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Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Did you know according to the Bible there are books in Heaven that have your entire life, I mean, everything you’re going to do your whole life. It’s your destiny and it’s already recorded. And God’s greatest passion is for you to fulfill the destiny God has for you, and everyone has a destiny, and it’s a good destiny. I don’t care what your age is, my guest has information, revelation, if you will, that will allow you to stop the devil in his tracks of interfering with you fulfilling your destiny. Would you like to find this out? Me, too. Now my guest is Robert Henderson and he’s been a guest before, and he talks about going to the Courts of Heaven. Would you briefly describe that.


ROBERT: I believe that there’s a spiritual dimension called the Courts of Heaven, Daniel 7:10, where it says, “The Court was seated and the books were open.” And I believe it’s called the third realm of prayer, because when Jesus taught us on prayer in Luke 11, he said we should approach God as Father and friend, but then in Luke 18 he added, approach him also as judge. When we approach God as Father or friend, that’s a very deep intimate relationship, but when we come before him as judge that’s a very reverential place.


SID: People are getting healed that never healed before. This revelation is amazing. How did God show it to you?


ROBERT: Well it came out of my own desperation and necessity. Initially, I had a son that was set in depression that was not given to depression. He was there for two years. And I had actually battled in war on the battlefield in prayer, to speak, but all of a sudden the Lord whispered to me and said, “Bring him to my courts.” And when I did that out of the limited understanding that I had at that time, according to Romans 8:26, the Bible ways when we don’t know how to pray he helps us. And so he began to help me and he led me through the process in the Courts of Heaven, and a week and a half later my son calls, and says, “Dad, can I talk to you?” And I said, “Absolutely.” And he says, “I don’t know what happened, but a week and a half ago all the depression left.” And he was completely free, completely free.


SID: You’re hearing this all over the world, really, from that revelation. But this latest one is the one that really gets me. But to understand it, tell me about the books in Heaven.


ROBERT: Yes. According to Daniel 7, Verse 10, the Bible says that the Court is seated, or comes to order, it’s ready to proceed in session and the books are opened. And there’s a lot of books in Heaven. There’s all sorts of books. But one of the main books in Heaven is books of destiny. We find that in Psalms 139:16, where David said, “All my substance,” which I believe is the DNA of who we are, “was written in a book and all my days yet unfashioned, they were all written down in a book before time began.” And what people don’t understand is we have to reach our Divine destiny for God’s ultimate purpose to be done in the earth. When all of us as the body of Christ—

SID: There’s a symphony.


ROBERT: Yes. When we get our destiny he gets his purpose.


SID: Okay. What’s the problem?


ROBERT: The problem is, is that the enemy uses legal things in the spirit realm to stop us from getting our destiny. That’s why Daniel 7:10 says, “The Court was seated and the books are open.” It’s going to take courtroom activity to get what’s in the books fleshed out in real practical life.


SID: What is the major strategy of the devil? What does he use the most?


ROBERT: He uses there basic areas to work against us. First of all, Luke 22:31, it says that, “Jesus said to Peter, ‘Satan has desire to have you.'” Okay, that word “desire”, it literally means he demanded you be put on trial. So Satan had an awareness that of what Peter’s destiny was, what was in his book, and he was going to use a trial or a legal issue in the courts to deny him his right of having that. In other words, he was saying before God, I have evidence that would disqualify Peter from his destiny. And Jesus had to know how to go into the courts, answer those accusations so Peter could have what God had ordained for him to have when he could walk out the destiny God had for him, and he’s done the same thing for all of us.


SID: You explain that there are curses through bloodline. If someone has a curse, give me some examples of what might be a tip-off there’s a curse operating in their life.


ROBERT: Well the first thing I think that a curse does is it creates wrong mindsets. In other words, we think incorrectly about ourselves. Maybe because there’s a curse of poverty in our family line, they think with a poverty mentality. They don’t believe God wants them to prosper or there’s sickness in that bloodline, or there’s depression in that blood line, or there’s anger issues in that bloodline. It fashions and forms the way we see our self. And so one of the first things that a curse does is it creates a mindset, and when that curse is broken or is removed then we’re able to come free of that wrong thinking.


SID: Give me your definition of a curse.


ROBERT: Well I call a curse a spiritual force that will sabotage our future and our success. I mean, I don’t know how many times I lived my life before I discovered this that it would seem like I would be on the brink of a breakthrough only for it not to happen. And I would see this pattern repeat itself over and over, and that’s always a sign of a curse, a repetition of a pattern over and over, and over. Whatever it may be, there is a curse that’s operating in that situation. The Bible says in Proverbs 26:2, “A curse without a cause cannot land.” It says it’s like birds flying around looking for a place to land. So it says a curse has to have a cause. That word “cause,” it would imply that it has found a legal right to operate against this bloodline. And that’s why you see certain types of attitudes, behaviors, sicknesses and depressions, or whatever being passed from generation to generation, never able to come into the destiny ordained by God.


SID: Briefly, you had a curse in your bloodline that if it hadn’t been dealt with the devil would have stopped you from sitting right in that chair today.


ROBERT: Absolutely. I mean, I realized that timidity was a curse. It was in my family line. My dad was very timid, my oldest sister was very timid, and on back. I was so timid that when my wife and I were dating she would have to order for me. She would have to talk to the waiter or waitress for me because I was do bashful and timid and not wanting to do that. And so I realized, I used to think, well that’s just a personality trait. No, that’s a curse. If that hadn’t have broken I would not be able to be a minister, a spokesman.


SID: You would not have achieved your destiny.


ROBERT: That’s right.


SID: When we come back I want to see that these curses, these sins of the bloodline of iniquity will be broken in your life. Be right back.

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SID: Oh there is a river in this studio like we have never had before and I want you, as a matter of fact, Kevin, you were telling me about Jesus at the pool of Bethesda.


Kevin: I just want you to picture Jesus coming into the pool and there’s all these people that are waiting for that water to be stirred. And Jesus himself told me before I came back that I was supposed to share this story. He said the church is waiting for the water to be stirred and they don’t discern that the healer is before them. And so this man is trying to get Jesus if it happens while he’s there to go ahead and to help into the water because that first person in gets healed. And Jesus said that’s what people are doing. They are waiting for this thing that’s random to happen. He said, “That man didn’t even know who I was there.” He said, “If he would have asked me I would have laid hands on him and healed him right there on the spot.” But he said, “There’s no man to put me in.” See, there was a man that was seated at the right hand of God at one time and came down in a body, and he right there could have healed him, and he did. And the Lord said, “We’re at this point right now where we’re not discerning the day of our visitation.” We’re waiting for something to happen and the Lord says don’t wait, just ask and believe. Amen.


SID: Kevin, told me something that I have felt for a long time, just a few minutes ago, that God told you about something about supernatural languages, about tongues.


Kevin: Jesus himself, in person, I mean, just imagine this, 23 years ago, in person he told me that the number one supernatural thing that you could do was to yield to the Spirit and let the Spirit begin to speak out the mysteries of God. He says, “And once that happens, guess what, the transaction goes from the heavenly realm into the physical realm.” And I have had people who spoke the language that I speak in tongues tell me what I was saying. And for a whole week this individual translated, not interpreted, translated from his native tongue everything that I was saying. It was naming people that I would meet within 24 hours and I did. It was every transaction that was going to happen the next week. He didn’t even know. He was just telling me. He would name names, and I would go, I know what that is, and then I would come in contact with that person. He would tell me things. He said, “The Spirit is saying, Kevin,” he says, “you’re going into the supernatural.” He said, and he told me what name of the school I was going to. He didn’t know that. I was speaking his native language. So what is it that the Spirit is wanting to say through you that’s going to take it from the spirit realm and bring it here? And I’m telling you, once you utter it, it is a transaction and the devil can’t do anything about it.


SID: Keith, you told me when you were sitting on the set the fire of God, the electricity of God went through your body. But you see, I know something about you that few people know. Do you pray in tongues much?


Keith: All the time. I’m just hearing this from the Lord so clearly that the Lord is saying to me that Joshua stood one time at a point in his life where the Lord said, “Cross this Jordan.” Now Joshua and Caleb had crossed the Jordan before, but he said, “Cross this Jordan.” This Jordan that he was talking about, he was talking about not yesterday’s Jordan, not tomorrow’s Jordan, but the Jordan that’s here right now. It was one mile wide out to the banks, very deep and rushing, and many people standing there, they thought that’s impossible, that’s impassable. Nobody can cross that. But when you have a word from God, when you have a word from God, anything is possible, and that’s why God is going to do great things here right now.


SID: I’ll tell you what, let’s stand up. Eyes are being healed right now. Migraines are leaving right now. Pain in the fingers, in the wrist, it’s gone. It’s finished. It is gone. Pains of any kind, they are gone because I in the name of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach Tzidkenu, Jesus the Messiah our righteousness, I bind the enemy. I hold the blood of Jesus against the enemy. I command those spirits of infirmity to be bound and to leave right now, and I say that healing is flowing like a river.

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SID: Now the last time my guest Perry Stone was on the air, I asked him what has God shown you about the next president? And you’ll be amazed at what he said. Let’s roll that clip.


[begin video clip]


PERRY: So I started looking at number 45. You all ready for this? This is crazy. If you take the 40 and the 5 in the Hebrew alphabet it’s “Ma”, not mom, but Ma. Do you know what the word “Ma” means? What. It means what.


SID: In Israel, if I was to say Ma, what did you say?


PERRY: Here’s what’s going to happen. Everybody mark this down. Whoever gets in, people are going to say, what? That’s what they’re going to say. Remember. What? How did this happen? What? What is going on? Watch and see.


[end video clip]


SID: What?


PERRY: It was really humorous because on one of the major networks, three days later, the lady looked and said, “All the American people are saying, ‘what’?” And my wife just looked at me and shook her head because, let me just say quickly, biblical numbers have meanings and they do correlate with the Hebrew alphabet, which is God’s alphabet, it’s God’s language. And a lot of times in studying prophecy from the Hebraic perspective we get hints, not necessarily a direct word, but a hit to say look out for this. So I think that was a hint.


SID: That was a real hint.


PERRY: That was a real accurate hint.


SID: I want to know what you really see for President Trump now that he’s president.


PERRY: Well let me just say this. I’m not trying to be, I’m not going to drop names or anything, but I can tell you that he surrounds himself with more believers and he listens to their council. Think about this. At the inauguration, I’m sitting in a room with 400 other believers at the Reagan Center watching this, and the name of Jesus got more attention that day than any inauguration I can ever remember.


SID: You know what, God spoke to you a right now word for 2017. What was that?


PERRY: The 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the letter Pe, which the symbol is the mouth, and this is the year where blessings are released, but blessings come through confession. With the heart you believe, with the mouth you confess, and so this is the year to claim the blessing by taking the Word and confessing as never before, releasing the power of God. I feel the anointing right now. But the other part of this is believers have to learn. Can I say something, you have Facebook, I have Facebook, great media. But since when do you have to post on Facebook your opinion when you were asked to post your opinion. Why do people always think that when you post anything they’ve got to give their opinion when you didn’t ask for it? This nose, I’m going to take my glasses down. See this nose how big it is? It’s not as big as it was when I was a kid because my face filled out. But look here. You know why it’s big? I kept it out of other people’s business and gave it a chance to grow.


SID: Perry, I am fascinated by what you call Satan’s manifesto against America. Explain.


PERRY: Well let me just say this that there is a plot and a strategy in the United States of Satan himself, and here’s the reason why. We are the nation, still are the nation that promotes the Gospel through Christian television. Most of your networks’ headquarters are in the United States. Now some are overseas, but most are in the United States. We are still the leading nation for sending missionaries out. The money that comes to support missions comes predominantly from the United States. We are still predominantly the nation to take care of widows and orphans, build Bible schools, print Bibles. So the job of the enemy is to somehow try to effect in some way the ability of the Body of Christ, and the Body of Christ is large. It’s not a particular denomination. It’s people whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life from all over the world. That’s the Body of Christ. But it’s his job to disrupt the plan of God. And I’m going to tell you what I see and I just want to share this from my heart at this moment. One of the things I see, and this cannot happen to us, is the enemy is doing his best to create a racial division again in the United States. We have got to stop this mess where we make everything political in the Body of Christ. Blood should be thicker than politics. I’m a believer first.


SID: In a matter of a couple of minutes so they can get a taste of this manifesto against America, but in a couple of sentences, explain what you see.


PERRY: One of the things was the strategy of Balaam and it made no sense. I’m going to go through this real quick. It made no sense that Balaam’s name was so negative in the Bible when if you go to the Book of Numbers he was told to curse Israel, but he didn’t really curse them. He came back later and he said, “I can’t curse what God has blessed.” Now did he take the money? Yes. And so there was compromise there. But I realized as I started reading Revelation, I read Numbers, and I started reading Jewish history, this man did something to try to cause God to turn against his own people. That’s the Balaam strategy and it’s the strategy of the enemy. If I were to sum up a strategy of Satan I would sum it up the phrase “the Balaam strategy”. And the reason, we only have so much time in this segment, and I’m going to run out of time here, but it would take about 15 to 20 minutes to explain in detail, but it’s really what is happening in the United States right now. It’s definitely it.


SID: Well you use a word in your description about compromise. What do you mean?


PERRY: We think of compromise as only being sin. But I’m telling you people are

compromising the faith that was once delivered to the saints.


SID: What is going to happen in America, just briefly?


PERRY: Two quick things. There’s going to be two parallel tracks. There will be some very great national, natural disasters in the next few years. People are seeing it prophetic all over the place. That’s going to happen and we have to be prepared for that. At the same time, and I want to say this very quickly, the real jubilee year was not last year. The real jubilee year is this year. For real. This is the jubilee cycle.


SID: Okay. Speaking of the jubilee year, when we come back I’m going to have Rich Vera with me. He says in 2017, God will break longstanding strongholds that have stopped your prayers, family, finances, health and how to get a breakthrough. Anyone interested?

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Sid: My guest by way of telephone Don Paul he’s a prophet from Sherman Oaks, California and his assignment from the Lord is to have Hollywood be Godly rather than the junk that we have on television and the movie screens that we have today. And we’ve been talking for the last day or so about a spirit of fear. Don Paul I want you to explain a little bit more to those that are listing that are dealing with fear.

Don: Again we pick… on the other show we talk about on the Spirit of God is not talking to our flesh it’s talking to our spirit. And when he told Adam to dress and keep the land the first land that when God tells you to dress and keep our land our first land is our thought life.  Remember the battle is in the mind and pulling down every vain high thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. Beyond that it goes into our flesh, beyond that it goes into our business, our family and beyond that it goes over our home. And we just keep expanding the rule and reign of our spirit man. And I can remember when I… see I approached the book of Joshua when they went and conquered kings I understand those kings to be everything that rules over me. And I can remember I would pray for people and I was seeing healings but when anybody came with a you know pneumonia or some kind of a lung problem I could remember there was great fear in me because it was in my memory bank. And I remembered when I was a kid how sick my lungs got and so I go to pray and I was afraid that that spirit would come on me or that there was fear.  And I knew that fear was a hole in my shield of faith and if I had fear of me then that demon would transfer right in and nail me. So I knew that I had to get the fear out I remember sitting near God one day and I said “God You said in the book of Joshua I could have every kingdom and I want this kingdom.  How could I be an effective minister if I’m afraid to pray for people’s lungs? And I said “I want this and I believe I can have it.” Just then that very spirit challenged my dominion and my lungs got sick with that sickness just in that instant. I immediately started praying in tongues violently and the Spirit of the Lord stopped me and said “No worship me.” One thing I learned to do with God I don’t tell people to read books how to cast demons out or how to heal I teach people to learn to listen to Poppa He knows the way. If He says put mud in their eye you do it and if He doesn’t say it you don’t do it He says the book gives you a formula. He said “Worship and the spirit broke instantly. Being out from that place I will tell you that the anointing was on me quite heavy the other day a friend of mine called up from the persecuted church and they had been having a real problem they had been having pneumonia and the doctor had given a shot and they had it for 3 months going into 4 she was getting very concerned she was drowning in her phlegm big green phlegm horrible on the lungs. I said “Hey this is going to be fun this thing is going to come off really quick watch this and I said “Go in the Name of Jesus.” And I saw in the spirit the different tentacles of the spirit coming off of her and within 18 seconds she was completely healed and her lungs were dried up.  I never could walk in that dominion until I got serious about talking an area that I had fear in and I knew that fear was not God and I knew Poppa died for me He sent His son He died for me that I could walk in that dominion. What’s happening I’m going to tell you right now that the devil is holding many of you back because many of you are submitting under the rule of fear and condemnation.  And God wants to beak that power off of you right now because God has not given you, any of us, a spirit of fear but of love and strength and sound mind. And God is saying I died for you so that you can walk in my power that you can rule and reign over those things that try to rule and reign over you.  Father I give you praise right now in the name of Jesus as you break those spirits of fear and condemnation Lord God I break them Lord Jesus off of your children I break them right now. All of that fear go off of them right now in the name of Jesus and Father I call these eyes open on your children Father God. The whole creation is waiting for the manifestation of His sons of God.  Lord You prophesied a mighty army and I give you praise Lord we are Your army Father let Your children understand the level of authority that You have gave them.  Let the devil deceive them no more in their minds I pray in Jesus Name.

Sid: And there are people listening right now and you have an oppression on your head.  In the name of Jesus I bind that spirit and I command it off of you right now it’s broken in the name of Jesus!  Gone thank You Father, bless the name of Yeshua bless the name of Jesus. Don Paul there is an anointing here that’s just getting stronger and stronger. Don Paul you’ve gone against some pretty heavy weight spirits tell me about that.

Don:  Well after I found out that we actually could take authority over ruling spirits over territories that’s when God actually took me into Santa Monica.  When He first brought me here He showed me 5 ruling spirits over the city and the neighboring cities around here. Systematically year by year through the intercession of our team we have been taking down spirits and seeing great change in the territory. About 10 months ago during prayer looking out of my window over Venice I saw a horrible dark cloud of witchcraft and I said “Well my city’s looking pretty good you need to raise up some intercessors over there God.”  And the Lord said “You’re anointed for that.” I didn’t look at that level of witchcraft and I said “I do not know if I can survive this that was very…that was the hardest one I ever went up against.  I talked to God for 3 weeks on that and the reason I pointed that out is I did not run after this headlong literally God had to take me through had to remind me of all of the anointing the level of teaching and training and that we were prepared for this level.  When He said “Why don’t you take the church to that?” And I said “They’re not ready for that level of authority they have not been groomed to that level of authority yet.” And the He said “I’ve raised you up for this reason.”

Sid: Now when you saw a dark cloud what does that really mean?

Don: It was the witchcraft it was the ruling spirit over that city that literally controls the TV and film that comes out of that city.  That’s why we are seeing so many TV shows on witchcraft in fact the spirit that was behind a show that came out called “Freaky Links” and “Blair Witch II” it was the same people doing it it was the same covens the same people involved spiritually speaking.  I’m not saying the people in the natural and yes some of the people in the natural were involved in the witch covens but there was also a lot of prayer of unseen people and also a lot of demons involved behind that.  Those shows were designed to raise kids up and take them to a website that totally promoted a occult and how to get books on witchcraft and so forth and so on.  We went into that warfare specially taking out a ruling spirit it’s usually about 6 months of intense warfare.  You could image of resisting and commanding and prophesying until that thing falls.  And when that thing did break right after it broke about a week or 2 later Blair Witch II was released and you’ll notice Blair Witch 2 hit the theaters and disappeared because there was no power behind it any longer.  Sid I don’t know if you notice or not we’ve got several people involved in our ministry that are run way models and all kinds of people and the fashion industry as well and there are a lot of witch covens in the fashion industry that pray to such spirits as Incubus and Succubus into the clothing.  Well that puts a spell of allurement on the cloths and it actually helps them self product. And in fact there are lots of spells that people use to promote their business and so forth.  We’ve got a lot of people that have come out of this but again that’s one of the reasons we were seeing such sexuality pushed so heavily is literally again about the witch covens and the different prayers.

Sid: Don you’re provoking a lot of people to jealousy that have great fear of witches and things along that order.

Don: Sid it’s really important to understand that fear is from the devil it’s how the devil controls you. Once you don’t believe fear once you get dominion over fear you can’t conquer until you get rid of fear.  Faith and fear are opposites you have to have faith and you have to get the fear out.  Well let me just share part of this is done by facts. The fact of the matter is one of the hardest…the witches complain because their prayers don’t have any affect against blood bought Spirit filled Christians.  That’s the hardest thing they have putting prayers against. One of the reasons which covens pray against Christianity and not other religions is because of the blood of Jesus because it totally thwarts the spirit they serve. And even though the devil might not be telling them because he’s got those poop people in deception it’s still the facts. The best thing you can do is get filled with the Holy Spirit pray in the Holy Ghost every day. Paul says “I would pray every day and wish that you would do it all the day long with uplifted hands and faith.” We need to do that more every time you hear I don’t want to pray in the Holy Ghost and my pastor or whoever is telling you not to tell God, you know what count that as nonsense and pray in the Holy Ghost. The blood of Jesus washes and covers you apply it daily, get the fear out of your heart. Pay attention to what’s resonating in your heart if you’ve got fear resonating that’s the problem get rid of the fear, it’s a lie it’s a lie.  Your prayer of faith will change things, that’s the whole power that God gave us its incredible power of faith…

Sid: What’s coming to mind Don is that a lot of people are passive when things hit them and they just have a que sera spirit. But tag is saying is to get just aggressive.

Don: Okay let me put it before you because I listen to people all the time saying “God it’s so bad do something.”  Well God sent Jesus He defeated the worst enemy, He gave us literally the keys to the Mercedes and people keep walking to work and complaining “Why doesn’t God do something?” He did why don’t we pick up the keys, why don’t we pick and start using what God gave us. You know people complain “If there’s a God this and that how could all of these bad things happen? Well I’ll tell you why because there’s no Spirit filled Christian ruling the roost in that territory therefore the devil is having his way. And I have to tell you though this warfare when God had me take on that warfare over Venice that witchcraft behind there I found out He showed me the strongest spirit on the planet right now is the spirit of witchcraft.  He said “Don…

Sid: You know Venice is where they make all of the TV films but go ahead.

Don: Right it’s “Survivor” all of the shows that are coming out of here but God showed me that strongest spirit over the world right now is witchcraft and to just let you know I could stop it at any time. However I’m giving men exactly what they want. I thought He meant unsaved He meant the church. And God showed me that unless His people would stand up and start walking in the authority and grabbing the keys of the Mercedes and start driving it that He’ll just let the devil rule. We have to come into that authority the Bible prophesies a mighty army we have to join the boot camp we’ve got…

Sid: And it’s going to happen the glorious church will be formed and the question is, are you going to be part of it?

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Sid:  I have on the telephone a Messianic Jew that’s red hot for Jesus anointed psalmist Paul Wilbur. We’ve been playing selections all this week from his latest CD recorded live in Jerusalem called “Lion of Judah.” Paul on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about it’s not an act of man it’s an act of God of restoring to what God refers to as His feasts, His appointed times. What does that mean to you when scripture says that these feasts are God’s appointed times?

Paul:  Well Sid this whole thing you know what people have called for so long the Feasts of Israel, or the Feasts of the Jews and quite frankly I think it’s a cop out. I think people really can read here in the United States. If we’ll simply turn to Leviticus chapter 23 we’ll find out about what God said about these times and about these feasts. He says “These are My appointed feasts.” God say “These are the feasts of the Lord” and he even says that in NIV Sid which we know Jesus used the NIV translation I’m sure.

Sid:  We pray for grace and mercy on King James fans all over the world.

Paul:  (Laughing) But this is so plain Sid, it’s like the proverbial nose in front of our face and we simply fall back into some kind of religious lethargy or the traditions of men that Jesus absolutely hated. So many times in the scriptures He confronted the Pharisees and the Sadducees and He said “Your traditions have made the word of God of no effect!” Sid as we all know, and I love the church, I love the body of Messiah, I am a worshipper of God and yet there is an infection that’s come in. There are traditions of men that…

Sid:  Give me some examples.

Paul:  Well take for instance we just come through the time of Passover. If it’s so difficult for us to see that Easter comes from the Greek word and from the temple of Ishtar of a spring fertility right goddess that had demonic worship in there. Who had temple prostitutes in there and we embrace Easter Sunday as if this was… I mean if people go to church any 2 times a year it’s Christmas and it’s Easter. Christmas we know for a fact that Jesus was not born during this season, and at Easter we know for a fact that the term comes from a pagan goddess of fertility with eggs and bunnies…

Sid:  Why did the good church fathers who loved God substitute God’s feasts for pagan feasts?

Paul:  You know Sid that’s a good question if I get to see them ever I’m going to ask that question. We’re in a time when we’re talking about the refreshing of the body. We’re talking in a time of revelation, we’re talking in a time of when the heavens are being opened to us and things are happening in the earth that the prophets wrote about. Can we simply not read the scriptures and do what God says? Listen to this Sid Yeshua Himself, Jesus said this and this has become my life motto. He said “I only do what I see My Father do.” He said “I only say what I hear My Father say.” Now if we’re saying that we are blood bought, if we’re saying we are purchased by the blood and the broken body and by faith of the Lamb of God and we are joint heirs together with Him wouldn’t this be our statement? Or do we not have ears, or do we not eyes to see? Then let’s pray that God give us eyes that do see and ears that hear so that when we do go up to the mountain we’ll not only hear His word but we will be doers as well.


Sid:  Why in your opinion now? I mean why not a thousand years ago? Why not 1500 years ago there would be a restoration of His feasts, why now?

Paul:  Well Sid I believe we are in the last of the last days. As you read the book of Acts you see that the disciples, the followers of Jesus those that even walked with Him in the flesh on this earth believed that He was returning any day. They knew, and they declared they were in the last days and according to scripture a 1000 years is as a day, and a day as a 1000 years. They were in the last days but we are last moments of that last day. So as a prophetic thing and the grace of God He is removing scales from our eyes. He is giving us discernment and He is revealing His plan and His will and we need to hear. We’ve got Israel standing as a monument of the faithfulness of God no time at any time in history has a nation that has disappeared off the face of the earth come back to be a modern day nation. Never has an ancient language been restored as a modern language. We have faithfulness we know that that happens in the last of the last days because God loves us He is removing the blindness of the ages and He is giving us His good revelation at this hour.

Sid:  You know in the Old Covenant God never approved of mixture. In fact it was totally life threatening if someone were to go to the temple with mixture. What do you think God feels today with the mixture we have in our celebrations?

Paul:  I think Sid any Godly person who would sit down and begin to consider not only our own lives but the direction the things that have been infiltrated and infected our pure worship they would be stricken at their hearts and cry out for God that He would give us as David said “Give me an undivided heart.” Sid if there’s a prayer for a body of believers today it’s that the Lord would give us that undivided heart with regards to Him, with regards to His word, with regards to pure worship in Spirit and in truth. With regard to all of His word His full counsel that we might be His pure holy spotless bride that He is coming for any moment. God help us.

Sid:  Now does God want to dance with you? I mean do you really feel that you’ll be at the wedding supper of the lamb? Well you know at Jewish weddings you do a lot of dancing. Tell me about this song “Dance With Me.”

Paul:  Sid this song came out of an all-night worship service in the mid-west. There’s several houses of worship around the world now that as the teenagers say are 24/7, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week they spend all their time in worship and in intercession expecting the appearing of the Lord. It’s not a flaky thing, it’s not a weird thing, it’s people desiring the closeness and presence of God…

Sid:  I tell you what we’re only going to hear just a little bit of this.

Excerpt – Dance With Me

Sid:  “Dance With Me” from the album “Lion of Judah.”

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