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SID: Mario, God told you to study the American youth. What did you find out?

MARIO: When I was asked to study the youth, I had been through the ’60s and the Jesus Movement, but I couldn’t believe the information that’s available on our children and what’s being fed to them, how they’re in despair, how the American suicide rate is off the chart, and it got so ugly that I realized that the playing field had been leveled. I used to think there were bad neighborhoods and good neighborhoods, but the Internet made it all possible for the same demons that hit the child in the ghetto to hit the child in the mansion.

When I found that out, it was late one night, about 2:00 in the morning, and I’d researched all this stuff and, all of a sudden, the room got ugly in like a stench and, evidently, something that I was embarking on was now a existential threat to evil, and the devil began to snarl. I could feel him. These statements, “I will grind them to powder. I will destroy them. I will completely manipulate them. I will turn them into evil. I will chew them up, spit them out and put them in a nameless grave. They will have no hope,” and he kept saying, “I will. I will,” and then, Sid, the glory of God filled my room, and I heard God roar, “But I will pour out my spirit on them.”

SID: Mario, I have to believe that, if the devil made such a point of wanting to kill the youth, the youth will be the devil’s greatest nightmare.

MARIO: Come on, brother.

SID: That’s what I believe.

MARIO: Wow. That’s right.

SID: Then God showed you about a national awakening, and I’m not a California person. I’m an East Coast person.

MARIO: Yes, sir.

SID: There’s something called Highway 99.

MARIO: Runs right through this.

SID: Tell me about all of that.

MARIO: Highway 99 has many cities. It runs from Red Bluff, California, down to Laval Road in Arvin, California. It’s 40 miles south of Bakersfield. I was preaching in Stockton, and after the morning service, I took a nap, and suddenly I was in a dream, the kind of dream that I warn people to be careful about, so I suddenly find myself suspended above the state of California and, with one glance, I was able to see from Red Bluff down to Laval Road, which is several hundred miles, and suddenly this highway, which by the way in… Five years ago, the top 10 worst cities in America, five of them were along that highway, and they have drugs and homelessness.

There’s one city I’m not going to name. They have 12,000 homeless people per capita, more homeless than anywhere else. Entire, vast neighborhoods along the 99 have been devastated by not only drugs and gangs, but the Mexican mafia has its only real footprint in America along that place, so I’m staring at the highway. It turns into a river, and it became a river, and I see trees popping, and he said, “These trees represent leaves of healing. There’s going to be thousands saved along this highway.”

I was miraculously given a tent five years later and completely forgot the dream. I’d mentioned it once in a while, told the people that lived in Stockton about it, but, one night, the Lord said, “I’d give you this tent and a thousand chairs. You take it from the top of 99 to the bottom, and you will see it will become a corridor of the glory of God.”

SID: He didn’t tell you to go into the upper class areas. You are going, from what I understand, in the most crime infested, gang-controlled, drug- infested, scariest, prostitution-effected areas imaginable. I’m going to take you to Paradise.

MARIO: Yes, sir.

SID: Tell me what happened there.

MARIO: Paradise, California, was like Dresden in Germany. When it was carpet-bombed by the Americans, there was nothing left. 24,000 buildings were destroyed in Paradise, California. It was nothing left. The water, you couldn’t drink it. The grid was gone.

SID: Awful fire.

MARIO: It is the first American city that we could say was entirely destroyed by fire, not even San Francisco could say that in 1906, and the Lord said, “Go to Paradise, California,” and I said, “There’s no one there.” He said, “Go,” and I’m thinking to myself going in that 88 people died in that fire and most of their relatives are going to be under this tent. I’m going to be preaching to people whose parents, loved ones, wives, husbands died in a fire, and instead, the power of God came and, the comfort of the Lord, it was amazing, and the Lord said, “This is just the beginning of what you’re going to see.”

From there, we had a tent meeting actually before Paradise in Marysville with the Five30 Event Center there with Jim Carpenter and Christine, and we had young kids who shaved their heads and tattooed Hitler on the side of their… It said Hitler and a swastika on one side. They’re at the altar. They’re the ones that God told me about. The devil said, “I’m going to destroy them.” Here they are down on the ground, spread-eagle, sobbing to be born again.

SID: Mario says he will reveal your purpose when we return, and it’s different than what you think.

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LAURIE: You know, He cares about us. And so, Main Street really changed my life in good ways.

RYAN: And what did you, what were you feeling when you were encountering the Father there? Did He talk to you?

LAURIE: He did. He said to me that I had to go back.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: So, you know, my heart was beating out of my chest.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: I’m up against this tree.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: You know, all the beauty of Main Street is now gone.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: And just this panic that’s totally foreign to heaven.

RYAN: Right.

LAURIE: It doesn’t belong there.

RYAN: Right.

LAURIE: And there was no reason for it. That was, I think that was the part that, and it hurt the Father.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: You know, of course, it would hurt somebody who loves you so much, and you don’t, you’re not willing to run to Him.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: Instead of run away and hide.

RYAN: Right.

LAURIE: But He fixed all that. So I’m really – I love the Father. And I love how much He loves me.

RYAN: You feel His love. You experience His love.

LAURIE: Yes. Yes.

RYAN: Now, you have 11 grandkids.


RYAN: And you understand that you can’t relate to each one of your grandkids the same as the others, what you talk about. So, in that, you talk about understanding that, we need to understand that there’s a difference between rebellion and immaturity. Talk about that.

LAURIE: That’s true. So, I have 11 grandchildren. One of them lives in heaven now.

RYAN: Oh. Okay.

LAURIE: And so, I have my youngest grandson, one of the youngest grandsons right now. Oh, he’s pushing his food on the floor.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: You know. And you’re trying to train him don’t do that.

RYAN: Yeah.

LAURIE: But I have an 11-year-old granddaughter right now, and if she did it, that would be totally unacceptable.

RYAN: Right.

LAURIE: And the Father relates to us, not in our physical age, but in our spirit age.

RYAN: Yes.

LAURIE: How are we, what can we handle, how much do we understand? And those type things are really important for us to understand that God judges the heart, not just for judgment, but to be able to see what stage are you at. And it’s so good that He is perfect at doing that, and can help us. And so, immaturity isn’t the same as rebellion, in that, immaturity is just that you’re trying, and coloring a little bit outside of the lines.

RYAN: Right.

LAURIE: You know. Rebellion is when you refuse to try.

RYAN: Wow.

LAURIE: You refuse. My hiding behind the tree was, the problem was inside of me.

RYAN: Right.

LAURIE: Not being able to reach out and let Him cover me in His love.

RYAN: Yeah. Yeah.

LAURIE: And sometimes people are just too hurt. And He’s so patient.

RYAN: Wow.

LAURIE: The long-suffering inside of our Father.

RYAN: Oh, Thank God.

LAURIE: There’s no comparison.

RYAN: Thank God. [laughs]

LAURIE: [laughs] Amen. Amen.

RYAN: When we come back we’re going to talk with Laurie more about heaven. She’s going to pray for you. [music] She’s just going to pray the heaven down on you, the love of the Father. And so you don’t want to miss what’s coming up next.

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BECKY: I mean God is intentional in what He does with us when He is training us. And so yes, I mean part of healing and miracles is you have to be expecting a miracle. Right? And that’s faith and so I knew. And things were happening and He was just having me go and lay hands on the people and ask them, “What do you want me to pray for you for?” And we’d pray and we would see these miracles start taking place. 

BOB: Wow. Now did you see results? I mean, you know the AIDS patients even? 

BECKY: Yes. I saw wonderful results. One day in particular I went and I got there and I asked the nurse, Luis. I said, “Hi Luis, how is everybody doing?” And he’s going, “Oh sister Becky, They’re not good today.” And I’m like, “Well what’s wrong?” I mean we’re in an AIDS hospice. AIDS is the last stage of HIV.   

BOB: Right.

BECKY: And so I mean yes, things are going wrong with these people. In the natural they’re dying. And I said, “Well, what’s wrong?” And he said, “Well we have two men in this room over here and they’re both going to be dead within 2 hours. Sister Becky, you need to go pray for them.”

BOB: Okay.

BECKY: And I knew when he asked me that, I knew in my heart that he didn’t believe anything would happen but you know what? That’s okay. It’s not about them. 

BOB: That’s right.

BECKY: It’s between me and God at that point. And so I walked into the room where he brought me into and he showed me these two men. One was in this bed. Another was in that bed. And their eyes were fixed on the ceiling. They were in comas. There was no medical equipment in the room. There was no family. There were just two men in these two separate beds and they were dying. And for one that just grabbed my heart you know that nobody even cared enough to even be with them in their last hours. And so you know I had there was this compassion of the Lord. You know the love of God and the compassion of the Lord, which is how Jesus operated. And you have to have those things in operation when you’re ministering to people. And so he showed me these two men and he looked at me and he walked out of the room and closed the door.  

BOB: [Laughs]

BECKY: And so it was just me. These two men.

BOB: Yeah.

BECKY: And I think most people would have just went, “Umm, well bless you in Jesus’ name” and left the room.  

BOB: Right. Who’s going to know any different? [laughs]

BECKY: [Laughs] But you know I’ve learned with the Lord, you know, by allowing Him to teach me and train me that we don’t need to fear death. And so I’m not afraid of the spirit of death. And so I walked up to the first man and I looked him in the eye. And His eyes were fixed on the ceiling and they both were taking those last laborious breaths. And I looked into the eyes of the first man and I said, “Hi. My name is Becky and I’m a missionary and I believe in healing.” And I said, “I’m going to pray for you.” And I saw the man’s eye twitch. And I said to him, I said, “I just saw your eye twitch and I’m going to say that’s a yes.” And so I laid my hands on him and I just said, “In Jesus’ name I renounce the spirit of death and I release the spirit of life. I renounce the HIV and everything killing your body in Jesus’ name. And I say in Jesus’ name be healed.”        

BOB: And what happened?

BECKY: The man. It was so glorious. The man jumped out of his bed.

BOB: [Laughs]

BECKY: And he’s just jumping up and down with joy.

BOB: The man who was in a coma with two hours to live?


BOB: Okay.

BECKY: Yes. 

BOB: [Laughing]

BECKY: [Laughs] And I’m just standing there as if it’s the most normal thing. I mean I’m not even jumping with him. I’m just watching this like it’s so normal but I came to realize it’s supposed to be normal.

BOB: It should be normal. That’s right.

BECKY: The supernatural should be normal for Christians.

BOB: Absolutely.

BECKY: And I’m just watching this display of this joy from this man and he’s jumping up and down and he’s saying, “I’m healed. I’m healed. I’m healed.” And then when he settled down the first words after that that came out of his mouth, he looked at me and he said, “I’m a Christian and I fell into sin and I became infected with HIV.” 

BOB: Hmm.

BECKY: “But I’m going home because I’m healed and I’m telling everybody I’m healed.” And the man left the room.  

BOB: Wow. Well let’s stop right there. We need to take a break. But when we come back, Becky ran into a situation, a need for healing [Music] very close to home. And God prepared her for just that moment. So come right back for “Something More.”

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SID: Well let me ask you this. You said to me that you don’t give the message; Jesus stands right next to you, tells you what to say, and you say it. Did I get that straight?

KEVIN: Yeah, and it’s word-for-word.

SID: Okay. Is He behind you now?

KEVIN: Yes He is.

SID: Let’s go!

KEVIN: [laughs]

SID: [laughs]

KEVIN: Thank You. Thank You Father.

SID: Now [laughing] I have I’m thinking, “What other host would s- let ‘their mail be read’ [laughing] on television?” I must be “meshugah”; that’s a Hebrew word for “crazy.” Go ahead Kevin; I’m sorry. [laughs]

KEVIN: Mm. Jesus says that,, “When I formed you in your mother’s womb, I placed in you a purpose. I have sent you to this place that you’re at right now.” That the Lord has had you carry a torch from one generation to the next; “That you have taken from what I have done on the Earth in one generation, and you have transferred it to the next generation, and you have been faithful to Me.” And Jesus says, “Because you have been faithful to Me, I am about to expand you, and your ministry is about to reach four times that, that it is now”, and that the Lord is bringing people to you to help you with this. That your name is written in Heaven, Sid. And “By the power and authority you speak My words, and you cause the Earth to come into full revelation of Jesus Christ, because you speak the words by the Spirit, you allow people to experience God in a different way, Sid, and that is My heart. You are bringing Me to the world. No good thing will I withhold from you, Sid, because you have not withheld anything from Me. I, the Lord, have called you; I have planned you to be in this place. It is just the beginning; it’s just starting for you; your best days are ahead. Walk with Me, stay close to Me, and you shall see the end of your faith.” Amen.

SID: Amen! Well, you have had, according to my notes, 17 visitations, where either Jesus came to him, or he went to Heaven. Tell me about the time you saw your Angel for the first time.

KEVIN: Well I was surprised because I had could never see I could just sense, you know; and there’s a difference between sensing something. And, a lot of people want to know the difference between the Holy Spirit’s Presence, and an Angel’s presence, and I actually couldn’t tell the difference. But what happened was is one evening in particular, we were praying, and it was my wife, and my pastor’s mother at the time. And while they were praying, I felt a heat so strong, and a, and the light a light so strong, that it was coming through the cracks of my eyes as I was praying. So I opened my eyes, and I looked up, and there was this Angel, standing there, on fire, and He was smiling at me! And I looked at my wife, and I looked at the pastor’s mother, and I said, “What is going on?”; and they didn’t respond. They were praying; they didn’t see it. I looked at him, and I said, “Who are you?” He said, “My name is Aon, and I’m your Angel.” And now, since that night, every time that I go to minister, whether it’s one person or a thousand, he shows up and just stands behind me. And he doesn’t say a word; he just burns with the fire of God, and causes me to operate in what God’s called me to do, in whatever situation that would be.

SID: And you told me he’s here now, and you told me you were burning.

KEVIN: Yeah, I’m burning from behind; he’s standing behind me. And he is he is no different than all the Angels that are sent to each individual, to be with them; angels are sent to each person. Jesus showed me that children He spoke about in the Bible,

“Don’t touch the children because their angels always see the face of their Father in Heaven.” And so, Angels are with children, according to the Scripture; but when you grow up, you don’t lose your Angel; in fact, I think you need them more. And so everybody

SID: Oh I’m sure! [laughs]

KEVIN: everybody has Angels! And ever-

SID: Well what does He want you to do in the next segment coming up?

KEVIN: He wants me to speak to people, and prophesy; he wants me to speak what the Lord is saying to people. He’s here because he knows that what I have to say is important to people to hear; and this is that the supernatural is for everyone; it’s not for a chosen few. I am nothing special; everyone has Angels. Everyone can have the experience of praying, and seeing their prayers answered.

SID: I believe that as people listen to you, that they’re going to hear from Heaven, just as I just did. We’ll be right back for “Something More.”


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DAVID: It’s only by the Holy Spirit. All true worship comes from revelation, not from information. Information makes you think. Revelation makes you worship. And when revelation comes from the Holy Spirit it’s not that you have to be coached into worshipping. It naturally overflows because of the revelation you’ve received. So He says true worshippers are going to worship me in spirit and in truth. Not by tradition, not by mandate, not by demands, not by structure, though structure has its place. But He is saying that true worship is going to overflow because of what the Holy Spirit does in our hearts! You know the scripture talks about holy beings flying around the Father 24/7 singing Holy, holy, holy is the Lord! You often notice in the scripture that whenever someone cries holy it’s because the Lord has revealed Himself. Do you realize that these beings for all of eternity are flying around Him singing holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy? That for all of eternity each time they come full circle they capture new revelation of God?


DAVID: And it brings out a response. They have– people say how can they worship for all of eternity? It’s because for all of eternity they’re receiving revelation. Worship moves the shift, it takes shift from your needs to focusing on Jesus. There’s a song, now to me it’s old, I apologize if it’s was one of the new ones back in your day for worship, but Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus?


DAVID: Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. It’s poetic, it’s beautiful, it’s true. And you’re looking at Jesus the light of His face is so brilliant everything else goes dim. So the prayer request removes the inner chaos, allows you to focus on the revelation which moves you into worship. Much easier than the way I was doing it. And then I won’t spend too much time on this one cause I want to, I want more time for the last one here. The third one is resisting. This is spiritual warfare. Now many of you know about spiritual warfare. But I will say this. Anything that sin and the devil does in this earth can be undone through prayer! When you’re praying in the spirit, when you enter that realm of intercessor you become an agent of God’s dominion and authority in the earth! And you, when you speak, you may be over here but someone over there can receive. You know the thing about prayer is it’s impossible to accomplish nothing in prayer. For every moment you are praying you are growing! For every moment you are praying you are accomplishing something whether you see it immediately or not! We’ll be praying for somebody and we talk to them and they seem so resistant to the Gospel. The truth is despite the faτade that they place before your eyes because of the faith that you have you can know with certainty that when you’re warring for somebody’s soul, when you’re warring for a situation that you are making impact!


DAVID: That’s spiritual warfare. John chapter 6, Jesus is talking in verse 53. Remember the fourth one is reading.       Let me show you something very powerful that happens when you’re reading the Word because it’s not just reading a book. It’s not a biography. You’re experiencing a Person! He is the Word and Jesus Himself says that this is a supernatural thing. I know the binding and the pages and the ink are of our earth but this is a supernatural experience every time you open the Bible! Okay. So verse 53. This is Jesus talking. Is this blessing you?


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