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Sid: Now this Friday and Saturday are Shavuot that’s the Hebrew word for Pentecost. You remember the book of Acts the second chapter I mean what timing. Shavuot is when we’re told by the Rabbis the law was given on Mr. Sinai.  And on that same date in the book of Acts the second chapter the Holy Spirit descended which allowed us to observe the law and in the power necessary to follow things like the Ten Commandments. And I can’t think a better guest I believe the Spirit of God arranged this my guest this week is Dave Roberson. He’s the Senior Pastor from the Family Prayer Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I’ve known Dave a number of years. And although I’ve heard his testimony I believe there’s a generation of you that have not.  And he moves in a supernatural power of the Spirit of God like we’re all supposed to move like we read about in the Bible but unfortunately most believers are not moving there. And I believe that there’s a key that you’re going to begin to comprehend and understand that will be one of the very very sovereign points in your life that you’re going to look back and you’re going to say “That’s when I moved from where I was to that next point in God.”

Dave I want to take you back as a young man you came from a rough background, you got saved but by age 30 you were one of these very legalistic Christians and then all of a sudden you had a vision tell me about it.

Dave: Sid I’m just I’m so glad to be here with you again and when you said that it brought back memories.  You know I can just feel the presence of God come on me but I was what we call ultra Holiness I was a….  We had a legalistic way of looking at things and really we loved God so much that if we thought He said “Take all of your jewelry off” we would take it off, “Dress a certain way” we’d dress a certain way we just loved Him. But at 30 years old the hunger on the inside of me was so strong that kind of thirsting that that just can’t be quenched by men and man’s doctrines and things. I was so so thirsty to know him after His power and since then oh I have found out that a person and I mean you can walk all the way into everything Jesus said you could be and out of everything He set you free from that walk of power.  I have found out that you can walk all the way into Him on purpose just because you get up one day and decide I’m going to make this journey. It’s all there for you and you can have it and you can walk in His power. O that particular day I was so hungry I was just so hungry for His power to know Him after His power.  And I woke up that morning thinking that I was going to see the bedroom as normal and it was an anointing that woke me up.  And when this anointing woke me up I opened my eyes expecting to see the bedroom and instead I saw a vision. And in this vision I was setting in a crowd 3rd row back and the front person who was running the service and leading worship and I knew that it was my service and this was all the vision.  And she says or he says “And now our evangelist” and he looks at me and I started to get up and then he turns and looks at the curtain and a young woman comes out from behind the curtain. There were several people there in a wheelchair and this young woman takes the services the power comes in so heavy you can cut it with a knife almost. And the people get out of a wheelchairs and everything takes place.  And then she looks at me and the whole crowd disappears and she says “I don’t know why God has given this ministry to me I really didn’t know I was called and she said “One of you must have failed.” And the whole crowd had disappeared there was just me and her.” And that’s when I come out of the vision. And it was that day that I went down and gave a 2 week notice on my job.  And then I went down to a little 8 x 8 prayer closet down at the church and I had decided that I was just going to stay in there and pray until I I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t even know what praying in tongues would do at that point. I just locked myself up in that 8 by 8 for about the same hours that I would have normally worked my job. Well it didn’t take me very long to run out of English and so I switched to praying in tongues not because I knew that it would do or I knew the edification process. Or that I knew what Jude 20 said when it said “We build our self up on our most holy God kind of faith.” I didn’t know that it would do all of that all I knew that I had walked myself up in this prayer closet an 8 x 8 room and I had so many hours ahead of me to go. So I only switched to praying in tongues not because I knew what it would do that supernatural language but just to survive the hours that I had committed to. And so about 6 weeks went by and oh the time was crawling by I mean I’d go in there and lock myself up and pray in English until I’d run out of English and then I’d have so many hours ahead of me. So I just switched to praying in tongues not because I even knew that I could anytime I wanted to I found that out later that I switched to praying in tongues just to survive those hours I had committed myself to. Well the hours just creped by I mean they went so slow and a woman found out what I was doing and she beat on the door and she said “Are you feeling any change?”  And I said “As a matter of fact I am I’m getting my tongue is getting tired and dry.

Sid: (Laughing.)

Dave:  And now she says “Do do you feel any Spiritual change?”  And I really hadn’t at that point and so she said “Oh well I got to go.” Well I stayed in oh about 3 months in all and that same woman came back and she began to tell me about a time that a church was going to meet together on that weekend and this church did not believe in speaking with tongue and she asked me if I would like to come over and be part of that fellowship at this lay witness it was just layman?”  And so to tell you the truth it seemed like a legal excuse of get out of my prayer closet and I would have taken any reason I said “Oh yes I’d love to go.” So I run home and changed real quick and I got there late because I got there late I didn’t know the woman they set me down next to came in on a crutch see I didn’t know that. See I was so hungry to know Him after His power that’s why I was locked up in the closet.  They set me next to her we had a few minutes to fellowship they brought me coffee and I sat there drinking my coffee and we were talking and all of a sudden they said hey “The man if going to speak now.” And a man came up and he had kind of a little pulpit there so he got behind it and he was going to teach the lay witness that was in these peoples home. So I sat next to this woman so he began to teach and I wasn’t used to somebody teaching like him I was used to holiness preaching they shouted, jumped pews. This man began “And we know that Jesus is the great celestial go between the troubled waters of mankind that the only would have called.” And I’m going “Oh brother.”  I was thinking “I wish I was in the prayer closet it was more exciting.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Dave: (Laughing) and I was setting there and I had no idea what was about to happen no idea.  And just out of boredom as I’m shaking my coffee and watching the little rings work its way to the side. I turned around and looked the woman next to me and suddenly I had no idea what was going to happen. Suddenly it was like a transparency an x-ray was put up between me and her and I’d seen a hip socket. And it’s the funniest thing I could see through this vision and I could see her but I could see the hip socket. At that time I didn’t know that vision materialized in my spirit. But it was suspended there between me and her and it was so vivid that I turned around to see if anybody else could see it. And I looked at it and I sais “My God what do you want me to do?” And it was absolute silence like “If you don’t know.” And finally I leaned over the woman and I said “Is there something wrong with your hip?” And the word arthritis dropped into my spirit and so I said “It’s arthritis” because in the vision it was a dark socket and it was deteriorated.  And she said “Young man that’s what the doctor tells me” and I yelled “Glory to God.” And she said “I beg your pardon?” I says oh oh God’s going to heal you I know He’s going to heal you can I pray for you?”  And to her and her religion prayer meant sometime in the course of my day to bow my head and remember her.

Sid: Dave because we’re running out of time…

Dave: Yes.

Sid: What happened?

Dave: Well I jumped around in front of her because she said “Yes you can pray for me.”  I jumped around in front of her I grabbed her by the leg and held them up and one was 3 or 4 inches shorter than the other.  And I said “The name of Jesus” and that leg cracked and popped and came out! She got up and walked just as normal and Sid I wept like a baby because I just dreamed of things like that and now it was coming to pass.  And He said to me a little bit later on He said “Son it’s because you have discovered a process of edification from praying in tongues.”

Sid: You know Dave that there are people that their lives are going to be changed.

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Sid: I’ve got a man on the telephone that was so fearful he shook literally shook for 3½ he didn’t want to live, he had thoughts of killing his family, he could only sleep an hour a night. And one scripture set him free and he has got almost with a vengeance he wants to see people that have a spirit of fear set free.  Now you’ve had more than your share of opportunities to be fearful even after you’ve been set free. For instance what about that time that guy was chasing you in an automobile?

Kris: Yeah that’s incredible you know what happened was we were talking the 8 graders on their 8th grade trip from a really small school and there was 8 of them in a van.  And we were coming home from Santa Cruz, California. We stopped just to get some gas and when we pulled back on the freeway this guy pulled right next to us in a white Chevy pickup truck and he motioned us to pull over. And I’ll just give you the Readers Digest version of this he motioned for us to pull over and I started to pull over and as I got almost stopped I turned to look at him and his eyes were glowing red and I’m like “Whoa what is that?”  And the Lord said to me just as we got stopped the Lord said to me “No one shall be harmed.”  And I’m like “What does that mean?” And I felt like I was supposed to keep going and so I waved at him like that you very much because I thought he was pulling us over at first just to tell us that we had a flat tire or something. And we got back on the freeway and Sid for 45 minutes he tried to ram us, he tried to kill us, traffic was stopped on both sides of the freeway for miles. One time he tried…

Sid: You had some young children in there.

Kris: I had 8 – 8th graders in there. One young man got so afraid he tried to jump out of the window and 2 other young men one of them was my son they had to unbuckle their seatbelt and hold him on the floor because he was screaming “We’re all going to die, we’re all going to die.”  At one point we’re on the freeway and this guy parked sideways on the freeway, got out of his truck and start running for the van.  And one of the kids yelled “He’s got a gun, he’s got a gun.”

Sid: He really had a gun?

Kris: He didn’t. He turned out not they never found a gun on him.

Sid: But you thought he had a gun.

Kris: I thought he had a gun and so I waited until he got right to the van and I took off and he ran for his truck it must have been running and he put it in gear and he tried to ram us from the side.  This went on for 45 minutes but the Lord gave me an incredible peace in fact this is going to sound strange I was so peaceful that I kept laughing.  The kids were screaming.

Sid: That’s peaceful.

Kris: That’s peaceful I just…when the Lord said “There shall be no harm done to you.” You know when the Lord speaks to you Sid it brings a grace?

Sid: Of course.

Kris: It brings a power.  There was this peace on me my wife was just screaming and yelling, “Oh he’s going to kill us, kill us.” And I just felt the incredible peace we drove we drove 110 miles an hour drown the freeway while he tried to ram us from the back, ram us from the side. We finally we past a highway patrolman on the highway on the right hand side and my wife screamed “There’s a highway patrolman stop stop” and she was yelling out the window at the highway patrol “The man’s trying to kill us.” And we pulled into the center lane six way freeway and we pulled into the center dirt lane and right in front of the cop right in front of the highway patrolman he tried to ram us right in the middle aisle and I was trying to stay close to the highway patrolman so I was driving back and forth in the middle aisle tying to keep him from hitting us and finally he jumps out of his car and I lost him. And he runs around the back and he gets his hand in the back door and gets the back door of the van open.

Sid: Hm.

Kris: And he’s hanging from the back door of the van and there was 3 girls in the back seat and they start screaming “He’s in the back, he’s in the back.”  And so I started driving back and forth as fast as I could and he finally fell off the back. And I’m looking for the highway patrolman and I’m like “Where’s the highway patrolman, where’s the highway patrolman?”  And I couldn’t see him and my wife’s screaming, the kids are screaming and there’s still one young man being held on the floor. And so I stopped for a minute and the guy gets the side door open and he gets his hand in the side door…

Sid: Wait I misunderstood I thought you shook him off.

Kris: I shook him off and he fell off the back and I stopped and as soon as I stopped he ran around the side and he got the side door.

Sid: Oh no!

Kris: And he gets his hand in the side door the girls are pounding on him trying to keep him out of the van.

Sid: Why did you stop?

Kris: Well the highway patrol was right there.

Sid: Okay.

Kris: I was waiting for the highway patrolman to get him. So I take off again…

Sid: This sounds like a made for TV special but go ahead.

Kris: (Laughing) I’m driving back and forth in the center lane and I’m like just giving him a real ride and finally he falls of the side and just as he falls off the side maybe 20 seconds go by and the cop I hear someone say “Stop or I’ll shot, stop or I’ll blow your head off.” And I’m like what “Oh good he’s got him, he’s got him.” So I’m still going back and forth back still slow just trying to make sure he doesn’t get on in the van. And all of a sudden I hear I, I, I see a gun right in my face and he says “If you move I’ll blow your head off.”

Sid: Who’s this the policeman?

Kris: The highway patrolman.

Sid: He’s after you?

Kris: He’s after me.

Sid: Why’s he after you?

Kris: Because my wife is yelling this guy’s trying to kill us, this guy is trying to kill us.”

Sid: So he thought it was you.

Kris: When the highway patrolman ran up the guy that was trying to kill us said to the officer he kidnapped my girl, he kidnapped my girl.

Sid: Oi vey.

Kris: So he grabs me so he grabs in out of the van I stopped the van I put it in park he opens the door he grabs me and throws me on the ground and he cuffs me from behind and he drags me around the van.

Sid: What’s your wife doing?

Kris: She’s screaming “You got the wrong guy you’ve got the wrong guy” and I get around the van and he’s already cuffed the other guy too.  And so we’re both laying against the van and traffic now traffic stopped for miles both ways. Now highway patrolman, sheriff’s car, police cars they just surround us like a big wagon train. And the officer that arrested us they let him go and they started questioning us and they had all of the girls get out of the car because he said that we kidnapped his daughter.  And the finally figured out that the guy was nuts. The next morning that was on a Saturday. Sunday morning 7:00 in the morning I get a call from the arresting officer and he said Kris and he said “Kris is this Kris Vallotoon?”  And I said “Yes it is.”  “I was the officer last night that arrested you” and he said “I haven’t slept all night his voice was real broken and shaky on the phone and he said “I’ve been on the force 20 years and I’ve never had anything like this happen before.” And he said “I pulled my gun out and I thought that you were a kidnapper.” He said “I squeezed the trigger I was going to kill you and a small voice said to me ‘Something’s wrong don’t pull that trigger.’ He said “I almost killed an innocent man” and he was weeping on the phone.  And I said “You can pull the trigger but you wouldn’t have killed me.”

Sid: You really believe that Kris?

Kris: Yes yes.

Sid: It’s got to be so wonderful to be able to have so much trust in God that you don’t have any place for a spirit of fear there’s no place for it to rest in you.

Kris: That’s right.  I told him I said “You could have pulled that trigger but you wouldn’t have killed me because the Lord Jesus said “There will be no harm done to you.”

Sid: Now this is not the first time that there’s been attacks on you. You’ve had some crazy person call and say “They were going to kill your children.” And what did you say to that person?

Kris: For a year I didn’t have l crazy person I had occult members calling me you could hear screaming and yelling in the background that they’d call me and they say that “Satan says that he’s going to get you.” And this is like 4 or 5 years after I got free.

Sid: Why were they after you?

Kris: Well you know why I knew they were after…you know why they were after me Sid?

Sid: Why?

Kris: Because they knew that I was freeing people that Jesus was using me to free people and that they wanted to keep me in bondage and if I would have believed them you know when they called me and they started “We’re going to kill your children, we’re going to molest your children we’re going to kill your wife.”  When they started that on the phone immediately that fear would start to come back and I would start to get afraid. And I would spend the day just trying that thing off me. And finally the Lord said “This is an opportunity, this is not a problem this is an opportunity when they call you back I want you to witness to them.”  So when they would call I would start telling them “Jesus He forgives you.”

Sid: Wait a second Kris wasn’t there just a tinge of fear they’re talking about killing you, your family, your children.

Kris: Remember where I came from Sid, remember that the Lord told me years before “They can’t kill you it’s an illusion.”

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Sid: I have on the telephone a prophetess friend of mine I’ve known for many years now her name is Nita Johnson. I’m speaking to her at her home in Fresno, California and she’s the Leader of World for Jesus Ministries. As a young child she received many dreams and visions about the future of America. On yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about the issue that we’ll break America’s back with all the sins we’ve committed there is one that will just loose the judgments of God on this country.  And it’s got to do with the Jew and the nation Israel.  And Nita you said that many times you go to churches and you ask the following question would you repeat that question?

Nita: I ask the people “How many of you believe that everything that has transpired against the Jews in the last 2000 years has occurred because they killed Messiah?”  And hands will go up 60 – 80% of the congregation it’s just an honest mistake they just for some reason whatever the teaching has been they believe that that’s true.  And I share with them the scripture right out of Isaiah it says “Comfort ye my comfort ye my people and tell them that their iniquities have been pardoned.” And I explain to them that Messiah was not killed He gave up His life for all of mankind and if we are going to lay that kind of blame at the feet of the Jewish people then we have to also lay it at the feet of the Gentile.

Sid: Let me read a scripture that summaries what you just saying that’s Acts the 4th chapter the 27th verse tell us who killed the Messiah. It says that “Truly against your holy servant Jesus whom you anointed both Herod he’s the one that did the deed. No and Pontius Pilate oh Herod and Pontius Pilate “No” with the Gentiles and the people of Israel.” So guess what if you get the Jews and Gentiles together Nita you have the whole world that’s who came against the Messiah according to the word of God He died for the sins of the whole world.

Nita: That’s right and so if we say Sid that the Jewish people deserve the holocaust that they’ve gone through for the last 2000 years then we also have to say that so do the Gentiles. Whatever we lay at the feet of Israel we have to lay at the feet of the Gentile or we have to take the yoke off of both and say that they are forgiven. And it’s just a correction in theology that needs to take place in America. But the improper theology is deeply rooted in anti-Semitism whether they hear and understand that or not that is the case. We don’t understand the heart of the Father and the heart of Yeshua who deeply, deeply love his Jewish people and want to redeem them from all of their problems, all of their slavery, from eternal death. And He’s not going to stop until all of that has been accomplished. So not we find America, not just the American church, but America in a fight where we have taken very very strong anti-Semitic stance in the past. We’ve also allowed the Jewish people to live here and to flourish in many ways and so that the Lord has blessed America.  But the blessings would have been so much greater had we not taken the strong anti-Semitic stands at various times in history. Whether we understand this is not the Jewish people are going to be the ones by whom God is going to judge. It will be like a plum line in the nation that is what the Bible tells us. And that is still going to be true as the Lord is awaking Israel and salvation is coming to Jews throughout the world there is going to be another response from the Father.

Sid: Excuse me you’re saying to me that there will be a revival among Jewish people and in Israel is that what you’re saying?

Nita: Sid this revival is going to be so great that people will look and first of all it’s going to shake the entire world. Number 2 people are going to look at what is taking place and what is occurring people will begin to wonder if any Gentiles are getting saved.  Of course they will be but the predominate fisherman is going to be the redeemed Jewish person.

Sid: Now what I’m wondering Anita is unfortunately in this book that I’m offering this week “The Children of God” documents the anti-Semitism in the Protestant Church and the Catholic Church with people like Martin Luther and Calvin and it’s the most amazing thing.  With the anti-Semitism there when God begins to bless the Jewish people especially with salvation and revival breaks out in Israel I’m concerned that there might be a fierce jealousy in the church.

Nita: I think that Messiah address that with the prodigal son.

Sid: Explain that.

Nita: Well that there would be this jealousy the heart of the church we have stayed with you, we have been true to your word, we have been true to You all of these years. And now this son who has gone out and wasted his inheritance and you put a robe of authority upon him, you put the ring of power on his finger. Look at the way Your treating him so much greater glory than what I’ve have known. Me who’s been so faithful to you all of these years that a heart of jealousy will rise up in the Gentile church. And the Lord would like to negate that if He could if there would be a faction of the Gentile church that would say No this Jewish brother is bone of my bone, he’s flesh of my flesh I’m not going to reject him I’m not going to be jealous because of the outpouring of the glory of the shekina it is going to come upon him when he returns.  Because truly the shekina was given to the Jew and it’s going to come through the Jewish nation that is spoken to us in the scripture…

Sid: You know I’m reminded in Roman’s 9 it says “We owe a debt of gratitude to the Jewish people” because of them is the Fathers,” but then it says “of them is the glory.”

Nita: That’s right and so our hearts are one of it should be one of gratitude not of jealousy. But again I think it’s going to be a lack of understanding of the scriptural heart of the Father. He’s going to be rejoicing so it’s going to be as though he’s inviting the whole world to come and rejoice with him over the return of His first born son.  And of all those who rejoice with them He wants it to be that the church will rejoice with them. And part of the rejoicing is going to be the outpouring of His wonderful shekinah that’s going to flood the earth through these Jewish believers. The revelation of the covenant we’re going to enter into a revelation of a covenant that were going to enter into a revelation of a covenant that we have never known before when these Jewish believers come to the Lord because He’s going to give it to them to bless the church with. So everything that we see there in Roman’s 9 is going to come to its highest crescent upon the return of Israel to the Father.

Sid: So the devil is going to rear his ugly head in trying to have replacement theology or God is finished with the Jew, or God replaced Israel with Gentile Christians that have a Jewish heart and all of this other craziness of this replacement theology but there’s something even worse that’s going to be going on that you call it an international holocaust?

Nita: An International Holocaust.  There is going to be one last international holocaust of the Jewish nation. And they’re going to be blamed for financial problems throughout the nations. This thing that is going on in the Middle East when war finally kicks up there’s going to be a devastation that is going to occur among the Arabian nations. Israel is not going to come out on the losing side it will be just the opposite. And so internationally, spurred on I guess because of the oil situation nations are going to reject Israel and on the premise that Israel has been absolutely almost demonic in their attack against the Arabian nations. It’ll be very strong anti-Semitism and as a result there will come forth an anti-Semitic heart that will bring forth an International Holocaust to Jewish people. Just about every nation of the face of the earth is going to be involved in it wherever there is a Jewish community.

Sid: Who’s going to be the only friend on the face of this earth to the Jewish people besides other Jewish people?

Nita: Hopefully the church and that is the heart that the Lord is trying to deal with. He wants to bring us into an understanding of His own love and devotion towards the Jewish people. I believe that’s what the revelation of what I saw when I was 9 years old is all about. Don’t be a part of desecrating these people again that’s not My heart. My heart is for the Jewish people I want to redeem them, I want to save them, I want to spare them from this international outburst. Be as a savior to these people reach your hands out and be My hands extended to this at the time of this international crisis with that I will give blessings.  If the church continues in this anti-Semitic attitude…I talked to one of the survivors when I interviewed him for a book that I’m writing. I’m writing a book about these survivors so that the church can actually see what they went through on a personal level in this Holocaust. And when I finished the interview I asked him I said “If the church…what do you feel would have happened in regards to the Holocaust if the church would have stood up on behalf of the Jewish people at that moment?” And tears came to his eyes and he said “There would have been no holocaust.”

Sid: Hold that thought Nita our time is out.

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admin on February 15th, 2017

Sid: My guest this week is Nita Johnson I’m speaking to her at her home in Fresno, California she’s a prophetess, she’s the Leader of World for Jesus Ministries.  And she has received dreams and visions from God just as a little child about the last days in America.  And on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking to a really momentous about a very historic event it was a special celebration for the survivors of the ship St. Louis held in Ottawa, Canada. And there were only about 70 that survived of almost 1000 Jews that Hitler was ready to kill the gas ovens and they got on the ship St. Louis and they went to the nations of the world. And the nations of the world said “We don’t want these Jews” and most of them went back and died. And so only a handful of them survived and this was a special celebration, repentance just wanting to share love with the survivors by the Christian Community especially in Canada.  It sounded like it was a wonderful event Nita but during this time that you were speaking in churches up in Canada you had quickened to you a dream that you had many years ago. Tell me about it.

Nita: Actually it wasn’t a dream it was an experience that I had when I was 9 years old I talk about it in the end of my book “Prepare for the Winds of Change” where I was taken up. I was outside playing and suddenly found myself out of the natural and into the spiritual and running up this long corridor into heaven and into the throne room of Messiah being led by a very large and powerful angel. When once I was up in the throne room I saw:

#1 I immediately buried because it was so traumatic to me so I couldn’t cope with it.

The 2nd I had remembered and so all of the years 40 years now I have prayed “Please help me remember what it was that I saw that I buried because of this trauma.”


When I was up in Canada we were dealing with this whole issue of the Jewish people and the holocaust. And so the Lord chose that time to re-reveal to me in a vision what I had seen what I had seen when I was 9 years old. And what I saw up there in the throne room of the Lord was every holocaust that has ever come against the Jewish people since the days of Egypt.  The days of Egypt speaking about what was revealed to us even in the bible the fact that they were making the nations slaves. Well there were brutal beatings and many murders took place during that time the Bible doesn’t really give us a lot of information on.  And then clear up to modern day the holocaust that took place under Hitler, the Russian Pogroms, the Spanish Inquisition, all of the attempts of humanity to destroy the Jewish population I saw one by one. And after I saw all of those holocausts I saw God’s response of the holocaust which was the outpouring of His wrath upon the nations of the world. Not only for the rejection of Messiah but because of their rejection to his prophet the Jewish people down through the centuries that was very very traumatic for me to see even the 2nd time I can’t tell you how traumatic it was it’s very difficult it’s very painful because I didn’t see the words Egyptian holocaust. What I saw was a knowledge that this was the particular holocaust that I was seeing but what I saw was seeing was the beatings, I saw the murders, I saw everything that took place against the Jewish people. I felt their hearts, their fears, their anguish, their cries, and I felt the Father’s heart His pain over what was taking place.

Sid: So why do you believe the Lord quickened that to you of what happened so many years ago as a child?

Nita: I think because one of the things that transpired was the St. Louis Ship is after being rejected by Cuba and Canada, America and Canada.  They kind of moved around in the ocean the total trip was about 40 days Sid and 40 nights.  And I feel that whole time the Lord was looking at the nations of the world and He was judging by our response to that ship the same kind of dynamics under Noah who also floated on the water 40 days and 40 nights. So we are as nations reaping the fruit of the seed we sowed of anti-Semitism and this fruit has come forth in judgment that God has poured out upon the nations.  You mentioned earlier all the things that Cuba has gone through since rejecting the Jews.  It seems that America has gone through things that Canada has gone through. Things that nations throughout the world have incurred against themselves by the hand of the Lord in response to what we did over the Jewish people during that Hitler holocaust.  And so were coming now down to a time where we’re coming into virtually the very consummation of human history.  And the Lord wants us to know, and by the way after having seen this experience the second time I did a diligent search through the scriptures that I found that there are many scriptures that deal with this.  This issue of God seeming to stay silent as the nations of the world came against his people.  And in the last days he would rise up and pour out His wrath upon the nations of the world for their rejection of Israel.  And so it stood up scripturally and we’re coming down right to that time when this is going to begin to occur at a phenomenal rate.  And I feel that the Lord is at least speaking to my heart to warn the nations of the world that we have got to change our heart and repent toward our indifference toward our apathy and even our hatred of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.  And to the degree that we do that He will begin to bless us.  Now Canada having done all that the Lord has asked them to do…

Sid: Excuse me I was just thinking I might buy some stock in Canadian companies after they have repented like they have to the Jews. And from what I understand leaders from all over Canada came together to repent for their attitude toward the Jew and especially that major act of not accepting the Jewish refugees from the St. Louis.

Nita: That’s exactly right and the Lord has promised to pour out not just revival but He has promised to make His presence come upon Canada in an unprecedented way and lift Canada to the forefront of world evangelism.  He’s actually going to raise Canada up above all the nations of the world. He’s been promising the Canadian church this for the last 20 years. The first prophecy ever given was given through Dr. Cho. I gave a prophecy of a similar nature when I was in Canada about 16 years ago.  And now He is taking Canada through the cycle of preparing themselves to be a bride for the Lord.  And one who will lead the nations of the world in this next great move.  And further more will be the nation that God will use to bring about the second coming of the Messiah.

Sid: What about America?

Nita: America is going to find herself not in the lead but subordinate to Canada regardless of what we do at this point. The only thing that we can do at this point is if we could as a church in this nation come to a true deep heartfelt repentance toward Israel and toward the Jewish people and make right or wrong then we will avail ourselves to a much higher level of glory and outpouring. And even push back judgments that God has decreed against America.

Sid: But you know Nita I find such confusion going on right now in God’s people in the church in reference to the Jew in Israel. There’s one large segment of Christians that think that the church has replaced Israel and the church gets the blessings and Israel gets the curses. And then there’s another group of Christians that love Israel so much they think that they are Israel.  It’s getting… I think the devil is really stirring things up.

Nita: He is stirring up a lot of confusion and he’d be a lot less successful if we spent more time in the word. But of course the word doesn’t support any of this stuff.  Any kind of replacement theology the word does not support. And so but what we can do is to bring our hearts back to the Lord, and you know Sid I might also mention this that people that embrace this kind of theology deep in their heart there is an undertone either already existing or an undertone that is implanted of anti-Semitism.

Sid: I was just going to say this I hear pastors that say “Oh I love the Jew in Israel” and then will say anti-Semitic remarks and not even realize it.

Nita: I have as I’ve traveled across America spoken to churches about this for about the last 2 years.  And when I take a hand count of those who feel that the Jewish people have incurred all that they’ve gone through in the last 2000 years because they rejected Messiah because they have put him on a cross they killed our God is this kind of theology.  How many people in a given church believe this? I will get hands raised from 60 to 80% of the congregation will say “Yes I believe that that because the Jews killed Christ they have gone through all that they’ve gone through the last 2000 years.

Sid: Excuse me hold that thought and of course that’s bad theology the Bible says that Jesus laid down His own life for the sins of the whole world. And He died for all as a result of the sins of Jew and Gentile alike.  However we’ll pick up there with Nita.

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admin on February 8th, 2017

Sid: Now many of you are familiar with my guest she’s been on our broadcast several times before her name is Nita Johnson. She’s the Leader of the World for Jesus Ministries. I’m speaking to her at her home in Fresno, California. As a young child she stated getting very graphic visions and dreams and encounters with the Lord about the last days in America. And for years she would…I mean for years she literally saw the judgments she saw the states that would be devastated as a results of these judgments and for years she went around America blowing the shofar, if you will, warning Christians to start praying  because of these judgments that perhaps they’ll be stopped.  But fairly recently the Lord showed you that all we can do is delay judgment we can’t stop it is that correct?

Nita: That’s correct yes.

Sid: Now a lot of people have problems with that. Are you saying the Lord is saying the judgment is coming it’s just a matter if we pray we’ll have a little more time?

Nita: That’s correct Sid. It goes right back to the Lord speaking to the people of Israel even his date and time He said the cup is full.  And that’s where we stand in America our cup is about full the cup of apathy, the cup of sin, the cup of pride and rebellion it’s just about full and so the Lord is still listening to that cry of the Esther who will come before Him and seek His mercy, even yes for extended time.  But ultimately He has done speaking of judgment from what I have learned for the last almost 100 years warning America to come out of her rebellion and pride and to humble herself before Him. And so with that He’s waited a good long time the next step is up to us in are we going to do what’s He’s asking.

Sid: And you explained to me and we’ll talk about it a little later in the week that there is one major sin issue and when that occurs you can realize there’s nothing to stop the outpouring of God’s judgment. But we’ll talk about that a little later in the broadcast but you just got back from a very exciting meeting in Ottawa, Canada. And it was the survivors from the ship St. Louis and for those that aren’t familiar with the ship St. Louis would you tell us about the background.

Nita: The ship St. Louis was actually sent out from Germany with just shy of 1000 immigrants and most of which were Jewish. And sent to Cuba all of these individuals were supposed to have had visas to allow them to go into Cuba and to live there for a temporary asylum and had in fact purchased these visas when the Cuban government decided to change its mind.

Sid: Now this was at the time at the Holocaust and Hitler and they were fleeing Germany for their lives.

Nita: They really were it was at the very very inception of the Holocaust.  It was after Kristallnacht, which was the night of broken glass, where the Germans went in and virtually shattered windows of shops and synagogues and so on and so forth.  Much damage by our calculations we would have to say probably millions and millions of dollars of damage was done.

Sid: So approximately under a 1000 Jews were on a ship St. Louis and they were trying to get out of the gas ovens.

Nita: With their life.

Sid: And the first country they went to you said was Cuba?

Nita: Was Cuba.

Sid: And what did Cuba do?

Nita: When they were stationed at Havana and Cuba decided that they didn’t want them after all. Then they reach out to America and through a series of events realized that wasn’t going to produce anything. So then they reached out to Canada and Canada stayed with their initial stance which was no more Jews in Canada. And as a result the ship was turned back to Europe and the Jewish relief organization began to seek out other countries that would take these Jews on. But as it turned out to make a long story short 90% of these Jews ended up dying in prison camps. Out of almost 1000 souls there were less than 100 who survived.  And so Canada realizing… the Canadian church now realizing their wrong, God having dealt with leaders in the Canadian church very heavily over this issue decided that they were going to go through a time of repentance which they have done now for the last 3 years; gathering groups of leaders and intercessors together by various means to repent before the Lord for having rejected the Jew at a time of the European Holocaust.  And then the Lord finally said “It’s time to bring the survivors of the St. Louis up to Canada and make a public apology to them.” So that’s what they did on November 5th. It was a very powerful event for 2 reasons #1 the love of Yeshua that was poured out in that entire weekend was so phenomenal that these Jewish people would make comments continually that they had never experienced such love.  The reason that they had never experienced it not only was in because of His divine love that was flowing through these meetings but because of all of the repentance that these believers had gone through their hearts were wide open to the Jewish people. And they very much desired to make restitution make right any wrong by openly demonstrating their love to these people. And so other comments that were made by these Jewish survivors were such things as “If this is the love that a Christian can feel maybe this Jesus Christ isn’t so bad after all.” They were absolutely astounded at the overflowing and abundant love that they were experiencing by Christians who they have known to be nothing but enemies for generations.

Sid: So imagine the bitterness in the heart towards all of these countries that could have saved a 1000 Jewish men, woman and children. Instead they sent them back to the gas ovens and you said this was not the only ship that this happened with.

Nita: Actually there was a second ship that was sent out right behind St. Louis. And in actuality there were people who were on the St. Louis that had family members who were on this second ship. Because they were over scheduled for the St. Louis so the overflow went onto the second ship, and when the captain heard that the St. Louis was not being received he just turned around and went back to Germany and virtually everyone on that ship died.

Sid: What was Hitler’s reaction when the world didn’t care about the Jews?

Nita: Between the Evian Conference that took place about a year prior to that and this event with the ships Hitler saw that as a statement by the world we don’t want to Jews so you do whatever you want to with them. And it was following that that massive massacres occurred to Jewish people began to occur throughout Germany, Poland and then eventually reaching out into Europe. So it was a very very strong statement. If we would have received the St. Louis, or if the Evian Conference would have gone differently than it went I feel very strongly there never would have been a holocaust.

Sid: Now explain Evian Conference was?

Nita: That was a conference that took place back in 1938 where 32 nations of the world, the more powerful nations, came together to decide what to do with this Jewish immigration situation. And all but the Dominion Republic refused to do anything about taking Jews into their country and America was part of that.  America and Canada. Canada stood up actually and said “None is too many the more you do for the Jews the more they want and the more of them there will be so we will take no Jews.” That again was a stance in regards to the St. Louis ship.  And so… but nations all over the world Sid made this same decision and between the two the Evian Conference and the St. Louis Ship that made a strong statement to Hitler that he needed to just quit trying to send the Jewish people out into the world into other countries and just get rid of them. So that’s what he did.

Sid: Nita we’re just about out of time on today’s broadcast but you said a this conference God quickened to you a visions that you had that is very relevant to us today. I’d like to start tomorrow’s broadcast with that….

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