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KERRY: Fact is what you see but truth is what He says! Truth is not information. Truth is a Person called The Holy Spirit! Jesus said when He, the Spirit of truth, comes He will guide you into all truth. Alethea, which is the manifested reality that is seen through the eyes of God. So when you see something the way God sees it you’re seeing it in truth. When you see it as it may be in the natural it’s simply a fact.




KERRY: So I told them, I said you’re operating in fact, you’re operating out of hurt but you’re not operating in truth! So well I don’t want to lie. You know he is killing us. And I said well how’s it working for you so far?




KERRY: And they said all right, what do I do? And I said I want you to declare over your son what God says about your son. Do you believe that God said that he’s killing me? No. Do you believe that God says you’re going to wind up in jail? No. And I said that he was created in the image of God, in the imagination of God. He’s not where God imagined him to be. So He’s saying now I want you just to begin to see him the way that I see him. He’s not a wayward son. He’s a son that I’m going to bring into a relationship with me. So they said all right. We’ll try it. It sounds kind of crazy.




KERRY: He comes in the first night and they said you’re a son of the Most High God and that you’re the son that the Lord has given us and we take pleasure in you. He looked at them. Huh?




KERRY: And went off to bed. Next week come in they begin to bless him. They begin to expand their understanding and begin to say over him what they wanted him to become. And they said you’re a son of promise. You’re a son of prosperity. You’re a son that brings great delight and joy to the Father in heaven and to your mother and I. And he went off to bed. Third week he was at the bar getting ready to do all that they do and he said, he looked over at his friend and he said did you say something? His friend said no. He said okay. He said I heard a voice that said are you having fun yet?




KERRY: And he said, looked at his friend, looked over and he said not really. He said then why are you here? And he told his friends I’m leaving and it was early in the evening. And he comes home early and his mother says to him is something wrong? What are you doing here so early? And he says I just wanted to come home. I’m tired of this. And he said by the way what time is church tomorrow?




KERRY: He went to church the next morning, gave his heart to the Lord and he’s become a successful businessman.




KERRY: Because they could begin to see by the Spirit what God intended for him to have instead of reporting how bad that he was at that moment? And so we can call out the good in people when we begin to declare on earth what God has already said! Do you understand that in Psalms 139 that the Bible says that God has written a book about you? It says your DNA is there and He has written about you as well! But there’s four other books that the Bible talks about you other than that one. Malachi 3 says there’s a book of remembrance. All those who feared the Lord that He wrote your name there. There’s a book that records that your tears that you have sown in crying out to the Lord. Psalms records this that they’re bottled up and they’re held there! And then it talks about in Psalms 87 where those who are worshipping the Lord there’s a registry written with their name there.




KERRY: And then we know in the Book of Life, Revelation, says your name’s written in the Book of Life. But in Psalms 139 where it says all of your DNA is written there. In the original it wasn’t talking about naming your chromosomes that are there. It means your essence of your potential! So God was saying that before you were ever born, before you were ever conceived I saw you and I had an imagination about you before the earth was even formed!


AUDIENCE: Wow! Amen!


KERRY: The Bible says that the Lamb of God was slain before the foundation of the world. Before we even ever needed a Messiah God had already made provision for it! Before we ever came into an existence God had already seen our potential! And in that book there is written, it’s like your baby book, you got your baby diary, they said this is who you are! And I just wouldn’t want to stand before God one day and find out that I was living out of the introduction of the book and I never even got to chapter one!

AUDIENCE: Wow! Yeah! Yeah!


KERRY: What He’s saying is here is your potential I am calling out of you the things of the Spirit of God! I am calling out of you destiny! I am calling out of you the unction, the power of the Holy Spirit to do what you cannot do by yourself but you can do it by recognizing I’ve already said it for you!


AUDIENCE: Oh, that’s good!


KERRY: And when someone comes along and blesses you and declares on earth what God has already written about you then there’s an agreement and there’s a sense of faith that says I can step into that and I’m willing to do that from that time on. There’s something awesome about understanding how God wants to bless. Blessing just doesn’t mean I need more stuff, more accumulation. It’s an understanding how that it is prophetic. Because we know what cursing is. Cursing operates in telling us what we can’t and what we shouldn’t and it’s even putting something in a lower position. But when we bless, the Bible says there in 1st Peter, that if we would bless and curse not that we would inherit a blessing. And it says a word in there and he says and you have been called unto this very reason. And the word called there is; kaleo, which means as a parent would decide what they want to name their child based upon the outcome of what they wanted that child to be. So it says you have been called by God, you were named and you were named blessor.




KERRY: Your first calling is to bless! Your first calling is to declare God’s desire for someone else’s life! Have you ever been driving down the road and you just saw a driver and didn’t act like they wanted to and you called them a name?




KERRY:  That happened to me. Thick traffic driving down the road and a young man almost hit me. My wife was with me. And I never use this word. My mother would wash my mouth out. And I said IDIOT!




KERRY: And my wife says looked over at me and says pardon? And I said well he is!




KERRY:  And all of a sudden I heard the Lord say why did you call me an idiot? Oh my God. Lord, you know I didn’t call you an idiot! He said Yeah, he was created in My image. As you’ve done it to the least of them you’ve done it to me.




KERRY: As you blessed him you bless Me but you cursed him. God, I would never do that! And He said Now bless him! And I said Bless you!




KERRY: He said No. I want you to bless him the way that you would want Me to bless you! Well then that is a whole other level then!




KERRY: So I said I declare over you that you have the fullness of the Lord God, that you’ll come into the fullness of God, you’ll come into God’s greatness and His power and His might and you’ll get home safely!




KERRY: I just felt just the sense of the pleasure of the Lord coming through me! And since that time I have many stories about where people begin to bless their own bodies. Instead of standing in the mirror and saying you old hag…




KERRY: Because the Lord said hey, you belong to me! I created you. You need to bless that body. This body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. He resides, He lives here. He’s experiencing who I am and who I’m saying to Him. And so when I bless me I am blessing Him! And you can go down the road and say Lord I bless them to fulfill the purposes of God. I bless them to come into the knowledge of the Son of God and when you do you’ll just feel the pleasure of God of saying now you’ve become an oracle for me and you’re declaring on earth because you’ve seen it! If you can look through the glory everything you see can be filtered through the glory of God how God sees it and everything is transformed at that moment on. I believe there’s some people here today that God is saying to you that you’ve been cursing your own bodies. You don’t even like yourself and if you would turn that around and begin to say that I have been wonderfully and, and fearfully made into the image of God and who He is. I like me!


AUDIENCE: Amen! Yeah! Yeah!


KERRY: Cause if you don’t like you nobody else is going to like you!



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JOHN: That movie was AWESOME!  And so I come along and say God is awesome and you go so was my burger and so was the movie. What does awesome mean? Full of awe.  See we use words so loosely today we lose the power of them. The Hebrews they were so careful, so very rarely does a Hebrew elevate to the third degree. Right? So, so  heres Isaiah. He is before the throne of God. It has to be a spiritual vision, he couldnt have been there in his body. And hes there in the spirit, hes groveling on the floor, these massive angels are not singing a song, theyre responding to what they see. Theyre not singing, these seraphim. You know what? Ive been, Ive been, Ive been here for ten trillion years. God, can I go see some other parts in the universe? They dont, they dont want that. They dont want to be anywhere else. Because theres nothing in creation more beautiful than the Creator. And so every moment another facet of His glory is being revealed. And all they can do is cry holy! And theyre cryin Holy so loud the doorposts of that auditorium, that can seat probably a billion people are shaking. And you know what builders told me when I lived in Florida, they said if youre ever stupid enough to hang around when a hurricane comes through, get underneath the door jams of the interior room of the house, its the most stable part of the structure. Their cries of responding to what they see are shaking a building in heaven that seats a million, a billion people.   Do you understand Isaiahs groveling, hes groveling on the ground, Im coming apart at the seams and hes crying out Woe is me because he realized who he was before this holy God. Look, dont get me wrong. Jesus brought us and reconciled us back to the Father. But Hes still God, and in the New Testament Hes still called the consuming fire. Hes still called the just and holy God in the New Testament. So we have to understand Him as Daddy and we have to know Him as King. And when you understand that when we know Him as Daddy, [and] we know Him as King, we leave a very healthy life. Can I pray for you tonight?




JOHN: You say, John, you know what? ,Can I tell you, let me tell you this. How did this all begin with me? I went to a church back in the mid-nineties. They had just had an internationally-known revivalist. He was there for 4 weeks. The community had 60,000 people in it and the church had a 1000 members. They had 1/60th of the community in that church. It was a hoppin church. I went in there and I preached a little bit on the fear of the Lord, much lighter version of what you heard tonight cause I didnt know what I know now. The next night when I got up to speak again the pastor got up and corrected me for 15 minutes. He said, We dont, John is confused, we do not have to fear the Lord because the Bible says perfected love casts out fear, we have the Father, we love Him, we dont have to fear Him. Well he confused the spirit of fear with the fear of the Lord. And Ill never forget I went out the next day and I found a construction site cause I like love prayin outside. And I remember I literally, I, I was terrified, I thought God, I hurt your church, Ive been corrected by a pastor for 15 minutes before I was introduced last night. And I said, Ive hurt Your church, Im so sorry. And I remember crying out to God. And I didnt feel his displeasure, I felt His pleasure. And before that prayer time was over I found myself crying out for the fear of the Lord. And thats how my whole journey began. And so tonight I want to pray with you that the same Holy Spirit of the fear of the Lord will manifest and fill your life. Because you know the Bible says the fear of the Lord is safe. I dont know about you but I want to be safe. Right? Its too, too messed up of a world right now. And Im not scared of the world, believe me Im not scared. When youre safe youre fearless when it comes to the world. Okay? You dont go hide, youre fearless. Youre going to serve who you fear. If you fear God youre not going to fear anything the world has to throw at you. But if you fear men youre going to serve men. I dont know about you but I want to serve God. Amen.




JOHN: So if you say, John, I want fear of the Lord I want you to just, if youre watching by video or if youre in here tonight, just lift up your hands right now. And so Father, we come before You. You are the spirit of wisdom, You are the Spirit of might, You are the spirit of understanding, the spirit of counsel. You are the Spirit of the Lord God, but You are also the Spirit of the fear of the Lord. It is that manifestation we desire tonight, we ask You for tonight. Im asking, Heavenly Father, in Jesus name, that You would baptize every one of us with a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit of the fear of the Lord. May Your Presence manifest, in Jesus name. Theres His presence right there, just lift your hands up. In Jesus name. Theres His presence right there. Father, thank you, for what Youre doing in here right now. Even as people are being filled, their bodies are being healed. Theres chronic pain that is been suffered in someones back and you will not suffer that chronic pain any longer because its like oil that is pouring right down your spine even right now. Others of you are having joint problems, arthritic problems, we curse it now, because the fire of God is literally revitalizing those joints. The presence of the Lord is in this place, somebodys foots being healed. I dont know whats wrong with your foot but your foots being healed right now. I break the power of nightmares, reoccurring nightmares that have plagued you, no theyre not messages from God and they are not condemning messages to you. They are a demonic attack and I break that attack off of your life in the name of Jesus. Now Lord, I thank You for freedom in this room and I thank you for your presence manifesting, In Jesus name, amen. Amen. Can we thank God for what Hes done? Amen, Amen, Amen. God bless you!



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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Do you know what sonar is? Sonar, we didn’t have all the time and big ships would actually plow into icebergs. Why would they plow into an iceberg? Because 90 percent of the iceberg was under the water and they couldn’t see it. Sonar, you could see it, but they didn’t have sonar and they’d be destroyed. That’s the same way it is with the invisible world because in this invisible world all around us it’s alive and there is a way to have something better than sonar. You not only can change because it’s an invisible world, it affects your thoughts, it affects your marriage, it affects your health and it’s just radiating signals to you. But there is a way to not only be aware of it, but destroy those evil signals. Do you want to learn? Dawna, explain to me why you say the invisible world is filled with all sorts of activity.


DAWNA: Absolutely. What I find is that we think we are walking around and doing what we think we want to do on our own. But actually we’re getting input from a lot of places. We’re getting input from ourselves, we’re getting input from the Lord and we’re getting input from the demonic realm, and so there’s a spiritual realm talking to us. And as I was coming here I was asking the Lord what’s going on, and the whole think I kept hearing was all of God’s promises are yes and amen. And I felt like if God is speaking that then the enemy is probably telling people he’s forgotten about you. He’s probably telling people oh there’s no hope. You know that promise he told you years ago, it’s not going to come to pass. And I just wanted to speak, I just want to turn off that station right now, and we’re just going to say no to that station and yes to God’s promise.


SID: You know, it came out of your mouth so smoothly. But you know, it’s so true. You’re listening to another station, you think it’s you, but it isn’t. You think that that wife or that husband is just awful, but that isn’t them. You’re getting the wrong transmission. Start doing something about it. Turn the channel. It affects our moods, our tone. Explain.


DAWNA: Right. So whatever it is you think, there’s demons just hanging around you all the time, but actually it’s a relationship between what you believe, what they’re telling you and you acting it out. So if you actually take that station and you say yes to it and you begin acting out, let’s say rage is saying, you need to just hit that person over there and then you take a swing at them. The enemy can walk away because you’ve now released an atmosphere that he doesn’t have to stir up anymore.


SID: And you know, the picture I have as you’re saying that is all this road rage that’s going on where people are killing people. I mean, and these are people that would never think of this type of rage.


DAWNA: Absolutely.


SID: But they’re being egged on with that transmitter.


DAWNA: Absolutely. Egged on.


SID: Okay. What would you say is the first step to having dominion over these voices?


DAWNA: Well you have to actually believe it exists. I mean, you have to. You know, what happened in the church is we had discerners that made messes because it’s like everything was a demon and we were complaining about stuff. And so the church swung past the truth that we’re in a spiritual war all the way over to it’s all good, oh there’s no demonic, no, there’s nothing. And we forget what’s shooting at us. And so when my husband says something that hurts my hurt, I’m usually throwing [back] at him. Oh wait a minute, that probably was him speaking out of what the enemy is telling him to say, because he knows what’s going to hurt my heart.


SID: So it’s like two against one.


DAWNA: It is. But we have the triune nature of God.


SID: Three against two. Sounds good to me. Okay. You say we can literally change atmospheres. Is there a way for us to discern what’s going on in that invisible world from the atmosphere?


DAWNA: Absolutely, but you have to practice. I find that most people already pick up or sense, or discern that they don’t know because they just are acting out of it. So once you start paying attention to how is my normal, what would that look like, then anything that comes out from that is actually helping me to know, oh I’m probably picking up and responding to an atmosphere. But you have to practice. You’ve got to figure it out.


SID: You know, I notice a lot of people on diets, I haven’t gotten this far, by the way, a lot of people on diets they know when they’re full. I don’t know when I’m full. But they know when they’re full and they stop. But it came from practice.


DAWNA: Practice, yes, it has to. You know, I get asked all the time, Dawna, how did you learn so much about this discernment, and I said hindsight. And they’re like, no really, you must have spent all this time. No, hindsight. I learned so much by getting tripped by the enemy that I finally realized, oh you know, trick me once, okay, trick me twice, you don’t trick me a third time. And so it’s hindsight. It’s like, practice this. Find out. Talk to people. What are you sensing? I was on a trip one time and I was so grumpy, and I’m thinking, oh it’s just hormonal. I like to say to women you can’t be hormonal 365 days. Okay, your husbands are going to thank me for that. But I’m grumpy and I can’t change, and I’m like, God, what’s wrong with me. And I think I have the Holy Spirit, but what’s wrong with me. I finally decide I’d better warn my team. So I walk out on my team and I say, “God, I’m so sorry, but I’m just feeling grumpy today. And so if I hurt your heart I’m so sorry. Just know I’m not trying to.” And I look at my team and they’re all kind of grumpy looking, and I’m like, is anybody else grumpy, and they’re like no. I’m like, oh yeah, okay. So I just said okay. So we grabbed hands and we said, you know, we see your irritation. We are not going to partner with you and we send you back, and instantly we were all better.


SID: How about things like health? How does the invisible world affect that?

DAWNA: Well you know, the enemy is always throwing arrows and darts, and he’s just doing all this stuff at us. And if the enemy says to you, you don’t feel good, and then you know, someone coughs next to you, and you’re like, oh, I don’t feel good. I mean, we actually can partner with what he’s saying about the atmosphere.


SID: You know, speaking of that, sometimes I hear, I have a thought and the thought is you’re not going to be able to sleep tonight and I do what you said, no more though. I partner with that thought.


DAWNA: No. It’s so important because the enemy is trying to get you to take the bait. And so actually you say, well the Word of God actually tells me that he gives his beloved rest. And so you know, the thought, whether it’s my thought or the enemy’s thought, it still defies the Word of God. So it’s like, okay, so I hear you, restlessness, or I hear you, whatever, I’m not going to partner with you because I’m the beloved of God, and he gives his beloved rest.


SID: Now you have learned how to discern the atmosphere, and to be candid with you, now that my eyes are open, it’s really not that difficult. But can anyone learn how to discern the atmosphere?


DAWNA: Absolutely, but again, it’s practice, and it’s talking to people. I mean, I would talk to my friends and say, hey, I’m feeling this, what are you feeling? And sometimes I would feel it different than they would feel it. And so it’s like trying to learn what will tell [you] or how do you pick up something. For me, if I’m in a place of the spirit of control it puts me to sleep. I mean, I’ll be just like I’m so tired. My son and I were driving and here we were all excited. He was going to lead worship and we’re going across the state line to this other place, and we both looked at each other and start, oh, we’re gonna fall asleep. And we both looked at each other and, I see your control and I’m not going to partner with you, I’m going to send you back, and instantly we were awake.


SID: You know, that is statement that’s so important. I would like you to look in the camera and say that statement again, and I want you to remember this and use it.


DAWNA: Right. It’s so easy. It’s like, I see you, enemy. I am not going to partner with you and I send you back.


SID: Here’s the truth. Ignorance is not bliss. We’ll be right back.

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SID:  Now I’m with Aliss Cresswell from Great Britain and she’s a businesswoman but a strange businesswoman! She has a sign in her shops. The sign says, I’ve got it right here. A copy of it: Free! Healings, Miracles, Dream Interpretation. And people wander in that are non-believers in the Messiah and better than 90% of the people that wander in, wander out healed. THAT is normal! THAT’S where I want you to be! And I just happen to have 3 x-rays. Explain these to me.


ALISS: Yeah, they’re, they’re actually MRI scans. It’s from a lady in Germany who, she’s the ligaments have come away from her knee and they’d reattached it with an operation and a screw that she took the ligament, you know the screw went into her knee. 18 months later the screw comes loose and it— she could actually feel it under her skin, this screw. She was in agony because the ligament had come away again. So she goes to the hospital and they say well we’re gonna book you in for an operation on Tuesday when we put it back in again. But she hears about this cafe that we’re working within Germany and she went to see if Jesus could do a miracle on her leg. She was prayed for and was told in 2 days’ time you’re gonna be healed. Well exactly 2 days later she’s, suddenly she’s healed. She can walk. There’s no pain. She can’t even feel the screw anymore under the skin where it was—


SID:  So explain, first of all explain these MRI’s to me.


ALISS: Okay. So the first one is showing the, the screw in the knee actually going into the bone.


SID:  I see.


ALISS: The second one is the side shot where you can see the screw is going right quite deep in.


SID:  And it is very obvious.


ALISS: It’s going deep in there. Well what happens is she goes back to the consultant.


SID:  Wait, wait. Let me just show you something. Can you see this screw there? No doubt this is an MRI.


ALISS: This is from the front. She goes back to the consultant and she says to the consultant I don’t need the operation tomorrow because Jesus has healed me. And they, the  doctors laugh. They think she’s joking. So they say well we’re gonna take another MRI before your op anyway. So they do another MRI and this is what they see.


ALISS:  No— I mean—




SID:  Where’d, where’d the screw go?


ALISS: The ligament, the ligament is back on the knee. The, the screw has disappeared. Even the screw hole has disappeared. That’s my Jesus!


AUDIENCE:  Yes. Amen!


SID:  That’s our Jesus! Go for it!


ALISS: She was back at work the next day! Yeah, that’s your Jesus too! (laughs) Thank you. So I’m from Chester in the Northwest of England. And I’ve, I read the Bible and I see that we can do miracles today. And so I just believe what the Bible says. I believe that God, His word is the truth. And, um, that you know if you know Jesus you are filled with His Holy Spirit. You have the same Holy Spirit living in you that raised Jesus from the dead. The same power that created the universe, the galaxies is within you. And as you submit your life to Jesus you can do the same things that Jesus did. And in John 14:12 it says we can do even greater things than He did. One day in our cafe we had this young woman came in. She was only 19 year old and she was pregnant with her fourth child. That happens a lot in our neighborhood. They seem to start early. And she brought in her little two and half year old daughter with her. And she said we’ve just been to the eye clinic round the corner and my daughter they think that she’s blind in her left eye. And as I looked at this little girl’s eye I could see that the lid was really far down over her eye and also her left eye was looking that way and her right eye was looking this way. I mean it was like so— you know such a lazy eye, you could just— poles apart. So she had only come in for a glass of water. She’s not heard about the miracles in our cafe. But I said to her I said well Jesus likes to do miracles. Can I pray for your daughter’s eye and Jesus will heal her? She says to me she says well I don’t believe in Jesus. So I said well He believes in you. So can I pray anyway? She’s like oh go on then. You know? So she let me pray. And I just very gently put my hands next to this little girl’s eye. And I said in the name of Jesus. Cause at the name of Jesus every name has to bow. It’s gotta do as it’s told. So you just, you can just use that authority. You know I just like everybody else to be walking in the same authority that Jesus would walk in when He was on the earth. He demonstrated to us what we can do. So I said I command the eyelid to open and for the eye to go straight. Suddenly this young woman the mother she’s saying Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! And I was like what is it?? And she said look at her eye! So I looked at her eye and the eyelid just went… bing! Well it didn’t make the noise—




ALISS: but it went like, opened like that! And the eyes were perfectly straight. Then the mother she said tell me about Jesus. Well you would, wouldn’t you? So, in fact there were two young guys sitting behind me. And they’ve been into, they were like into heavy metal, long hair and tattoos and they’ve been into drugs and they’d supernaturally come into our cafe one day. Some angels grabbed them outside and pulled them in. I’d been up praying all night. The Lord had got me to pray all night and I didn’t know who I was praying for. Just lost souls. That’s all I knew. And I stayed up all night and prayed. Then the next day they like get pulled into our cafe saying what are we doin’ in here? Something just pulled us in! I said that’ll be the angels outside. I said I think I’ve been praying for you all night. They said well that’s really weird. They said you know, and they looked like in their early twenties. They’d been friends for a long time. And that morning both of them had woken up with an urge suddenly to buy a Bible. Right?

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth with Something More! My special guest John Bevere. And John, were talking about holiness. Were talking about intimacy with God. A lot of Christians are feeling guilty about the golf. About being a football or a baseball or a basketball fan. Would you help us on that?


JOHN: Yeah. I think the easiest way to look at that is what, where is your heart in regards to these things? You know I look at when I married Lisa I said youre the girl for me for the rest of my life. Now I used to date girls. I used to court girls. I used to flirt with girls. I used to get their numbers. When I got married to Lisa I stopped doing all of that. Now does that mean that I would never, ever talk to another girl again? No, absolutely not. I sit next to them on airplanes sometimes. Sometimes they are the receptionist that is checking me into, you know, a car rental agency. I talk to them as clerks in the grocery store. I talk to women all the time. I have more women than men on our staff. However, theres a certain way in which I relate to them now that is different than before I got married to Lisa. I look at some people and they take sledgehammers to their TV. Theyll say Ill never watch a football game. Ill never watch this. You know to be honest with you, my question is this. Why are having to put these extreme; prohibit, prohibitations, or prohibitions on yourself? Rather than just saying, “Im so in love with Jesus this doesnt really hold my interest.” And I remember you know, talking to a lady who was – she was a very attractive lady. And this was before I got married, and she was – she was – she was talking about a friend of hers. And this friend was an extremely attractive women, and she was married. And these guys kept flirting with her, and shed go, “Well Im married.” And theyd continue to flirt with her, and shed finally look at them and go, “I love my husband. I really love him.” And she said, “That was the only thing that got men to stop going after her.” Well the thing is, when you REALLY fall in love with Jesus,  all these other things like football, baseball, shopping; all these other things that are attractive and the world feeds off of and lives on, becomes less and less attractive to us. And so you know just as I didnt like separating myself from every single woman on the planet once I got married, now, I still interact with women. I still have to live; in this earth. Even so, when a believer comes to know Jesus, we should be so in love with Jesus, that now even our posture. The way – the way we participate in the things the world, does change and look like a different picture, than what it was; then before we were saved. Does this make sense, Sid?


SID: Although it makes sense. I like sports. I use that to unwind. In fact the more boring game I can find the better off I like it before I go to sleep. Am I wrong?


JOHN: [laughing] NO, absolutely not! As a matter of fact, I was, I just came back from Australia and I was speaking down there in New Zealand and I was having trouble getting to sleep one night in my hotel room. What I did was, I put on golf. You know I like to play golf, but man, that put me to sleep so fast. [laughing] So –


SID: Okay, John, our time is slipping away. Have we lost a healthy fear of God?


JOHN: Well you know, Sid, its interesting you bring that up. Ive had literally people argue with me. Hey, “Gods not given us a spirit of fear. Hes given us a spirit of love and power and a sound mind.” And I realized that they are confusing the “spirit of fear” with the genuine “fear of the Lord”. If you look at the “fear of the Lord” its mentioned all over the New Testament. I mean we cleanse ourselves from all filthiness that affects our spirit perfecting holiness in the fear of God. The Bible says, “We work out our salvation with fear and trembling”. So these people have either conveniently cut these scriptures out of their Bible or they are just really blind to them. The fear of the Lord is not to be scared of God. A better way of describing it is to be terrified to be away from Him. If you look at Moses when God came down to the people Moses said to the people in Exodus 20:20 he said do not fear. Okay? So thats the spirit of fear right there. He said because God comes to test you. Whats the test? That His fear might be, in you; so that you may not sin. So Moses differentiates. He talks about two different fears, though. He talks about being scared of God. The person whos scared of God has something to hide. I mean what does Adam do as soon as he sins? He hides from the presence of the Lord. A person who fears God has nothing to hide. Hes terrified or shes terrified to be away from God. And with that, because God is so magnificently awesome there is a HEALTHY trembling that comes. If you look at Isaiah, Isaiah was a godly man. He preached woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Woe to the proud. Woe to the drunkard in Isaiah 3, 4 and 5. Or excuse me, Isaiah 4 and 5. But then he comes to Isaiah 6 and he has one glimpse of God in His glory, His greatness. And hes not saying woe is the drunkard anymore. Hes saying woe is me because for the first time in his entire life even though he was a preacher of righteousness, even though he was a godly man he realized who this awesome Being was that he served. If you look at John; John was a friend of Jesus. He even put his head on His chest. But yet when John saw Jesus in His greatness on the Island of Patmos he fell down like a dead man, and Jesus had to say to him dont fear. He was saying dont be scared of me. You have a healthy fear of me but dont be scared of me. I want to tell you something. God is so passionately in love with you. He loves you so much that He gave His son to die for you when you were still His enemy. And if He loves you that much, and you know what? And Hes your Creator. He is definitely worth listening to! But yet He makes it clear if Im going to have a relationship with you. Its going to be an authentic relationship. Im not going to give myself completely to you, He says, and you give yourself to me AND to the world. He wants a true relationship.


SID: John –


JOHN: And so the only way –


SID: John, let me repeat that prayer after you when you pray it and everyone watching us you repeat that prayer with me.


JOHN: Absolutely. So the only way that you can receive Jesus is by accepting His supreme authority in your life and you can pray this pray by saying this: Dear God in heaven.


SID: Dear God in heaven.


JOHN: Forgive me.


SID: Forgive me.


JOHN: For living life my way.


SID: For living life my way.


JOHN: Apart from You.


SID: Apart from You.


JOHN: My Creator.


SID: My Creator.


JOHN: But this day.


SID: But this day.


JOHN: I give.


SID: I give.


JOHN: My spirit, soul, and body.


SID: My spirit, soul, and body.


JOHN: Everything I am.


SID: Everything I am.


JOHN: Everything I have.


SID: Everything I have.


JOHN: To You, Jesus Christ.


SID: To You, Jesus Christ.


JOHN: Jesus, You are now my Lord.


SID: Jesus, You are now my Lord.


JOHN: My King.


SID: My King.


JOHN: The supreme authority in my life.


SID: The supreme authority in my life.


JOHN: And my Savior.


SID: And my Savior.


JOHN: And I will love and serve You all the days of my life.


SID: And I will love and serve You all the days of my life.


JOHN: In Jesus name!


SID: In Jesus name!


JOHN: Amen!


SID: Amen!

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