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SID:  Now I’m with Aliss Cresswell from Great Britain and she’s a businesswoman but a strange businesswoman! She has a sign in her shops. The sign says, I’ve got it right here. A copy of it: Free! Healings, Miracles, Dream Interpretation. And people wander in that are non-believers in the Messiah and better than 90% of the people that wander in, wander out healed. THAT is normal! THAT’S where I want you to be! And I just happen to have 3 x-rays. Explain these to me.


ALISS: Yeah, they’re, they’re actually MRI scans. It’s from a lady in Germany who, she’s the ligaments have come away from her knee and they’d reattached it with an operation and a screw that she took the ligament, you know the screw went into her knee. 18 months later the screw comes loose and it— she could actually feel it under her skin, this screw. She was in agony because the ligament had come away again. So she goes to the hospital and they say well we’re gonna book you in for an operation on Tuesday when we put it back in again. But she hears about this cafe that we’re working within Germany and she went to see if Jesus could do a miracle on her leg. She was prayed for and was told in 2 days’ time you’re gonna be healed. Well exactly 2 days later she’s, suddenly she’s healed. She can walk. There’s no pain. She can’t even feel the screw anymore under the skin where it was—


SID:  So explain, first of all explain these MRI’s to me.


ALISS: Okay. So the first one is showing the, the screw in the knee actually going into the bone.


SID:  I see.


ALISS: The second one is the side shot where you can see the screw is going right quite deep in.


SID:  And it is very obvious.


ALISS: It’s going deep in there. Well what happens is she goes back to the consultant.


SID:  Wait, wait. Let me just show you something. Can you see this screw there? No doubt this is an MRI.


ALISS: This is from the front. She goes back to the consultant and she says to the consultant I don’t need the operation tomorrow because Jesus has healed me. And they, the  doctors laugh. They think she’s joking. So they say well we’re gonna take another MRI before your op anyway. So they do another MRI and this is what they see.


ALISS:  No— I mean—




SID:  Where’d, where’d the screw go?


ALISS: The ligament, the ligament is back on the knee. The, the screw has disappeared. Even the screw hole has disappeared. That’s my Jesus!


AUDIENCE:  Yes. Amen!


SID:  That’s our Jesus! Go for it!


ALISS: She was back at work the next day! Yeah, that’s your Jesus too! (laughs) Thank you. So I’m from Chester in the Northwest of England. And I’ve, I read the Bible and I see that we can do miracles today. And so I just believe what the Bible says. I believe that God, His word is the truth. And, um, that you know if you know Jesus you are filled with His Holy Spirit. You have the same Holy Spirit living in you that raised Jesus from the dead. The same power that created the universe, the galaxies is within you. And as you submit your life to Jesus you can do the same things that Jesus did. And in John 14:12 it says we can do even greater things than He did. One day in our cafe we had this young woman came in. She was only 19 year old and she was pregnant with her fourth child. That happens a lot in our neighborhood. They seem to start early. And she brought in her little two and half year old daughter with her. And she said we’ve just been to the eye clinic round the corner and my daughter they think that she’s blind in her left eye. And as I looked at this little girl’s eye I could see that the lid was really far down over her eye and also her left eye was looking that way and her right eye was looking this way. I mean it was like so— you know such a lazy eye, you could just— poles apart. So she had only come in for a glass of water. She’s not heard about the miracles in our cafe. But I said to her I said well Jesus likes to do miracles. Can I pray for your daughter’s eye and Jesus will heal her? She says to me she says well I don’t believe in Jesus. So I said well He believes in you. So can I pray anyway? She’s like oh go on then. You know? So she let me pray. And I just very gently put my hands next to this little girl’s eye. And I said in the name of Jesus. Cause at the name of Jesus every name has to bow. It’s gotta do as it’s told. So you just, you can just use that authority. You know I just like everybody else to be walking in the same authority that Jesus would walk in when He was on the earth. He demonstrated to us what we can do. So I said I command the eyelid to open and for the eye to go straight. Suddenly this young woman the mother she’s saying Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! And I was like what is it?? And she said look at her eye! So I looked at her eye and the eyelid just went… bing! Well it didn’t make the noise—




ALISS: but it went like, opened like that! And the eyes were perfectly straight. Then the mother she said tell me about Jesus. Well you would, wouldn’t you? So, in fact there were two young guys sitting behind me. And they’ve been into, they were like into heavy metal, long hair and tattoos and they’ve been into drugs and they’d supernaturally come into our cafe one day. Some angels grabbed them outside and pulled them in. I’d been up praying all night. The Lord had got me to pray all night and I didn’t know who I was praying for. Just lost souls. That’s all I knew. And I stayed up all night and prayed. Then the next day they like get pulled into our cafe saying what are we doin’ in here? Something just pulled us in! I said that’ll be the angels outside. I said I think I’ve been praying for you all night. They said well that’s really weird. They said you know, and they looked like in their early twenties. They’d been friends for a long time. And that morning both of them had woken up with an urge suddenly to buy a Bible. Right?

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth with Something More! My special guest John Bevere. And John, were talking about holiness. Were talking about intimacy with God. A lot of Christians are feeling guilty about the golf. About being a football or a baseball or a basketball fan. Would you help us on that?


JOHN: Yeah. I think the easiest way to look at that is what, where is your heart in regards to these things? You know I look at when I married Lisa I said youre the girl for me for the rest of my life. Now I used to date girls. I used to court girls. I used to flirt with girls. I used to get their numbers. When I got married to Lisa I stopped doing all of that. Now does that mean that I would never, ever talk to another girl again? No, absolutely not. I sit next to them on airplanes sometimes. Sometimes they are the receptionist that is checking me into, you know, a car rental agency. I talk to them as clerks in the grocery store. I talk to women all the time. I have more women than men on our staff. However, theres a certain way in which I relate to them now that is different than before I got married to Lisa. I look at some people and they take sledgehammers to their TV. Theyll say Ill never watch a football game. Ill never watch this. You know to be honest with you, my question is this. Why are having to put these extreme; prohibit, prohibitations, or prohibitions on yourself? Rather than just saying, “Im so in love with Jesus this doesnt really hold my interest.” And I remember you know, talking to a lady who was – she was a very attractive lady. And this was before I got married, and she was – she was – she was talking about a friend of hers. And this friend was an extremely attractive women, and she was married. And these guys kept flirting with her, and shed go, “Well Im married.” And theyd continue to flirt with her, and shed finally look at them and go, “I love my husband. I really love him.” And she said, “That was the only thing that got men to stop going after her.” Well the thing is, when you REALLY fall in love with Jesus,  all these other things like football, baseball, shopping; all these other things that are attractive and the world feeds off of and lives on, becomes less and less attractive to us. And so you know just as I didnt like separating myself from every single woman on the planet once I got married, now, I still interact with women. I still have to live; in this earth. Even so, when a believer comes to know Jesus, we should be so in love with Jesus, that now even our posture. The way – the way we participate in the things the world, does change and look like a different picture, than what it was; then before we were saved. Does this make sense, Sid?


SID: Although it makes sense. I like sports. I use that to unwind. In fact the more boring game I can find the better off I like it before I go to sleep. Am I wrong?


JOHN: [laughing] NO, absolutely not! As a matter of fact, I was, I just came back from Australia and I was speaking down there in New Zealand and I was having trouble getting to sleep one night in my hotel room. What I did was, I put on golf. You know I like to play golf, but man, that put me to sleep so fast. [laughing] So –


SID: Okay, John, our time is slipping away. Have we lost a healthy fear of God?


JOHN: Well you know, Sid, its interesting you bring that up. Ive had literally people argue with me. Hey, “Gods not given us a spirit of fear. Hes given us a spirit of love and power and a sound mind.” And I realized that they are confusing the “spirit of fear” with the genuine “fear of the Lord”. If you look at the “fear of the Lord” its mentioned all over the New Testament. I mean we cleanse ourselves from all filthiness that affects our spirit perfecting holiness in the fear of God. The Bible says, “We work out our salvation with fear and trembling”. So these people have either conveniently cut these scriptures out of their Bible or they are just really blind to them. The fear of the Lord is not to be scared of God. A better way of describing it is to be terrified to be away from Him. If you look at Moses when God came down to the people Moses said to the people in Exodus 20:20 he said do not fear. Okay? So thats the spirit of fear right there. He said because God comes to test you. Whats the test? That His fear might be, in you; so that you may not sin. So Moses differentiates. He talks about two different fears, though. He talks about being scared of God. The person whos scared of God has something to hide. I mean what does Adam do as soon as he sins? He hides from the presence of the Lord. A person who fears God has nothing to hide. Hes terrified or shes terrified to be away from God. And with that, because God is so magnificently awesome there is a HEALTHY trembling that comes. If you look at Isaiah, Isaiah was a godly man. He preached woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Woe to the proud. Woe to the drunkard in Isaiah 3, 4 and 5. Or excuse me, Isaiah 4 and 5. But then he comes to Isaiah 6 and he has one glimpse of God in His glory, His greatness. And hes not saying woe is the drunkard anymore. Hes saying woe is me because for the first time in his entire life even though he was a preacher of righteousness, even though he was a godly man he realized who this awesome Being was that he served. If you look at John; John was a friend of Jesus. He even put his head on His chest. But yet when John saw Jesus in His greatness on the Island of Patmos he fell down like a dead man, and Jesus had to say to him dont fear. He was saying dont be scared of me. You have a healthy fear of me but dont be scared of me. I want to tell you something. God is so passionately in love with you. He loves you so much that He gave His son to die for you when you were still His enemy. And if He loves you that much, and you know what? And Hes your Creator. He is definitely worth listening to! But yet He makes it clear if Im going to have a relationship with you. Its going to be an authentic relationship. Im not going to give myself completely to you, He says, and you give yourself to me AND to the world. He wants a true relationship.


SID: John –


JOHN: And so the only way –


SID: John, let me repeat that prayer after you when you pray it and everyone watching us you repeat that prayer with me.


JOHN: Absolutely. So the only way that you can receive Jesus is by accepting His supreme authority in your life and you can pray this pray by saying this: Dear God in heaven.


SID: Dear God in heaven.


JOHN: Forgive me.


SID: Forgive me.


JOHN: For living life my way.


SID: For living life my way.


JOHN: Apart from You.


SID: Apart from You.


JOHN: My Creator.


SID: My Creator.


JOHN: But this day.


SID: But this day.


JOHN: I give.


SID: I give.


JOHN: My spirit, soul, and body.


SID: My spirit, soul, and body.


JOHN: Everything I am.


SID: Everything I am.


JOHN: Everything I have.


SID: Everything I have.


JOHN: To You, Jesus Christ.


SID: To You, Jesus Christ.


JOHN: Jesus, You are now my Lord.


SID: Jesus, You are now my Lord.


JOHN: My King.


SID: My King.


JOHN: The supreme authority in my life.


SID: The supreme authority in my life.


JOHN: And my Savior.


SID: And my Savior.


JOHN: And I will love and serve You all the days of my life.


SID: And I will love and serve You all the days of my life.


JOHN: In Jesus name!


SID: In Jesus name!


JOHN: Amen!


SID: Amen!

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SID: God gives Pat a word to return to his home.


PAT: The Lord gave me, the only word, it was to, “Go to your home and tell what great things the Lord has done for you.” I traveled down there and when I got there a man said, “We have this little church. Would you like to come and preach for a Sunday service?” And I said, “Okay, I’ll do that.” And when I got done preaching he said, “Look, we’d like to buy time on the radio station to put you on the air for a week.” “Okay,” had never been on radio before, “I’ll do that.” And I was, the next day, Monday, I was on the way to the radio station. I stopped at the post office and here was a man that I hadn’t seen for 17 years. I had gone to grade school with him. His name was George [name]. And I said, “What have you done?” He said, “I just had a dream that I should come from Norfolk, 237 miles to Lexington, because God said, ‘You’re not finished and there’s something I want you to do.'” And I said, “What are you doing? I’m getting ready to go to the radio station, would you like to go?” And he said, “Sure.” So he got in the car with me. He said, “Look, there’s a TV station. Would you like to claim it for the Lord?” Well I didn’t even own a TV set.


SID: So you really knew a lot about TV.


PAT: Oh man, I was a pro, honestly. And I said, “George, I can’t run television.” He said, “Oh yeah you can, it’s easy. You just go ahead and turn the cameras on and put the lights on. Everything is easy.” I said, “Are you sure?” “Oh yeah, it won’t be any problem.” So I said okay. I went down to the football field where I had played a little bit of football as a sophomore in high school and I was walking there, and God spoke to me, and he gave me a number of so many thousand dollars. And I got an appointment with General Sarnoff who was the head of RCA Giant Corporation and I went down to his office, and I said, “I’m a buyer.” And he said, “You don’t sound like much of a buyer to me.” So I said, “Well I want to buy this station.” He said, “How much will you give for it?” I said, “I’ll give you $37,000,” which is what the Lord told me. The good news is we went on the air on that station and we had one TV camera that had caught fire. We had an old rotted out curtain. The curtain, dry rot, I had taken a couple of pieces of cardboard and put them together to make a cross, and we had a cross on the thing up there behind me. And we put this one camera on the air and one kilowatt transmitter, and we went on the air. And we didn’t have a monitor, so in order to see if we were on the air I had to run down to the street to this convenienct [store] to look in the TV to see if we were broadcasting.


SID: Tell me, just the last calendar year, how many people received the Messiah through your television?


PAT: About 85 million.


SID: Did you get that? This is last year, 85 million. Now you told me before we went on the air you have so many miracles happening there.


PAT: Yes.


SID: That you can’t verify every one anymore, but you still do, a lot of them.


PAT: We’ve received over 100 million prayer requests, 100 million, and of those I would say that about 1,250,000 Americans.


SID: I see you on the air all the time having words of knowledge. Have the words of knowledge increased recently?


PAT: Oh there’s been an explosion. The anointing of the Lord is so strong. It opens your mind to believe for the supernatural miracles.


SID: Can we believe, when we come back, that the words of knowledge will be activated in you and in me, and people all over the world will be healed? And I want you to tell me some of the secrets of the Secret Kingdom that he says he even operates under today, which anyone can follow and anyone get supernatural results. Be right back.

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. There was a great man of God by the name of Smith Wigglesworth. He had some of the most outrageous miracles. For instance, fire would come out of his body and burn up disease. My next guest received an impartation from his great-granddaughter in which fire comes out of him to burn up disease. That’s good for him. It’s good for Smith Wigglesworth, but what about me? Am I Swiss cheese? What about you? He says he can pray that impartation on you. Anyone else besides me want it? You know, Jack Sheffield, one of my favorite chapters in the Jewish Scriptures is the prophet Ezekiel. He had to do some pretty wild things. But in the 47th chapter he talks about a river that God has given you a revelation on.

JACK: Yes.

SID: Tell me about this river. Where is it coming from?

JACK: It’s coming from the Throne of God, Sid.

SID: That’s a good place.

JACK: Jesus is out in the middle of this river and he’s beckoning Ezekiel to come out. He comes out ankle deep. He comes out waist deep. He comes out where Jesus is saying, “I want you to come out all the way and I want you to swim in this river of God.”

SID: Meaning you have to be totally dependent on God.

JACK: Absolutely.

SID: There’s no bottom. You’re just swimming. You have to swim by faith.

JACK: Yes. You’re emerged in his presence. You are inundated with him. You are absolutely overcome with his Spirit and he moves you, everything about that river moves you. It’s time for the body of Christ to come out of the shallows and into the deep waters with Jesus Christ. It’s time for the body of Christ to go swimming.

SID: You know, you have such a gentle spirit, but as a teenager it’s hard to believe, you were pretty rebel.

JACK: I was. My generation became disillusioned, angry, rebellious. We became self-destructive. We started doing things like drugs. We started, you know, rebelling against God. When my sister died at age 24 I shook my fist at God and I said, “I want nothing more to do with you.” And my life plummeted. It took six years for me to go into Hell, but I ended up tormented, demonized. I was hearing voices. I was suicidal.
SID: So how did you end up in the back yard of a strong Christian? Why don’t you even, how could that have happened?

JACK: Well she knew me from the time I was in junior high and she loved me, I knew that, and she heard about what was going on in my life. And somebody said, “That Jack Sheffield is going straight to Hell,” is what they said to her. And she said, “Not my Jack Sheffield. My Jack Sheffield is going to Heaven. I’m not going to let him go to Hell.”

SID: Not on my watch. So prays you into your back yard?

JACK: Yes. Yes.

SID: That’s rare.

JACK: The Holy Spirit said go out on the swing, somebody is coming tonight, and it was me. I just got in my car and drove to her house, had no real reason for doing it, except I believe the tractor beam of the Holy Spirit was drawing me in.

SID: How were you filled with the Holy Spirit?

JACK: Well Wanda, was her name that was praying for me, and she got me down on my knees in a ditch on Highway 98, right by the Brazos River, where I grew up in Richmond, Texas. And when I prayed the Sinner’s Prayer, liquid honey came down my being, just all, just drenched, golden honey just drenched all of that pain, all that fear, all that torment, all that doubt, all that shame, all that rage, all that anger, all that rebellion, washed it right out of my toes and I’m free.

SID: Is that the way they say it in Texas?

JACK: Right out of my toes.

SID: Okay. Now you’re in this service where everyone that needed healing got healed. Tell me about that experience.

JACK: Went to church where there was supernatural signs and wonders. A woman died during the sermon. Oh my God. And the preacher told me later on his sermon was not that bad. It really was not that bad.

SID: Not a good way to have a membership drive.

JACK: They pronounced her dead. The priest came down and fell on this woman, weeping, got like Elijah did over that little boy that was dead. The ambulance came in. They pronounced her dead. They put her on the gurney. They put a sheet over her. They were halfway to Ben Todd Morgue in Houston, Texas and the sheet sits up. And the driver sees it and she’s fine. She’s trying to get the sheet off of her, and then finally she’s saying, “Where are you all taking me?” And they said, “Anywhere you want to go. Where do you want to go?”

SID: Where’s a TV camera when I need it?

JACK: And she said the most wonderful thing. She said, “I didn’t get my Eucharist.” That’s the communion. “I want my Eucharist and so take me back to my church.” What do you think happened to that church when she walked in there? God tore that place up, absolutely tore it up.

SID: What’s it like to see everyone healed? Tell me about that service.

JACK: When we were praying over a group of people on a Sunday night in our church, I was having in my hands, and I looked up at my friend John Mark as we were praying for this lady and when I saw the golden light, I said to John, “I can’t even see your face. Do you see what I see?” And he said, “I see it.” And it was the golden Shekinah Glory of God that had saturated the whole front of that church. And I said something so strange, I said, “God is here. God is manifesting here. Ask what you will, but be careful what you ask. And this man standing next to me came to the healing service because he had kidney stones. The moment he asked he was instantly healed. His wife was over here and she said, “My son is very, very sick and I tried to call him and tell him that I’m going to be praying for him tonight. He’s been very, very sick, but his phone was broken. But I came here because I want you to pray for him.” And when she prayed they compared notes later and at the same moment that she prayed he sat up in the bed totally healed.

SID: And so that fire went over anyone that needed healing.

JACK: Everything.

SID: When we come back I want to know how that same fire that burned out disease on this famous healing evangelist, Smith Wigglesworth, came upon you. Be right back.

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LARRY: Well welcome back to Something More. We’re going to do exactly what the show is all about right now, and I believe the Lord wants to give you a taste of something more, because here’s the deal: There’s always more of God. You don’t need to beg God to come, and say, God, send Your Spirit down from Heaven, because we’ve been talking about Pentecost. The power of Pentecost. the gift of Pentecost. has been released. If you know Jesus, if He is your Messiah and Lord, then you actually have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. And that’s great, but I believe the Lord wants you to experience the fullness of the Spirit. If you do not know Jesus as your Messiah, I actually believe as a result of the time we’re going to have right now, the Holy Spirit is going to come. And there’s no greater evangelist. there’s no greater communicator of Who Jesus is. than the Holy Spirit. So, Dr. Booker, a-as we just get ready to um help people experience the Holy Spirit in a greater way, could you address the audience? Can you address those who are watching, who might have questions, okay, how, if I want to experience God in a deeper way, because I am hungry? There’s so many people who are I’m hungry for more of God; what. what would you tell them? What would. what would their next step be?


RICHARD: Well, the next step of course is to get yourself in a place so God can come and meet with you. And so you, you know, you want to evaluate your motives, and why. why do you want more of God. Is it so you can have more of God, or something, you know, that’s selfish or whatever. But if you have a hunger and thirst after righteousness, here’s a promise

from God: they shall


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: be filled.




RICHARD: Hallelujah. So if you hunger and thirst after righteousness, I want to give you a

little heads-up here now, if you’re watching: God doesn’t reveal Himself to the casual enquirer.




RICHARD: But if you really want Him, He wants you more than you want Him.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: [laughing] Hallelujah!


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: And so God. if you’re hungry and thirsting, you just lift your heart.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Lift your voice, lift your hands to the Lord, and say, Lord, come with the Holy Spirit.




RICHARD: Come and fill me up…




RICHARD: with the Holy Spirit, and let me have this divine encounter, that can change…


LARRY: Yes, Lord.


RICHARD: my life, and. and. and put me into a place of Righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: If you do that in faith, God will be faithful and come, and meet with you; I promise you that.


LARRY: Yeah; yeah.


RICHARD: Hallelujah!


LARRY: Well this is just a time of ministry. I feel like…


RICHARD: Absolutely!


LARRY: just let’s flow with what God’s doing, because what we want you to experience is not just more information. I feel like we’ve shared the information. God wants you to know. I believe God wants to come and draw near to you right now. And I feel like one of the things that’s so important for you, in order to experience more of God, is to simply ask Him; it’s just simply ask. And He did promise; He did promise that as you’re hungry and thirsty for Him, He will satisfy. So right now, we just want to pray. Father, for those who are watching.


RICHARD: Yes Lord.


LARRY: I just pray. and I want to encourage you to just say it with me. Lord, I ask for more. Holy Spirit, I ask for more. God.


RICHARD: Yes Lord.



You said if I were to ask for the Holy Spirit, You would not give me a bad thing; You would ogive me a good thing.


RICHARD: Yes Lord.


LARRY: In fact, He’s not a thing; He is a person.


RICHARD: Yes Lord.


LARRY: So God, right now,

I say God, I want to encounter You; I want to know You. I want to know the Bible, in a way that I’ve never known it before. I want to know the Author, and His name is Holy Spirit.


RICHARD: Thank You Lord.


LARRY: I want to walk in relationship and fellowship with You, God, in a new way. So I ask, right now; I ask for a greater encounter with, and a greater experience of, the Holy Spirit. You don’t even have to pray the same words I did; that’s just a way to get you started. But He said ask; ask with expectation. I want to encourage you to ask with expectation; that the God, who comes with fire, and wind, and glory, and Presence; the God you read about in the Bible, Who fills you with awe, He actually wants to come and meet you where you are, right now.  Dr. Booker, could you just minister to the people as I. because I do feel a strong flow of the Holy Spirit. Just whatever the Holy Spirit’s leading you to share.


RICHARD: Well, I want to. want to say

this thing: There’s 3 ways of, getting with God. One is information, and that’s…


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: what most Christians have.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Second is revelation; that’s when the Word of God leaps off the pages…


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: into people’s hearts. But third is manifestation.


LARRY: Yeah! [laughs]


RICHARD: God wants to manifest.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Himself to us; the manifested Presence

of God. So this is what [music] I want to pray with those of you who…


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: are watching. Lord, I thank You Lord that You are a God of mercy and love. You want to reveal Yourself to us, more than…


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: we want it, oftentimes. and all the time, really. But, so Lord, it. for those who are watching who are hungering and thirst…




RICHARD: after righteousness, Your promise is that You will fill us up.




RICHARD: And so Lord, I’m just reaching my hand out to the screen now, and I’m inviting You, Holy Spirit, to come, and go past just dry information.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Lord come, with the living waters of the Holy Spirit, that will flow. Flow, Lord; go. Yes, Lord. [slaps desk] Come and flow.




RICHARD: Like rivers of living water, out of their innermost being, bubble up, Lord. Let them feel You and sense Your Presence, rising up inside them Lord, to overflowing, so they cannot contain You, Lord.




RICHARD: And erupt out of them, Lord, with a spiritual explosion, Lord, that will fill them with such a sense of awe…


LARRY: [laughs]


RICHARD: and joy, Lord, that they contacted the Creator of the Universe.


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Yes, Lord!


LARRY: Yeah.


RICHARD: Hallelujah, Lord.


LARRY: Thanks, Lord.


RICHARD: We thank You Lord.


LARRY: Yeah.




LARRY: I just want to encourage you; wherever you find yourself now, I want to encourage you to just get in a place of receiving; not striving, not trying to work for something. The same grace of God. that bought your salvation, that cleansed you of every sin. the same grace of God makes it possible for you to experience the Holy Spirit. So wherever you feel comfortable; if you’re sitting on the couch, maybe lying down on the floor; I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what it looks like for you; just put yourself in a posture to receive. Not strive, receive; because I believe, just like Dr. Booker was saying, God actually wants you to encounter Him, more maybe than you even want to encounter Him. And I believe right now, in Jesus’ name, that as we have prayed these prayers, and we’ve given this time; not for more information, but for manifestation;




LARRY: I believe the Spirit of God is just, wherever you are, He’s coming to visit you, in a beautiful way. Coming to reveal Jesus in a greater way than you’ve ever known or seen. And He’s coming to touch you, with that fire, and power of God, that you would truly know, that God is alive, and He’s in you, and He’s with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. And He wants to use you, I believe, to change the world around you. For the Lord would say to you, He has you where He has you. He has you in the family, the job, whatever you are. He has you where He has you because He wants your presence to be in a place, so His Presence can be in that place. In a family, in a workplace. He wants His Presence to be upon you, to be in that place, so that you can carry the Presence of God wherever you go. Father, thank You for what You’ve done today. And I pray that You would fill whoever is watching this; fill them to overflowing, in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ [music] name, thanks for watching.

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