God that we’ve seen before will be nothing compared with what’s about to happen. So you think the Jesus movement, you think Kathryn Kuhlman, the Azusa Street Revivals, Finney, Spurgeon, Smith Wigglesworth, all these revivals, Wesley, nothing compared. It will almost be like a culmination of all those Glories in one exploding on the earth. And I said, “Lord, what is this going to look like?” He said it will be so fast that what would take years in one revival, is what would happen in days in this new Glory.

SID: David, when we come back, I want you to explain how you started operating in this Glory of God, this manifest presence of God. And again, anything David can do, anything I can do, you can do better. We’ll be right back.

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